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My Little Pony Bizarre Adventures - Part 1: Ponyville Central - LateBronyWriter

One Thousand years ago, the saints Celestia and Luna drew upon the power of the Red Stone of Aja to defeat the demon Discord. Now one thousand years later the Stone is destroyed, beginning the tale of six ponies and their quest to redeem the world.

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Chapter 15-Magic Mare-Take 1

Magic Mare-Take 1:

In the City of Canterlot, royal capital of the Empire of Equestria, lives a true goddess in every sense of the word. Princess Celestia, ruler of the day and warden of the night, is the de facto leader of an entire nation and through her guidance and direction the ponies of Equestria have prospered and flourished. Yet she has not done this through abject cruelty or force of arms, but rather through diplomacy, peace, and the magic of friendship. The Princess of the Sun has created an empire where ponies were free to live their lives in peace without tyrannical rules or threat of force, but rather through benevolence. It is no small wonder why every pony in the entire kingdom thinks of her as a second mother, a protecting and nurturing figure that will never abandon or forsake them. However, despite how revered and respected she is by her little ponies, the common pony barely know anything personal about their Princess other than common public knowledge.

That is, few ponies aside from Twilight Sparkle.

Though she has only known her for ten short years compared to her more than one thousand, and has a place in her heart for every single pony in her kingdom, the Princess Celestia’s heart burns for Twilight. Not out of a base lust (though even Celestia has to admit that Twilight Sparkle is a very cute mare) but out of an overwhelming love that transcends boundaries of age or gender or species. Celestia adores Twilight Sparkle in a way only a mother might, supporting her, helping her and loving her to the best of her abilities. The mare could almost believe that the sun rose and set on her young apprentice, if it was not for the fact that she rose and set the sun herself.

Therefore, in the depths of her private chambers, while going over a countless reports from her agents all over Equestria scrambling to find pieces of the Red Stones, it is no surprise that the ruler of the entire nation of Equestria stops and actually takes the time to read over Twilight’s reports from the past few weeks. She chuckles at the antics of Pinkie Pie; she grins at Applejack’s southernisms and Rainbow Dash’s headstrong nature; she mentally approves of her handling of Lyra Heartstrings and her deal with the gem hunter Rarity; and genuinely glows in pride at the mention that her student has finally gained her Stand. Finally finishing the last of Twilight’s many reports Celestia removes her reading glasses, chuckling gently at what she has just read.

“Well it’s good to finally hear some good news. Twilight herself is doing very well, and I am very happy for her. She had rarely ever spent time with other ponies other than me, Zecora, and her brother; it is amazing that she was able to make such good friends in a short period of time.” The solar monarch lifts her eyes from Twilight’s many reports to look at a cluttered board on her wall. Sighing heavily, the solar mare rises. “However, for now I must turn my attention to the dangers at hoof.”

Pacing up to a board filled to the brim with confidential and well founded intelligence from only her brightest agents, Celestia begins to pin up official intelligence, status updates and reports, piecing the situation together from the countless facts available. “It seems that despite our great efforts, the collection of the Stones is going slowly; many of my Stand users in cities and towns across Equestria are encountering unexpected resistance from new Stand users.” The Solar monarch continues to pace as she computes the facts. “But even more frightening, rogue Stand users are beginning to appear from the shadows, ponies who have much more experience in using their powers and seem to possess much darker ambitions. Even Shining Armor and Spitfire had their own troubles in acquiring pieces of the corpse….”

The mare tacks more reports to her board as she tries to make a connection. “Though many do not possess adequate knowledge on the nature of the Stones, the simple fact that I am looking for them seems to draw them like moths to a flame.” Celestia concludes as she glances sorrowfully at a nearby causality report. “It is as though a malicious force from the shadows is guiding these foes out into the light, as predators drawn by the scent of fresh blood. Our enemy has sensed opportunity and they have attacked quickly and cohesively at the points at which we are weakest.”

Celestia stops looking as she spies a report with a very specific name on it a name that gives even a goddess Pause.

‘Starlight Glimmer spotted near Manehattan’

Celestis shudders. She had forgotten in the excitement of the Arcanum and her plan to redeem her sister that Starlight Glimmer was still out there. Could she be responsible for this sudden resistance? Goddess only knows what the former head of the RSD is up to now and how she was handling this new development. ‘No doubt she is using it as an opportunity to bolster her ‘research’. A chill descends over the Goddess. No, Starlight is probably taking advantage of this situation, Celestia has no doubt; but the inside knowledge and the well timed nature of the attacks points to a traitor within their own ranks, not a loose cannon like Starlight who would only be in it for her own reasons. And with the head magister hot on Starlight’s trail after her sudden reappearance, there is little chance she would have the time to coordinate all the attacks in Equestria simultaneously .

The attacks indicate another hoof, somepony meticulous but interested only in reports of the Stones, the complete opposite of Starlight Glimmer’s signature. Her guard would find large supplies of Red Stones, they would report it and almost instantly they would be attacked by well-coordinated Stand users. This points to somepony with intimate knowledge of Equestria’s Royal Guards as well as their movements; not a scientist, but a shrewd tactician and merciless enforcer. Starlight would gain nothing from these attacks that she did not already possess. After all by the time she flead Canterlot Starlight had already stolen a large supply of fragments from the Red Stone of Aja, she had nothing physical to gain from these thefts. Unless of course she was after ‘IT’, which was unlikely as she spent half her time in the RSD trying to discredit its very existence.

Therefore, Celestia concludes, there is a new enemy who has recently surfaced who is planning these attacks. Somepony who knows the inner mysteries of ‘IT’, somepony with a grudge against the solar throne.

Somepony like Luna.

Celestia ceases her pacing, looking up at the moon as she walks towards the comfort of her royal balcony. As if lured she opens the glass doors to her chambers, letting the cool night air into her warm abode. Her mind, previously so focused. seems to wander to matters closer to her heart and more personal than any pony would ever know. “And what of you, Luna; where are you, sister? Are you still so angry with me that you hide your presence even now? Or are you still possessed, a slave to the darkness within you?” Celestia stops to look at a single large shard of the Red Stone of Aja on her desk, being used as a paperweight, as she thinks back to the night of the ritual. “The circle seemed to have done its job, despite the loss of the Red Stone of Aja, as I felt all the dark magic corrupting her dissipate; but then why does she hide from me?” A single tear graces the monarch’s face. “And despite all my information I still can not find her.”

