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Map of Equestria (WIP) · 12:49pm Oct 20th, 2013

Because making maps is awesome. Still very much a work-in-progress.

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Of course there are other continents, they just aren't visible in the picture. It only shows Zelene, the continent where Equestria sits.

I follow you because I like you map (it's very well done, and also because I'm French and you pull my nationalist string with the "big" Prance! :3). I want to see where this is going.

813198 Highly intreguing... I find it dificult to contradict your logic... still one question stands. Supposing the world is a globe, then there is an ocean... now if there are thousands of years of movement, change (etc...) wouldn't there be more than one continent? Do you think there is an island continent due to the fragments from the cataclyms (like australia)?. Very good explanation, I would pressume you like topography and cartography. Correct me if I'm mistaken. Pleasure to speak to you

I've been thinking a lot about Equestria's history lately, and in my head, the ponies came from some place far in the south-west. They were once the same species as zebra, but were separated by some sort of magical cataclysm which also created the division into unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies. Because of their new nature, ponies fared better in milder climates and quickly migrated north and east en masse.

As the pony migration to Zelene (the continent where Equestria lies) was in full swing, its native gryphon population suffered a horrible plague and many disastrous famines. Their population dwindled in Southern Zelene and the Kraweds (central mountains), so ponies took over almost the entire continent in about a thousand years. After that, the history of Equestria and the three racial empires begins.

Meanwhile, zebras continue to rule over the south. The largest countries are Zebrica and Saddle Arabia, but numerous independent city-states also exist. In the west, ponies are the dominant species, but there aren't many organized countries, and the population density is very low.

I always thought the map of equestria a bit like the one from game of thrones because to the north there is the crystal empire (similar to the wall) and from there on nopony knows, then there is the central continental area (i.e. canterlot, filydelphia, etc.) then there is the eastern desertic (easter or western not really sure) where saddle arabia would be the rest is a bit of a mistery. oh and there is another continent where the Zebra kind rule over. Great job so far... I still exist remember me from "I guess it's good bye" just wnated to say hello!

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