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My Little Pony Bizarre Adventures - Part 1: Ponyville Central - LateBronyWriter

One Thousand years ago, the saints Celestia and Luna drew upon the power of the Red Stone of Aja to defeat the demon Discord. Now one thousand years later the Stone is destroyed, beginning the tale of six ponies and their quest to redeem the world.

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Chapter 12-Sprout-Take 2

Sprout-Take 2:

As most parties go, the party to celebrate Applebloom’s recovery, Twilight’s welcome to Ponyville and everypony getting Stands was one of the greatest triple combo parties Pinkie Pie had ever had the pleasure(s) of throwing. However, as all parties must, the party ended far too soon and the next morning a certain yellow filly found herself grumbling as she trotted down the road to go to a place that she rather would not go.

“Stupid Applejack,” Applebloom mutters as she kicks a stone on the path, the yellow filly‘s saddlebags filled to the brim with books paper and pencils. “Sendin me ta school while she an her friends have a super-secret club meetin! It ain’t fair!”

The filly punches a nearby post as she walks unwillingly along the path to the schoolyard. More than anything, she wants to turn around and run back to the Golden Oaks Library, to where her sister is, and do something - something important! She hates being excluded because of her age and she hates being babied even more. However, Applejack made it very clear just what would happen if she heard from Miss Cherilee that she decided to skip school. Applebloom shudders at the thought of Applejack’s punishment, and so the filly continues to walk unwillingly to the schoolyard ahead of her.

Finally the yellow farm filly comes into sight of the large bright red building, the yard filled with the sounds of foals like herself laughing and playing. Part of Applebloom wants to be excited for this, her first year of real schooling at an actual school. With life on a farm, she had been homeschooled by granny Smith most of her life. It was a lot more effective and more practical when you could adjust the schedule for harvest or didn’t have to plow fields when you were learning your multiplication tables. But it also meant the little filly had few close friends outside her family, few fillies and colts her age with whom she could relate. It had taken weeks of begging and chores to convince her sister she could handle both the farm work and her new schooling at Ponyville elementary. And now she was here on the cusp of a new experience a new adventure for her to delve into.

“Maybe,” the filly optimistically hopes, “maybe this won’t be so bad at all?”

“BLANK FLANKS! BLANK FLANKS!” A loud voice resonates over the fences of the schoolyard.

The filly’s ears droop immediately. “Or not….” She recognized that voice.

Walking through the gates to the schoolyard, Applebloom comes within name-calling distance of a familiar filly that she had rather hoped not to see. A pink filly with a well-groomed two-toned mane of white and mauve and a cutie Mark of a shiny crown, an exact duplicate sitting on her pompous head. Her cocky self-righteous grin permanently plastered on her muzzle displays her cutie mark’s true calling, to stand over others and dominate them in her own way.

“Diamond Tiara,” Applebloom mutters under her breath. And of course flanking the queen of the universe herself is the pink mare’s crony, Silver Spoon.

She wore her trademark fancy glasses and accusatory gaze, the grey filly with a greased silver mane, done in an intricate ponytail, and a silver spoon stamped on her flank, symbolizing her talent for manners, etiquette and unbreakable decorum. The filly had made it her mission in life to follow her master and aid in her mission to make everypony‘s life miserable. True, she wasn’t as bad as Diamond, but her appearance would herald the coming of the spiteful filly so Applebloom liked to avoid her anyways.

Applebloom and Diamond had been bitter enemies since either could remember. Though the Apples and Filthy Rich, Diamond’s father, had been business partners since before either filly was born, the two fillies’ relationship had soured into a bitter and aggressive rivalry. Ever since Filthy brought his daughter to the Apple’s farm and she had called Applebloom’s sister a ‘country hick’, the two had been at each other’s throats. Both families had hoped that the two fillies would be fast friends given their common ancestral history in the founding of Ponyville. However after the subsequent beating Applebloom had given Diamond for her insult of her sister, and Applebloom’s subsequent ultra-heavy duty secret prohibition free maximum grounding, the two couldn’t be farther from companions.