Looking at the moon with a nostalgic glint in her eyes, Celestia recounts the days of her youth. Long ago, before she was a monarch, before her ascension, before nations and day court, before Discord. Days filled with childish things and playful moments with her best friend and closest relative. “Luna, you were always far better at hide and seek than I was, I could never find you when you wanted not to be found. You would only come out from wherever you were when I would bake those cookies you loved so much.” Celestia stops “But I fear even if I prepared a mountain of baked goods it would not repair the rift between us.”

Looking at the moon once again Celestia begins to right herself, emotionally and mentally, shaking off her private doubts and fears. “No. Thinking of the past will not change the future. It will not repair our relationship, to dwell on the past. Wherever Luna is, ever since that night she has taken over the raising and setting of the moon. She has taken back her duty as Princess of the Night, and she has even lowered the moon to make way for the day, something that the Nightmare would never do.”

Hope fills Celestia’s heart. “Wherever my sister is, she is still there in spirit, and she is still my little Lulu. She is angry and afraid, but that is nothing we cannot bridge.” Celestia walks back into her room, closing the door behind her with a gentle glow of magic. “I will find her again, all I have to do then is find some way to apologize to her, some way to convey how important she is to me, and how important the Red Stone of Aja is to Equestria. But for now I must turn my focus to the task at hoof: the Stones.”

Celestia looks back at Twilight’s letter, reading between the lines, a thousand years of wisdom and intimate knowledge painting a vivid picture of the writer’s state of mind. “Twilight is obviously hiding something from me, and that troubles me even more than my sister.” The monarch concludes. “Could she be beginning to suspect the true nature of the Red Stones? Could she already understand their true power and significance?”

Celestia looks at the letter even more intently, as if a secret that she has kept for more than a thousand years threatens to reveal itself in the most damaging way possible. “If she were to discover their true purpose, I still feel she would still take my side; Twilight would understand how important its existence is to this nation’s survival.” The monarch stops dead in her tracks. “But what if I’m wrong? What if this deception is just enough to turn Twilight and her friends to the enemy’s side?” Celestia hesitates. “Should I tell her first?”

Celestia stares at the board in front of her, the myriad information and countless reports meaningless in helping her decide upon a course of action. Closing her eyes and filtering out all unnecessary information, Celestia thinks back to all the times and wonderful memories that she has shared with Twilight over the years. She remembers her thirteenth birthday party, her first teleport, and all the hours she slaved working and sharpening the Arcanum to purify her sister. “No.” Celestia opens her eyes, a fire of resolve beginning to fill the void of logic. “I cannot allow such secrets to endanger her life in any way. The less Twilight knows the better. When all the pieces are gathered and Luna is safe, then I can begin to make her understand.”

Her mind made up Celestia begins to gaze upon the board in front of her “For now, Twilight is gathering the pieces of the Stone; that is what is most important.” She concludes. “Yet I still worry for her: she has recovered so many pieces and that could attract the enemy. If only there were some way to protect her physically and shield her from the truth, while at the same time ascertaining what she is hiding.”

Celestia stops her pacing as her eye spies a nearby report. “Of course!” The monarch realises in a moment of dawning comprehension .

With a simple act of magic Celestia conjures up a bell formed of pure magic in front of her. With a simple act of telekinesis she rings the bell causing it’s beautiful curt sound to echo through the room and beyond. No sooner than the ringing ceases, a familiar striped figure opens the door to the room, closing it behind her. The royal secretary to the Princess, Zecora, straightens her white coat as she adjusts the clipboard in front of her. “Yes, Princess? Is there a cause for me being called at this hour? And using a spirit chime no less? I thought that Cool Breeze was to take over for the night shift?”

“I am sorry Zecora, but this cannot wait,” the solar monarch apologizes. “There is a matter of utmost importance that requires attention.”

Zecora’s eyes widen. “Is this about our magister? I assure you that despite the breach in security the leaks have been apprehended and…”

“Has her condition changed?” Celestia interrupts, her face suddenly filled with worry. “Has there been another attempt on her life? Have the ponies in custody revealed anything of value? What is her status as of now?”

Taken off guard by her princesses sudden barrage of questions, the zebra quickly regains her mental footing. “N-No, Your Majesty! Please calm down, there have been no more attacks, the thieves are in custody and have revealed nothing. And the magister is still fine.”

Suddenly realizing she is acting quite foolish, Celestia immediately calms down, realizing how silly she is acting. When she had heard news that an attempt had made on the magister’s life Celestia had originally been terrified. Not only was it an attack against somepony close to her but it might be signaling a rash of political assassinations. However, in the end it had been revealed to be a ruse by Melodia to recover Red Stones transported to Canterlot, and the magister just so happened to catch wind of it. And even though the issue was resolved, the concern and fear was still fresh in her mind. “And you are sure she’s fine?” Celestia asks again just to be sure. “She’s not in anymore danger?”

The secretary nods. “She assures you, Princess, that her life is in no danger. In fact,” Zecora chuckles, “I think that she is more sore about being confined to bed rest than the actual attack; you know how much she hates being coddled.”

Celestia can’t help but chuckle at this. When she had heard that her head magister had been attacked she had originally feared the worst. Dropping everything she was doing she had raced over to the hospital, only to find her giving the doctors a run for their money, insisting, despite her profuse injuries, that she was completely fine. It had taken a royal decree to force her to rest and take it easy for a few days, and even then she had insisted on using the time to catch up on her paperwork. She really is an incurable workaholic, small wonder who she gets that from.

Zecora clears her throat as she peels back her clipboard to look at a certain paper. “I am pleased to report that her condition remains stable, despite her extensive injuries she is recovering nicely and the assassin is still in our custody. The magister says she will be able to return to her post within the week.”

Celestia sighs, knowing that it would be impossible to convince her to stay away from her job any longer than absolutely necessary and take a vacation for once in her life. “Sometimes I forget how strong-willed she can be; it’s just....” Celestia takes a deep breath as she turns to glance at a small picture on her desk. “I worry for her; I almost lost her once I don’t want that to happen again. The last thing in the world we need is another Infinity Mirror disaster.” Realizing the burden she had inadvertently placed on her secretary, Celestia turns back to face Zecora. “Once again, sorry to bother you, Zecora; I know you already have a lot on your plate but…”

Zecora bows. “No, forgive my rude remark; to serve you is my goal, Your Highness.” Zecora rises from her bow, looking directly at her monarch. “Now, what would you ask?”

“Thank you.” Celestia turns back to the board with gusto, eager to put her previous worries behind her. “Zecora, I remember reading a report recently about Stand Inspector number 7 being in the area of the Canterlot outskirts not a day from here, would that be correct?”

