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Hi! I'm friendly, even if I don't speak. I just like to hide behind my stories, which I hope will be many. They're more interesting than me, anyway. Give 'em a try!


[img]http://i.imgur.com/6MrWqNZ.png[/img]Twilight takes on the most important task in her career as a princess of Equestria, when she opens up a magical portal to a distant world with extra-Equestrian intelligence. With her organizational skills and keen understanding of scientific principles, she leads diplomats and scientists in a well-planned expedition to a historic first contact.

The first exchange doesn't quite go without a hitch, however, as the portal opens near a pony ranch at Texas, Earth.

For the purposes of this fic, assume Equestria Girls didn't happen.

Former one-shot.

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This feels like a copy of Twilight field notes she doesn't let ANYPONY see. I mean Twilight is really smart and mistaking live stock for the dominate species? Believable, yes defiantly, that wouldn't make it less embarrassing :facehoof:

This needs to be a full story.

3725928 Well, I love a good first contact story, but there already are a few incredibly good long stories about it.
Admiral Tigerclaw's Arrow 18 is maybe my favorite.
I don't feel I have much to add to what I've already seen on the subject on this site. Still, if you yourself want to expand this one, feel free. :twilightsmile:

I searched for "mimoplasty" on Google, and this story is all that came up in English. What the heck is mimoplasty?

3726385 A made up word out of 'mimesis', the representation of reality and suffix -plasty, shaping. In other words, photoshopping. ;)

haha! that was awesome! but it neeeeeeeeeeeeeds to be more than a oneshot...

3726597 Well, they would need somepony to wave hooves in a communicable fashion. :)

3726614 I doubt I will, actually. This really was meant as a one-shot, since a lot of what I would consider a good first contact -fic has already been done. At the moment at least, I don't have any good ideas that wouldn't be copying someone else.:applejackunsure:

Story is good but.. Why a one-shot? This single, very short chapter does absolutely nothing and doesn't leave any impression whatsoever. Too little goes on, without the promise of a continuation.

3726668 Why? Because. In all honesty, I just wanted to write a vignette about Twilight fooling around with terrestrial horses. :twilightblush: That's the reason for the Random tag. No great purpose, sorry.

3726695 I got that, but I still think it should be longer. A greater interaction between Twilight and the horses than just a few greetings and then the perspective of a curious human.

3726714 Hm. Maybe I'll write a 'Flowers of Algernon' type of story about a horse in Equestria, later then. I'm sorry if this is frustrating, but I doubt I'll bother a rewrite for this one. Unless the mood takes me at some indeterminate future point.

At least the horses were friendly.

3726785 Aww, 'Twilight gets bitten by a horse' would be such a sad fic. XD

Hah, Twilight's descriptions made me laugh more than I should have. :rainbowlaugh:

Aw, man! You stopped right at the best part! :rainbowlaugh:


Or "Twilight Gets Bitten by a Horse" could be the funniest story ever!

Especially if it infects her and causes her to transform into a horse, once in a full moon.

AJ: Twi, why are you so big. Why are you eating the hay in my barn? Why are you taking a crap on the ground?

:rainbowlaugh: That was really good. Twi's descriptions of everything were brilliant.

This cannot simply be a one-shot. This is too good.

You should rename Cassie to Megan, and watch the comments!

3727418 I'm stupid for not thinking that in the first place! :facehoof:

3726899 Thanks. Nice pic! :twilightsmile:

Aw this is real good, couldn't you make it a two chapter one shot? D:

3727618 Thanks, and I try not to cave under peer pressure. Maybe much later?

This is a one-shot? Nooooo!!!

Why do you gotta be a tease!:raritydespair:

3727827 3727767
Well, I'm currently writing my other story, even if it only has a fraction of views this piece got. And frankly, I expected people to go more 'Aw, wasn't that cute? what's next', rather than 'oh, this is interesting, when will you write more?'.

So yeah, if there's going to be more to this, it'll happen at a later point, when I actually have something good to write. Sorry :twilightblush:

But thank you for enjoying! :twilightsmile:

... This makes all of the sense. All of it.

Listen. Everything - everything ever - has already been done. The trick is doing it better.

>Implying horses aren't Earth's dominant species

All in all, that was pretty funny and cute. My only complaint would be Twilight's use of the word "sentient" to describe intelligent life instead of the proper "sapient", there is a difference, after all.
If you did do another chapter of this, I bet the ponies would assume the human was a pet or something. Fluttershy would have a field day at seeing her first alien animal.

Dear Lord, it actually got featured. :twilightoops:

Well, the people have spoken. I'll see if I can do something about this. No promises about timetable, though.

Thanks, everybody :twilightsmile:

bloody tease. write more. stop your other stories.

3728122 You are right, of course... Kuybey. Now what aren't you telling me?:duck:

No, no, no, no, no! THIS CAN'T BE A ONE SHOT! I DEMAND MOAR!!!!

Really, really well done! Now, in a more civilized fashion, I'd like to request more of this tale, please!

I thought this was a romantic comedy just by looking at the cover image

Then it's not a one shot. A One shot is one chapter. Hence the 'one'.

I'm throwing my vote in for continuation of this if you can think of a good direction to take it.

For the purposes of this fic, assume Equestria Girls didn't happen.

I still try to tell myself that farce didn't happen... If only!

3725569 Or like Ford Prefect mistaking automobiles as the dominate life form on Earth...:rainbowhuh:

I love horses, and you seemed to have captured their behavior and image almost perfectly. This was cute. This was really cute.

Not necessarily, A one shot could also be a small fic, 'two shots' aren't all uncommon anyway.


The masses have spoken. Scrap all other work in favor of this.

Thus, you are commanded.

3728122 No one's attacked the Sun yet. One of these days I will remedy that... :pinkiecrazy:

Yes, a short fic that is one chapter long. That is literally the description of a one shot, 'a piece of fiction/fan fiction that is one chapter long.'
As soon as you add a second chapter it ceases to become a one shot. It's just a short fic.

>>>For the purposes of this fic, assume Equestria Girls didn't happen.>>>

I assumed that the instant after I watched Equestria Girls. :ajbemused:

So I'm all set for this fic! :trollestia:

Predictable given the combination of title and cover art but no less amusing for it. Nicely done indeed. :ajsmug:

I love this. It's so much fun and Twi trying to talk to actual ponies is hilarious. :twilightsmile:

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