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After several massive ships suddenly begin falling into Equestria, each heavily armed with giant machines, the Mane Six and friends enter the adventure of their lives.

Crossover with Super Robot Wars and various giant robot series

Please not that there are Alot more chars than the tags show.

What I feel is this fic's theme.

Chapters (3)
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Uh oh. Hope they don't crush someone.

Must, ignore.

OOh A SUper Robot Taisen Crossover Proceed [Will Musashi be in sometime?[

I'm sorry, the criticism you are requesting no longer exists!

gotta admit,was not expecting to see Samurai Sentai Shinkenger in this crossover(because super sentai never appeared in srw which is a shame),but i like what i read so far.
gotta ask though,which series are gonna be in this crossover? i can see Shinkenger,Srw Og and GREAT MAZINGER(all caps because in every game theyre in i always use the main Mazinger units in all stages i can, hell i probably like the Mazinger units more than Ryusei does)


Well I started the fic deciding off the Bat the Mane Six are piloting a sentai mech together.

Well I'm not gonna reveal all of them but the Big Three are gonna be in here. (Mazinger, Getter and Gundam)

Also Holy Shit I have a Up vote!

......Yep, that was awesome.

1733378Now you have another. And if 1733136 likes this, it must be good. Giving it a read later. No time now.

...Upvoting, tracking, will fave if I get around to reading, which I'll make time for. You know me Cosmic; got my own projects to do, as well as chillin' around Fimfiction.

Get the big o into this fanfic. It would make it 20 no 80% more awesome. Big O is awesome. Please:raritystarry:

It's about time you got this posted.
I hope you continue and have fun with it.

1733378 But will you include Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter?:fluttershysad: And what about the King of Braves who transcends fate?:fluttercry:

Consider this favourited.:yay::moustache::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::heart::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

1733289 Well, it's obvious that Macross Frontier will also be used, as will Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory.


Pretty damn obvious. Stardust Memory was promised a spot as it's my favorite UC gundam.

1736686 But what about Shin Getter Robo Mazinkaiser, and Genesic Gaogaigar? Please tell me you plan to include them?:fluttercry::applecry:


you'll just have to wait and see:raritywink:

1736812 Okay, I'll keep hoping to see the Kaiser Nova, Shin Shine Spark, and Genesic Hell and Heaven.

yeah, i have to admit i favorited this story without reading and just clicked the blue links, i just finished reading it and saw the various references to Macross Quarter and that part about the Valkyrie Machines, now all we need is Macross 7(with the units being as broken as they are in Saisei-Hen of course)
i hope that the other series are great because so far i like all the series and hearing that Stardust Memory will appear is awesome.(now all that is needed is G Gundam because it is awesome)
also i just have to say that the thought of the CMC piloting Banpreios scares me.
ps:are you gonna use any original units of the new game,because i have been watching attack videos(since i do not have a ps3:raritycry:) and found these new robots that are awesome(the last one just because it looks like what a bad fanfic writer would create if he wanted to make the ultimate Huckenbein)

1740201 Are you hoping to see Shin Getter Robo, Genesic Gaogaigar, and Mazinkaiser? Because I know I am!:pinkiecrazy:

i think everyone reading this fic wants them to appear,but they are too powerful to appear during the beginning so i bet they will only appear during the beginning of the end with other incredibly powerful mecha like Dairaioh or Valcazard because otherwise the enemies would die too quickly of sheer awesomeness.

by the way please use black getter because he is best getter:heart:


also i just have to say that the thought of the CMC piloting Banpreios scares me.

What about the CMC as the Getter Team?:applejackconfused::fluttershbad::pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::raritydespair::twilightoops:


Could have been worse...Ideon.


also i just have to say that the thought of the CMC piloting Banpreios scares me.

Don't you mean the SRX?:facehoof: The Banpreios is the fusion of the ART-Series machines, but when it appeared in Alpha 3, it had been built as a single unit that was not able to be split apart into its component machines because time constraints had forced the people who built it in the game to bypass the whole combining mecha concept. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are piloting the R-Series, which combine into the SRX.:twilightsmile:


And three Jet-like machines, one red, one blue and the last yellow, each stacked on shelf like mechanisms on top of each other.

So you're having them start out with Getter Robo G and Great Mazinger? I get that it's pretty unlikely that the original Getter Robo will be appearing, but please try and find a way to fit Mazinger Z into all of this.:fluttercry:


And three Jet-like machines, one red, one blue and the last yellow, each stacked on shelf like mechanisms on top of each other.

Considering this line, doubtful. For all we know, there might not be any humans at all, and ponies will be all of the Super Robot pilots.

1736686 One question: Will you be using Gundam 00? If you do, I'd really like to see the 00 Qan[T] Gundam

Give the CMC the Getter Robos and give RD a Mazinger Z


You'' just have to wait and see who gets them....:raritywink:

Besides if I had the Mane Six Pilot separate Mechs, Dash would almost be required by Law to pilot Cybuster.