Looking down at the reports, Zecora nods her head curtly. “Yes, Celestia, Inspector number 7, aka Magic Mare, has just finished dropping off her supplies of Red Stones that she has been hunting after, as well as two Stand-using criminals from the criminal organization Melodia. She is currently on her way to Neigh Orleans to assist the local law enforcement there.”

“That will not be necessary, tell her that I have a special task for her.” With a quick tug of telekinesis Celestia picks up a nearby file, placing it in Zecora’s hooves. “She is to take a file detailing methods of Stand control to several new Stand users that have appeared in a certain town nearby. These Stand users are new to their powers and could be a great asset to us.”

Zecora takes one look at the file and then back to her monarch with a quizzical look. “Babysitting? Forgive me for inquiring but does that not seem like a waste of her talents? She is one of our best investigators, not a nursemaid.”

Celestia looks out the window towards the small town of Ponyville, her thoughts racing a mile a minute. “That is only a cover story. Her real objective is to monitor the Princess Representative there, and protect her at all costs while secretly reporting her movements to me.”

Zecora nearly drops her file at this, looking up at Celestia with suspicion. “You want her to spy on Twilight Sparkle? Why?” Zecora looks back and forth as if in danger of being overheard whispering to Celestia. “Do you suspect that she is the one who is giving away our movements? That’s she’s the traitor in our ranks? Because if you do…”

“No, I would never believe Twilight would be capable of betraying her country, or me, without a just cause.” Celestia’s thoughts suddenly turn dark as she thinks of what Twilight might do if she discovered what her real goals were. Shaking her head, she dispels such images of Twilight betraying her. “No. I feel that she is beginning to suspect the true nature of the Red Stones. But more importantly I feel that she is in great danger, despite her new friends, and allies”

Celestia turns to the zebra in front of her, giving Zecora her undivided attention. “That is why I am sending Agent number seven there; she has never failed in her missions and she is as dedicated as they come, even if she is a bit… unpleasant at first. I do this not because I fear Twilight,” Celestia assures the Zebra, “but because I fear for her. Tell Inspector seven to set out for Ponyville first thing in the morning; that will be all Zecora.”


Harnessing years of intense magical training, Twilight channels her magic on the Stone in front of her. Her horn flickering with the purest spark of arcane energy, the mare concentrates as she attempts to filter her magic through the Stone in an effort to harness its unpredictable power. With the library closed till noon on Sundays, the center room of the building was the perfect size and shape for the proper wards of protection allowing Twilight to pour more magic through the Stone resting on the pedestal in the center of the room without worrying about the backlash.

Ever since the Stone had granted Rarity a Stand power almost a week ago, they had all been silent and inert, reacting to none of Dash’s pleading wishes for a bazillion bits. In fact, other than a faint glowing, Twilight could barely get any of the Strange Stones to react at all. Her best guess is that using their power had depleted the Stones somehow, yet that defied all her logic. Whenever a Red Stone was used up it crumbled into base dust; if the Strange Stones were truly depleted of magic they should have crumbled apart like the others. Instead the Stones seemed to be regaining their power slowly, as a living being would when tired. Therefore Twilight’s experiment today was to try and replenish the Stone’s power artificially by attempting a magical transfer. Once the Stones were back to full power, then she could resume her tests to determine what exactly they were. And to Twilight’s great joy it seemed to be working as the Stones regained more and more of their brilliant white glow.

“Almost done…. Almost…..” Suddenly in a flash of green smoke a letter appears directly in front of her, causing her steady beam of magic to explode outwards and burning a nearby book to ashes. “Son of a…” the purple unicorn curses at the top of her lungs. “Who in their right mind would be stupid enough to interrupt me in the middle of such an important…”

Twilight picks up the letter with her magic, looking at the sender. “…oh my mistake, it’s from Princess Celestia!”

Tearing open the letter, Twilight begins to read over the contents passage by passage as if there would be a test on it the moment that she finished. Pouring over every detail, Twilight commits to memory the information as her subconscious begins to interpret the letter. Twilight’s eyes grow as wide as dinner plates just as Pinkie Pie bursts into the room. “Twilight you’re never going to believe what my Pinkie Sense just told me!”

Twilight, still caught up in the letter, barely notices the pink pony bouncing around her which, considering it was Pinkie, was quite a feat. The pink pony, not used to being ignored, begins knocking on Twilight’s head. “Equestria to Twilight! Anypony home?”

“Gwah!” The frightened unicorn falls on her back, finally looking up at the pink party pony. “Oh, Pinkie, you startled me… I was…. the Princess just sent me a letter….”

“…. Telling you that she sent somepony to help?” Pinkie finishes.

Twilight gets back up on her hooves. “… telling me that she sent some pony to monitor and…” Twilight blinks as she tries to comprehend the immensity of what Pinkie just said. “Pinkie… how did you…. Pinkie, don’t do that! Guessing what a pony is going to say is my thing!”

Pinkie begins to giggle. “Sorry, Twilight, but the readers are getting tired of these longer chapters so we’re going to have to speed this up!”

“What are you…..” Twilight shakes her head as she mentally reminds herself not to combine Pinkie Pie with reason. “Never mind; according to the letter that I just got from Princess Celestia, she’s worried about me confronting so many Stand users, and given how many Red Stones I’ve sent to Canterlot she’s sent an agent to help with retrieving the Red Stones.”

Pinkie gasps heavily. “Another new pony?! I’ll break out my welcome wagon! That’s wonderful news…..”

Pinkie is about to bounce off to tell all her friends when Twilight levels a gaze that stops the pink mare in her tracks. “…..or not?”

Twilight groans. “Pinkie, it’s Stand agent!”

Pinkie’s head tilts in confusion. “…. and that’s bad?”

“Well… maybe.” Twilight begins to pace. “See, when a bad pony gets ahold of a Red Stone and uses it to gain a Stand power, a Stand agent will bring them to justice.” she says. “They’re like a Stand police force, traveling the land and using their power to stop rogue Stand users.”

Twilight stops pointing directly at the pink Pony. “You found a Red Stone at a young age and by using it you gained a Stand power, so Stand agents search for rumors of strange things happening or unsolved crimes and track down ponies who might be Stand users. You were relatively safe due to the fact that you grew up in a small town, but if you committed a crime or drew the attention of the law you would have been tracked down by a Stand agent.”

Pinkie’s head tilts in confusion. “… and that’s bad?”

Twilight groans like a teacher attempting to explain calculus to a ten year old. “That means that she’s here to assess whether ponies who have just gained a Stand without the knowledge or consent of the government are a danger to society.”