Applebloom would have prepared for her ‘insult of the day’ by now and given a witty retort; however it appeared that fate had decided to smile on her today, as it looked like Diamond had decided to pick on somepony else today. Or rather, someponies else……

“Well? Got anything to say for yourselves?” Diamond walks around the two fillies in a circle. “You just thought that you could splash me with mud and get away with it? Did you, Blank flanks?” Diamond says as she walks around the fillies like a vulture circling her meal.

“So what?!” an orange pegasus filly yells as she buzzes her wings in an attempt to intimidate her opponent. “So we threw a ball and it splashed a drop of mud on your coat? Look, it’s not even visible!”

“I don’t know,” Diamond says as she flanks the mares. “Silver, what do you think? Should I just forget about it?”

Silver, who is currently mirroring Diamond by circling around the fillies, begins to smile. “I don’t know, Diamond. I mean they refused to apologize even after insulting your word, and they’re like totally rude… I don‘t think that you should let them off so easy….”

The white filly in the center huddles closer to the ground, her two-toned mane of light purple and pink shaking as she looks up with her green eyes. “Just…. Just leave us alone! You… You bullies!”

Diamond stops in her tracks directly in front of the white filly, causing her to whimper in fear. Diamond taps her chin. “You know what, Silver? I think that I will forgive them!”

“What?” Silver stops, looking both surprised and relieved at the same time.

“Yes,” Diamond says, “after all… It’s not like I would expect any civil and polite behavior…” Diamond leers at the two fillies. “… From BLANK FLANKS!” The entire playground laughs at Diamond’s tasteless joke as even the brave orange filly begins to tear up against their combined laughter.

“I mean, if they are willing to admit that they are uncivilized blank flanks with no redeemable qualities whatsoever, of course I’ll forgive them! It’s not like they know any better.” The laughter continues, embarrassing the fillies even more as Applebloom watches on.

Well at least I'm not the object o ridicule on mah first day. Maybe Ah might actually be able ta make some friends before Diamond tries ta make a fool out of me.” Applebloom looks around, searching for some pony to make friends with: a spotted colt with a brown mane, a light blue pegasus filly, a teary-eyed orange pegasus and her white….

Suddenly Applebloom can‘t look away from the tormented fillies, their situation a perfect window into her past bullying experiences. ‘Except these fillies don‘t know how ta fight back…. They can‘t handle Diamond.’ The yellow filly shakes her head suddenly, remembering something critically important. ‘What am Ah thinkin? Ah can‘t let Diamond make fun of any pony! Not when Ah have the power ta stand up fer them! Sides…… That’s what Applejack would do!’ Bravely, the yellow filly steps forward through the crowd as Diamond Tiara continues to mock the two defenseless fillies.

“Well?” The pink filly swishes her hair to the side. “Are you going to apologize? Or not? Blank Flanks.”

Silver looks at the two fillies with her accusatory gaze. “I don’t think that they’re going to, Diamond.”

“Well of course!” Diamond laughs, “after all, everypony knows that Blank Flanks are young, immature….”

“Yawl got a problem with Blank flanks….?” Every head on the playground turns to face the newcomer as Applebloom’s pink ribbon blows in an arriving wind. “Ah said, ‘do YOU, have a PROBLEM, with Blank Flanks?’ Do you, Diamond Tiara?”

Diamond’s body immediately tenses up as she turns to face her eternal enemy, her body instinctively reacting to the presence of a real challenge. Diamond turns her head, looking at Applebloom out of the corner of her eye as if she were far beneath her notice. “Well look who decided to show up! If it isn’t the princess of the blank flanks herself! What’s wrong, worried that your little wittle subjects are crying?”

The playground fillies circle around the two, knowing that this is going to be an epic showdown between the rivals. Applebloom takes a step forward. “Well Ah may just be a poor country farmer,” she drawls, unwilling to let her rival put a negative spin of her heritage, “but Ah just thought that the princess of snobs had better things ta do than hang around with blank flanks. Or is it that yawl’s Crony Silver is getting too boring fer ya, so yawl are reduced to hangin round us blank flanks? If ya needed a new friend yawl could have just asked, Diamond.”

