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Pinkie Pie during her time away from school, discovers Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, her brand new obsession. And she plans on spreading this message through quotes and references to all of Canterlot High. Unfortunately for Sunset Shimmer who never watched an anime before, she's forced to go through all of this without any context.

Bonus: Try to count how many references are in this story, I dare you. You can do your best, but you'll find your Jojo knowledge avails you nothing. IT'S USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, UUUSSSEELLLESSS!!

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This was WAY too hilarious! Great job with everything!

I only just started watching this show. So far I finished Battle Tendency, so I got any references to it and Phantom Blood. Including who Danny is that Dio killed, and why Fluttershy hates him for it.

Stardust Crusaders might be as far as I see, its dub will be finished next month, I don't know much about it except Dio's final fate (have to at LEAST go that far for that) and that it's in Egypt (always loved Egyptian themed areas and songs). And I heard of these "Stand" things but I don't know how they work. But I'll start Stardust Crusaders really soon, so I guess I'll find out.

I feel Sunsets pain, I really do. Just sad she caved.

NICE! I'm going to reread this to count the references.

I once considered doing a JJBA/MLP:FIM crossover fic. I had no intention of taking any of it seriously, though. One memorable scene I considered.

"There's a pair of stand users watching us over there."
"What's up with them? They're just posing there... menacingly."
"Yeah. If you ever see someone just randomly pose for no reason, they're either a stand user, a vampire, or a pillar man."

The grand finale would have the primary villain, a vampire stand user, use one of the stone masks to elevate himself to a Pillar Man. However, now being a Vampire Pillar Man Stand User, he literally could not stop posing long enough to actually do anything.

This is unironically great.

Cool story, bro... FOR REALZIES! Of course, it would have been much cooler if you made more parts of it; after all, your first, and only chapter [so far(, so good)] is part one.


Canterlot High.

A school filled with extraordinary students, with their own stories to tell. A school with stories of magical mishaps and creatures attacks. Though with the help of seven girls and the power of the bonds they share, they’ve been able to protect their school and keep the peace of their city. Now their bonds

Are you missing something? Now their bonds what?

BTW everyone. There's a story on this site that has the ponies themselves have their own stands and is pretty much only good crossover between MLP and JJBA. The rest are usually Joestars entering Equestria with only a few chapters. Sadly, the writer only managed to finished Part 1 before disappearing from the site. However the story itself is still quite self-contained like any JJBA Part and the Stand fights are just as cerebral as Part 3-6 so give it a read. Here's the link:


Looooool guilty it took me weeks to get this guy to watch , then one day as we were to hang out i stopped him nd popped on jojo my fave anime for him to see and he rejected till i badgered him its good and fun and silly and ...bizare. then once letting up he took the chance and watched it and im proud he did even to this day


I messed up and fixed it my bad

But soon they found the fanfics.
Even Pinkie was afraid!

something something something 28 minute rant about stans

Oh and I love that you referenced Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Those were three of my five first animes (other two being Pokemon and Digimon). Dragonball Z gave me my interest in tails and Sailor Moon gave me my interest in villain deaths.

I have to find ALL the references! OOOOOHHHH NOOOOOOO!!

No No No No. oh my god.


Having seen all but the final episode of Stardust Crusaders now:

I now get the joke with Rarity mentioning Kakyoin. And wait till Fluttershy sees Dio kill a cat in the same episode, though Danny's death has been considered the most upsetting of all the dog deaths in the show.

Between that, and all he did in Phantom Blood, I can't wait to see Dio's death two days from now. (well, I already peeked at the Japanese version, but I can't wait to see it in English. It feels strange knowing that episode of the dub technically doesn't exist yet, but knowing how it's gonna turn out) I can honestly agree with WatchMojo's choice for number one most satisfying anime villain death. And that's coming from someone who's seen Dragonball Z numerous times and watched the whole Frieza Saga as it came on TV (he was the second on their list)

Maybe Jolyne will be her fave JoJo, can relate to her probably.

This is amazing and all, but I was expecting one of the most well known jojo references.

“Oh? Your approaching me?”

“I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.”

I was expecting something like that between pinkie and rainbow dash or sunset, but sadly they didn’t happen.

This was beautiful and all... But I have to ask, does Pinkie KNOW HOW THE FUCK KING CRIMSON WORKS!?

Oh boy, pinkie with Jojo.... this will be interesting


It's Pinkie. Being Pinkie. Over Heaven.

“Aahh…what a beautiful, Duwang. Chew.”

ah yes the duwang dub of the manga

*approaches like button, menacingly*
Soshite toki wa ugokidasu

Awesome! although the like to the song Flash was playing is dead.

Repeat after me:


Thank you for your time, and have an excellent day.

Sunset should've used the Secret Joestar Technique and hightailed it for the portal.

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