1790052 Might I suggest you include links to music? For example, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger for when the Mane 6 get the Origamis, Samurai Gattai! Shinkenoh for when they combine the Origamis, Everywhere You Go for Scootaloo and the R-1...I'm sure you get the idea.:twilightsmile:


I'll add them in the Author's notes

1804863 Why not include links in the chapters themselves?:rainbowhuh:

Well, I've got some feed back for you.
Not too much though. I'm not a native speaker so I can't help you much with grammar of vocabulary, but I can tell you this:

1) When Shining armor is talking to that pony who is going to fix the robots he says this :

"Or what they made them to fight."

That sentence (for me) feels wrong. What does he mean?

2) When you flashback or change locations I think it'd be best if you made the text look different, like:

Roughly 30 minutes before the fight began

That way the reader will now that these lines aren't part of the actual story.

3) When Shining armor asks Princess Celestia if she's going to give Twilight her own army she replies with

"Why yes. She is, Sir Shining Armor"

That reply isn't right.

She should say something like:

"Why yes. I am, sir Shining armor"



Now that I have freetime, I'll get right on fixing it.


To answer your question, it's a case by case basis for 2nd OG's Originals

Needs more descriptions. You don't need as much as I do but enough that you can use words in place of linking pictures all the time...

I also had an interesting thought that I will relay via PM.

1852855 Idea!:raritystarry: Give a certain mailmare the Cybuster!

It totally makes sense to do that because Masaki has absolutely no sense of direction and Ditzy/Derpy (whichever one you want to call her) keeps messing up because of her condition.

Also, what do you think of the Cybuster in 2nd OGs?


Well I already picked something for Derpy, as well as who's Cybuster's pilot.

2028522 Oh. Care to send me a PM telling me who you have planned for Cybuster and what mech Derpy is going to pilot?

Also, aren't you excited at how Cybuster FINALLY gets Vanity Ripper and Ranbu no Tachi in 2nd OGs?:pinkiehappy:

PLEASE, tell me the CMC are going to pilot Getter Robo! Or another combining mecha!


They are Piloting the R-1, R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered from Super Robot Wars. Which combine to form the SRX.

Interesting...I don't know of this franchise, but it seems interesting.:pinkiesmile:


Franchises. Super Robot Wars is a turn based rpg game that crosses over various giant robot anime, while having their own.

Ah, very well then.:pinkiesmile:

It's alive!

So, to review the new mecha that have been introduced:

Mazinger Z (piloted by Braeburn, at least until Mazinkaiser enters all this)

The Zeta Gundam (pilot yet to be detemined)

The Victory Gundam (currently undergoing maintenance, pilot yet to be determined)

The Grungust Nishiki (piloted by The Great and Powerful Trixie)

The Weissritter (pilot yet to be determined)

Two Excellence units with frames for their other modes available (pilots yet to be determined)

The Exbein (pilot yet to be determined)

The AM Gunner (pilot yet to be determined)

The Exbein Ashe (pilot yet to be determined)

The Altairlion (pilot yet to be determined)

And apparently three ponies who were captured by the enemy escaped in the Bellzelute, which will have Spike as its main pilot when it arrives.

However, the enemy managed to capture Mjolna! Will Trixie find out that her benefactor is still alive? Will they manage to rescue Mjolna before the enemy manages to find a way to control her? What new units will appear? To find out, you'll have to see the next exciting chapter of Super Pony Wars Sigma!

A great chapter! Scootaloo attempted to have a Big Damned Heroes moment, but was too slow to pull it off, I see! And the Mane 6 have been learning about Mojikara, and they currently have the Kabuto Origami, but they haven't managed to activate it yet, and the other Origamis are still out there!

And since Trixie's in the Grungust Nishiki, we just need one more pony, the two of them in the Grungust Sanshiki, and the Chokijin for the Dragon/Tiger Lord to be able to join the battle!

And for those who are still wondering, the Banpresto Originals that are going to appear later are the Cybuster, the Valhawk and Valstork, Raioh (which will be upgraded into the Dairaioh), Gunleon, the R-Gun Powered, and the Alteisen.

Some of the series that will show up later are King of Braves Gaogaigar, Super Bestial Machine God Dancouga, After War Gundam X, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, and Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Also, might I request that you have some ponies form a new Fire Bomber? Here, have some badges!














Great On the Next Chapter thingy. but I feel this is more appropriate.

Don't worry they'll be plenty of fanservice next time!

2169158 Meh, I prefer the DBZ next episode music. (Shudders from the memory of End of Evangelion!)

On a different note, when Braeburn gets Kaiser, I think the theme song for the Demon God Emperor should be Majin Kenzan! And I also want you to give it the Kaiser Nova!

1740201 Super Pony Wars Sigma has a new chapter! Pass it on!

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