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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Eoisode 186: "Twilight Sparkle Vs Shining Armor"

"The Medley Concert Hall!!" Octavia Pie (or Octavia Melody as she had often used to better fit in with ponies in Canterlot) cries out in horror. "She was so young! How could this happen?!"

Her friend Beauty Brass was likewise horrified at what had happened, she and her bandmates had played there more than once!

"This is the fault of that evil Queen! Pinkie Pie would never...wouldn't on this scale do such horrible things to music! They must be stopped!...For their own good."

Frederick Horseshoepin and Parish Nandermane looked at each other, hoping the other had an answer to this senseless destruction of art. It seemed it was a good thing that Princess Cadence had chosen a private concert after all. There was no telling what might have happened otherwise.

Octavia was just sorry she hadn't been able to corner Pinkie Pie so Princess Cadence could de-brainwash her. Yes, she was brainwashed, there was no way Equestria's heroes could do something like this of their own free will.

Vinyl Scratch might have cared about classical music as much as Octavia cared about Dub-Trot, but she was left speechless at the might of the ruined building, it looked like it had been blown open from the inside.

Vinyl wanted to go 'I told ya so!' To Octavia, but somehow it didn't feel right looking at the downed building her best friend had performed in.

There was also of course the poor royal guards who had been caught in the rubble: the musician ponies had volunteered to help without being asked.

Vinyl felt a little bit ashamed (not an emotions she was used to), when it was Beauty Brass who put a hoof on Octavia's shoulder and told her, "It's alright, you can cry."

"She's out there, under that thing's magic, she's the last pony in the world who should have to suffer that. After Discord, what right does this have to happen again?"

"Maybe it isn't her, maybe it's a pod pony that looks like her?" Vinyl found herself say...then felt like a heel at the 'open mouth, insert hoof' look she got in return.


Twilight, hurry, keep an eye and horn out for any changelings, there were some with Chrysalis, I can just use Twinkle Shine's darkness spell...Shining is weak...a unicorn has natural shut-off to keep them from killing themselves from overusing their magic, Chrysalis had to be bluffing! She had to be! If only I'd thought of that in the actual fight! Stupid Twilight!

= Prologue Castlevania Symphony of the Night =

I dodged a rusted suit of armor that fell on its own, unthreaded carpet nearly tripped me up, a piece of ceiling almost fell on me, it was like decay itself was trying to stop me from trying to rescue BBBFF, but I wouldn't let anything stop me.

Remember, don't fight Chrysalis, don't risk it, not when she has an entire army that could come to her rescue, if there's, a lot of changelings, just use Trixie's illusion magic to make yourself look like one and sneak near Shining. He won't have the shield up if he doesn't know I'm there, there's no way she'd have him keep it up constantly or the one around her constantly when she wants him alive to keep the shield around Canterlot up!

I better free Her Momjesty too while I'm at it. Even at her weakest state she could still incinerate her way through a changeling army, and likely cause Chrysalis more alarm, maybe she could even subdue Chrysalis and force her to surrender thanks to Applejack wounding her! All I need is Shining's force fields to hold them off long enough for me to break her out!

Alright! Day guard illusion still on, check, in we go and...deserted? What? Where's Shining? Where's The Princess? Where's Chrysalis? This has to be a trap but...my scan spell didn't pick up anything. Failsafe spell! Oh right that undid my illusion too, back you go. Can I teleport now? No, my failsafe spell would have to cover the whole castle for that. Ugh! Why didn't me and Trixie think to combine our magic and try that earlier?!

But there's nothing here! Where did they all go? They couldn't have just disappeared!

Green blood? So she is injured! Why isn't it turning the carpet to stone? Maybe it only works on living things (better not touch it)? But why can her blood do that? It doesn't make sense. But this means the queen IS damaged from what Applebloom and Applejack did to her! Should have known the Element of Honesty super charged would damage the queen of lies. Good...that means she's not only damaged mentally, but physically as well.

But where can she be? Wait...did the blood trail out of the room? Why hadn't I noticed it before? Because it wasn't important before! Out I go! I haven't run into any changelings yet, but my illusion spell should hold, and if any ask, I know enough of the guard handbook for them to start answering my questions! And I still know plenty of their names from being under Chrysalis' control. Not to mention how much of their current playbook I wrote during that time....girls, I'm so sorry about that.

