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My Little Pony Bizarre Adventures - Part 1: Ponyville Central - LateBronyWriter

One Thousand years ago, the saints Celestia and Luna drew upon the power of the Red Stone of Aja to defeat the demon Discord. Now one thousand years later the Stone is destroyed, beginning the tale of six ponies and their quest to redeem the world.

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Chapter 42- Ponyville Central- Outro

Part 1- Ponyville Central- Outro





Twilight…… Twilight Sparkle?

You really can’t expect to stay here forever, now can you………

A dark figure emerges from the shadows, its eyes blazing like the fires of Tartarus as it glares at a lone, naked filly bound by the dark. The filly shivers as the darkness in front of her grows larger, the path she was walking has been blown to smithereens, the pieces of the cobblestone road hanging in midair as the darkness laughs.

You can’t die now, Twilight……

The towering figure grins as it shows off its serrated, sharp teeth.

After all, how could I let you die…..

The darkness licks its lips.

Before I made you taste true despair…….

The dark cloaked figure runs its forked tongue over its sharp teeth as its infinite black maw opens like the doors to Tartarus.



Twilight looks up but she can’t even scream as the mouth descends over her, her limbs locked in place, all the filly can do as the darkness closes its teeth around her neck is cry pathetically. Readying herself for the end the filly flinches from her perceived death.

And then the light erupted around her. Even closing her eyes did nothing as the light seeped through every crevice of her being, cleansing from her the darkness that had threatened to consume her. Yet even as it burned her the filly did not mind, she knew that it only hurt a little and that was because the darkness was burning away from her, not because the light was trying to hurt her.

The light., the light was….. It was her mentor, it was her parents, her brother, her friends. It was formless but at the same time it was everypony she had ever met or known, all rolled into one.

And the light was talking to her.

You have already endured much on your travels, little one.

But a greater journey is yet to come.

But if you are to determine a new path, you must endure.

And more importantly you must….




As suddenly as pulling one’s self from a nightmare, Twilight woke up with a start, her entire body rising like a coiled spring. And an instant later the wracking pains covering her body make her instantly regret her decision.

“Urgh…..” The mare falls over, clutching her sides. “That definitely hurt.” Twilight lays back on the bed as her frantically racing mind takes in the room around her. The room is spartan to say the least, yet the presence of an IV drip sticking out of her arm, her bandages covering half her body and the empty beds in the room let her know that she is in a temporary hospital of some kind. Yet despite the room’s identity as a hospital, there appear to be only three mares in the room, including her.

‘Okay, so it’s a private hospital’ Twilight thinks, ‘given how badly I’m banged up I can’t say I’m surprised that I have my own room, but who are….’

Twilight’s analytical mind quickly identifies the first of the ponies, a light green pegasus mare sleeping against the door standing up, as Lightning Dust. Sleeping against the door was standard guard procedure in protecting important clientele, as it would allow a soldier to rest while protecting a vital entrance; it’s something only Lightning would do. And second, a unicorn mare sleeping face first on her bed. The blue unicorn’s scraggly light blue mane, her lopsided magician’s hat, and her wrinkled cape letting Twilight know without a doubt who the slowly awaking mare on her bed is.

The light blue unicorn slowly stretches out and yawns, Twilight’s sudden movements and outburst having stirred her from her rest. Blinking owlishly, the light blue unicorn looks on the mare before her with a stunned expression, and joy begins to fill her face. “…..She’s awake….” her voice chirps in barely-contained disbelief.

Shaking her head free from the cobwebs of sleep, the mare that sits in front of Twilight looks like she hadn’t gotten a moment’s rest in days. “Hey, Lightning!” Trixie calls out to the mare sleeping against the door. “She’s awake! Twibrigh…. I mean, Twilight is awake! And you said that she’d be out for twelve hours at least! You should have known better than try to compete with Trixie’s skill at approximating time a pony will sleep!”

“…Uh... what?” The groggy guard-mare rubs her eyes as she looks over to the bed where the purple unicorn is lying. Instantly Lightning’s groggy, sleepy-eyed stare is replaced with a broad and genuine smile. “Twilight, good ta see ya!” The green mare yawns. “I knew that of all ponies you’d pull through; you gave us a bit of a scare, but I knew that you were too tough to go out like a loser!”