Twilight takes a step forward. “That means every pony, you Applejack, Dash, Lyra, everypony is subject to her jurisdiction! And if she thinks that they’re a danger to society and to others then they’ll be shipped off to…” Twilight gulps nervously “… an RSD holding cell, where only the most dangerous and life threatening Stand users go! Where they are kept in maximum security cells until the day they die!” Twilight grabs the pink mare with her two hooves squashing her face. “do you KNOW what that means!?”

Suddenly Pinkie looks deathly serious as Twilight frees her from her grasp. Her mane, though still puffy, freezes in place as the pink mare considers the implications. Crouching, the pink mare opens her mouth to say a word of wisdom in a dark time.

… And promptly makes a fart noise. “Ppppppppppffffftttttttttt! Come on, Twilight, you’re being all crazy again! I’m certain that she’s not going to do that!” Pinkie waves her hoof dismissively. “I mean, she’s throwing a party in the middle of the town square! What kind of bad pony would do that?!”

Twilight continues to pace. “… and to top it off I have no idea who this agent is going to be! She could be anypony and come from anywhere! Celestia didn’t even tell me anything about the agent other than the fact that she would be ‘easy to spot’! And to top it off….”

Twilight’s paranoia is immediately cut off by a loud explosion coming from outside, snapping her out of her rant. “What the…..” Twilight looks out the window of her library just in time to see another barrage of fireworks erupt in the sky, filling the town with their bright red blue and green lights. “That came from the center of town…. But who….”

Pinkie flings open the door to the library. “That’s the new pony, Twilight! My Pinkie Sense told me she would be coming and even better that she would be throwing a party!” The pink mare rushes over to Twilight and, before she can resist, the lavender unicorn is dragged to the door. “Come on, Twilight, this is a chance to get outside and meet new friends! I’m sure the standing agent won’t be that scary!”

Pinkie runs off, leaving Twilight’s mind reeling. “Wait…. The Stand agent is there…. How did you……”

“…..secret pony monitoring system!” Pinkie shouts shouts behind her “Come on Twilbright! You’ll have to run faster than that if you want to catch up!!”

Looking at the energetic pink mare bouncing off into the distance, Twilight groans as she charges her horn. “Walking’s for suckers anyways….” And in a flash of light Twilight disappears.


Okay there, you can do this, no pressure.

Others are a hindrance but they are not your enemy. Ponies may get in your way but your true enemy is your own fear, your hesitation.

It’s your past demons, it’s your fear of failure that weighs you down and threatens who you are.

But more than anything it’s your own doubt that cripples you, that prevents you from succeeding.

You doubt yourself, you are driven onwards by fear, however even when that fear takes hold you harness it like a mighty wind to propel yourself to greatness.

You are a master of fear, constantly subject to it, but not allowing it to dominate you.

The shadows of the past or shades of the future may scare you, but they can’t stop you nor can they deny you what is rightfully yours.



And superiority to a certain lavender unicorn.

All these things are within your power to seize, all you have to do is reach out and grab it. RIGHT NOW!

After all, you are the Great and Powerful Trixie, the greatest magi since Starswirl the bearded, and you will not be denied your destiny.

After all, when it comes to magical ability, was there ever any doubt?

In the middle of Ponyville square a traveler’s cart suddenly explodes outward in a flurry of light in sound, smoke filling the square as a giant stage appears where there was not one before. The backdrop sparkles and flashes as blue smoke fills the stage and ponies gather around to see the festive spectacle. Emerging from out of the smoke is a light blue mare with a silvery mane and a confident gaze that could put a Dryad’s charisma to shame. Decked out in full performance gear, namely a grey-purple well-tailored magician’s hat and cape, the blue mare rises on her hooves signaling a cascade of fireworks and sparklers from the back of her trailer. And to nopony’s surprise her cutie mark is that of a wand and a light crescent moon, symbolizing her love of showmanship and dramatic flair. Her glare tells the rest of her tale, a face filled to the brim with levels of confidence (and arrogance) that would outclass Rainbow Dash on her best day.

With a loud stage-pony voice the mare addresses the entire audience at once, drawing them all in, body and mind, as she enraptures their minds with promise of spectacular feats. “WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!” the mare shouts, “TRIXIE HOPES THAT YOU CAME TO SEE THE GREATEST AND THE BEST PERFORMER IN EQUESTRIA, BECAUSE TRIXIE ASSURES YOU THAT YOU SHALL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.”

The blue mare clears her throat as she magics up an official-looking board. “Now, Trixie charges by the trick so if you want to see a show, listen up and pay in the box. Small tricks are listed below and cost five bits each, medium ten bits, and large are twenty bits. You can pool your bits or pay for your own trick but payment is upfront, and if you are all nice and applaud, the Great and Powerful Trixie might have be generous and perform additional tricks. But like she said: payment. In. advance.” The pragmatic showmare raises her hooves in the air. “Now don’t miss out! Step lively now to the front and have the Great and Powerful Trixie perform for you!”

In a flash of light Twilight reappears a distance from the square, a little tired from the sudden jump but knowing that she will be fine in a few minutes when her manna fully regenerates, nine minutes and thirty six seconds to be precise. “Well. Celestia’s agent…. A showmare…. That’s surprising….”

Suddenly a pink blur pops out of nowhere, knocking Twilight down and pinning her to the ground. “….. Though not as surprising as some pony I know.” The lavender mare rolls her eyes.

“Oh! I know this one! Is it Rainbow Dash?” Pinkie asks as Twilight shakes her head. “Rarity?” Twilight shakes her head again. “Applejack?!”

“No Pinkie… the pony is you!”

“What? Really? I’m the most surprising pony you know?!” Twilight nods yes. “YEAH!” Pinkie Pie jumps off Twilight, throwing a cloud of glitter around her as she begins to dance the chicken dance in celebration.

Eager to get back to some sense of normalcy, Twilight quickly scans around for any pony she knows and is surprised to find that Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash have already arrived on the scene. The three mares are watching the showmare in front of them with a mixture of boredom and disgust as the showmare saws a pony in half. Leaving Pinkie dancing around in circles, Twilight rushes over to her friends. “Hey guys, what’s up? Who’s this?”

Rarity rolls her eyes. “Apparently she’s the Great and Powerful Trixie, a bragging showmare with a garish costume.”

Applejack nods. “Yeah, Ah mean, Ah appreciate a good show as much as the next pony, but with the rate this mare’s charging and the boasts she’s just being a nuisance!”

