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For those wonderful fictions that make a brony think.

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Hi there,

I am in the process of writing my first fic and have the prologue finished.

I was wondering if I could get opinions from people, though I know it isn't
much to go on. It's just so I can get an idea from people.

Waning Light is its current name though I'm not 100% set on it yet

Peace and love,
White out

And now some randomness:
GLaDoS writes a letter to princess celestia is the best thing
Fits "Forever is Forever" in this group?

186795 heh heh i approve

I'm sorry but I couldn't resist posting a story about the royal diet in the "Food For Thought" group... just way too much irony :derpytongue2:

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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