Wherever Chrysalis is, Sweetie, Shining, and Her Momjesty all have to be with her. There's no way she'd let them out of her sight, she's way too paranoid not to! Burn marks on the walls! Princess? Did you break out when they moved you? Did Chrysalis...hurt you?...You'd be here if you'd won! Unless...does Chrysalis have the same way to cheat death that Discord does? NO TWILIGHT! Stop! Do not jump to conclusions! Don't be paranoid now.

Blood, burn marks from horn magic (I can tell, if you want the five page explanation, I'll happily write it out for you later!).

I galloped with all the speed I had, this place was empty, was Chrysalis abandoning the castle? Had we damaged her plans so severely she has to retreat? Was that why she was moving everything? I have to save everypony, the changelings emerged from the shadows, who knows if we'll ever find them again if the changelings melt back into them with our friends! I won't lose those I love to a manipulative monster again!

Wait, I can sense it! I'm not crazy! I can definitely sense it! BBBFF! His magic! My brother does the impossible! Just like me! After everything that's happened, after AJ hit Chrysalis with the truth, why shouldn't he be able to break free, even if just a little! Those ponies didn't know what they were talking about! Of course Shining would want me to help save him!

I feel like I'm going in circles, it shouldn't take this long.

A long hallway? Where is this? The castle has way too many long hallways. But this seems familiar. The lamps are all out. No, a bright light up ahead. No, I'm not being ambushed the moment things got dark! It's not dark enough for an ambush, even if they're shape-shifters. And my disguise is still up, Chrysalis saw me run away with the others. She wouldn't ambush every random grunt she saw hoping it would be a pony she saw run away. She's not Discord.

BBBFF is up ahead, okay, remember, stay in character, don't be noticed.

Ugh. It's so bright. What is...a cheering crowd?

"Imagoes, and nymphs, give a round of applause for our guest of honor," Chrysalis' voice said as my eyes adjusted. I felt my mind become clear, like waking up from a dream. Everything I'd done up from telling AJ to let me search for my parents to right now, like there was a fog. And I really really wish I could just safely say it had been one of Chrysalis' convoluted mind control tricks...It was almost like Smartypants all over again...It wasn't some outside enemy. It was all me and my arrogance.

"N-no, this is a nightmare," I hissed, I saw the illusion spell covering me dissolving...I turned my head...to see my own spell rune transplanted to above the door, I'm just too good, normally it should have burned itself out by now. We were in one of the highest chambers in the castle, a great view but pretty no pony could see you from street or window level.

Chrysalis gave a laugh. My mind flashed back to the maze disappearing and Discord laughing at us.

"This is all very real, so makes no appeals. I'll admit you certainly know how to throw a wrench into things, it infuriates my very being. I was making my guards surround the castle, it was being a hassle. I thought you'd have the ponies in rebellion storming the castle by now, seeing how many are refusing to bow. My guards were to let only two of you through, either Cadence or you. They were to return to grass before letting any others pass. But-" Chrysalis burst out laughing, "-I never thought you'd be the world's dumbest mouse, and turn around and come back inside my house!"

I looked around, the room was rectangular, with Celestia's throne (with Chrysalis sitting in it) opposite the large double doors behind me, and a large tall stained glass and normal windows, everything was brightly lit. No changeling in the room was even bothering to disguise themselves, a small crowd of changelings ringed the room, it reminded of the crowd of a hoofball game.

My actions felt crystal clear now. I had been so eager, so desperate, so sick of all of this, I wanted it to just be finished...so scared of losing my friends, of seeing them hurt I thought I could do everything myself...She's right...she hadn't made me out think myself this time...I'd out thought myself all on my own...

Thank Celestia I hadn't thrown away the letter. I sent it immediately-Gah!

The feedback of the spell backfiring knocked me on my flank with a massive horn ache with the letter falling to the floor. Ugh...so that's what Spike feels like when an anti-teleportation ward sent one of his letters back...

The Queen laughed. "Did you really think that'd work? Let's chat while you catch your breath, after all it wouldn't be very entertaining to take advantage of you while you're weak."

I looked up at her and those around her as my vision cleared from the backlash.

My big brother stood, still a prisoner in his own body, and Sweetie Belle, sitting and smiling next to the queen comfortably, she was now wearing the dress Rarity had made her, looked liked several jewels had been added to it.

Princess. Oh Princess! I've had my head so far up my flanks I didn't even stop to think! You're not here!

"Where is Princess Celestia?!"

"Haha! Finally noticed? In safe keeping, and alive. After I mutate her into a changeling, after proper programming of course, or realizing she has no choice, she'll be the changeling who raises and lowers the sun for the swarm."

"That is never happening!"

"And how precisely do you plan to stop it?"

