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The Red Stone of Aja: An object with power to transcend time and space; a power that can make one's darkest desires a reality. On the thousandth year of Nightmare Moon's Banishment Celestia after drawing upon it's divine powers to purify her sister this power is broken, dispersed across the breadth of Equestria.

Now Princess Representative Twilight Sparkle, must venture to the town of Ponyville, and with the aid of her newfound allies discover the mystery behind the Stone's power. But can she fend off the dark forces that seek the power of the Stone? Or will Equestria be returned back to the darkness from which it came?
Embrace the spirit of Romanticism!
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(P.S. JoJo's Bizarre Adventures is owned by Shueisha Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment who retain all rights and publications. My Little Pony is of course owned by Hasbro who retains all rights and publications. Support the official release or you will die around the age of eighty realizing that you have wasted your entire life.)

(P.S. In addition please don't sue me. I have no money.)

(P.S.S. Props to my Premiere Editor: Cross Lament Who I couldn't have done this without.)

(P.S.S.S.Why are you still reading this? Read the story or scroll down already!)

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Well I have now read this first chapter, and I have to say that you did a REALLY good job with it. I liked how you melded your own take on MLP magic along with Jojo Bizzare adventure stuff. The story looks interesting so far, keep up the good work.

Twilight cocks her head to the side. “Something else Princess? Is it a book!? Is it the Magical Spell craft and practicalities By Silver text? You know the one that I have been looking forward to getting ever since, well forever. Is it a book?”

Oh, Twilight... ever the same. :twilightsheepish:

Technically Twilight still isn't to blame for what happened. Nopony alerted her to the changes to the Arcanum, before putting her in charge of error-checking it. :twilightsmile:

Re: the author's note, we know Shining's Stand: Bastion.

Also, this is great fun so far! :rainbowlaugh:

I know the title says ''Bizarre Adventure'' but, this is based on any part? Jonathan's part?, Young Joseph? Jotaro?

I'll answer this because I have gotten a lot of questions and I personally struggled over whether to put my FimFiction under 'crossover' or 'AU'. When it comes down to it, MLP: Bizarre Adventures will never include characters from the show JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, nor will it take place in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Universe. It is a universe that, though inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, it will not draw any direct relation from the show (Other than a few timely quotes which I personally couldn't resist).

So to answer your and hopefully other's questions My Little Pony Bizarre Adventures is not biased off of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but rather it draws elements from the show to create an entirely new universe. So no you won't get to see Jonathan guess Twilight's sparkle's lines before he pummels her or see Jotaro say 'Yare Yare Daze' (Though you might see other ponies do that!) but instead you will see a new take on the mane six where instead of blasting their enemies with the elements of harmony they instead blast them with psychic powers. I hope that answers your questions. Also....




6141938 ROAD ROLLA DA!
Anyway, good job so far. I like how it's inspired, and not just having the manga with ponies. Still, having the ponies being Havel to harness their innate magic into a Ripple like ability would be awesome. Like, Solar Domination Hoof Cannon! Or something

6141974 Yeah but stands made more sense in the long run. In Steal ball run they merged the spin very well with Stand Powers making it so that stands were more of special powers rather than super strong astral projections. But I quickly saw how easily that could get complicated and unbalance the whole genre if some ponies didn't have stands and had to fight the ones that did.
Anyhow I'm glad you at least like it. I'm having a lot of trouble finding an editor and even getting my work noticed as is and with the rocky start I sort of had (I accidently published the stories rather than just posting them) it's been almost as much work getting it up and running as it has been writing it!
P.S. Road Roller > ORA! ORA! ORA!

6141987 True. So, have you seen the demo for Eyes of Heaven? It looked so cool.

Me I've just finished with Stardust Crusaders so though I know about it, I'm more focused on All Star Battle and of course Dark Souls to give it much attention.

6142163 Love ASB. DIO, as always,is one if the most broken characters in a JoJo fighting game

6142169 Who can argue with stopping time being a game breaker. That and pulling a steamroller out of hammer-space and dropping it on a person's head.
P.S. Seriously we need to stop responding through these comments already, you can just friend me and PM me rather than fill up the comments board.