The entire playground ‘ohhs’ at Applebloom’s righteous burn, causing Diamond to grind her teeth in her rage. ‘Looks like Applebloom brought her A game today, I’ll have to step it up!’ “Oh but I was bored!” Diamond says as she steps off to the side, looking off to the heavens. “How would I be able to survive a single day without hearing your butchered country accent and uncouth stories about shoveling mud on your dirt farm. And I thought that you were too scared of little old me to show up!” Diamond smiles as she turns back to her opponent. “After all, you skipped the first two weeks of school! What’s the matter, Apple-loser? Were you to chicken to face me?”

Now it is the other filly‘s turn to grind her teeth in anger as the playground around her chuckles at Applebloom’s response. “Ah was in the hospital, Diamond….”

“For what?” Diamond smirks. “To get that ugly wart removed? Well I guess you weren't able to get it off after all. I guess that removing your entire crushed face and replacing it with something that doesn’t make me want to barf was out of your family’s price range.”

Now the entire playground is laughing uproariously at her as Applebloom tries to slump away from their jeers. Diamond holds her head triumphant in her victory, knowing not even Applebloom can come back from that insult.

A normal filly might have shrunk down and bowed her head at such embarrassment, letting the alpha dog on the playground have her day. But Applebloom was anything but a normal filly. “Well at least Ah wasn’t born ugly like you Diamond Tiara!” the yellow filly retorts. “Fer all yer money and class ya couldn’t fix yer ugly mug or yer ugly attitude! At least Ah have an a good heart! Ya might have money, Diamond, but ya are as rotten as a moldy old stump!”

The entire audience is struck dumb at Applebloom’s sudden scathing comeback as Diamond fumbles about to find any retort to silence her aggressor. “Well…. Well….” The pink mare comes up blank as she tries to counter. “Well…. You….”

“An another thing!” Applebloom lurches forward, her eyes only a hoof-length away from her enemy. “No pony here likes yawl’s bullyin! In case yawl haven't noticed, lots of foals here are blank flanks! An yawl just walk around usin it as an excuse to make other ponies miserable!” The yellow filly‘s advance pushes Diamond back as she tries to put as much distance between herself and her advancing foe. “Ordinary ponies might be impressed by yawl’s fancy money and snobby attitude and insultin ways, but Ah aint! Cause Ah know that deep down ya ain’t a brave strong an smart filly like ya try ta make yerself seem by tearin other ponies down!” Applebloom stops, eyes mere inches away from the mare. “Cause deep down yer just a lonely little filly beggin fer attention. An that doesn’t scare me, not. ONE. BIT.”

Finally the pink mare reaches the end of her rope, both figuratively and physically, as her attempts to back up causes her to trip over her own hooves into a puddle of mud with an unceremonious splat. The entire audience who moments ago were struck dumb with awe now begin whooping and hollering at the fall of their old tyrant and the rise of a new benevolent ruler. Diamond Tiara has taken a tumble off the social status ladder and Applebloom has moved into her place.

However even the most soulless tyrants have a loyal follower; a pony that will stand by them thick and thin and tend to their wounds when all goes wrong. Silver Spoon rushes over to her friend through the mud, picking her up off her rump. “Come on, Diamond, let’s get out of here….”

Diamond however doesn’t move, her eyes glaring at Applebloom with all the hatred she can muster. Her eyes seem to bore a hole into Applebloom’s very soul causing even the yellow filly to shiver in fear.

Silver’s prodding continues. “Come on, Diamond. She’s not worth it. I brought your favorite shampoo today just in case, we can wash all this muck off in the school showers.” The pink mare continues to stare as the groups around the playground shy away from the defeated filly.

“Come on Diamond!” Silver pulls her friend’s arm. “Do you want the mud to dry and get stuck in your beautiful mane?”