"She will! You think you could stop her? You think you can enslave the sun? The likes of you can't beat an Alicorn in a fair fight!"

"'The likes of me' you say? I only wish you'd be here so I could see your face when we reach the punchline of your dribble. But none of that is going to concern you very soon."

"But ... how did you pull all this together so fast? You said you were surprised, so why the buck would you all just be waiting here for me to come through THOSE doors?"

Chrysalis laughed. "Remember the blood trail? The scorch marks?" she asked, raising a foreleg to show a bleeding cut in her armor. "Of course if you'd come from another entrance, we were prepared for that."

My blood ran cold. It was bait. And I'd fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.

"But what if I had simply left with my friends?"

"Did you or did you not hear us say 'army with orders to only let you or Cadence through'?" the Queen asked, drolly. "You'd have 'slipped through' while they were delayed."

"Wait . . . so everypony here was just going to sit on their flanks waiting for us to escape, and then gamble on us coming back? You were just going to wait here this whole time?"

"Not really, yes Maua that would have been awkward if she came while we were busy with something else. You just happened to catch an early show. More fun for us." Chrysalis chuckled. "You think you're so important, Twilight. You know what Professor Kabuto is doing right now? Using your notes to complete the rune. You may be smarter than him, but that doesn't mean everything you said would go over his head. He's just as good as you and that unicorn."

I gasped. I'd forgotten about that psychotic bug. "He...he can't be that smart."

"Oh but he is. I admit, I'm the smartest Changeling over all, but he's the smartest when it comes to science, alchemy, and technology. You might have him beat in magical knowledge, but overall, he's probably as smart as you are."

"And...and if we'd gone after him?"

"Not telling. Just note, it wouldn't be easy. As for what we were doing. Welcome to the Circus Maximus. A little entertainment we have back home, before we used criminals and burned out cattle. But now we also have Changelings perform that are exceptional with their talents. I had this already set up, We'll just change the guest of honor. We were just about to have dear Sweetie Belle sing for us when you walked in. Shame, she was looking so forwards to it. You were always going to be led here Twilight Sparkle, you just happened to helped the schedule along."

"I'm sorry Twilight, and I know Chryssy is too."

"I'm sorry Sweetie Belle, but I'm not sorry for that. A leader can't afford to be sorry. Lions can't afford to be sorry to gazelles."

"But you just say you're sorry for not being sorry."

" . . . it seems I did. I think you're the first one I've been sorry to since . . . well, since somezebra else."

"I don't understand," I said wanting to get away from the bizarre scene before my eyes, "Why did you want to sacrifice so many just to kill me or Cadence?" I sighed, "I didn't realize you wanted to crush the heart and brain that desperately."

Chrysalis' eye twitched and spoke. "You stupid nag, get your head out of a bag. This isn't about killing you, that's just the end result."

Sweetie Belle looked at me like I was a mad animal that had to be put down. "I'm sorry Twilight. Just be friends with Chryssy, PLEASE?" She begged.

"This is punishment," Chrysalis said, "Because of you and those like you, my beautiful tapestry has been mangled. I tell a lie, I'm just clopped at you for taking Sweetie Belle's favorite playmates. And since I can't torture Applejack instead (or better yet that rotten sister of her's who ruined everything), I'll punish the little brain-dead stooge who ruined everything the last time."

"What do you mean 'last time?'"

"Why make this story more complicated than it already is? You are nothing but a fly in my web, but we're not going to feed on you, I'm going to see you squirm. And you'll entertain all these changelings while you're at it."

"All of you against me?" I prepared myself.


"Finally going to fight somepony yourself without being forced?"

"Pst. The greatest battles are those not fought. That's tactical common sense, glory-hounds and thrill-seekers have no business being commanders…"

"Chryssy, can you please not punish Applebloom? She doesn't understand the trouble she caused."

Chrysalis sighed, "Fine, for you Sweetie Belle. Besides, I have something much more fun in mind," Chrysalis' horn glowed. "Shining Armor."

My blood ran cold.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" He asked in a monotone.

Chrysalis' horn glowed more. "Be all that you can be. Think and act to the best of your abilities, I reconnect your thoughts and actions to each other, feel my magic caress each of your brain cells, feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes dear."

"You have such a strong back dear, such endurance, such drive, you've found me pleasurable company as much as I have you yes?"

"Yes dear."


"Or what?" Chrysalis said dully. "You'll lose your head at come at me blindly, or crush me into paste mid-sentence with your mind? Or maybe slowly melt me as I scream out in agony? Trap me in an endless mental world of suffering? Zap me to clay and mold me into a public stall? Turn me into a cake and eat me as poetic justice? Pump me full of hatred and watch it poison me? Whatever it is you desire do so already, but do not waste my time!!!"

