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Howdy hoo! The seven season of the pony pov series is here at last! (Was waiting for the cover art to be done).

And . . . it's the royal wedding Princess Cadence and Shining Armor!!!

Seen this a million times before right? Except . . . not. While there have been many experiences to the ponies now their timeline has broken away from the Heart World, something is VERY WRONG here. With fate no longer totally on their side, and no true certainly and against an enemy that takes 'fighting dirty' to a whole new level, can the heroes still pull off a happy ending for everypony?

Cover art by Rose-Laxzi. http://rose-laxzi.deviantart.com/

The Audio adaption Is here:
ORIGINAL fan-art, ORIGINAL fan-music and VOICE ACTORS galore await!

And check out the trope page, please help keep it up to day please! Remember, you are awesome.

Recursive fanart and fan stories are here. http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/MLP-FiM-Pony-POV-Series-Fanworks-audio-adaption-274110361 Many are rubber stamped by me as optional canon stories that reveal some of other sides of these stories.
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So, if we skipped the Shining Armor parts of Season Six, will this make no sense? Because that half of the story was a bit boring and confusing to me. I kinda skipped them to read the main plotline. And how does this tie in with that? I mean, Twi and Rarity became goddesses.

The whole timeline of season six confused the hell out of me. Explanation, please?

4052396 After the non-shining-armor parts of season six, goddess Twilight went back in time and created shining armor out a piece of herself to change the timeline so that Discord didn't win. So, you could skip *all* of season six and not miss anything plot-line wise because it all happened in an alternate timeline (the whole reharmonized ponies timeline is the new one with shining armor in it).

Also, most of the Shining Armor parts were in an alternate alternate timeline that Shining Armor defused 75% of the way through to keep evil deer from taking over the world.


Ah... so wait, at the end of Season Five, Diamond Tiara released Discord again. What happened with that?

4052579 Nothing yet? The dark world/shining armor stuff only took us back to the present.

Actually if this were Kingdom Hears, we'd get an intro with the 'Simple & Clean' instrumental.


Answering via not to avoid spoilers to those who don't want them.


I meant after you hit the start button. They normally have the techno song after that.


Actually, it's a bit more complicated than that, and the events of dark world STILL hang over the reharmonized timeline, and SA's quest to gain his right to exist will have ripples as well.

I am sorry to say that I only read up until Applejack what about to explain Cadance's death. It was too dark for me and I couldn't hang on long enough for the happy ending. Besides, I always thought season six was what would have happened if Discord won, so I wasn't too concerned. Hopefully, I can still read and understand this without having read the last one.

I meant we'd get something like 3D's intro.


That chapter was called DARKEST HOUR for a REASON, the story progressively gets better (IMHO) for the heroes from that point on.


Basically, the point of dark world was to create as bleak a setting as possible, and then hit it with the hammer of love and tolerance until it breaks and becomes a world of light again!

I bet they won't even bother to include the season two finale, whatever it. We have enough subplots as is!

You had to do it, Pinkie. You just had to tempt fate. Well, here's my response to the near-fiasco you're about to unleash on us:

...We're part of a set remember? It's no fun missing the last toy, even if you have to kybosh one because Hasbro won't make one...

I believe you mean 'kitbash', but I could be wrong on this...


THANKS! Edited! So what did you think of the chapter?

Overall, I enjoyed it. Though the meta is getting a tad out of balance... if that makes any sense...


I agree with this. One major complaint or the series as a whole is the reliance on knowledge of other fics. I've never read Story of the Blanks—and probably never will, because I dislike creepypastas—so I've been lost like a mother for a good chunk of the series. By this point, ivefigured out barely enough to make it work, but you really should explain that. It's worse because I don't think you've ever implicitly SAID it was from another story. A cliff notes version of SOTB, maybe in a blog as to not bog down the story, would go miles.

It has to be the right time and place. Ee have to do it in a way that


Another great chapter. Can we look forward to such quick updates in the future?

What was going on in those three weeks between episodes two and three of the second season?

So, this story takes place between Black Pearl and Links of Pearls?


I don't remember why I included that one. I think I was tributing how the entire series started.

4061960 Maybe Eagle Eye snuck out of Urohingr real quick,you don't know!

Man, I love a good Prince Blueblood redemption story. It's always a joy to see people overcome their issues and try to better themselves.

Alex, please give my kudos to the author of this. It really was a great read.


I take it that Blueblood evolution from a brat to a decent guy was believable?

Very much so. Sure, it would have been better if it was a bit longer, so we could see the journey, but for a side story being woven into a larger narrative, it worked out great. I find myself hoping we can see more of Blueblood and Arcane. Only thing better than a redemption story is seeing the happily ever after. :twilightsmile:

The race of somepony doesn't matter as long as he or she is a noble.

I love this line. Blueblood might be classist but he's not racist. :facehoof:

Prince Blueblood has always seemed more clueless than malicious to me, it's nice to see him portrayed that way here.