“Yeah!” Dash shouts, “and worse of all she’s just tricking these ponies out of their money!”

Twilight looks at the rainbow mare skeptically. “Dash, a magic show IS tricking other ponies, you can’t just blame her for doing her job. Plus, Celestia might have sent her to help us…”

“What?” Dash exclaims again, “that show off?! She’s just a loudmouth!”

“……most uncouth.” Rarity finishes.

“Yeah she’s just usin her Stand ta make fools of ponies!” Applejack points to the stage. “She’s just showing it off like a school filly with fancy new ribbons.”

Looking onstage, Twilight narrows her gaze as she watches the blue stage mare holding a triad of rings. Suddenly a ghostly image appears behind the stage mare that Twilight immediately recognizes as a Stand. Its star-covered appearance is similar to Trixie’s own cape and hat except its silvery white stars contrast with its blue white coat; upon its neck is a matching blue, star-spangled coat, as well as a blue and white magician’s hat. All the stars on it’s cape and arms are connected across its body, giving the Stand the appearance of being covered in the most beautiful constellations. Its body is lithe and dressed in a smart star-spangled tuxedo with Trixie’s cutie mark emblazoned over its heart. The Stand touches the rings and in an instant they come apart, stupefying the audience who are unaware that a Stand power is at work.

“Using a Stand for profit….” Twilight thinks it over. “Maybe you guys are right…. Perhaps she isn’t the liaison….”

“You think?” Dash almost yells, “Seriously Twi, we don’t need some pony pretending to be better than everypony else!” Dash strikes a pose as she fluffs her ego. “Especially when you have me to be better than everypony!”

This earns the blue speedster a sharp glare from every pony in the group. “What?” Dash asks, “is it something that I said?”

However, Applejack’s potential lecture is cut off by a booming voice. “Who dares disturb the show of the Great and Powerful Trixie?! Who would attempt to cause a ruckus when Trixie is performing!?” the showmare shouts at the top of her lungs. The other ponies in the crowd shrink back slightly as the mare stares at Rainbow Dash, as it appears that Dash’s loud grating voice did not go unnoticed. “Does one of the poor plebeians in the audience have a problem with my magical powers? Then step forward rather than hiding in the audience, and state your grievance. Trixie promises to be merciful.”

“Do I have a problem? You bet I have a problem!” Without a second’s notice Dash flies up to within a hoof’s length away from the arrogant showmare “SO, Great and Powerful Trixie,” Dash asks in her most mocking tone, “what makes you think that you’re so awesome, anyways?!”

Trixie merely tips her hat, laughing at the ignorance of the rainbow mare. “Why, only the Great and Powerful Trixie would have magic strong enough to vanquish her adversaries in their own respective talents!”

“Say what now?” Dash tilts her head in midflight.

Trixie scoffs. “Did the Great and Powerful Trixie stutter? It is simple, though you are obviously unimpressed by the skills of the Great and Powerful Trixie this is not the first time this has happened.” The blue mare tips her hat further down on her face. “If a pony is foolish enough to believe that their miniscule talents are better than the Great and Powerful Trixie’s, then prove it! I hereby challenge you Ponyvilians. Anything that you can do Trixie can do better!”

The mare’s sudden boast earns a host of quiet murmurs from the crowd. “Any takers? Anyone? How about you?” The showmare points to Dash. “Do you have the gall to suggest that your skills are superior to Trixie’s?”

Shaking off the showmare’s boasts as easily as water off a duck’s back, Dash lands on the stage. “Heck yeah! You may talk a good game but I’m captain of the weather patrol for a reason! I could send you packing before you could pull a bunny out of your hat!”

“Well…” The showmare gives pause. “You seem to think that you can compete on the level of the Great and Powerful Trixie? Even seeing what I can do?”

“Yeah! There’s no need to go strutting around and showing off like that!” Dash smirks. “That’s my job!”

Trixie narrows her eyes. “Is that a challenge? The Great and Powerful Trixie does not take kindly to hecklers who believe their skills are better than hers.”

“Believe nothing! They don’t call me Rainbow and Dash for nothing!” Dash flies right up in the showmare’s face. “I’ll show you! This’ll be over in ten seconds flat!”

…………….Ten seconds later………………

Dash lies on the ground, her eyes spinning in her head like a pinball machine, her coat covered in mud as a bound and gagged Applejack tries to free herself from her own rope and a mentally unstable Rarity brushes her hair repeatedly, muttering something about a green mane. The ponies of Ponyville having had enough of laughing at their misfortune have retired to their homes and places of business, causing Trixie to pack up her stage and leave to camp in the park for the night, just as Rainbow Dash manages to slowly pick herself off the ground.

Pinkie bounces up to the rainbow mare. “Wowie, Dashie! You really showed her!”

“…. Shut up Pinkie….”

“Okie Dokie Lokie!”

Twilight cuts Applejack out of her bonds and the farmer is finally able to spit out the apple out of her mouth, letting loose a string of muttered obscenities as the newly-arrived Fluttershy calms the fashionista down.

“Ok, now I’m convinced…” Dash brushes herself off. “…. Not only is this Trixie not the ‘contact’ or whoever the Princess thought that it would be a good idea to send us, she’s a huge jerk. I say we run her out of town!”

Always the voice of reason, Twilight intervenes. “Now hold on there, Dash, Trixie may not have the best manners but you can’t just run a pony out of town because you don’t like them. Besides, she hasn’t really broken any laws.”

“Hasn’t broken any laws?!” Dash yells, “She sent me spinning in the dust!”

“She dang near hog tied me, Twi!” Applejack yells.

“…Green….. Mane……” Rarity mutters.

“Welllllllllll……” The lavender mare looks at her friends. “I suppose that it was pretty nasty…..”

“And funny!” Pinkie interrupts.

“…. and funny.” Twilight snickers at the memory of her friends’ embarrassment. “But she did give us this card…” Twilight flips up a card scrawled with a single line: ‘come to my trailer after the show’. “She managed to slip it under my hoof without me even noticing, and that does seem like something that a professional Stand agent would do.” Twilight turns her head off into the distance, looking at the showmare’s abode on the horizon. “…… And, despite how rude she was, I think that if she is the agent we should meet her.”

“….Well.” Rarity finally is able to speak, recovering from her shock as Fluttershy washes out the green gunk in her mane with tender hooves. “I find the whole idea of meeting….. that mare…. most troublesome. But if she is who you say she is, it would be rude and foolish to just ignore her… so we will trust your instincts, Twilight.”

