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Ten years ago, the Griffon Empire opened a portal to a strange new world and tried to annex it. In the peace settlement that followed they lost control of the province containing the portal. Since then, the Griffonian Democratic Republic had been completely isolated, surrounded on all sides by a hostile empire. Now, for the first time, a visitor had been allowed.

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Oh yes, this is looking very interesting.

This remind me of Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There manga.

“Why are there so many Griffons here?” Silver Compass asked.

Earth,” Charles said.

Seem to be missing a sentence or few here.

Sorry to hear this is only planned to three chapters. The setup and world-building thus far seem to justify much, much more.

Ah, thank you. A sentence seems to have gotten cut off in my import. It is now fixed.


I like it. I'm watching!

Most interesting start to a fic I've seen this year....

And finally! A fic where we skipped all pretense and just nuked them into submission. Very interested to see how the different races view such a thing.

I am fascinated by what I have seen thus far, and will eagerly await the arrival of new chapters. So many questions...

Would we really use an atomic right away? Still it's interesting and I want to read more.

5563036 I'd say vaporizing one of their cities would send a pretty clear message on how things stand and would put a end to the conflict pretty quick. And from what the fic says it seems like the griffons are the ones who made the first aggressive move

Wow, this is amazing. I don't usually read stories with OC main characters, but this one leaves me too intrigued to turn away! :D

This has snagged my attention... I hope it keeps it.

5563036 They do not specify that it happened "right away," do they? It may have been a short war, but who knows how intense it became before the decision was made to dump a bucket of sunshine on these invaders?

5562621 Another who reads said manga, nice.

Comment posted by KMCA deleted Jan 29th, 2015

Equestrian Duarchy

I know it's technically correct but for the love of god, please change it to diarchy.

Not only is diarchy 'more correct' (unless Luna is a second class princess) but duarchy hurts to read


I could see it happening, but probably with lots of backlash.

A strange portal opened up, and this strange army made up from creatures out of legend came rushing through, after all.

Still, I'm really, really curious now. It's been a long while since I saw this strong a foot forward, and I'm honestly intrigued.


Humans being reasonable AND diplomatic? Hell yeah.

Comment posted by Apocryphal Frost deleted Jan 29th, 2015

Advice from Admiral Biscuit, the (as far as I'm concerned) king of contact stories? And non-silly humans? I like it. Please, do continue.

5562621 Yeah, it kinda does. Huh. At least this Griffon nation doesn't seem as stupid as the kingdom invading the modern world in the gate. They aren't just throwing, and losing, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of soldiers at an enemy they've killed maybe a hundred civilians total in the initial surprise attack. And then took slaves.

I love how in response the main character, upon finding out about them taking slaves from the modern world and mistreating them, just beats the shit out of the king's heir right in front of him, and then Japan bombs some important buildings to show they do not tolerate that shit. I can't wait until they find out some slaves have died from overworking in mines, their reaction is gonna be awesome.

Kinda annoyed how every nation besides Japan is evil according to that manga, but apparently it could've been a lot worse based on the views the author of the original story has that he decided not to put into it.
5563339 Well, Luna doesn't seem to be on equal ground with Celestia. At least not that we've been shown.

What do you mean by "second class" princess exactly?

Griffonian Democratic Republic

Why do I think of the North Korea when I see that?

I imagine the negotiations with Humanity went something like this:

The Human ambassador strode calmly into the meeting room and took his seat. His eyes scanned over the myriad mystical creatures sharing the table. All eyes were on him, and All were silent. He cleared his throat.

"We have a very simple rule." His eyes flicked to the Gryphon Queen, who was quite literally foaming with rage. "Don't. Start. Shit." He pointed out the window to the stretch of land devastated by his people's weapon. "Because that, is how we end it."

Intriguing. It appears that Griffins managed to annoy someone badly enough to get nuked in response. This is intriguing because that hasn't happened to anyone since 1945. I find myself wondering what happened that brought such a reaction.

