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Chrysalis might be one of the most evil, vile, and dastardly villains that Equestria has ever known. She might have been responsible for nearly destroying the world more than once, she might even be a soul-sicking, shapeshifting monster, but she is still a mare.

She had never been given a genuine, honest compliment from someone that wasn't under threat or stuffed into a feeding pod or mind controlled. Today that is going to change.

Cadence really hasn't happy about the whole thing.

Artist is llamacheesecake

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This one-shot feels as if the condensed start of a mini-story at the least.:pinkiesad2:

With that out of the way, I particularly liked how this Anon pierced through Chrysalis's justifications like a knife through warm butter that made her question her own path ... and the awkwardness from the royals once he was done with his judgment. XD:moustache:

A one-shot that ends up in a cliff hanger. God dammed, and a fan fucking good job.

This needs a sequel

And they smashed happily ever after

well its a shame this story didn't work out because I bet it'd be real cute. Nice bit of fluff as a one shot anyway though.

What the fuck Twilight?! First you lie about pie and then you do that?

Snow #7 · Dec 18th, 2019 · · ·

I know right?

this seems like the beginning of a beautiful story
Too bad it's a one-shot (I think).

already right
ps. sorry for the bad english, online translator.

Why is this the only chapter?

I'll add my voice to those hoping for a sequel to this :pinkiesad2:

Oh this could be a entire series.

Anon blinked. He reached up to touch his forehead. “That. That right there is why I hate this fucking city,” he said, looking over at Twilight. “Every time I come here people want to shoot me.”

This sounds like it has a lengthy story behind it

Wow, I really wish this wasn't a oneshot.

If you make a sequel or a continuation I will instantly fav them hell im going to fav this now it was that good

A 158:0 ratio? Imma read this later. ^_^

This was very well done... I kinda hope that the author considers additional stories based on this one :)

I can see a sequel from this.

It doesn't have to be a large story, just one shots like this, little vignettes following the days of a hot bug lady living in his house.

Chrysalis looking for work.
Potential restraining orders among the populace.
Possibly an AU pathway as Anon actually has influence instead of her fate in canon.
Shenanigans during the various holidays.

Whatever seems cool to write about

A hahaha ha I love it! Hopefully your muse will see fit to come up with some mild hijinx for Chrissy and Anon to get up to.

This needs a series.

Comment posted by Fancy Fox deleted Dec 18th, 2019

I just wanted chrysalis to act all cute and flustered, if a sequel does come around could we get some of that? extra fluff? that'd be nice
anyways thanks for the story! good read!

Surprised he didn’t land on the possibility of racism.

Good for a one-shot, yeah, but you could easily expand on this if ya felt like it. I'd be down for more of this.

How to completely derail both sides of a conflict, Anonymous style. I love how open ended this ended as. A perfect setup for a sequel or series if you wanted, but works just as well as a one shot.

My shipping senses are tingling.

Good grief this was a smashing start. Has all the vibe for a pilot episode to a delightful rom-com TV series. Too bad he wasn't slumming it at Twilight's castle, then it could be a knackered spin on Three's Company.

I can still imagine Anon, Chrysalis, and the hive in a goofy version of Married With Children. The neighbors, Marcy and Steven Rhoades, being Cadance and Shining Armor of course. Not sure who to play the kids, Kelly (sexy but an airhead) and Budrick (scheming looser), although most of the drones could fill in for those two types of roles.

“I mean, that’s wrong,” Anon said, looking around the room once again. “She can be super evil and all that, but that doesn’t not make her beautiful.”

I mean, Evil is Sexy.

Hey, just thought I should point out: in the short description it says Twilight isn't happy, but in the full description it says Cadence isn't happy. Is it both of them, or was there a writing error?

(Haven't read the actual story yet)

It seems to me that no matter how good the friendship lessons from Anon Chrysalis die will be deemed from hunger

I was immediately reminded of the anon-Chrysalis comics by Shoutingisfun

This was honestly hilarious. Anon’s observations and commentary were so well delivered and earnest, it was amazing. His ‘surrender’ was the cherry on top. An excellent one shot, but I gotta throw in with everyone asking for a sequel.

good story

but this had absolutely no reason to be anthro

“Of course, Anon,” Celestia said. Her horn glowed, and a chair appeared between her and Cadence. “I apologize for this. I thought Twilight would have told you why you were summoned here today.” She looked over at Twilight, who grumbled something under her breath. “Please, if you can give us a few moments of your time we need your help in a very important matter.”

Oh, you mean, princess, like how you told her the REAL reason you sent her to Ponyville way-back when? Or the time you told her the REAL reason she was being sent to the Crystal Empire? O the REAL reason she was told to hatch a dragon egg at her magic exam? Why would she tell Anon the REAL reason you need him in Canterlot when you've taught her that BSing people is the best way to get the results you want?
I am disappointed that this is a one-shot as he makes some good points and I enjoyed reading it,, but then again there are a number of "Chryssi crashing with Anon' comics out there, so I can pretty much guess how it'd go anyway.

Comment posted by WorldWalker128 deleted Dec 18th, 2019

If you ever had the interest to try again, I think this could move into a good short series (nothing particularly lengthy, maybe ten chapters at the most), but regardless it functions as a good one shot that was entertaining to read.

I had the image that alien from Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy more popular brother in mind for some reason

I like this, I want more, but I’m confused as to whether this is supposed to be anthro or not. In any case, human plus Chrissy is usually a good recipe for comedy.

This was wonderful and I hope to see more of this particular line.

An amusing romp from start to finish. I'd love to see more in the fullness of time.

Wonderful. I sure hope this gets more!

I loved this shot. It subverted my expectation for a short cuddly Chrissy story with a non-trivial, non-tsundere queen. This Anon resembles enough anons other stories to be familiar, yet has enough of a unique trait to be intriguing. Even Twilight and Cadance leave me wishing for more. I'll add to those wishing for a sequel/expansion

PiMan #43 · Dec 19th, 2019 · · 26 ·

Good story. Doesn't need a sequel.

I loved this. This has got to be one of the most fun rides that I have had in a long time!

Absolutely brilliant work.

The Monk
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I want more of this. It was gud.

i really liked that little short, especially Anon's confusion on "but why be evil". As well as him then giving a verdict as a judge on what to do with what amounts to as one of Equestria's evilest villains. And then he goes on his merry way to eat some pie.
And ending it all by tying it up in a bow with "be careful with what you say, it might come back to bite you." as chrissy and him become roomies.

It took me FAR too long to realize they were anthro. Luckily it didn't make me dislike the story since I could easily imagine the ponies as normal ponies and ignore the occasional human/anthro action.

Well, that was cute. I thought your use of anon was a neat little way to insert logic into the conflict of the show, for this super obvious plot hole. It's not the most original concept maybe, but I thought the way you spun it to be more positive and appearance based was really novel.

I tend to agree with this person. If you were going to move forward I'm not sure how you would continue to flesh out characters such as you already have (and how they interact with boundaries you've outlined here) and continue to put them in interesting situations, while keeping some nice themes from this story (like that gag where Twilight seems to arrange something for Anon without telling him, I could see that potentially becoming more and more hilarious).

That being said, if you're up for the challenge, you can count on me to read a sequel!:eeyup:

same, I didn't realize it until after I read the whole thing and saw the tags

Apparently at least 11 people disagree with me. What comes in their future may be funny, but it would not have much to say and I'd guess it would get boring fast.

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