This finally grabs the pink filly’s attention, however she refuses to cease her hateful glaring at her enemy. “Yeah…. You’re right Silver…. Let’s go…..” Diamond Tiara finally breaks her stare as the two walk off of the playground and into one of the school’s side buildings.

The foals laughing at the retreating mare finally begin to disperse as Diamond Tiara walks out of sight. Every filly and colt talks among themselves, spreading rumors of the recent confrontation and playing with each other by the light of the sun, savoring every second before school begins. Applebloom sighs in relief that her first day of school, and her first confrontation with Diamond at school, hadn’t backfired horribly on her like all her ordinary antics had. The yellow filly begins to believe that the day is finally looking up for her as two familiar fillies walk up to her.

“WOW!” the orange-coated, purple-maned Pegasus shouts, her small wings fluttering in excitement. “That was so cool! Not as cool as Rainbow Dash but still…..”

Her white companion sighs. “Scootaloo? Do you really have to compare everypony you meet to Rainbow Dash? I’m beginning to think your obsession with Rainbow is unhealthy….”

“Aww what do you know, Sweetie?” The orange mare turns her head with an upset frown to look at her white friend beside her. “What are you, a psychoanalyst or somethin?” The orange pegasus turns back to Applebloom. “Sorry about Sweetie there, she can be a real wet blanket sometimes.”

The orange filly extends her hoof to Applebloom. “My name’s Scootaloo! Thanks for handling that bully Diamond there, I could have taken care of her but I just thought that since ya seemed to know her that I should let you handle it.”

Applebloom takes one look at the orange pegasus in front of her. Brash, arrogant and strong willed; Applebloom already feels a deep affinity with her. Applebloom takes her hoof. “Yeah Ah know Diamond, like a bad cold. Don’t worry bout her none, ya just got to know how to handle her an she won’t give ya too much heartache.”

“But you made it look so easy!” The white unicorn exclaims, her voice cracking in the process. Embarrassed, the filly clears her throat. “I mean, even when she said all those mean words you weren’t fazed at all. Ya just stood up to her and got her to back off! That was amazing!” The white filly shifts her balance. “Oh, and I’m Sweetie Belle by the way.”

Applebloom looks at the purple maned unicorn. Though shy and a bit clumsy, Applebloom could tell right out that she was the brains of the two, and she had a cute demeanor that could win over any adult. “Sweetie Belle… it’s nice ta meet ya. And it’s like Ah said, ya just have ta know how to handle her.”

Applebloom waves her hoof nonchalantly. “Why, the first time she started pickin on me, Ah learned quick that throwin hooves would just get me a groundin, so Ah just took her own words an threw them back at her. That shut her up real quick. So from then on every time Ah got in a scrap with her Ah just took whatever she threw at me and threw it back, guess that’s just a part of my ‘psy-chi’ like Twilight would say…..”

Suddenly her mind turns to something Twilight said to her before she left, something about Stands gaining powers based on their user’s mindsets. “Hey…. That’s probably why Ah got that kind o Stand power in the first place! Whenever somepony tries to beat me down it only makes me stronger. An Ah take what they throw at me and… send it back? Or somethin?” The yellow filly sees her two companions staring at her. “Uh... What’s up guys?”

Sweetie chirps up, “What’s a Stand?”

“Uh oh,” Applebloom gulps. “Ah wasn’t supposed to talk about that….”

“Yeah…” Scootaloo rubs her head “I’ve never heard of standing giving you magic…. is that why you were at the hospital?”

“Yeah!” Sweetie Belle confirms as she backs away. “Is it contagious? Why would you come to school if it was contagious?”

“No it’s not, it’s just that……”

“I just don’t understand how you could get some kind of special power from standing?”

“Can it make you really sick? Can it…” Sweetie gulps. “….Kill you?”

“No! Ah mean yes…… Ah mean no you can’t…..”

“How’d you get it, Applebloom? I want a special power too!”

“Yeah, Applebloom, if you’re sick you shouldn’t be around other ponies.”

“What’s the secret?”