I actually withered at the monster's voice. Her eyes twitching. For a moment I had this horrible feeling radiating from her.

"I won't let her do any of those horrible things to you Chryssy," Sweetie Belle said bravely. The changelings around me thundered they'd avenge their Queen or die trying....These weren't bullies following the biggest bully who run as soon as the biggest bully fell...they were something else entirely. I had an image of Chrysalis sealed in the moon, and the changelings dragging it down to Earth to reclaim her.

"Now now, my little Changelings, you know how I feel about avenging a ruler who was stupid or weak enough to be defeated. But don't worry, my little ones, you know I'm not either of those things."

"You don't want to fight Shining do you Twilight?" Sweetie said patting him on the neck. "Please. Just be friends with Chryssy and you and him can be together again, and the ponies can help feed the changelings and changelings will help ponies always get along with each other, we'll all be friends! PLEASE! I... a big magic fight is fun but... you're Spike's big-sister-mommy, I don't want him to be sad."
I slowly shook my head at the sheer wrongness of all this. This shouldn't be happening. Cadence and Shining should be on their honeymoon by now, we should all be celebrating. Not all of this!

Sweetie Belle slipped off the throne and worked the kinks out of her muscles doing a few morning stretches, standing on her hind legs and gave a small yawn, standing behind one of the large clear windows.


Chrysalis laid back in Celestia's throne.

"Sweetie Belle."

"Yes, Your Evilness?"

Chrysalis tossed a brightly shinning dagger at the filly's hooves.

"Stab this knife through your throat as deep it will go. Your choice which side."

Twilight gasped in horror as Sweetie Belle's hooves clumsily picked up the weapon.

"NO!" Twilight called out, too late, can't stop it. Reach with magic?

And the tip of the blade stopped a millimeter from her wind pipe. The weapon shook in her hooves, almost touching skin. Twilight hadn't done anything.

"Pst. And there we go," Queen Chrysalis said annoyed, "Why is it always so hard to get those under mind control to kill themselves? I mean, the ability for self-murder exists at the base of all your brains. She said she'd do as I say to my face, she should have murdered herself by now like a good little Sweetie-Bot. And yet she's using every last tiny bit of her will to resist my order."

Twilight tried to use her telekinesis just to grab Sweetie or the knife!

"Oh. The telekinesis part of your magic is being a little 'jammed' by a special little resistance spell 'sister-in-law.'" Chrysalis grinned at Twilight. "I'm feeding the magic for her enchantment straight from my dearest, aren't I my love."

"Yes Your Majesty."

'Huh, credit where it's due, this is actually quite the entertaining game Chryssy has thrown together. Wish I'd thought of it first. Now if I do it, I'll be plagerizing. Touché, queenie, color me impressed...Oh well! Might as well enjoy the show! Where's my popcorn?'

"If I still had a heart I think I'd be very angry at that creature right now," the shadowless filly said.

'Why is that my little baby?'

"Because it'll make Miss Rarity sad."


"Now my dearest, your little sister made herself a total nag at our rehearsal, she made me feel so awful. She's attacked royal guards. She's caused ponies to riot. She's tried to break us apart. She's destroyed public works with a smile. Does that sound like a good sister to you? Sounds to me like she's gone evil. And a unicorn as powerful as her? She needs to put down...for the good of Equestria."

"For the good of Equestria."

"So what shall it be Twilight Sparkle? Let your own brother kill you? And have him live with that guilt forever? Or maybe you want to play defensive? Oh I promise you, he'll fall over dead before he stops feeding my control magic over Sweetie Belle. And he'll fight at his all, I'll make he does, but who knows how long he'll last? I've drained so much of his life already. Of course it'll rob me of my greatest source of nourishment should you decide to fight back at your hardest and somehow win against a trained soldier. And who knows how long Sweetie Belle is going to last before she gives in, she is just a child, hardly any strength of will at all. I'm surprised she's holding out as it is. Rarity will hate you forever. It seems at least one pony is about to die." Chrysalis swept her forelegs dramatically, "Have your heart scream out in dismay! Or keep it bottled inside you until you implode! Makes us even stronger! My knight in shining armor, position."

"Yes Your Majesty."

The changelings buzzed and cheered at the spectacle.

Shining Armor leaped through the air dramatically and landed with a tremor opposite his sister, with Chrysalis sitting between them on her raised throne, like they were gladiators.

