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- Act I - Act II - Act III (You are here)

Applejack has found her farm, but it's hardly the way she remembers it. The Apple family is struggling to get by, managed by a version of Rarity who isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty.

Rarity finds herself in high society with a most unexpected host, a prim and proper version of Applejack. Together, they must track down the only pony that can save Equestria, if she's even still alive.

Twilight Sparkle has set sail to the Aurora to find Celestia, the memories of an ancient tapestry flittering in the back of her mind and a sense of desperate urgency driving her.

A pony will face the ultimate test, a test she is doomed to fail, at great cost.

Act I Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/92
Act II Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/96

Picture by stellarina. She's a talented artist that doesn't have nearly enough pageviews. Show her some love here: http://stellarina.deviantart.com/

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'Looks at email, sees new story, head asplodes in a shower of confetti'

I truly hope RD isn't dead......but she most likely is :fluttercry:

Excellent start to part III.

If Moonside RD is dead... then this is gonna be one heck of a shitstorm. Seeing as the Moonside characters are more important now, I can't wait to see what would happen if the two sides meet (sans Twilight Sparkle, since they've already met). Hoping for the best of Rarity's outcome :scootangel:


Dam!! too late I'll be back for you story!!!

If you listen close enough, you can almost make out my high-pitched squeals of joy about this story. There's a reason why the dogs have been jumpy lately.

When you are betven Chapters i think you have died... then you prove me wrong with an uppdate. (plz don't stop proving me wrong)

>That was the number of pegasi has hadn't turned and ran at the first sign of danger.
Hadn't turned and run.

If rainbow is dead im calling Gilda being the new element of loyalty!

216465 ">That was the number of pegasi has hadn't turned and ran at the first sign of danger.
Hadn't turned and run."
like how your not pointing out the part saying "number of pegasi has hadn't turned" >>has haden't<<

:rainbowwild: Oh, pfff, to spot a simple past verb where its past participle should be is way easier than catching that. That "has" is ridiculously concealed.

227592 to me it stand out like a sledgehammer to the face! but i miss alot of other things so its just me most likely.

Woooohooo update:pinkiehappy:!!!

You DO know that Big Mac's name is officially Big Macintosh, not Big McIntosh anymore, right? Nevermind, I'm just psyched the newest chapter's out! Whoot! :pinkiehappy: Something tells me the Sunside Mane 6 aren't gonna find Applejack, and Moonside Rainbow's probably alive. I'm still guessing why Spitfire and Soarin' are in the Shadowbolts... Argh! Gotta wait for the nw capter :trixieshiftleft:

322627 I originally had it as Big MacIntosh, and was advised to correct it. This appears to be a point of dispute.

I will be sure to do my research before the next chapter.

324934 Well, it came out in a blind bag as Big Macintosh, so that sort of settles the dispute.

A Macintosh is a type of apple. McIntosh is a derivative of the Clan Mackintosh.

Therefore, his name is Big Macintosh

Its more of a trivial matter over the name.
Big Mac, Macintosh, whatever.
Just as long I know who is who.

Mind if I ask why all of the character's names are altered from the one's on your DA version?


I imagine it's FimFiction's April Fools prank.

It's happened in every story. The names of the Mane 6 have been replaced with their G1 Equivilents. I imagine it will be back to normal tomorrow.


Well, I suspected an April Fools prank on here, I just didn't think it'd happen quite so early! The mods must be in a far off timezone from my own.

I will now patiently and excitedly wait for the next chapter! =D

So...when is the next chapter coming out? I've been waiting for it for sometime now.


I am writing it right now.

Whelp this is great:trixieshiftleft:
Also holding out that Moonside Rainbow is alive

Rainbow is right! There is a spy!

That one awesome fic that you forget about because it rarely updates, then just appears. I love it. I went crazy when I saw it. Now for another month. So worth it.

A spy! And I think Rainbow's right. Rariyy's the only one to know. Unless another was listening.

506340 Its only been a month since the last uppdate? it felt like forever.

Trixie is working for Nightmare Moon? Huh, I didn't see that coming. And yet, it seems so plausible, too.


Rarity's the only one Applejack was speaking to. Who's to say that Rarity hasn't been talking to other ponies? Certainly, she would mention the strange ramblings of this mysterious pony to her fiancé.


Hmm...good point. Especially with that suspicious random character I forgot about.

Guess we'll have to just tune in next month.

The plot thickens, it seems. At this point, it is difficult to tell which of the two alternates is truly at fault. Which is excellent writing on your part. Likely, the answer lies, as with many situations like this, somewhere in the vicinity of 'both'.

I can't wait to see the next bit.:coolphoto:

:rainbowkiss: it's gonna get hairy soon

The plot thickens to the point of oatmeal.

:pinkiegasp:"Oatmeal, are you CRAZY?"

584882 thair both at fault in my opinion for being stoborn and prejudiced.:trixieshiftleft: trixie would approve.

Hmmm… 2 weeks. That's a record so far.

A whole mess of misunderstandings, and backstory that I'm too lazy to reread. At least the cover makes sense now.

And the CMC…and spies…and mysterious devices… looks like the heat's rising once again


Now we just need to wait for that Act's title to become relevant.

Me gusta. Moar is required.

"Curiosity had gotten the besty of her; she was going to get to the bottom of this." ---> assuming that'd be "gotten the best of her"

Anywho, great job as usual!

Oh CMC, why do you always screw things up? :ajbemused:

If I were to listen to both stories, I would say it was more leaning towards Rarity being wrong, but I could be wrong. Hey, I'm never good at judgement, okay! :twilightblush:

I have waited too long for this. I can't wait to read it.

Le gasp! I knew she wasn't to be trusted! :twilightangry2:

Not in your current state, you aren't.”

“True. But I'm made of tough stuff. The moment I'm on my feet again, you can expect to see me out there working those fields with you. I'll earn back everything I take, and then some.”

Rarity beamed. “And I was planning to ask that of you anyway. I look forward to that. Goodness, right now you sound just like our last surprise drop in.”

*Ahem* I believe hooves is the correct term sir.
Other than that, splendid show.

hah now her fate is sealed o and both twilights are still alive. so it really sucks to be her.

2 Chapters at once!? it must be Christmass and i forgot it. =D

What a tweest! And really, traitors should know by now it's almost impossible to kill the main characters.

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