“….. cause if you are then you should be…”

“Enough!” The yellow mare’s outcry silencing the random gibberish of her two friends “Now yes Ah was in the hospital for somethin, no Ah’m not contagious, and no, Ah can’t tell you why it’s a secret, so please stop asking.”

Scootaloo groans. “Aw come on! And here I thought you were cool! Why can’t you tell us? Are you afraid that you might get in trouble or something?”

“No it’s not that…” Applebloom thinks back to this morning and Twilight’s words.

‘Now Applebloom I know that you are excited to have a Stand power, but what we’re doing here in Ponyville and what we’re looking for are matters of national security. If word leaks to the population about…… yada Disaster, yada yada yada yada, bad news, yada yada yada yada Banishment……. Applebloom are you listening?!’

‘Um…. Yes….. But just to be sure…… say everything you just said now.’

‘Ugh! All right, Applebloom, the bottom line is that it comes down to trust and endangering the ponies of Ponyville. If average ponies learn what the Stones can do they might try to abuse them, or use them to give them Stand powers which could end up killing them. And second, the ensuing panic from discovering Stand powers would send the public into an uproar and cause other countries to seek means of obtaining Stand powers to boost their militaries. In other words it could lead to war, something ponykind hasn’t experienced on our soil since the Nightmare Wars.’

‘Now Applebloom, I know that you are sore that you aren’t helping directly with our search, but by keeping this secret from untrustworthy ponies you are saving lives. I hate to admit it but right now there are many ponies that we can’t trust with this information…. But you are Applejack’s sister and she attests to your honesty. So please promise me that you won’t tell anypony… Because if this information is shared with the wrong ponies… Just promise me that you won’t….’

Applebloom takes in a deep breath, calming herself for what she is about to say. “Ah’m sorry, girls, but Ah made a promise not to tell anypony bout Stands and all that other stuff.” Applebloom imagines the image of her upset sister holding a giant cake and her punishment if she were caught revealing something she promised not to. Applebloom shudders. “Sides, mah sister would be real sore if Ah said something Ah wasn’t supposed to…”

“But…..” Sweetie tears up. “But aren’t we friends? Can you….” Sweetie begins to sniffle, her mere presence seeming to wear down any desire to keep a secret from her. “Can’t you trust us?”

Applebloom flinches. “No! No it’s not that… it’s just Twilight said that this is real secret-like and Ah wasn’t supposed to tell anypony that we couldn’t trust…..”

“So you can’t trust us?! Do I look like a filly who would give up a secret?” Scootaloo accuses. “I guess that she just can’t trust us…”

Applebloom begins to panic as she becomes painfully aware she just questioned the trustworthiness of two ponies who could very well be her friends. “No it’s not that Ah can’t trust ya, it’s just that…..”

“… Well?!” Scootaloo says, “then why can’t you trust us not to tell?”

Applebloom pauses, looking at the faces of the first two ponies that she ever met at school, ponies that could very well be her friends. Sure it was wrong to go back on a promise, but when it came down to it Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were right; keeping a secret from them would make it seem like she couldn’t trust them, and that would demolish any chance of them being on amiable terms. Twilight’s words ring in her ears……

‘So please promise me that you won’t tell anypony…… Cause of this information is shared with the wrong ponies…..’

Applebloom shakes her head, dispelling any lingering notions of her promise. ‘Buck this!’ the farm filly thinks, ‘if keepin a secret fer mah sister and her friends that have done nothing but push me away costs me mah friends, then Ah don’t want ta keep it. Mah friends aren’t tha wrong kind a ponies.’

Applebloom raises her head. “Ya know what, yer right. It may just be that we met today, but if ya promise, an Ah mean a bonafide Pinkie Promise not to tell anypony, then I’ll tell ya what Stands are.”

Sweetie immediately ceases her crying as if on command, a smile gracing her lips. “Great! If you hadn’t told us after that I would have had to use my real pouting face, and that would have been really bad.”

Applebloom looks at the white filly. “Wait… You were actin?”