5563429 They still imply that they rule equally. By second class I mean Cadence Twilight because while a princess she doesn't actually rule anything.


Because words like "Democratic" and "Republic" in a country's name are the national equivalent of padding your briefs or bra, as may be appropriate. The less democratic you are, the more of those words you put in your name.

That's why North Korea's official name is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

EDIT: Also, as my brother pointed out, there's both a Republic of China and a People's Republic of China. Guess which one is Taiwan and which one is the mainland.

The use of a nuclear weapon really throws the immersion for me. As far as I understand it no government would dare to unleash such a weapon unless things were going very, very badly and they don't really mind if all of human civilisation is wiped out as a result of it. Of course the whole MAD situation probably doesn't apply to deploying one through a portal into fantasy-land, but I believe the stigma regarding the use of nukes in general would stop it. Besides, how on Earth are the griffons supposed to have worried the military badly enough to resort to the Big Red Button? They're not exactly advanced in the ways of warfare and, presuming their portal works in a similar fashion to the EqG version, have a static and easily blockaded way into the world.

Or did they invade China or North Korea or some other place devoid of morals?

The fact that you got advice from Admiral Biscuit shows. The last time I was this eager to see a new chapter in a contact-themed story was when Celestia Sleeps In hadn't been completed.

5563556 There's also the ROK (South Korea)

*furiously smashes F5 key*

5563547 How do Celestia and Luna rule equally? If they do they don't indicate that.

5563567 I doubt that.
Also, I take offense to you saying that China is devoid of morals! It totally has morals! There's a lot of emphasis on familial values and shit.
I should know. They taught it to us in school.
*Irony. I think. It's ironic to have to be taught that familial values are important in school, right?*

Anyway, I imagine that they invaded China or something - not NK, since there's a very large international presence, evidenced by 'Charles', which NK wouldn't stand for unless they were completely skullfucked by the Griffons, which I doubt (while they may be weaker than the world powers - and even this is debatable, albeit not easily - they do have guns and bombs). They might get away with it, especially if the griffons were the instigators and China was caught off guard - and especially especially considering that Griffons are hostile aliens from another planet with unknown capabilities. The rest of the world would criticize the hell out of them after they found out exactly how comparatively weak the griffon army is, but it'd be the sort of criticism that would be controversial, and a number of people would sympathize with China or whatever country was invaded.
That said, I agree that it's still very much unlikely that they used nuclear weapons, or other long-term debilitating weapons. If nothing else, that's land that they could claim, and irradiating it just isn't very profitable. Plus, I bet any country would have at least waited and assessed their enemy before breaking out the nuclear warheads, and by the time they analyzed them accurately enough they'd already know that griffons were laughably outmatched. Could they have used poison gas or something? No, I don't think that'd last for ten years...

I'm assuming that the griffons are laughably outmatched, of course. Could it be that they actually are similar in military strength in some way, and the people of the earth did have a valid reason to break out powerful weapons?

Throwing nukes at someone before you know what they're capable of doing in return is just as stupid as throwing nukes at someone after you've figured out that their army is essentially from a thousand years ago but the soldiers have wings. In the first instance it's because if they have nuke-equivalents then you've just started off MAD but where the enemy is only out to get one country - yours - so have fun with that. In the second instance it's because everyone in the world will hate you forever. It's Argentina invading the Falklands with spears, getting wrecked, then Britain droppping a nuke on Buenos Aires 'just to be safe' or something.

5563635 I'm not saying it's a smart move. I'm just saying it's at least somewhat understandable and more plausible than you made it out to be - albeit still not probable. At least, it felt that way to me.

So basically Griffons opened a portal to a world full of humans and then went to war against them. Judging by how this was handled later on and how advanced humans are, I'd wager it was -and I quote- "bloody"... for the Griffons.

I'm interested.

5563645 My first reaction to it would be that the Gryphons probably came at them with everything but the kitchen sink.
A small nuke would serve as an excellent deterrent from further aggression if there really was no other option in order to avoid a full-scale war.