"Feel free to make a sudden lunge for me, Twilight Sparkle, but I promise that little Sweetie-Bot will slaughter herself in that one moment it takes to spark a synapse. What a beautiful pair of monsters you make, I won't ask you to enjoy yourselves, because I'm going to already! And one last thing, you're in a bubble of the teleportation ward of my 'arena's' floor, you can teleport in it, but not in or out, go ahead and try and use that to cheat this performance, I can't wait to see you set off my surprises if you do." Hate dripped form the queen's words. "Now Shining."

=Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Sorrow's Distortion =

"Big mistake Chrysalis!" Using a lot of my mana, I simply teleported Shining right in front of me, and gave him a huge hug, "I love you BBBF-Agh!" A close fitting forcefield?!

"Shield armor Twiley. She told you you'd find surprises."

"I didn't know you knew that sp-AGH!" Big brother hit me. Big brother hit me. Big brother hit me. Big brother- is going to stomp my head in! I roll out of the way.

It just felt...so wrong...My brother...we'd never had a single fight, now he was trying to kill me.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, Twiley!"

I teleport to the other end of the arena. Shining turned around and fired several plain old fashioned standard magic missile lances at me, they were all way off and the changelings in the audience had to duck.

"I knew you're fighting somewhere in there Shining!"

"Actually Twiley, my aim just sucks."

"Even with mind control he can't shoot straight," Chrysalis sighed.

Well at least he still has the worst aim in Guard history - literally, I checked.

Shining used a flash spell: I'm used to those but I wasn't prepared for the huge thunderclap that came with it, I was blind and deaf.

My vision barely returned in time to see a huge shielded train coming straight at me, I repeated my trick before and teleported to the other end of the arena. Except when I did, I saw Shining's magic below me too late a force field appeared around me. A spell mine?!

Shining didn't crash into the changelings like I thought, but stopped himself in plenty of time. Had...had he been counting on me teleporting? I had to get out or I was...I was what?

Time seemed to slow down as my brother turned his head towards me and his horn started to glow.

My thoughts drifted back to the night...the night Uncle Cool Sun died, or rather...the police reports I'd read years later when I was older...the Diamond Dog...

All that time we were in Canterlot, we didn't once try to break through his shield...we had friends to save, and we couldn't just abandon Canterlot, and I think I might have been worried what Chrysalis would do to Shining. Suddenly, I HAD TO GET OUT!

Magic Surge: I shaped my imitation of my brother's shield into a drill (if Lyra could shape her telekinesis, then so could do something similar!), and drilled my way out of the shield shattering it.

Big forcefield block falling, backpedal! Forcefield crunchers both sides, teleport!

EEEP! Big brother flaming horn! Didn't know he knew that spell either! That's the second time he guessed where I was going to appear!

Last time it was boring when she didn't fight back, but I'm loving this!

Chrysalis laughed and clapped. The changelings cheered. "Better hurry up Twilight, that wonderful dress your friend Rarity made her darling little sister is about to get dyed red. Hehe...you know, I must compliment her work, maybe when she's in my employ, I'll have her make me one. Though maybe with a few more gemstones."

This was crazy. All I need to do was break the forcefield Shining had around himself! Give him a quick hug or touch his horn with mine and tell him I love him! And I had to do it quickly while Sweetie Belle's resistance held out!

I fired a replica of Twinkle Shine's darkness spell and and teleported away, this time not all the way across in case I set off another trap, teleporting was proving to be much more dangerous than it should have!

"Dodge THIS little sister!" Shining Armor leaped over me, leaving a trail of small beads of purple light, they expanded into pony sized force fields a moment later. I avoided them. Almost. The end of my tail was caught! Before I could think to phase or teleport it out or ready for my brother to attack a stationary target the spheres all imploded. I didn't have time to be shocked as the lower half of my tail was crushed out of existence.

I cast 'Turn to shrubbery!' in a panic, Shining brought up a shield that bounced back my spell right at me, I ducked and it hit a changeling behind me.

"Honey!" Cried out the changeling next to it, whimpering at the potted plant.

"TIME OUT!" I screamed.

"You have to be joking!" Chrysalis snarled.

I fell back from a force field that almost formed with me around it, and teleported right BACK to that spot moments after the field imploded avoiding the one that formed where I fell AND the one that appeared and collapsed on the opposite end of the arena a moment before. "Let me restore her! Then I'll give you the fight you want I Pinkie Promise!"

The changelings looked at the crazy unicorn wanting to help them in shock.