Once again in the company of friends, Twilight tries to make out a smile and a pleasant greeting. However the soreness of her body instantly turns her cheery morning disposition into, well… “ARRRGGGHHHH……….” Twilight groans as she rubs her horn, her entire body sore and protesting. “How long have I been out? And somepony get me a cup of coffee!”

“Not long!” Lightning chirps, “You’ve only been out for about eight and a half hours, so it’s still morning by military time.” Lightning smiles even more. “And no, you can’t have any coffee while you’re recovering, doctor’s orders!”

“UUUURRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH….” Twilight groans as she rubs her aching forehead with more force as she contemplates the reality of a morning without her liquid energy.

“What was that, Twilight? My ‘Zombie’ may be a little rusty but I though you just said ‘that’ll be fine, Lightning, I’ll respect the doctor’s orders! You’re so cool!’ Or maybe you were just groaning for brains, I can never really tell!” Lightning snickers as she laughs along with her own joke.

“…….Curse you morning people….” Twilight mutters under her breath, “curses on all of you, and your cheery dispositions too….”

“What was that, Miss Twilight?” Trixie asks smugly.

“Nothing.” The librarian blurts out.

“Nothing hunh?!” Lightning says with a cock-eyed stare. “Cause from what I heard it sounded like you were cursing me, Twilight Sparkle!”

“Cut Twilight some slack, Lightning!” Trixie states as she pats the grumpy librarian on the head. “Besides, while you were evacuating the town she and her other friends were fighting off an entire horde of zombies; if anypony has the right to be a little grumpy, it’s her!”

“Really?” Lightning asks, “And why are you so defensive of Little Miss Twilight today, Trixie?”

“N… No reason!” Trixie blurts out as a slight blush crosses her face. “Shut up! Trixie is just… making sure her fri… her compatriots get their rest! Goodness knows that they all need it after the fight they just went through.”

“My friends!” Twilight asks with the utmost urgency. “My friends are they…”

“They’re fine, Twilight,” Trixie states reassuringly. “They were pretty worried when your heart stopped and they refused to leave your side for a moment. But once you were stabilized, Trixie was able to convince them with her great oration skills that there was nothing to worry about.”

“They’re in the next room resting.” Lightning gestures to the door. “It’s been a long night for everypony, but I practically had to force them at spear-point to take a nap. You have some pretty loyal friends, Miss Twilight.”

Twilight nods at this, knowing that her friends would swim through lava if it meant her safety, when something of far more crucial importance catches her attention. “Wait a second! My heart…. stopped?!” Twilight asks with equal mixtures of curiosity and horror. “Then… then how am I even…..”

“The Red Stone made from Sombra’s own blood,” Trixie comments off-hoofedly. “It took all my magic to stabilize you, Twibright, but if it wasn’t for the Stone he made there’s no way you’d even be alive; let alone able to move a few hours after you were cut to ribbons.”

Twilight shudders at this, both from the fact that she was seconds away from death, but also the fact that she was saved, even indirectly, by the very villainous stallion who gave her the wounds she was sporting. The fact that she had technically drank blood only increased her level of willies from a class three (Pinkie popping out of your cereal) to a class five (Pinkie popping out of your toilet), sending even more shivers up her spine.

“You’re lucky it’s just scars, Twilight Sparkle,” Lightning Dust restates, “You’re lucky just to be alive. There were many others who weren’t as lucky.”

Trixie’s lip quivers as she stoically removes her hat. “The doctor said that, despite your healing, the scars will not heal, a result of Trixie’s reckless attack.” Levitating over a small hoof mirror to the bedridden mare, Trixie grovels nervously. “Trixie…..Trixie apologizes; if it wasn’t for her attack….. well, see for yourself.”

With her confusion apparent, Twilight glances in the mirror in the mirror, shocked to see the figure staring back at her. Her eyes are bloodshot, her mane is a mess, and there, as plain on her face as her horn, is a deep jagged scar running directly over her left eye. Fortunately the scar stopped just short of injuring her vital sensory organ, however the scar was painfully noticeable and very long. However its appearance, though obviously painful, was complimented well by a second longer scar running crosswise to the first. Beginning at the eyebrow and going left at an upward angle, the second scar gave the first a cool symmetrical look that drew attention away from the scar itself, and served to better accentuate the left side of her face, namely her cheek and horn.