The rest of the group nods in agreement, save Dash who groans heavily. “Fine I’ll come along too, but only cause if she isn’t this Stand agent or whatever, I can kick her to the curb the moment that she tries something.”

With their course of action decided, the entire group trots into the park proper and the caravan of none other than the Great and Powerful Trixie. The entire grounds are littered in various magical supplies and props that would be too large to fit inside the normal trailer: large boxes, various dummies, and strange devices for almost every occasion. The group stands in hesitation before the front door of the caravan, remembering the embarrassment suffered the last time some pony decided to try and make a fool of the blue showmare. Twilight gulps heavily and looks to her friends for support, all of them urging her on with backhanded waves of her hooves. Looking at the door with worry in her eyes, Twilight slowly walks up the steps and extends her hoof to knock, only to be bowled over as the door opens in her face. The surprise and sudden force of the door causing Twilight to tumble head over hooves down the steps, landing on her flank with a loud thud. Raising her eyes to the top of the steps Twilight sees, for the first time up close, the fire in the blue mare’s eyes; not only a powerful drive, but a profound anger that extends beyond simple spite. Twilight sees in the eyes of Trixie a gaze of wrath that finds itself focused squarely on her.

“So….” Trixie jumps off the entire flight of stairs in a single jump, landing directly in front of the startled Twilight. “…. My nemesis has decided to show herself. I take it by your appearance that you have accepted the Great and Powerful Trixie’s challenge then?” Trixie chuckles. “I commend you for not running away in fear of the Great and Powerful Trixie’s abilities and that you have decided to face her like a mare, but courage will do you little good against the Great and Powerful Trixie’s abilities!”

Before a startled Twilight can even respond Rainbow Dash pipes up, flying right up in the showmare’s face. “You bet your fancy magic tricks that I wouldn’t run away from a creep like you! And I don’t know why you would think that you could be a jerk to me and get away with it, but you're way too pathetic to even consider being my rival! Besides, Applejack kinda already has that….”

“Not you! You rainbow-maned fool!” Trixie points her hoof towards Twilight Sparkle. “I was talking to Twilight Sparkle there!”

Twilight looks around as if the showmare could possibly be addressing any other mare called Twilight Sparkle, before pointing to her own chest. “…. Me?”

“Yes, you! Do you see any other mares named ‘Twilight Sparkle’ around!?” The showmare backs off, taking a deep breath before resuming. “When Celestia herself gave me orders to rendezvous with you, I took it as a divine sign! That now, after all these years! After the humiliation I have endured at your hooves, I, the Great and Powerful Trixie, would have my revenge!”

“……. Annnnnnd, revenge for what exactly?”

The Great and Powerful Trixie stares at Twilight, mouth agape, with enough surprise and shock to suggest that she was struck in the face with a lightning bolt. It was as if one pony had walked up to another and asked who Princess Celestia was, or who raised the sun and moon; it was such an unbelievable occurrence for the blue unicorn that, for the first time in her life, she found herself speechless. “…. You….. You don’t remember my embarrassment? My defeat?”

Gaining the courage to stand again in the face of Trixie’s faltering, Twilight gets to her hooves. “Actually I don’t believe we’ve ever met before today… Wait a second! You said that Celestia sent you? That makes you the Stand agent that we’ve…..”

“YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME?!?!” Trixie roars in outrage. “After everything I’ve been through?! After all my hardships at your hooves?! You went ahead and forgot me?!? YOU WENT AHEAD AND FORGOT ALL ABOUT HOW YOU RUINED MY LIFE?!!”

Twilight flinches from Trixie’s outburst as the blue mare simmers down in her rage. Then, as if the blue mare could not be any more disconcerting, Trixie breaks out laughing. “Oh…. I get it now, Twilight! You’re playing dumb in the hopes that it would fool the Great and Powerful Trixie!” The showmare laughs mirthfully. “A clever ruse that might have fooled a lesser opponent, but not the Great and Powerful Trixie!”

“…. Um, what?”

“Well it’s obvious that you are playing dumb, Twilight Snarkle!” Trixie brushes her mane off to the side. “Nopony could forget the show-stopping charisma of Trixie! And not even you could be dumb enough to forget a pony whose life you have ruined so thoroughly.”

“…… Um sure….. Let’s go with that…..”

Trixie smirks in joy, elated that she has indeed guessed right. “What? Are you really expecting the Great and Powerful Trixie to believe that you do not remember the way you sabotaged her, the day that you prevented her from joining the magical academy, your little ‘transformation accident’?”

“Oh…..” Twilight eyes widen in horror as she subsequently remembers the most shameful and most proud day of her life, the day that she became Celestia’s private student. “You were the pony that I accidently…”

“… Yes, you, Twilight Sparkle, intentionally sabotaged your rival.” Stroking her ego with every word Trixie paints herself as the most tragic of heroes, deprived of her place in the sun by an evil villain. “Yes! You, Twilight Sparkle, were fearful of my superior magical talents, and therefore you prevented me from attempting my routine which would have assuredly earned me my spot as Princess Celestia’s prized student with your little magical ‘accident’.”

“But… but… That was a magical surge!” Twilight stutters, “I had no control over what happened to you, Trixie!”

“LIAR!” Trixie yells in denial, “It was all an act! A clever act on your part but an act nonetheless! Thanks to you, Trixie was sent home early before she even got the chance to attempt the final test before the Princess.”

“…. Um, forgive me for asking, Twilight darling…” Rarity interrupts, “but is there any truth in what this this mare is saying? What is this ‘accident’ she’s talking about?”

Twilight taps her forehooves together rapidly, almost too ashamed to even speak. “Well……. You see….” The purple mare stutters, looking more like Fluttershy by the second. “Well, when I first became Celestia’s student I had to audition for the magical academy and I had a little….. tiny…. itty bitty magical surge that….”

“Don’t you finish that sentence, Twilight, or so help me….”

“…..turned Trixie, and my parents, and the proctors…… into a trees…..” Twilight finishes as she flinches from the memory.

Dash looks back and forth between Trixie and Twilight. “Trixie got turned into a tree…..”

“…. Like an apple tree and all that?” Applejack tilts her, head trying to imagine it.

“I’d like to be a tree,” Fluttershy chirps happily.

Twilight taps her hooves nervously. “Welllllll it was more like a spruce…… But it was an accident I swear!”

Every pony in the group aside from Twilight and Trixie looks at each other with an unreadable expression, trying to decide how everypony else is feeling. Finally they start to giggle, which quickly evolves into chuckling, and then full blown laughter at the misfortunes of the Great and Powerful Trixie. Both of the two unicorns blush furiously at the memory. Finally, after what seems like hours later, the laughter dies down as the ponies at the base of Trixie’s trailer begin to calm themselves after their fit of humor.