"Shining hold. You have have thirty seconds. No interruptions after."

"I knew you were still a good pony Twilight!" Sweetie said with the knife quivering at her throat.

I nodded and galloped to the florafied changeling and cast my failsafe spell, restoring the changeling. She looked around dizzy and looked at me fear and confusion.

"I'm sorry," I said and turned back around to face my brother. I noticed how the Changelings were looking at me. Why were they so confused? Did they really understand that little about ponies?

"Failsafe spell!" I cast at Shining, there was no pony magic my failsafe spell couldn't dissolve! There was no way! It was the simple and obvious solution! Moth didn't know about pony magic!

I teleported right in front of my brother for a big hug, he kicked me in the stomach, I fell back hurting.

"Hint about changeling magic, SINCE our life, love, and magic are all one and the same, it means that unless you have a death spell in your arsenal, our mind magic CAN NOT be forcibly dispersed unless you'd like to risk brain damage! But maybe a lobotomized brother is better than no brother at all yes? YOUR TRUMP CARD IS USELESS!"

Shining recreated his forcefield armor. Flaming horn down at me, I brought up my own horn, copying the spell and our horns clashed.

"I love you big brother!"

I realized the barrier was still around his horn! I was touching his force field!

I realized how he was able to use a fire spell: it was still a forcefield, just composed of something else.

He began to out muscle me as I felt my legs bend, I teleported to his side instead of directly behind me where a collapsing forcefield it turned out to have been waiting.

"Gravity ball!" A condensed ball of gravity magic was speeding right towards me.

Since when does big brother call his spells? Is he trying to warn me from inside or something? Don't say your thoughts out loud! I caused Applejack more grief by telling the Queen she'd tried to warn us already!

Worked for you Trixie!


Our gravity spells hit each other...we did not create a black hole and destroy the planet. The two spells canceled each other out. Counter-spelling was way underrated.


Here we go again!

"-Burst Ball!"

What?! I couldn't copy what was the same spell used differently!

The ball of gravity magic popped into several smaller pieces that bypassed mine and came right at me, I panicked, if I teleported in this gravity mess I could materialize inside out!

Shining created several barriers of different types that slow, dispersed, and absorbed the force of my gravity spell.

I on the other hoof, if not my experience with deadly rock slides and Nightmare Whisper's mane vines, my body would have already been a twisted mess as I created several copies of Shining's force field magic to buy me a few seconds as I emerged from the living mine field alive.

I created a copied forcefield around Shining Armor, he sighed and dismissed it with a twinkle of his horn. Oh right. His spell.

"You can't beat me with cheap copies of other ponies' spells Twiley!"

And it hit me, but what hit first was a hard and fast stun spell that turned the world on its side.

I was afraid if I fought too hard, I could permanently hurt Shining, now...now I realized that...if I kept holding back, Shining was going to kill me.

Chrysalis laughed. "How did that wonderful little song you were singing when I found you the first time go?" the witch asked...then started singing.

"He was your Big Brother Best Friend Forever
Now is the last time you'll ever be together
Because by the end of this fight
One is heading into the light
Give up your hopes, they're just pipe dreams
Because one of you is doomed it seems!

He was your Big Brother Best Friend Forever
Now he's all mine, and now death your bond shall sever!"

First time? But I sang that song in Ponyville! Hearing my own song sung by that witch...it made my blood run cold.

And then I came to another horrifying realization when I nearly got crushed by three massive shield cubes that cracked the floor on impact, shield cubes that would normally take an entire team of unicorns to pull off normally. All those times I'd seen him use those shield spells in the past? He'd been holding back!

I could use the Want It Need It Spell on Shining, as the caster I was immune, the changelings would fight over him perfect distraction ...but... if how their love worked was true... it would kill them. It might kill Chrysalis, but her minions too. Only a monster would 'experiment' with something like that.

"Fire! Lightning! Ice!" I shouted using three in rapid succession.

Shining brought up his shield, adjusting it accordingly, and was caught off guard when the ice spell struck first, then got melted by the fire spell, then the water conducted electricity hit hard! Simple psychology but effective.

I got to my hooves. Catching my breath. I had...I had HURT my brother, I had gotten through his shield but not through to him.

"Oh no! Forsooth Twilight! Verily please save me!" Sweetie Belle monotoned, "The evil witch is evilly making me evilly kill myself! Please stop her!"

