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Male, 18 years old. Begginer story writter. Crossover maniac.

Thought Of the While

When all seems lost and you see no light in your life, don't give up! For the darkest hours are just before the sun rises. Look for those who seek the light just like you. Most of the time someone among you will finally reach the light, and guide you to it. Don't give in to evil for it will sink you even more. Be strong, be brave, be wise, and never let you morals be stomped by anyone nor anything. And Most important of all: When in despair look for help call to your friends, if not call for friends. For friendship is the strongest bond we all share.

I leave this thought with a quote

"Friends are those who we bond with forever. Family are the strangers we live with"
-(credit goes to whomever wrote this one... I don't remember the author of this quote)

Also Have this song. It talks about sadness and overcoming it (in a very metaphorical sense)... (friendshipis witchcraft original song)


I'm alive! · 5:40am Aug 16th, 2014

Aside from the existentialist ponyfeathers. I'm back to writing narrative stories. I'll be trying my first attempt at an action adventure, and a crossover at it :yay:

Stay tuned for Dungeon Pony.

Report SnowFireBlues · 222 views · Story: I guess it's good bye ·

What's up everypony! (Bio)

Update on myself! :yay: I love to write... did I know that? well... NO. Incredible right? How can I start up an account for the sole purpose of reading and writing fiction of PONIES! And not know that I actually like to write. Ja! Joke's on me I guess. (HAZZAH THE PONIES HAVE BEEN DOUBLED!!). I'll be trying to write and be as active as possible. Still I'm not much of a group dude. So i keep myself to my talent and myself (duh). Pretentious and ambitious as it might sound, but my life goal is to gain (at least a bit of) fame because of what I do, rather than who I am. As I always say: "it's not what it IS, it's what you MAKE of it"

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Hellooo! You cute pony Cthulhu!

hello there, poni pone! :pinkiehappy:

994903 AAAAAAAAND I just officially lost it. Thanks. So much random leaves pinkie to shame *wild pinkamena appears with a knife pointing at my back*... I meant to say Pinkie leaves this guys to shame. HAHAHAH... *looks back*... She gone?:derpyderp1:. AS I was saying Thanks man.

994803 Awesome. Have you laughed today? :trollestia: Here, to get ya started.

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