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Every week, Winona the Earth Pony and Opalescence the Unicorn meet to talk about their friends behind their backs.

Rated Teen for some suggestive references.

Despite the name, this isn't canon with regards to the fic Transdimentiol Zoology. Rather, it's my own take on the same premise, borrowing the name to use as a blanket term for the particular Alternet Universe concept of the pets being ponies, and potentially vice-versa.

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Spike opens up to Twilight about his struggles with his gender identity.

Admitting you're not what others expect of you is difficult. Admitting you're not what you expect of yourself is even harder. And some things don't have simple answers. Spike can't figure out if his time in Ponyville has changed him, or if he was never quite what he imagined he would be in the first place.

Inspired by a comment in an article on autostraddle here: www.autostraddle.com/my-little-pony-lesbianism-is-magic-138465/

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They shouldn't have blamed themselves. While it was true that their actions did bring about the end of Equestria, the entire planet was already doomed and slated for destruction anyway. The outcome was simply unavoidable.

This did little to ease Twilight Sparkle's guilt, however. She had still chosen to research those mysterious ruins at the behest of the princess. She had chosen to decipher the symbols that lined the inside of the temple. She had chosen to inscribe those symbols in a spell and mail the result to Rainbow Dash. The only consolation she could take was that, while by her hand Equestria had been annihilated, it was also by her hand that the Pony race would be saved.

Yet, contrary to her conviction, she did not summon the meteors. They were already here. All they can do now is play the game presented to them.

This story, The Most Dangerous Game, is a pony crossover with Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie. However, I am doing my best to ensure that knowledge of the source webcomic is not required to follow the story, while avoiding making the story boring for existing fans of Homestuck. If all goes well, you should be able to enjoy the story regardless of whether or not you are familiar with what it's based on.

Yeah, it's been done before, but I'm not posting this for praise. I'm posting this because my stupid muse won't leave me alone until I do. Motivation is a fickle thing sometimes.

I do not promise to update. My higher priority is World Without Rainbows.

Image is modified from darlimondoll.tumblr.com. Used without permission, but I'll remove it at her request.

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Image by Trotsworth: trotsworth.deviantart.com

Bubble Berry asks Rainbow Blitz for advice on how to be manlier. Also, Dusk Shine's nemesis plots his revenge, and a mysterious creature attacks Ponyville.

This is set in the same universe as "On a Cross and Arrow." Gender swapped ponies, for the uninitiated. Because this story really wouldn't work if Bubble Berry was Pinkie Pie.

I think that even if the genderswapped ponies have the same personality, the fact that society treats people differently based on gender means that their stories might be slightly different. This is a story which is only really possible in the Cross and Arrow Universe.

Spoiler: I haven't actually read "On a Cross and Arrow". I've been meaning to. No time.

My submission for the February Write Off.

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Something has happened to Equestria. Once a land of love and tolerance, it has been reduced to violence and tyranny.

Twilight Sparkle is the only pony who can remember how the world used to be. Even her former friends can't recall the time they spent together. All they know is distrust and hate.

And so Twilight began to spread her tale, in hopes that somepony would be reminded of the way things used to be. Unfortunately, her claims prove to be a threat to the existing social structures, and she attracts the attention of her former mentor.

I'm aware the story seems incomplete. I have no intention of continuing it at the moment.

A crossover with Homestuck: www.mspaintadventures.com. Knowledge of Homestuck is not required to enjoy the story, but such knowledge does help to explain a bit about what happened to Equestria.

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- Act I - Act II - Act III (You are here)

Applejack has found her farm, but it's hardly the way she remembers it. The Apple family is struggling to get by, managed by a version of Rarity who isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty.

Rarity finds herself in high society with a most unexpected host, a prim and proper version of Applejack. Together, they must track down the only pony that can save Equestria, if she's even still alive.

Twilight Sparkle has set sail to the Aurora to find Celestia, the memories of an ancient tapestry flittering in the back of her mind and a sense of desperate urgency driving her.

A pony will face the ultimate test, a test she is doomed to fail, at great cost.

Act I Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/92
Act II Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/96

Picture by stellarina. She's a talented artist that doesn't have nearly enough pageviews. Show her some love here: http://stellarina.deviantart.com/

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- Act I - Act II (You are here) - Act III

Twilight Sparkle has been forced upon a revelation. The life she thought she had is not real. Her memories are deceptive.

As Twilight tries to establish a hold on her new life, she realizes that her actions have consequences, even if she doesn't remember those actions. An embittered stallion eager for revenge against Twilight tells his story, and Twilight realizes just how precarious her situation is.

Meanwhile, and a world apart, a group of six ponies led by another Twilight Sparkle desperately search for a way to rescue their friend before her identity gets her killed. Rainbow Dash uncovers clues about her counterpart's past in the form of an old friend.

The appearance of an enigmatic mare with unknown motives threatens to complicate the rescue plan and warns that the interaction between the two worlds is more than anypony initially thought, for plans have already been set into motion.

Act I can be found here: http://fimfiction.net/story/92
Act III can be found here: http://fimfiction.net/story/5197

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- Act I (You Are Here) - Act II - Act III

Applejack begins to notice suspicious behavior in her friend Twilight. As she presses for the truth, she discovers the truth about their world.

They are not alone.

Somewhere, there is another Equestria, another world in which copies of the Element Bearers live different lives, unaware of the destiny that was almost theirs. A world shrouded in darkness.

As these two worlds begin to collide, six strangers will discover that they must inherit the mantles passed down by their alternate selves and become heroes in a world without rainbows.

(Very) loosely inspired by the television show Fringe.

Act II can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/96

Cover image by Muffinsforever. Show him some love at http://muffinsforever.deviantart.com

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