"I will Sweetie, I-"

Flaming horn strike again, I power up my own horn. Two horned locked, sparks flew from the conflicting magic fields. Useless? Yeah right! I use the fail safe spell again, not caring how much magic it takes, the field around Shining drops, but he falls back on his rear hooves and sweeps my legs, causing me to fall again. Right, he's a great melee fighter because his aim stinks. Thank Celestia that Chrysalis didn't think to give him a sword!

I send out a wave of white hot magic in every direction, vaporizing the carpet and burning the stone floor in a perfect circle, Shining just knocked away, hopefully his shield breaks his fall. Ouch! I did not just hear something break!

My brother grunted, "Twilight, kill me." His eyes...it wasn't Chrysalis' spell...it was him...and...and the pain in those eyes... "Please..."


I'm sorry BBBFF, I...I can't...I can't kill my own brother...

"What?" Chrysalis said blinking in confusion at BBBFF, "But that's impossible. Nopony can-" She breathed in. "Incredible. Such love for family that it can gasp out under my geass, ALL THE MORE FOR ME TO MUNCH ON! Your greatest strength, ponies, is my cuisine!" Chrysalis said in grand sweeps of her forelegs.

"You're bucking sick!"

This isn't fair. The world isn't far. Twilight Sparkle, you should make it fair. Yes. I should. I should force it to be fair. I should be able to crush these bugs and the big bug into paste, save my brother and Sweetie Belle, and save all of Equestria and my friends while drinking a cup of tea. I'm the best. I'm unbeatable! My mistakes don't matter because I'm powerful enough to undo any mistake I make, so they aren't really mistakes, so I don't really make mistakes, so I'm never wrong!

Awesome! Yee-haw! Yippie! Yay. Cool!

Just a bit more, and I'll...I'll...


Be twisted into taffy! Can't teleport! See how far I can slide! The audience at this point is just keeping their heads low.

"Like it? Just came up with it. Since it's a solid line of magic instead of a projectile I figured I could get around my bad aiming, like how my gravity spell has such a strong area of effect I can afford to miss and WHAO-" I pull the soapbox out from under him and hit him over the head with it.

WHAT THE BUCK IS WRONG WITH ME? I wouldn't be IN this mess if I hadn't been so determined not to let my friends risk themselves for Princess Celestia and Shining, just like I'd be willing to risk my life to save family of Applejack's or Rarity's! I'm doing for Sweetie Belle right now! I wasn't being protective of them, I was being selfish!

I take my own soapbox and hit him over the head with THAT now!

He created a series of tiny force fields he then expanded one way like spears! I shape material spears from the broken soap pieces and throw them full speed at Shining's body, all of them hitting the same spot over and over, I recreate the spears from the broken pieces as soon as they shatter! I can't use telekinesis on Sweetie but I can on things in the 'arena' it seems! At least things summoned by magic! I don't have time to write a fifty page report examining how that works right now!!!!!!

Maybe I can use my telekinesis on Shining after all! Has this all been psychology? "DISTORTION SHOT!" Not that again!

I give myself gossamer myself wings and fly! It burns through more mana than I thought I had but now I'm in 3-dimensions for him to try and crush me with his force fields. Did he just create a field cube of the entire space above the 'arena?' Crushing! Oh no you don't! Horn drill again!

I keep diving! I'll drill right through that body shield! I might end up stabbing him but I'll be in contact with him!

"DISTORTION SHOT!" I spiral out of the way. Is it a barrel roll or a corkscrew roll? Who bucking cares?! Several shields at once! I'll drill through them all if I have to!

"You can't 'port or dodge at this range Twiley!" BBBFF shouted. "Bye."


How long have I been in here? The walls are closing in me. I have to get out. OUT OUT OUT! Twilight! Sweetie Belle! Applebloom! Spike an' Silver! Rainbow Dash! Let me out...please? Let me out...I can't see the sky...

...Maybe the loyal thing to do is just to stay put? Twilight is really smart, and she said it was...it was best for me to stay here...

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Didn't she also decide to do the one thing that everypony everywhere you've ever met has always told you NOT TO DO?)

...Don't think life is a one-mare show. Don't brush your friends aside when they want to help you. And don't rush head long into things...You're right! Ugh, Twilight, you're supposed to be the smart one! The little foal should not know better than you!

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): We all have our moments of weakness, Scootaloo.)

I have to get out of here! I will get out of here! I can't open the way out, so I'll make my own. Ugh. Too bad I'm not an Earth Pony. No, I'm a pegasus, and proud of it!

Ugh. I wonder if this is how butterflies feel when they're trying to escape their cocoons. Well, they have to make their own way out, and so am I!

