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I've been here forever, it seems, and had some good times. Now that G5 is starting I think I'll start reviewing G5 stories. If you'd like a review of your own story, please send it my way and I'll give an honest review! Only finished stories or polished in-progress works, please.

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938742 Hey there, I hope it doesn't look like I've been stalking your page, but your profile interested me. First of all, love the name and the avatar (I loved your comment on the Royal Pets clopfic. I personally don't like clopfics). Next, I have a feeling you probably get a lot of hate for your stance on certain things. Sadly, while the Brony community claims to tolerate, they basically tolerate everything except for opinions. I have to say that I respect you for firmly standing for your beliefs, as I share a similar thought as what you said in this comment I'm replying to. Personally I am a Christian Brony (not affiliated with any church, but a Bible reader and a firm believer in God), and keeping my mouth shut on certain matters is the hardest thing ever because I don't want to cause problems for myself because I do have a decent following. So I really hope for humanity's sake that you're not insulted for standing up for your beliefs. I feel more people should do that.

Anyways, in short, I just wanted to say that it is nice to see a member of a church stand up for their beliefs while also respecting others, because that is so hard to find anymore. :pinkiesmile: It goes both ways, as nobody respects anybody else anymore, or so it seems. It's a breath of fresh air.

Oh, and by the way, I'm Canadian and I love the States. I personally think Americans are far nicer than Canadians and get a bad reputation. The stereotype is that all Canadians are nice, but the opposite is true. I find Americans way nicer when I go to the States.

Good day to you sir.

Hey, I'm gonna be working with you in The Pleasant Commentator group in Adventure, so I thought I'd drop by and say 'hello'.


Hello! :pinkiehappy:

941804 Thank you! May yours be blessed also.

Lol, I see that people have a problem with me having a no-harm no-foul policy. Some people are so funny! :rainbowlaugh:

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