“It’s…. it’s not that bad…….” Twilight remarks impartially. “It’s not good certainly, but it’s not that bad either.” Placing the mirror by the bedside Twilight turns back to Trixie. “I don’t get it, normal magic should be enough to heal most wounds, so why can’t you get rid of my face scars? Not that I’m complaining or anything, I’m happy to be alive, and the ones on my face do look pretty cool… but they also look bad…… do you know what I mean?”

“Trixie’s swords…. Well, the ones that she used were…..” Trixie shuffles her hooves “Well, they were cursed…. “ At this Twilight gasps, knowing the heavy regulations that the showmare has broken when she decided to curse her weapons without a licensed request. “Trixie wanted to make sure that Sombra died, so….. she sort of put a hex on the blades that would impede healing. It’s a level six curse.”

Cursing weapons was a major crime, even for a Stand agent, yet she broke her code in a second when presented with the idea of brutally killing the pony responsible for her parent’s demise. Yet the showmare’s remorse strikes the librarian as truly genuine, not an act or a ruse to gain the unicorn’s favor.

For the first time since Twilight had met Trixie, she can see that the unicorn sitting in front of her is truly and unmistakably sorry, the showmare’s guilt at being even remotely responsible for her friend’s suffering as plain as the hat on her head. “It’s fine, Trixie,” Twilight says without a second of doubt, as she work to comfort her friend. “I know that you would take it back if you could. And this time I can tell that you really mean it, so I forgive you Trixie.” Twilight rubs her face and the visible scar that it contains. “Believe me I don’t hold anything against you for something that monster did.”

Gently picking up the mirror for a moment the unicorn looks once again at her sole disfigurement as she contemplates her new life with a scar. “So, this is really permanent,” Twilight states sorrowfully as she rubs the mark on her face like one would a new limb, placing the mirror off to the side of her bed. “Not even Celestia can undo a level six curse completely, not without some serious somatic components. I guess that I’ll just have to grow into it.”

“Atta girl, Twilight!” Lightning Dust smiles as she slaps the mare’s back. “Just think of it as a reminder that you’re alive.”

With a newfound scar adorning her face Twilight rolls her eyes. “Gee thanks, Lightning, like I want to be reminded that I almost died. Fighting a super-vampire that attacked the police station my brother was barely defending against a zombie horde, that’s definitely a something that I want to remember ten years from now,” Twilight remarks as she closes her eyes, ready to once again drift off into sleep.

“…..Shining!” Twilight jumps up with a wince of pain. “I just remembered, I have to check up on Shiny! That idiot would probably forget his own armor if I wasn’t there to check up on him every now and again.”

Both Trixie and Lightning Dust become uncomfortably silent at Twilight’s words, as they try vainly to look anywhere but where Twilight is. “Um…..” Trixie coughs into her hoof. “It…. It’s not necessary to have to report into the captain yet.”

“Hunh? But I thought that it was regulation to report in as soon as possible,” Twilight states as she throws the covers off her legs, placing her hooves carefully back on the floor. “You know what; I should probably meet up with Shining just in case, so that we’re both on the same page.”

However, Twilight finds her attempts to leave her confinement suddenly stopped by the stern, powerful hoof of the Royal Guard. Standing over the mare like a jailor over a captive the light green pegasus growls. “Trixie said..…” Lightning pushes the purple unicorn back into her bed. “…...You need your rest. So if I were you I’d get some. Now go to sleep.”

Twilight blinks in surprise, not expecting this kind of harsh resistance. “Lightning Dust? Why are you trying to keep me here?” Twilight asks as the two mares avert their eyes once again. “I know I’m still technically a prisoner until Celestia arrives to dole out my punishment but..….”

The purple librarian suddenly gasps. “Is it because they’ve already decided my punishment?!” Twilight exclaims with eyes wide. “Oh my gosh, it’s about me isn’t it? Is it because I didn’t defeat the Stand users sooner? Did you get in trouble for letting me out? I didn’t mean for Sombra to get away, please don’t throw me into the dungeon!”


“Or banish me!”


“Or throw me in a dungeon in the place you banish me to!”

“Twilight! Will you PLEASE SHUT UP?!” Lightning Dust yells at the top of her lungs.

Years of conditioning play their part as Twilight’s voice is instantly silenced by Lightning’s snapping tone. Twilight knew when a pony was supposed to talk, and from Lightning’s tone she knew she had said something that had deeply upset her. But for the life of her, Twilight couldn’t comprehend why Lightning Dust would suddenly lash out like that without reason. The mare standing before her, full of frustration and rage, does not seem like the pony that she had met before. Lightning was impulsive from time to time, free to express her frustrations, loud mouthed too, but outright hostile? Twilight had never seen that side of her before.