6142200 True, can't wait to see more from this fic

Ooof, there's a lot of chewed-up formatting in this chapter; sections of text seem to be missing. :pinkiegasp:

Also, poor Twibright. :facehoof:

I think you could still use the Crossover tag, seeing as how it's transplanting JJBA concepts into MLP. It's kind of a Crossover AND an AU? :derpyderp1:

Also, I guess pony Stands aren't invisible to non-Stand Users...? Or Twibright has a Stand she doesn't know about yet... :rainbowlaugh:

6148825 All over Chapter 3; it looks like... I dunno, a bunch of names and pronouns got replaced with new-lines instead? Like this:

“Your status doesn’t mean a thing here, Doctor,” t

. “We aren’t here to progress any agendas, our only goal should be to help those ponies. So I am ordering you to get these civilians the best of the medicines from Canterlot; NO excuses.”

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So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke,
Your love life's DOAAAAA
It's like you're always stuck in Second Gear
When it hasn't been your day
your week
your month
or even your yeaaaar
but -

I'll be there for youuuuuu (when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for youuuuuu (like I've been there before)
I'll be there for youuuuuu
Cuz you're there for me toooooo~

Sorry I thought you were my sister Sarah. She and watch the show, we sing the song and dance every time the opening credits come on! It's sorta a sibling bonding thing, and since not many people are fans of classic 90's television or know the full theme song off the top of their heads I had a terrible sinking suspicion that you were her. I'm relieved to see that you're not.

Life is awkward. Get used to it or (eventually after a long meaningful life) die.
P.S. Do you think that the story summary is annoying? A person told me it was so I was thinking about redoing it.

6176429 well, It feels like an infomercial, so perhaps you should.

FINE! You all wanted a Crossover tag? You get a Crossover tag!

Where are the stand stats and ability description?

That's in the 'Twilight's Notes' section that I will be Placing at the end of Part 1. Since I didn't want to give any spoilers away to what the stand powers are. Though if you would like I can give you the stand stats and ability descriptions for the stand you ask about.

What is known is that he possessed a resentment and hatred for pony kind that eclipsed any other.

Uhhh... :twilightoops:

Just so you know, that might annoy some Discord fans, like, a lot. I mean, the supposed killing of him will just make them sad, but they could have some hope of him returning later because he'd Discord. People just don't like it when personalities change, even if the fic is marked Alternate Universe.

I read part of your next chapter before I stopped myself, and Twilight is great. (I haven't read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and don't want to spoil it now that I've seen this.) I think you just tried too hard to fit the crossover mold here. You could instead say something like: 'it was believed Discord had a hatred for ponies that far surpassed any other. Why else would he subject them to such chaos?' Or maybe you could just use Tirek or something.

First Don't worry it's not inspired directly by Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures, it just draws concepts (and the occasional amazing one liner) so you don't have to worry about it spoiling anything.
And honestly I'm actually a huge Discord Fan, I love how he is such a wild card and his quips and sarcastic insights regarding friendship always make me laugh. However for reasons that will be explained later, and for the purpose of setting up the story Discord had to die. One of the major things about discord is it's too easy to incorporate him in a story because like I said he is a wild card. And the fact that his reality bending powers sort of make everything unbalanced. i like discord as the trickster villain but fact is, Discord is a memorable and familiar antagonist and since Tirek didn't exist at the time I created the story I used Discord as the 'evil' villain in pre history.
And finally what do you mean by 'I think you just tried too hard to fit the crossover mold here.' That's exactly what i said because I though of my story more as an AU not a Crossover. However people wanted a crossover tag so they got a crossover tag.
Any more Questions class?


it just draws concepts (and the occasional amazing one liner)

Still a bit too much for me. Besides, I know about The Red Stone of Aja now, which seems kind of important. (Please don't tell me whether it is or isn't important.)

And honestly I'm actually a huge Discord Fan [...]

That doesn't really answer what I wrote. Like I said, having him die is fine, it's just that 'hated ponies more than anything else in the universe' implies some sort of ravenous monster that just seems very far removed from Discord's personality. And, while there is the possibility that history is wrong and Discord was just being chaotic, new readers that read the prologue aren't going to assume that.

And finally what do you mean by 'I think you just tried too hard to fit the crossover mold here.'