Trixie, now thoroughly embarrassed, begins to clear her throat. “Now that that’s out of the way….”

The shiwmare looks straight at Twilight Sparkle, the force of her gaze enough to dispel any traces of humor still left in the situation. “Twilight! You may have embarrassed me before but this time it’s different! After ten years of training I have honed my magic to its highest potential!” Trixie smirks confidently. “… And not only that, but as a Stand agent, I have traveled across Equestria honing my talents in life or death battles! Trixie has something a bookworm like you could never possess….. and that’s real combat experience!”

Trixie takes a step towards the lavender mare. “I’ve trained my entire life for this moment, Twilight Snarkle, and the Great and Powerful Trixie will not be denied!” Trixie draws her breath, causing the tension in the air to thicken to the point it could be cut with a knife. “I, Trixie Lulamoon, challenge one Twilight Sparkle…. To a magical duel!” The entire yard grows silent as Twilight and Rarity gasp heavily at the implications.

“You’re on, Trixie!” Dash blurts out. “Twilight will beat you with one hoof tied behind her back!” Dash crosses her arms in satisfaction “…. By the way what’s a magical duel?”

Twilight facehooves. “First, Dash, please let me speak for myself; and second, a magical duel is a combative contest of magic that usually goes either to the death, or until an opponent cannot continue or decides to give up. It’s a very dangerous contest of magical ability.”

“What’s the matter, Twibright?” Trixie sneers, “Afraid of…..”

“HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!” Twilight asks, eyes filled with fear as she suddenly forgets the imminent life or death battle. “Has word spread even to Canterlot? Does the Princess know? I told everypony that was only one time! I was dead tired when I filled out that nametag, I swear!”

“Nametag?” The confused and surprised Trixie asks “What nametag? What are you talking about, Twibright?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, Trixie!” Twilight grapples the showmare, shaking her erratically. “I’ll only ask once more, WHO ELSE KNOWS?!”

Stunned by the formerly-sheepish mare’s sudden brazen display of power, Trixie struggles to formulate words as she is shaken every which way by the unicorn’s strong limbs. “T-Trix-x-xie dos-s-sen’t k-k-kno-o-w-w wh-h-ha-at yo-o-oe’re t-t-talk-k-king a-a-about!!”

Twilight immediately ceases her hold on Trixie causing the blue showmare to slump to the ground. “So…. It was just an accident? You just made up ‘Twibright’ on the spot?” Twilight breathes out a sigh in relief. “Whew then, that’s good, for a minute there I though everypony knew about ‘it’, but nopony else knows.” Twilight growls to herself. “They can never know……”

“We all know, Twibright!” Pinkie chuckles as her group of friends can’t help but break out in collective snickering.

“That’s because you told everypony in the Tri-State area about the name tag incident!” Twilight shouts.

Twilight grates her teeth both from her nickname and the collective response of Trixie’s heckling. “Alright look, Trixie, I understand you want to fight me. But I just said that it was an accident! There’s nothing to gain from us beating each other to a pulp in a magical duel.”

“This isn’t about the past any more, Twilight!” Trixie stomps her hoof with enough force to cause a dent in the soft ground. “Like you said, the past is in the past and cannot be changed, and the Great and Powerful Trixie is not so petty that she would hold a grudge, even if you did ruin her life!”

“I didn’t….” Twilight breathes, out realizing that arguing will get her nowhere against this mare. “Fine, Trixie, then why? Why risk your life and safety…..”

Trixie laughs as if her foe can’t understand a simple joke. “Why that’s simple, Twilight! The Great and Powerful Trixie wants to prove herself by besting you! Let’s face it, Twibright! If you hadn’t sabotaged me preemptively in the tests then I would have been the one to get to the Princess before you!”

“Stop calling me Twibright!” Twilight snaps.

“…. And we all know what caused you to demonstrate your extraordinary powers in front of the Princess….” Twilight’s eyes grow wide as she remembers the single incident that caused her to finally bring her magical surge under control, in front of the Princess no less. That single phenomenon that she had failed to pin down despite all her years of study “….. That’s right, Twilight, I heard what gave you your cutie mark in the first place….. The legendary Rainboom! If I had been there in your place the rainboom would have triggered my magical surge and I would have been the Princess’s student, not you!”

Trixie looks at her hooves as if picturing an opportunity slipping from her grasp. “And even though you stole my golden opportunity, I’m not resentful. Getting angry over the past won’t change anything.” The showmare offers a slight grin. “In fact, in a way I’m grateful. Because of your ineptitude I’ve only gotten stronger! Now I’m more than a match for you and I intend to prove it.” Trixie states, certain of her strength. “So how about it? Are you a mare enough to accept?”

Twilight considers Trixie’s view; it is true that she might have intentionally or otherwise ruined Trixie’s life from one perspective, but a life or death struggle? “And why should I accept?” Twilight asks. “ I understand what you want to prove, Trixie, but a magical duel? Surely there can be a better way to settle this than….”

“A magical duel is the best way to settle this, Twibright!” Trixie stares down her rival. “I intend to prove that my practical and battle honed magics are superior to your shoddy bookworm magics, and a real magical duel and not some kind of test is the best way to prove that.”

Trixie looks at Twilight’s friends around her, a devilish glint in her eye. “But I can see that you need some more incentive. Very well, Twilight, if you are successful in beating me not only will I assist you in your hunt for the Red Stones, but I won’t report your friend’s irresponsible Stand use to the Red Stone Group’s police force, my superiors. Despite the fact that most of them are emotionally unstable.”

“Hey!” Dash yells, “I’m not emotionally unstable, and you don’t have any right to……”

“The Great and Powerful Trixie has every right, Rainbow Crash!” The blue unicorn counters. “That’s what being a Stand agent is all about. Trixie determines whether a Stand user is a threat to themselves and others and based on Trixie’s reports she could be ordered to take you to a secure location, for your own safety of course…” The blue mare grins sadistically. “…. until you learn to responsibly and safely control your Stands.”

“Yawl….” Applejack gulps heavily. “Yawl can’t do that! Ya can’t just drag me away from mah farm like a common criminal! Right, Twi?”