Lightning breathes out heavily as she takes a long calming breath, her fury replaced with shame. “I-I’m sorry, Twilight….. I was just; I’m just not in my right mind, right about now.” Lightning Dust lowers her head in shame as she paws the ground with her hoof, much to Twilight’s ever growing confusion.

“Twilight…. It’s…” The light green solder takes off her helm, placing it by it off to the side in an act of the greatest reverence. “It’s not about you….. it…..”

The lavender mare cocks her head.

Lightning Dust shudders, her sweat is cold, her voice hoarse, her muzzle stained by the residue of dried tears. And with that the solder utters the four words that will change her life. “It’s about your brother……”

The response is instant, Twilight’s earthly concerns are instantly forgotten as the worst possible reality comes to mind. Lightning’s upset behavior, the avoidance, the adverse stares, it all comes together in the young mare’s mind to form a terrifying and incomprehensible conclusion. “…..no…….”

“Twilight…” Lightning Struggles with the words. “This is never easy for any pony. But you have to know….”

Reason, thrown to the wayside, is instantly replaced with cold, unyielding denial. “NO!”

With all the gentleness of a minesweeper Trixie places her hoof on Twilight’s shivering shoulder. “Twilight, I knew your brother, he was a brave, noble…..”

But Twilight was gone. Before Trixie had even spoken Twilight’s horn was glowing like an eldritch fire, and in less than a second the other two mares were thrown against the wall with unrestrained telekinetic force. Leaping to her hooves in desperation, the scared little filly reaches the door in less than a second, ripping it off its hinges.



Twilight could vaguely recognize the voice of her friends off in the distance, however she didn’t even care. Not even Celestia herself could stop her now as she barreled down the hall and up the stairs to the upper levels of the building, tearing any object unfortunate enough to get in her way into subatomic particles. Her mind was blank, her wounds were aching and ripping open at the sudden exertion of physical force, but she didn’t care. Twilight Sparkle didn’t care about anything, and nothing in the world could stop her.

Arriving at the top of the stairs, her eyes barely taking gawking soldiers before her.

The bodies they were covering with Equestrian flags lying lifeless on the floor.

Only one thing mattered to Twilight Sparkle. And that was the large decorated flag lying by the window to the room, the Equestrian Grand Aegis. Twilight knew what that flag meant, it was the one that they only used for those soldiers that had received the highest honors, and epitomized the very meaning of sacrifice. It was reserved as an honor for those that gave their lives to in service to protect the lives of those that could not defend themselves.

“M-Miss Twilight! I’m sorry for your loss ma’am, but you can’t…….”

To her credit, even in her state Twilight had just enough control to avoid inflicting serious damage on the guards she had tossed across the room. After a night like she had just endured, screams had barely any impact on the young mare any more. Not that anything they said could stop her. With the most steel-faced expression a pony could possibly muster the mare trotted silently over towards the flag, stopping only a hoof’s-length away from the pristinely creased cloth. Without even pausing to breath, without any regard for anything else in the world, the mare ripped off the flag, exposing the figure under it.


And then she fell to her knees.

“Twilight! She’s in here, yawl!”

“Twilight darling, You gave us quite a fright! You were…… oh my goodness gracious……”

“That’s… is that really…..”


“That guy….. he isn’t…. that pony there isn’t Twily’s……….”

“……Twilight……. Are…. Are you okay?”

And it all came out.


Throwing away all dignity, all self-imposed impressions of society, all restraint and discipline that the mare had honed over years of study in the magical arts, Twilight Sparkle fell to the floor before the only family that she had ever known.

And she wept.

She screamed.

She cursed Sombra, the world, and everything in it.

But mostly, the small little filly cried.

She cried for the loss of a pony so dear to her heart.

She cried for Shining Armor, her captain.

Her protector

Her brother.

And the little filly known as Twilight Sparkle


……………… I’m alone……….

…………………………I’m so terribly alone………………..

………………………………………is……. Is this what it feel like to die………………………

…………………………… Did Shining…………. Did he feel this way……………….

…………………Did he feel this alone when he died…………………

………………………….wait…….. is this……….. warmth…………….

………… I feel………. Warmth…………………

Where……….. where is it coming from.