“Well…” Sweetie shuffles her hooves nervously. “I was sad that you kept a secret from us just as soon as we met…… but I just wanted to know if you knew what was going on around town because my sister Rarity has been acting strange lately.”

Sweetie looks back at the yellow filly, her eyes brimming with hope and confidence. “But my sister told me that she could trust Applejack, so since you are Applejack’s sister I thought that you might know something. But it was wrong of me to try and force you to tell something that you promised not to. So if you don’t feel like telling us……”

Applebloom pulls Sweetie into a side hug. “No Ah want ta tell ya. Not cause ya tried to force me, but because we’re friends, and friends don’t keep secrets from each other.”

Both Applebloom and Sweetie smile as they admire their newfound friendship. “Enough chitter-chatter!” Scootaloo shouts as she stamps her hoof, “let’s get onto the story! So, Applebloom, what’s a Stand?”

Applebloom clears her throat. “Well, if Ah’m to tell the story right Ah need to start from the beginnin. See Ah was out lookin at the stars at night……”


From there Applebloom tells her two friends everything she has heard from her sister about what has been going on around Ponyville recently. While they all lie on the grass in the schoolyard field, Applebloom tells them everything that is really going on. About the Red Stones and how sick they can make a pony, the Strange Stones and their wish-granting powers, and most importantly Stands and how getting one gives their users strange and unnatural powers. She talks and talks as her new friends listen in awe to Applebloom’s story, and her heroic representations of all the adults as they fought to recover the mysterious stones that rained down from the sky. No sooner has Applebloom finished her tale of heroism and bravery than the bell rings, signaling the start of a new school day and all the learning it brings.

“Alright, students,” a mulberry earth pony mare with a cutie mark of a trio of flowers yells from the door to the school, “time for class!” The three fillies look at their teacher, Miss Cheerilee, and then back to each other.

“Awwww class?!” Scootaloo moans. “If I knew that going to school meant that we would have to go learn boring stuff I wouldn’t have come!”

Sweetie punches the orange pegasus in the arm. “Going to school is about learning things, Scootaloo. Anyways, Applebloom, is all that true, the crazy magical powers and magic stones and everything?”

Applebloom nods her head. “Yep, everythin! Though it doesn’t matter none cause the ADULTS….” She rolls her eyes “…. won’t let us help. They say that we fillies are too young to help out.”

“That’s bogus!” Scootaloo says as she gets up from the grass. “I mean Rainbow Dash wouldn’t lay down and take that! We can’t just turn our backs on everything that is going on!”

Applebloom lowers her head in shame as she too rises to go to class. “But mah sis won’t let me join their group, ‘the Stardust Crusaders’, er something like that. And Ah mean what could Ah do alone…”

Suddenly Sweetie Belle puts her hoof on Applebloom’s shoulder, giving her a heartfelt look of confidence. “You’re not alone, Applebloom! You have your friends!”

Scootaloo mirrors the unicorn in putting her hoof on her friend. “Yeah! We’re your friends, Applebloom! No way that we’d let you go it alone! And if the adults won’t let us join their group then we can just make one of our own!”

Applebloom’s face lights up at this idea as the gears in her mind begin to turn. “Our own group…… Yeah. Applejack said that Ah couldn’t join them but if we make our own group we can search fer the Red Stones without them.”

Applebloom walks a distance away from her friends as she mulls over the details. “Yeah… we could do it together, ferget the ‘Stardust Crusaders’; if they won’t let us help then we don’t care.” Applebloom strikes an epic pose as the wind blows, causing her mane and ribbon to flutter in the breeze. “From this point on, us three are ‘THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS’!”

Both of the stunned fillies look at Applebloom, their mouths agape as they try and think up any word to say. Applebloom, finally noticing her friend’s states, looks cautiously at them. “Um? Girls, what do you think?”

Scootaloo is the first to mare to be able to move her mouth. “Applebloom…. That name…..”