Let. Me. Out! What's all this junk in here?! Thanks Twilight for being in a rush! There's gotta be something! I guess a hacksaw would be too much to ask for. What about a hammer? A drill?

Maybe a ninja smoke bomb that'll let me vanish and reappear outside the trunk?


(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Sorry, Scootaloo, you're not Pinkie Pie.)

Gimmie something to work with here!!! Maybe a lone bug will come along and open the trunk for me and I'll take'em by surprise and stuff them in the trunk? That always works when the bad guys do it.

...A rock. Who puts a rock in a trunk?! A hammer would make sense and it sure would help me a lot more! Grr! Rock meet wood! Wood meet rock! Smashie smashie! I swear if this rock breaks I'll keep smashing my thick skull against the wood until one of them breaks! Just see if I don't!

There we go! Thank you very much! Ick! Gotta squeeze out, fold my wings...I wiggle out...ow! Splinters!....What was all that junk in there anyway?

...Skateboard and gear?! Jackpot! Nice stuff too. More pricey than anything I've ever owned. Okay, I take it back, you're not junk! Maybe I'll keep you once we save the world.

(Dusk's Notes: Noon…)

(Noon's Notes: Hey, I checked with Rota.)

(Dawn's Notes: Didn't she say don't visit or else?)

(Noon's Notes: Okay, I checked with Judicium who checked the laws of fate and so long as she finds and decides to use it on her own, it counts as divine intervention which is completely legit.)

(Dusk's Notes: And there's a logical reason it could have been there?)

(Noon's Notes: Yep, last ponies to stay in the room were foals who probably are more worried about the giant bug ponies than whether or not they forgot a skateboard, so no pony can prove there shouldn't be a skateboard there.)

(Dusk's Notes: And the rock?)

(Noon's Notes: Oddly enough, I honestly have no idea how that got there.)

...I guess I should go do the smart thing and go back to the church and tell the others what Twilight did right? Though all this cool gear should make getting back faster. After all, who suspects a filly?

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Nononono! I mean, Twilight was running straight into trouble, she clearly didn't want YOU in danger, wouldn't the best way to get her out of danger would be for her to have to deal with you again?)

Or she'll just put me in a trunk again.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): What are the chances of her finding a trunk again?)

Or she'll make a lecture and then trap me in a soap box.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Soap boxes are easier to break out of than trunks.)

I don't like being confined!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): But it'll take a really long time to get to everypony...and for everypony to get back...maybe what Twilight needs...is somepony to remind her? That she shouldn't do this alone? And she'll stop?)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Also what if...)

You okay? You look sad.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Also, if her idea of the queen being distracted is right...and she can save Shining...doesn't that mean...that...you could save Sweetie Belle too, maybe?)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Celestia and Grandmother forgive me.)

You're right! If what Twilight is doing is stupid, I need to find her and tell it's stupid and maybe she'll listen when she sees she's not perfect and her 'shoo out the fillies' trick didn't work! And if it's smart, then I can save Sweetie too! WATCH OUT! Up! Over and gone!


Okay. I've got no idea what's going on. A bunch of changelings not in disguise, and queen ugly not in disguise. You know, it's funny, after spending so much time seeing Moth and her 'sister' together, these Changelings look that much uglier...Guess when you're ugly inside it can make the outside even uglier...

Funny too how I'm not hiding under a table this time. I guess there aren't always tables to hide behind. I'm coming in closer! I knew I heard a bunch of noise!

Twilight is fighting her brother! And SWEETIE BELLE!


Girls. Dash. You keep saying pick my battles. You keep saying don't do anything crazy. Don't risk yourself when it won't make a difference.

But Dash, you taught me too, grab the moment whenever it's there, because it won't come back. And sometimes crazy works, because you don't have any other choices. I could just run, save myself, and tell everypony what I saw.


She was my part of the mission right?

Pick my battles? I pick this one. My wings burn.


Orange streak. Speeds by. Too fast, for the naked eye. It can really move, and it's got an attitude. The changelings look out as she storms through. For once I won't doubt what she can do. She's not the fastest thing alive, but she's determined to be a close second right now.

To Be Continued

Author's Note:

Pony POV Series Wedding Arc
Written by Alex Warlorn
Twilight Sparkle vs Shining Armor

Sweetie Belle, "It's time for a death battle! Don't worry! It's just a figure of speech! I know Twilight will come to her senses and want to be Chrssy's friend."

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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic And All Related Character Copyright Of Hasbro

Art by Rose Laxzi. http://rose-laxzi.deviantart.com/art/Cover-Art-Commission-Alex-WarLorn-439153439

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