That was also part of the Discord comment. I think you tried too hard to make him fit for a role in the Crossover and warped his personality. I haven't actually read much more than the prologue and part of the first chapter, so I can't say that your whole story 'tries too hard to fit the mold'.

1) The red stone of Aja is only important in part two and the powers listed here aren't even close to the powers it has in the JBA universe. Please don't use my story as an excuse to deny yourself one of the coolest anime ever!
2) Just because discord 'possessed a resentment for ponies' doesn't mean he was a ravenous monster. If you remember the Discord in the series cared very little for ponies and for the purpose of the story there needed to be an enemy malicious enough (And powerful enough) to force them to use the stone on him.
3) It is disagreeable but sometimes characters need to be who they are in order for a story to progress. And like I said I don't think of my story as a crossover either, I just put the crossover tag so it would be easier for people to find it and they think it belongs there.



Please don't use my story as an excuse to deny yourself one of the coolest anime ever!

Wait, it's an anime? Brb, watching.

Also, you misinterpreted things: I didn't want to hurt my viewing of the 'coolest anime ever', that I'm going to get some snacks for right now. Sorry, but I don't really trust that your story won't spoil anything when people said it needed a crossover tag.

As for the Discord prologue stuff, I'll just say I think your wording is implying some things you're not intending it to.

6198989 Yeah, this basically takes concepts from the anime but doesn't relate to its plot in any meaningful way. It's a crossover only in the loosest sense of the word. :twilightsmile:

I really don't know what this is a "crossed over" with, but I shall dive in anyways! I am prepared for the references I won't understand! :derpytongue2:

6194347 I am a huge Discord fan (He is my favorite villian) and I don't mind him being changed a bit. I enjoy reading things where characters that I love are corrupted or killed. Maybe I'm just that dark. :pinkiecrazy:

I get your point though. Some people are extremely protective of their favorite characters. I, for one, would not enjoy someone outright telling my Derpy is offensive, but if their character said something negative about Derpy in their story and they didn't mean it themselves then I would be fine. It all depends on the presentation, and with an AU you can do almost anything you like.

~Fuzzygecko :derpytongue2:

6235100 Don't worry! it's a pretty loosely inspired crossover so it won't spoil anything for you. Think of it more of an AU where the characters use the Psychic power made famous in JoJo's Bizarre Adventures and you'll be fine.
As for Discord, Yes I am a Discord fan, Yes it will be made clear in time what was meant in the prologue and yes I did struggle with killing discord off. Just because Discord 'Possessed a resentment' for ponykind didn't mean he was any different from the discord we know and love. Think of it more along the lines of if a bunch of ants moved into your house how would you feel about them? This Discord is more 'resentful' of pony kind for reasons you will begin to understand so don't worry, it will all be made clear in time.


Think of it more along the lines of if a bunch of ants moved into your house

So... the ponies kept getting into his pantry? "Cursed ponies! I just sprayed for them! Argh!" :rainbowlaugh:

so Diamond Tiara is the DIO this time around... or rather DIA

"Reformed" my left keester. she just needs a certain magical artefact that exponentially increases one's natural abilities... but only after Trixie gets it first.

6245541 Good to hear that you're looking forward to some Trixie, Because she's making her début next week! :trixieshiftleft:

Story looks interesting, but I'll have to get to it later.

P.S. It should actually be P.S., P.P.S., and P.P.P.S., not the other way around. I wonder why so many people here get that wrong?

P.P.S. The 'P.' stands for Post, and the 'S.' stands for Script, so it would be Post Script, then Post Post-Script, and so on. Post-Script Script doesn't really make much sense, now does it?

6271342 You actually clicked on the +more section?! Wow you're the first person i know who's done that.
Anyhow thank you for thinking that my story is interesting and tell me what you think about it when you get around to reading it!

P.S. So would this be right?
P.S.S. Or would this be right? Honestly Post Script-Script is pretty redundant but it gets it's point across.

6271385 I was always taught to add on another "P." when you wanted to write another post-script. If you want a secondary source, in the movie Cars 2, Mater writes a letter using the same pattern. I doubt that they would make a mistake just to make a joke that's been around for a while:
P.P.S. Haha, that's funny right there!
P.P.P.S. That too!
(In case you don't get it right away, bathroom humor. That is all.)

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