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Heart 97


Some Ponies in Equestria secretly protect this world from the chaos.
Their existanse is only rumored in underground stories and metropolitan legends...
But they are real...

Kamen Rider with Mlp crossover, as such it will involve heavily different story from the canonic one, be warned.
This story involves The Ponies (from the mare 6 to the princesses) becoming the equestrian equivalent of Kamen Riders, so it will involve much odd things, hi-tech, unknown magic, new creatures and many other things that you can see in a Tokusatsu Show.

P.s.: In every chapter a different rider's story will be told, and little by little, their stories will connect into a story itself. Wait and see :raritywink:

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2073249 I have said that i love you?
Kiddin' but thanks, really. i appreciate your effort to read it. How it was?

2073251 You might want to find a friendly Grammar Nazi and get them to help you, because there are numerous problems with grammar and capitalization.:twilightangry2:

Also, the Fourze Driver does a Three... Two... One... countdown before its user says, "Henshin!"

And, you left out the part where the Kiva armor is formed by Kivat's bite summoning the Kivat Belt around the waist of its user. The armor is only summoned after Kivat perches upside down on the Power Roost of the belt's Kibuckle to complete the transformation.

But other than that, not bad!:twilightsmile:

So next chapter, Rainbow Dash becomes Kabuto?:rainbowkiss:

2073327 Adjusted the countdown part, the editor will adjust it in the end. i opportunely missed parts for Kiva part, or where the surprise would be?

Yes, Dashie is Taiyou no Megami: Kabuto (The deity of the sun, Kabuto)

Dash=skyrider, i would go with kabuto because of clock up

Heart97 said that all the riders before Kabuto will not appear.
Anyway,this is a good story so far.
P.S: Please use the Drago-Time upgrade that appeared in the last episode of Wizard,that thing is awesome.

2079177 I will, Obviously. Any other questions?

Nothing,i just liked Drago-Time and about other riders i really only know W,Den-O,Fourze,so i am just going to wait and see what you do with the ones i know about.

2079218 ahaha, wait and see. but W will be the fourth, after Kabuto and Kiva, and Den-O probably sixth or seventh chapter, after OOO and Wizard

Wait, you said last chapter that this was going to be Rainbow Dash's chapter where she made her debut as Kabuto!:rainbowhuh:

Damn, poor Luna...What she does as Kiva has made her a vigilante at best, and a criminal at worst!

And just to make things even harder for her, IXA's user is Celestia's own Captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor!!:trollestia:

AND you had Vinyl Scratch and Octavia make an Early Bird Cameo with the revelation that they're Double, and they're also going to also be fighting against Luna/Kiva! Hopefully they'll manage to figure out the truth, since they are detectives (albeit half boiled detectives)!

Also, you should submit this to the Looking for Editors group, because you really need some help! There were so many typos in this chapter alone that it would probably take me all day to find anl list all of them!:twilightoops:

This story has some definite potential, however! It just needs someone to help polish it so it can properly shine!:raritywink:



Also, after you get an editor:


2103515I had this finished befiore, :pinkiecrazy:
I will soon do that too.
Anyways, how it is?

2103658 For instance, Shining Armor is IXA. He is better for that part.
And, I have an editor that is working on it.

Comment posted by Uzume Tennouboshi deleted Feb 13th, 2013

2103693 Aniway, after the editir has done some work it would really be gud.
I will publish Kabuto and submit in two days or three, so stay tuned. Ah and please, cover the names on the earlier comments.

2103709 What caught you most about the Kiva chapter?

2103819 Depends on what do you think. Explain yourself.

2103849 Another war between Celestia and Luna, what else?

I'm pretty hard working to make it shine, don't worry. I'm not english, but my English is good enough to handle proofreading. I might miss some stuff, but it can always happen. Let me know if you find something. :twilightsmile:

The story is really good, it's not in my type,but I really like it. I'm here to help Heart 97. It's my bucking loyalty and generosity combined :rainbowlaugh:

~Chevvy :twilightsmile:

2105674 Just had a moment of fridge brilliance occur to me. Twilight and Trixie, in canon, seem like they could easily be rivals, and Kosuke Nitoh (Kamen Rider Beast) called Haruto Souma (Kamen Rider Wizard) his eternal rival in the episode Today's Life, the Life of Tomorrow.

2107999 And don't worry, your effort is deeply and lovingly appreciated :pinkiesad2:

2108003 I know :)
That's a reason more, because i already knew that they would be rivals :raritywink:

2108014 By the way:

“Yay, Kivert myself!”

That should be something more along the lines of, "Yeah! Let's Kivatte!"

2108014 Here's an idea for Rainbow Dash: Have her easily be able to tell the difference between a pony and a changeling that's using that pony's form.

After all, Tendou had absolutely no trouble figuring out the difference between a Worm and the person the Worm was using the form of, and the Worms gain everything that the person they're copying has, including their memories and mannerisms, so figuring out the difference between a changeling and the pony it's copying should be a piece of cake compared to that!:rainbowdetermined2:

2109461 there is kivert myself too in the show xD

Do you have any plans for a certain world-jumping Rider?

"It's not pink, it's magenta!"

2113581 Yeah!
when the riders wil connect, another will be born to destroy, Decade.

2115970 Well, that might give you a bit of a problem if you don't plan to use any of the Riders before Kabuto!:twilightoops:

favourited and liked, this is so cool, not many people do mlp and kamen rider crossovers, and you seem to be adapting it pretty well, keep up the good work

2139312 I will :)

Points that for now you liked most?

well what i like the most if thats what youre asking is how youre taking a bunch of different concepts from different rider series and putting them in the world of equestria in a way that makes sense, such as luna being a fangire and kiva, also you having scotaloo taking a interest in space after being rejected by rainbow dash was a interesting choice too.

2142170 you should see other things incoming...

ohh, well ill look foreward to it, is it true youre not adding riders before kabuto?

2142486 i will talk about how bad they died by the hands or hooves of another well known and damned rider

oh, THAT rider, personally i think kuuga is way to epic to die by HIM, and i mean the origional not the yuusless version

2142729 Yuuuseles, LOL

Anyways, i do not entirely plan to insert them directly...

2156979 oh ok, well kuuga did revive the franchise so i think it would be pretty cool, but i understand

I'll read this once I finish writting a chapter of my hell of a story.

Please continue this! This is really cool!

2249348 Do you need any help? Honestly I'm a big Kamen Rider buff, so I can help you if you want.

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