Twilight opens her eyes to a display of colors, pinks, oranges, yellows, blues, whites all dance before her blurry tear-filled eyes as she tries to shake free herself of the constricting force holding her.

The warm powerful force around her grows tighter.

…….What….. what’s going on………

The mare known as Twilight struggles against the constricting force.

Yet the force will not let her go, in fact it grows even tighter by the second.

……..Why… why can’t you let me go………

………. Why……. Can’t I be with him again………..

The mare’s eyes finally open, the film from her eyes falls as she finally recognizes the force enveloping her entire being.

……… My….. my friends……….

Twilight’s eyes pool up as the tears that had been obscuring her sight fall down from her face, dripping across the multitude of arms embracing her.

Twilight moves her eyes, turning towards the strong orange farm mare, her face soft but so unbelievably strong at the same time, her own loss giving Twilight the strength bear hers.


She turns her head to a white marshmallow fashionista, tears pooling down her face as she offers the only thing that she can, her own tears, without hesitation to alleviate her friend’s overwhelming sorrow.


The sound of sniffling comes from a pure pink party pony, her laughter replaced by crying as she feels her friend’s pain, as deeply as her own. Her laughter is not forgotten, only saved for the days ahead when her friend will need it the most.

……………Pinkie Pie………….

Dash stands solemnly by her side, her face stern and focused, her very demeanor conveying how absolutely she is there for her friend. Yet even with her face locked up as tight as a drum, the prismatic speedster can’t help but leak tears like a faucet.

……………..Rainbow Dash…………..

Her lip quivering, her body quaking in rage that any pony that would do this to her friend; Fluttershy, the most cowardly and meek of ponies, stands fearlessly by her side. Facing the enormity of Twilight’s loss she embraces the mare in a deep powerful hug, assuring her without a doubt in her mind that everything will be alright.


Feeling a tight grip from behind, Twilight glances down at her shoulder at the light blue hoof gripping her ever so tightly. Without a thought she turns around to see the face of a mare obscured completely by a tall, blue-brimmed hat. Her eyes covered and her body distant from Twilight, from afar one might even call such a gesture a futile and halfhearted attempt at comforting a mare. Yet, even with her eyes covered, Twilight can still hear the pitter patter of tears falling from her face.

The mare standing behind her is a mare who also knows the meaning of sacrifice. A mare that was willing to sacrifice everything she had ever wanted, everything she had set out to find. A mare who was willing to make a deal with the devil and sell her very soul to save the life of a pony that had given her nothing but trouble and pain her entire life.

There, joining everypony else in their embrace.

The most anti-social.

The most stuck up.

The most friend-despising pony in Ponyville.

Trixie Lulamoon.


…………… of course………..

……………….I’m such an idiot………….

……..I never really realized…….

……… I never truly told them……….

………why we’re friends…………

And with that, in spite of her entire world collapsing around her;

In spite of Sombra’s overwhelming victory;

In spite of the loss of her brother, Shining Armor;

Twilight Sparkle smiles.

She smiles knowing that, whatever may come her way, she has some ponies to help her hold it all together.

……………..I can’t believe I never realized the fact………

Twilight Sparkle snuggles deeper into her friends’ embrace.

........ That I was never alone……….

…….. I never was……….

……and I never will be……

And with that, Twilight Sparkle falls asleep, never before feeling so safe and secure.

Author's Note:

PART 1: Ponyville CENTRAL: END!
Party Status: Twilight Sparkle was critically injured!
Trixie was heavily injured!
Sombra escaped with the Corpse
Enemies: Boss of Melodia: SOMBRA
Stand: Black Nirvana
Head of Prostitution: Caramel Cider
Stand: The Monster Within
Status: KILLED
Vice Chief of Executions: Noteworthy
Stand: HollyHoof Undead
Status: KILLED
Allies: Captain of the Royal Guard: Shining Armor
Stand: Bastion
Status: K.I.A. while displaying uncommon valor in the line of duty.
Aide to the Princess: Shaman Zecora
Status: Survived thanks to Shining Armor’s sacrifice
Lieutenant: Lightning Dust
Stand: Riding the Lightning
Lyra heartstrings:
Stand: Thousand Hoof Crutch
Status: Recovering
Bon Bon:
Stand: ?????
Status: Recovering
Items Lost: The Heart of the Corpse
The majority of the Corpse
Items Gained: Twilight Sparkle gained “the Magic of Friendship”


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