• Published 8th Mar 2014
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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 189: "This Chapter Is Guaranteed To Give You Smiles"

Once the chaos and confusion of the battle and mass teleportation had died down, and there were no enemies to fight or fillies running for their lives... natural pony reactions kicked in.

"SWEETIE BELLE!" Applebloom, Silver Spoon, and Spike gave the little unicorn a group hug tackle the moment she was in their sight. Scootaloo found herself pulled into the hug seconds later. Rainbow Dash and Rarity joined in, Applejack choosing to let them have their moment...and being pulled into it by Rarity's telekinesis. She didn't complain.

"Scootaloo, we're happy to see you're okay too!" Applebloom whispered to her friend who they hadn't been sure if she was okay or not. Silver Spoon's expression wordlessly said the same thing.


Lyra and Bon Bon looked to each other. "Can't wait till we can hug Tootsie again…"

Bon Bon nodded, giving Lyra a hug, Moth joined in.

"She's better than okay!" Sweetie said, showing some excitement for her friend. "She can fly and-"

"Yeah! Watch!" Scootaloo exclaimed, then whispered to Sweetie, "I want to see how long it takes for them to figure out the other part." The unicorn replied with a giggle.

The orange filly flapped her wings and flew around the church's rafters with the grace that was her special talent, much to Applebloom and Silver's shock, who had not seen her thrilling rescue as clearly as Rainbow, Sweetie, and Rarity.

"Scootaloo, you're-AMAZING!" Spike gasped out at his friend's performance.

Even those who hadn't known Scootaloo for long knew how good the filly's first flight had to feel.

The other Ponyville natives were both astounded and happy for the little filly, words unable to connect in their brains, a sense of unrealness filling them.

It was overwhelming. After having fought for ground inch by inch, now having turned a disaster into a splurge of out and out personal triumphs was disorienting.

Rainbow Dash had something in her eyes, she couldn't have been happier: "Okay, so let's count: we got AJ back, rescued Twilight, I got to fight alongside with two of the Wonderbolts, we blew Queen Meanie's lies apart and made her lose her cool big time, we saved Sweetie Belle, and to top it all off, Scoots is flying!"

"And thanks to Chrysalis being exposed, a lot of their work force is gone," Twilight added.

"Yeah! The only way this moment could be more awesome is if we'd taken out Princess Fake already!"

"S-S-Scootaloo…" Silver Spoon muttered when she finally noticed, eyes as wide as dinnerplates. "You got your Cutie Mark!"

"NO WAY!" Spike gasped, nearly everypony who wasn't Rarity or Sweetie Belle's jaws dropped and they stared in blind shock for a moment.

"WOW! Ya did it! How Scoots? Come on! Tell us!" Applebloom asked, galloping to look at her Mark.

"The world's coming to an end," Pinkie Pie whispered.

Rainbow Dash asked, "...Rarity, can I borrow your fainting couch?"

"Sorry, darling, it doesn't quite work that way."

"Alright, I'll just faint like normal ponies."

"...Why do ponies other than me bleat like goats when they faint?"

"Why can we throw up despite it being biologically impossible?" asked Pinkie Pie with a smirk.


Twilight sighed and wilted under her friends' hurt and angry looks. "...I know...I messed up…"

"Yeah, yah did."

"And endangered myself and others."


"And risked my friendship with Scootaloo's mentor."

"Oh big time."

"And should consider myself lucky she's still speaking to me."

"You're not lucky for that, Twili, you're lucky Rainbow is as loyal a friend as she is."

"Yes. And I'm grateful for that."

"And that it weren't Applebloom."

"I know...I'd rather not have a talk with Bucky MacGillicuddy and Kicks McGee…"

"Nor would Ah like for yah to have one. But Ah think we agreed what would happen if yah pulled a stunt like that."

Twilight's eyes shrank to pinpricks. "...Yes…we did..."

"Girls," Twilight stiffened as Moon Dancer touched her shoulder. "We need to 'help' Twilight with something."

A minute later AJ directed a purple filly to her knee.

"Assume the position."

"I get a turn next," Rainbow Dash said in a frighteningly calm voice.

"Sorry Applejack, Rainbow Dash," Cadence gently pushed the earth pony and pegasus aside and looked Twilight in the eyes, "But I have more experience at this than you."

The filly's legs shook.

A few minutes later the temporarily de-aged Twilight sat in a corner of the church...or rather tried to.