Indeed. Blueblood's villain upgrades have always struck me as odd. He's spoiled and cowardly (and yes, classist), not evil.


Ironic since I created a pretty 'far out there' origin for Chrysalis. But I'm happy to see that you were able to accept as working within the frame work of the story.

Kifuko, "I am not a monster, I just do what I have to do to survive. Like a lion when it eats a gazelle."

It was a torrent, more concentrated and intense than those even at my depute performance or destroying the swarm.


Tragic, yet not at the same time. Love it

And here my headcanon was that Zebra didn't get a name until they returned from a pilgrimage,until then they would be known simply as their tribes word for Zebra.
Hence Zecora's name.

Anyway,quite the origin tale for Chrysalis's birth to the mortal realm.
I can't help but feel that Maua fell in love with her and that was why she gave herself up to her.


It's not impossible.

And I can appreciate that sort of head canon (about Zebra names). Since Zecora IS the only members of the zebra tribe that we've ever seen.

Hehehe. "Her Fatjesty." Great line.

I LOVE the deviation from the norm with these types of stories. Her line about being an idiot for assuming she was some long-lost Princess was great. In a world filled with magic, destiny, and gods, a creature clawing her way to the top by sheer mental prowess while obeying the laws of the jungle is fascinating... And terrifying. You've done a damn good job of painting a villain as both sympathetic and not, and to see her face down our heroes is gonna be great.

God, I love this story! I'm tempted to head to Devian Art to read the next one, but no. I like to quiver with antici—


THANKS!!! Yeah, Queen Psychopath had to work for everything she got. (Since she threw away everything she was given in her reckless hunger.)

I got that impression of Maua as well.

Really this was an interesting origin story, no ancient race, no grand curse... just born wrong. The minor fixation on Celestia evolved naturally and helped explain what she was dreaming of since she was small. The character work here was excellent in general.

Among all the interesting things in this chapter, the unicorn interjection caught my eye because of what it indicates about the larger narrative it takes place in, but the rest of the chapter was excellent as well. Chrysalis manages to be sympathetic and a monster at once.

One odd thing about this otherwise enjoyable story, many of the songs you name are extremely hard to find. As in, I don't think they exist. Here's a sound-track listing of Lunar 2, for example:
No. Title Length
1. "Lunar Eternal Blue ~Main Theme~" 3:10
2. "Adventure Road (ADVENTURE ROAD 〜新たなる船出〜)" (vocal by Hikaru Midorikawa as Hiro) 4:09
3. "Dragonship Bolgan" 3:12
4. "Zophar's Arrival" 1:34
5. "Town ~ Street" 4:28
6. "Lucia's Decent ~Thoughts of Sorrow~" 3:06
7. "Goddess Althena" 3:08
8. "Holy Port Pentgulia" 2:35
9. "Carnival" 1:24
10. "The Final Match Approaches" 3:50
11. "Promenade" 4:38
12. "Zophar's Revival" 2:26
13. "Field of Reaching for Tomorrow" 2:22
14. "Lucia vs. Zophar ~The Last Battle~" 4:48
15. "Farwell" 3:09
16. "Eternal Blue ~Thoughts of Eternity~ (ETERNAL BLUE 〜永遠の想い〜)" (vocal by Chisa Yokoyama as Lucia) 6:03

I don't see something called "Goddess of Lies" anywhere in there. And several others were the same.


One thing I wanted her to be was not evil for evil's sake, but at the same time not just a victim of fate. She made her own choices.


Of course . . . Chrysalis' spirit has its own unique origin shown in the previous season.

But not one relevant to Chrysalis's story, if that makes sense. There's no reason for her to know of it, so those events don't appear here. From her perspective, it's just an inexplicable thing. Her response at the end about wanting to kill her creator made sense, as well. Chrysalis may have adapted to being a Changeling Queen, but even she probably realizes she would have been happier if she'd been born a zebra on some level.

Also, I confess I never quite managed to finish reading all of Season Six.

Well, that's interesting because Google refused to locate that video even when I copy pasted the title and Wikipedia then lied to me. Strange. I know Wikipedia isn't 100% reliable but you'd think song listings wouldn't be that hard to get right.

Once more, I'm torn between pity, rage, and hate for the new queen. Yes, she made life better for her swarm, but what did she do to them mentally? The most telling part of this chapter was when the new sera convert killed that zebra during the celebration. That act of open murder met with glee tells the truth about what she made them.


http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/PonyPOVSeries Well, ItsFromPeople's chapter summaries had been added to the recap page for the dark world part of season 6 at least.


Sera convert?

And ironically I never explicitly said the pimp died.

what origin? i haven't really read the previous season and combing the whole thing for the information would take to long^^

You said he was "sucked dry," which I thought meant dead. And sera as in zebra in Autocorrect-ese.

thanks for the link a shame nothing for season 6 is written jet:ajbemused:

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