"We were meant to rule together, little sister."
-Princess Celestia to Princess Luna S1 Ep.02

5563717 Outside of that line the most she's been shown to do is help ponies with dreams.

And the reason she became Nightmare Moon in the first place still hasn't been resolved,

Cause lets face facts, wings versus nukes isn't the best match up.

This is obviously an advanced adaptation of humanity, at least a few years, if not decades, ahead of our current tech level.

As well, they seem to have abandoned the Geneva convention... So there's that as well....

Let's see where this goes.

5563672 the same way how the Second World War ended, with Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Eh, I didn't like it much. You obviously have a lot of writing talent, I just have problems connecting with a complete OC. The title of Academic made me think it was going to be twilight, but it was not, which made me sad. :(

...does the portal go to Russia?

A few things to consider on this "wings vs. nukes" debate is we don't know how long the war lasted, where the griffins touched down (maybe in a low populated area without decent technology, ie guns), or how brutal their initial strike was (killed off a bunch of the Amish maybe?).

Furthermore, the weapon used on the Griffon city might not had been a nuke. Prior to the hydrogen bomb, the most devastating attack was a jet fuel spray. a you let it mix with the air over a large area and ignite it. Has much of the same effect without radiation. Problem is it takes longer to spray and you generally need more planes to carry the larger load.

But let us eagerly await the next chapter. I love this story because it doesn't take place near Ponyville nor uses any of the Mane Six. This shows a greater breath to Equestria and its inhabitants.

Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

It's been said, but there'd better be a damn good reason that they'd nuke Zulus. And further, that Celestia wouldn't launch a tactical strike to destroy the portal afterward.

Faved and liked. My only complaint is that is a terribly misanthropic way to describe human movement.

Edit: Guys, I'm not calling the author a misanthrope, I'm just saying that the quoted sentence is not an accurate way to describe human movement.

Edit2: Discussed: It would seem no one agrees with me. I still think it's an iffy phrase despite its basic truth (I don't think anyone, pony or otherwise, would be thinking it upon seeing a human), but as I implied when I said "only complaint", it's not really all that important.

5563429 well from what I have heard, the mangaka is quite right-wing patriot.

I'm looking forward to more of this story! The only errors I noticed were comma splices (commas where semicolons, periods, etc. should be).

5563917 The only thing I noticed that we don't have now is the "maglev", and that's probably due to the expense. It could be that the humans have a significantly higher tech level than us, but it could also be just to show that they aren't at exactly our tech level even if they are only a bit higher.

Heck, it could even be that they ARE at exactly our tech level, and the difficulty of the portal bottleneck justifies making the stuff that goes through really fancy.

5563605 That does seem plausible, but I can imagine other scenarios. For instance, suppose that the griffons also have weather control analogous to pegasi. If their armies get curbstomped but they decide to throw continuous hurricanes and tornadoes at the humans, just saying "stop it stop it stop it" isn't going to do anything. "Stop it or else" graduates to using the "or else".

Also, did you notice they were using Faraday cages to dispel illusions? With the amount of trouble griffon magic users (alluded to by Charles) could cause humans, I can believe they'd get used to responding with overkill once a threat is detected.

Of course, this relies on interpreting the administrator's allegation that the nuke(s) affected the entire province to be a large exaggeration and/or an exceptionally cautious (or just plain fearful) reaction to fallout on the part of griffons who don't fully understand it. I don't know all that much about fallout, but I think that if the humans nuked the griffons so hard they're still feeling the radiation that "many years" later across a large geographic area then something is very wrong.

I'm calling some minor shenanigans.

There's an entire world out there, humanity was invaded but pretty much slapped the invaders silly (with a nuke no less, overkill much?) and now there's an entire Gryphon Province under a combined human/gryphon government - when are they going to be bringing in the supersonic jets to ignore the hell out of the Queen's tantrum of a 'blockade?'

Also I must be missing something because I'm not finding anything about any slaves.

This is gonna go places. I just know it.:moustache:

5563971 The story specifically said that people hanging around the area of the destruction got mysteriously ill.

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