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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


Discord is beaten, but it's the scars you can't see that take the longest to heal. Let us begin. The mane six, along with all of Ponyville, has to deal with the emotional damage done by Discord's day of chaos. One by one the heroes (and every other pony in Ponyville) must look into themselves and find the strength to face the flaws in their hearts that Discord exploited and become stronger for it.

Laughter, tears, smiles, actions, adventure, frights, darkness and light and heart-warmings ALL await you!

The Audio adaption Is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GqJMx6kYyU&list=PLABD0AEFCD46D56DA&feature=plcp
ORIGINAL fan-art, ORIGINAL fan-music and VOICE ACTORS galore await!

I promise this will be one ride that will not disappoint.

First up is Fluttershy and for her there are no loose ends what so ever. . . . Or are there? Saying anything more would be spoilers!

Recursive fanart and fan stories are here. http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/MLP-FiM-Pony-POV-Series-Fanworks-audio-adaption-274110361 Many are rubber stamped by me as optional canon stories that reveal some of other sides of these stories.

Tropes page found here. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

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Read this over on deviantart a while back and I'm glad to see it here! Some really freaky stuff happens to these ponies and I was glad that they all managed to pull through. I'll be sure to read it again as you post it and perhaps give my commentary as you go.

Till then!

So will you continue to post the newest chapters to your Deviant Art as you finish them, or will you post the last ones here as you get to them?


They'll be posted on deviantart first. Then be posted here.

Okay, awesome. :yay: Go Fluttershy. Also, you can make it a clickable link by [ url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GqJMx6kYyU&list=PLABD0AEFCD46D56DA&feature=plcp]doing this. Just remove the first space and replace 'this' with something more appropriate.

And now I can read/review these all properly! :pinkiehappy:

I read several episodes on DA. Glad to see it's on here now! Absolutely love it. Can't wait to make my reviews & comments :pinkiehappy:

The actual series from deviantart? Nice. Followed.
So you're gonna post the rest of it here, too? I didn't read very much more of it because I had a difficult time on DA following the order of the stories.

You mean this is finally on FimFiction?

I don't have to go digging through disorganized story posts to follow the plot?

I don't have to stare at DeviantArt's ugly design to enjoy this?

ALL OF MY YES! :yay:

okay 1st, Nice cover art
2nd, Story is good
3rd... Who am I kidding LOVE IT! :heart::yay:

One of my favorite stories ever. I'm glad to see it here in fimfiction

Waiting for pearl necklace :pinkiecrazy:

PS:you could use the hiperlink option for the music in the "edit story" option


The series isn't over yet. But I promised I'd start posting it over here on Fim when I got to a certain point, which I now have.

This little chapter was the only thing I've ever read of the POV Series, and it's my favorite so far. What makes this part so saddening, is that it could be right! We didn't have seen Rainbow Dash during the Return of Harmony opening, so it seems that this could be true.

Ah, I loved this series. Too bad the other ones aren't anywhere near as good.

And one by one they start to fight back against Discord's corruption.
They are NOT his toys.

Excuse me, I have a statue to chuck into a black hole. Also, damn. You wonder what happened elsewhere beyond Ponyville. And Scoots doesn't have a family? Sad...:fluttercry:

Who is this filly that starts with a C? :rainbowhuh:

This is easily one of my favourite chapters. I really liked the idea of the wisdom gained not only from seeing new things about her world but also several other worlds. To see how her life could have been if she stayed in the city. All of this did truly expand her horizon.

And the farmer really shows an incredible willpower.

Woah. That's all I have to say. Applejack is one brave mammajamma.

That was intense. Also seemed a little weird that the title to this one was formatted so differently.

I remember this from DA. For the record... no. Mayor Mare has little/no talent in governing and a pretty rock could do better than her. :raritywink:

Good on AJ, there. Ah, different paths. Like Octavia being Pinkie's sister, there. :D And yeah, get Trixie the help she needs! Then make Rarity give her the money to get a new curtain to replace the one she stole/vandalized!

The Fucking Gate of Truth... I loved this chapter :pinkiesmile:

I want MOAR :flutterrage:

This is heavy stuff. And it's nothing compared to what Applejack just went through. I really admire that mare.

Man, is Discord a bastard. It's all fun and games for him and no consideration for anyone else. I love his character but this really sets my guns to aiming for his stupid face.

Eagerly awaiting more!


That's a left over from when these stories were being done as stand alone tales.


Happy to know she comes across as the most effective kind of hero here.


You wanna break her heart?

And Trixie LET HER use the curtain. It was part of the show as far as Trixie was concerned.

779316 As for as the Mayor's concerned, yeah. And for the curtain, still vandalism. :trixieshiftleft: Good story potential, though... :pinkiehappy:

Intense man... Intense.

So let me get this straight
Angry Pinkie-:pinkiecrazy:
Suprise -:pinkiegasp:
Pinky and Diane- :pinkiesmile:

Did i get those right?

I love you Pinkie Pie. I want to hug you so bad.

*Slow claps, turning into thunderous applause*

Pinkie Pie is my least-favorite of the Mane Six. I still like her... but she can be grating. Excellent analysis of her and breaking her down, pun intended. :derpyderp2:

and my favorite chapter, coming up! Go, Twilight! Save Trixie! :trixieshiftleft:


Well, Diane has straight hair but she and Pinky contains Pinkie Pie's positive feelings about her family and home which she had COMPLETELY buried.

But yeah, Pinkie Pie was a split up mess.


Well I hope the rest of the series doesn't feel like filler.


In a way, the saving of Trixie is where I intended to originally end the series (for a third time) but I wanted to have a short fight with Discord at the end for action's sake. But . . . so many chances for character development present themselves.

D'aww. This is good, but I feel so bad for Trixie...

Wow, I wanted to kick Spike HARD there. :flutterrage: Good use of the Trixie background clones, there, for her family. And Spike, Dash is about a hundred times worse than Trixie, for the record, k? :twilightsmile:

And it's finally up here on FIMfiction! Yay! :yay:

I'm so looking forward to seeing the rest of it get posted here, it's quite possibly the very best MLP:FiM fanfic ever done.

786827 "Wow, I wanted to kick Spike HARD there. :flutterrage:"
You are my new best friend.


Dude you're exaggerating.

What exactly makes it the 'best ever done?'

That was a really cute spin on Scootaloo's backstory, though it still followed the common cliche. These just keep getting longer, and I find myself skipping over parts of them, but they are good.


They keep getting longer because I'm putting more thought into them.


It was meant to address reconstruct the idea into something that took into account the commonly asked questions.

I wish the show's Pinkie had a soul, like yours does.

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