Applebloom nods. “Yep Ah thought it up all on mah own! Ya see the adults called themselves Crusaders, and we’re crusading fer the Red Stones too. But we don’t have Cutie Marks, cause we’re not adults like them. So Cutie Mark Crusaders! Nice hunh?”

Now Sweetie Belle is able to speak. “Applebloom….. That name……”

“That name……” Scootaloo resumes.

Both of the fillies look at each other as their horror fades away. Then with a force rivaling the Royal Canterlot Voice they scream, “... IS TOTALLY AWESOME!”

Applebloom blinks. “Ya think so?”

Scootaloo nods. “Yeah! Totally awesome, right Sweetie?”

“Yeah!” Sweetie nods. “It’s the perfect name for a group of fillies looking for something.”

Applebloom nods as she holds out her hoof toward the other two. “Then it’s decided, from this point on we’re a team, and we’ll look for the Red Stones, Miracle Stones, Cutie Marks and everything else that comes our way, TOGETHER!”

The two fillies join their hooves with Applebloom and raise them in the air simultaneously. “TOGETHER!” All the fillies grin and giggle at each other as they look at their newfound friends, picturing all the amazing adventure they will have together.

“Applebloom! Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo!” The three are broken out of their reprieve by the voice of their teacher. “Girls! All the other students are inside! If you don’t come in right now you’re going to be tardy! And I don’t think that you want me to have to talk to your parents, now do you?”

The three fillies look at each other with fear on their faces as they rush inside without further a word. Running inside, they all take their assigned seats in the bare-bones classroom as their teacher takes attendance, and begin their day. However in their minds the three excited fillies are already running through grassy fields and having fun together like good friends do.


“Stupid Stupid Applebloom,” Diamond Tiara mutters to herself from the back of the classroom, glaring daggers at the red-maned pony in front of her. Not only had that mud taken forever to get out of her mane, no thanks to Silver, but because of it she had missed all of recess washing out the offensive gunk.

But even worse, Applebloom’s words had struck close to home and everypony in school had seen it. She had been thoroughly embarrassed in front of the entire school, and though she still knew that they respected and feared her status, her credibility had taken a major blow that would take months for the others to forget.

Worse still, her actions might have put some backbone in her opposition, ponies might start to question and resist her will rather than be in awe in her presence like they rightly should. Even those new ponies, Scottaloser and Sweetie Dunce, look completely un-cowed and if ponies like them learn to resist her, then her status as queen bee of school is ruined. “Stupid Stupid Stupid Applebloom! Why did she have to make a fool of me like that? It’s not fair!”

As the teacher takes roll, Diamond plots and plans on how to get even with her adversary for her actions. if she can just bring Applebloom down a peg, if she can show them all just how lame Applebloom really is then they will all come flocking back to her again. Then everything will be as it should be, she’ll be at the top and Applebloom will be at the bottom.

Diamond smirks. “Heh, so you want a fight now, Applebloom? Alright, I’m game. But there won’t be any mercy then…..” Suddenly a strange pony-shaped figure leans down from the ceiling directly beside Diamond Tiara. The figure sports a diamond-lined opera mask, its hooves ending in two plain white operating crosses like the kind you would find at a high class puppet show. Its lower half seems to be embedded into the ceiling itself while its upper half is a pristine white, covered in fancy lace and an impressive diamond collar. “I’ll embarrass you to no end and show everypony who exactly is on the top of the social ladder here! And with my new power ‘Baltimare Tea Party’ it’ll be as easy as cake.”

Author's Note:

Chapter END: Status:
Area Discovered: Ponyville Schoolhouse
Party Status: Rarity gained a Stand Power!
Stand: Quicksilver
Party Status: Twilight gave the party a trademarked name!
Party Status: Applebloom gained a Stand Power!
Stand: Sprout
Party Status: Applebloom was denied party admittance because she is not tall enough to enjoy this ride.
Party Status: Applebloom decided to form her own party with a better name!
Party Status: Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle joined Applebloom’s party!
Enemies: Diamond Tiara
Stand: Baltimare Tea Party (BTA)
Items Gained: School supplies

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