Applejack, indeed the entire group looks to Twilight for assurance, but only find worry on the lavender unicorn’s muzzle. “Technically, if a Stand user is a threat to themselves and others then Trixie is authorized to apprehend them until they can use their power safely….. But I have a lot of authority as a Princess Representative…”

“…..That does not supersede my precedence in all matters Stand related!” Trixie finishes for her. “So if you win, no matter how repulsive your friends are, I will take no actions against them as long as they aren’t killing ponies in the streets.” THe showmare offers. “In fact I’ll even help you with your little Red Stone hunt as well!”

Twilight thinks over Trixie’s offer. “…. And if I lose?”

Trixie grins. “Well then.… if I win I assure you Trixie won’t act maliciously towards your friends.” The showmare chuckles. “That is, more maliciously than is required of Trixie’s job. But betting without a prize is very ‘uncool’ as Rainbow Crash would say.” Trixie taps her chin for a few seconds. “How about this? If Trixie wins then not only must you admit how superior Trixie is to you, but you must become Trixie’s slave for a week!”

Twilight lowers her head deep in thought, her mind considering every option before her before finally offering a curt nod. “Fine, Trixie. I agree to your terms.”

“What?!” the group yells at the same time. Dash, visibly upset, rushes up to Twilight. “Twi, I know Trixie’s a jerk and all but this isn’t the way to shut her up! Think of what will happen if you lose!”

“I’m not finished!” Twilight yells, causing her friends to quiet down. “I’ll agree to your duel, Trixie, but only on the condition that you won’t report my friends for being themselves. I know their hearts and their minds; they’re no threat to any innocent ponies,” the lavender mare points her hoof acusitorily at the showmare. “So promise that you won’t abuse your position and take out your frustrations on them.”

Trixie cocks her eyebrow at Twilight’s sudden defiance. “You’re suddenly cheeky now, aren’t you, Twilight? Good, Trixie likes that.” The blue showmare nods. “Very well, it’s agreed! A duel it is!” The blue mare lights her horn and in an instant teleports behind the group. With a quick nod the mare gestures to a prepared wooden platform standing not a two dozen hoof lengths from her house. “Follow me, I’ve already prepared the stage for our little match.”

Twilight is about to quickly follow the blue mare when she is stopped by Applejack’s hoof. “Are ya sure bout this, Twi? I have a hunch Trixie’s not gonna play fair. An yawl can’t afford ta lose! Ah’m sure that if ya just tell the Princess…”

“That’s not all that this is about, Applejack…” Twilight looks to Trixie for a sign, her confident pose, the way she carries herself on full display as she jumps up on stage. “Even if it wasn’t intentional, I did ruin Trixie’s big chance, at least according to her. And besides, if I back down now how would I be able to call myself a student of Princess Celestia?” Twilight tears herself from Applejack’s hoof. “Plus I’m not a foal, you know, I can handle myself!”

As Twilight walks towards the stage and leaps up on it, Applejack looks upon her friend in worry, a thought from before creeping into her mind. Eager to rid herself of her worries Applejack turns to her best friend, the unicorn Rarity, beside her. “Hey Rares…” Applejack asks.

“Humh yes, Applejack?”

“You remember what Trixie called that thing that gave Twi the ability to control her magic all like that? The Rainboom er somethin?”

“You mean the Sonic Rainboom?” Rainbow Dash butts in, “The Sonic Rainboom is a mythical aerial technique that….”

“Yeah yeah thanks, Dash…” Applejack ignores the blue pegasus, turning back to Rarity. “Anyways, do yawl know when that happened? Cause I think that I saw somethin like that too, it just seemed so familiar…”

“Yes, I know what you mean, Applejack,” Rarity taps her chin. “For some reason I can’t put my hoof on, a rainbow flash of color across the sky seems to ring a bell for me.”

Dash groans. “I know right, well check this out that’s because I..…”

“YEAH you’re right!” Pinkie jumps in. “And the day that I threw my first party I saw something like that! Mysterious ain’t it?”

“That’s because I’m the one…...”

“Ummm….” Fluttershy interrupts, “I also…. I mean… I think that I also saw something like that… when I was a filly….”

“Will all of you shut up and listen to….”

“Dash!” Rarity yells, “Now I know that you think that you have something important to say… but that is no excuse for telling Fluttershy to shut up! Honestly, when will you grow up and learn to use some manners?”

“But… but… I…”

“No buts there missy!” Applejack scowls at Rainbow Dash. “Now Rare’s right! There’s no cause fer your behavior like that, now apologize to Fluttershy! She deserves better than that!”

“But… but…..” The stares of both Rarity and Applejack cut her off, letting her know in no small words what will happen to her if she doesn’t apologize to the sensitive Fluttershy. Dash sighs, realizing that this is a fight that she cannot possibly win. “I’m sorry Fluttershy…”

Both of the responsible mares hold their breaths as they wait for Fluttershy’s reaction. Thankfully Fluttershy’s face, which looked close to sobbing, slowly turns back to a gentle smile that defines the yellow mare. “Oh that’s all right, Dash. I know how impatient that you can be sometimes. It’s quite all right. Just remember to wait your turn the next time…”

Dash groans so heavily that one might mistake her for a dying animal, as Applejack and Rarity give thanks for the fact that Fluttershy took it so well. Applejack wipes the sweat off her brow. “Whew. See now ain’t that easy now? Now then, Dash, what’s so important now that yawl tried to interrupt Fluttershy here to say it?”

Dash beams, finally grateful that it is her turn to tell her friend the most awesome thing she could ever tell them. “Well! You guys know that amazing and awesome Sonic Rainboom! Well guess what! I’m the one who…”

“Hey Guys! Look!” Pinkie yells at the top of her lungs. “Twilight and Trixie are about to begin their fight! Let’s watch!”

Suddenly all attention in the group turns away from Dash at the group prepares to watch the epic showdown of rivals, much to the dismay of a rainbow maned mare “but….. but……… but………… UUUUUURRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” the mare screams at the top of her lungs.

“Now Dash! What did Fluttershy just finish telling you?” Rarity levels her most accusatory gaze at the impulsive pegasus. “If you have something important to say then wait your turn! There is no cause for yelling like a banshee!” Rarity turns back to the showdown at hoof. “Alright I’m back, did anything happen, darlings?”

“Nope, Rarity, yawl didn’t miss anything,” Applejack assures her, “just them setting some ground rules and….. do yawl hear a thumping sound?”


“Nope and who cares?!” Pinkie screams with as much enthusiasm she can muster. “This is the showdown of the century! You’d have to be banging your head against a wood pole like Dash is doing to miss this!” Pinkie pulls out a huge assortment of snacks treats and Twilight-themed merchandise. “And I’m the exclusive vendor! He he! I’m going to make a fortune………”

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To Be Continued →

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