"Sorry Twilight, but I got a good spanking for the Royal Party Love Poison incident too," Cadence said with a stern look. "And this was your idea."

"I know…I just forgot how good you are at it." Twilight rubbed her backside.

"Like you told Chrysalis' magic, I'm not a good foalsitter just because I'm nice."

"...And that Rainbow wouldn't take too kindly to me locking Scootaloo in a trunk…"

"Hey, just be glad I was right about what would happen if we locked them in a trunk," Rainbow said, her expression still showing a bit of maternal anger.

"I thought you were kidding!" Little Twilight said.

"We're just glad it wasn't us this time," said Applebloom.

"Darling, if you can make spells that make the fountain of youth a reality, I'm curious why ponies aren't living forever," Rarity said.

Fluttershy said nothing, seeing an age-reversal spell bringing back unpleasant memories.

"...Can I be ungrounded enough to give a lecture? Pwe-leze?"

"Be quite dear, the adults are talking, I was asking the Princess."

Twilight huffed, but zipped her lips...then yelped as she tried to sit down on her sore flank.

"Age reversal spells take a lot of magic to do normally," Cadence explained, eating some of Bon Bon's candy to recharge hers. "For things like this it's not too bad, but it's supposed to be nigh impossible to make a Instantaneous age-reversal spell for anypony but maybe Discord. Even if you did make a long lasting non-Instantaneous one, you wouldn't affect life span, because that'd require affecting life force, I don't know if even Starswirl the Bearded could do that."

Twilight covered her mouth to avoid going into lecture mode while grounded. Somehow, a soapbox still ended up under Cadence.


"I didn't do it on porpoise!"

Rarity, the queen of details, saw the look on Fluttershy's face, it was professional indignation, Rarity knew it was the same expression she gave when ponies said a dress of hers was impossible to pull off.


She whispered back, "Rarity, would you like to live forever? Or maybe just get a few years of your lifespan back? Just enough that nopony would notice?"

"F-Fluttershy, y-you-" Rarity stuttered.

"Nature is life. I wonder if this is how Twilight feels most of the time, I mean, Cadence says it's impossible for anypony but that meanie, and wouldn't give that pony more life but...when I look at it...it's so simple to me, I think a foal could do it."

"Fluttershy...you're not…"

"No...Nightmare Whisper is never coming back...sorry," Rarity felt Fluttershy wasn't saying that apology to her, "...but...I might not mind being a true Princess someday…if I have to be... So Rarity, would you want a few years back? Or maybe a foalhood without being pressured to be an athlete in your father's place?"

'But,' Rarity thought, 'All of Fluttershy's, Nightmare Whisper, Princess Gaia's power is gone, isn't it?' For some reason, Rarity found herself thinking of the end result of what had happened to the first Nightmare she and her friends had used the Elements on. Of a pony no bigger than any of them. 'But that's impossible...'

"Uh...ask me again when I hit middle age for the first one, and let me arrange some vacation time first for the second one please."

"Alright. I was only offering...I just don't like the idea of Cadence saying it's impossible when I can. I-! I wouldn't force it! I swear! I promise Rarity, I would-"

"Darling, it's alright...I believe you."

"Thank you Rarity." Fluttershy nuzzled her.

RD bumped in between them, "Hey! Whatcha two talkin' about?"

"Nothing!" The two mares said together.

"Okay, just telling ya we're gonna give Twilight some quiet time now."

'Mom...If we had our butterfly here...'

'...I don't know, honey...A part of me feels like...it's not time for me to come out of the cocoon yet...'

'But if it helps save everypony-'

'I know dear, I know...And believe me, I'd love to be able to tell the Changelings with absolute authority their nature isn't to be monsters...to teach them mercy...Show Chrysalis that Cruel Nature isn't all nature has...but I don't think it's the right time...if it was, we'd have a way to get our butterfly now and we don't…'

'I guess your right...still, would kinda love to see the look on that witch's face...'

'...Whatever you say dear...'

"So Twili, wanna join the Cutie Mark Crusaders?" Applebloom asked, grinning.

"But I already have my cutie mark, and I already know perfectly wha' it means."

"Hold that pose Twilight! I wanna take snap shots of this while I can!" Pinkie Diane said.

"Be sure to get me some copies won't you Pinkie?" Trixie asked with a chuckle.

"Only if I get filly pictures of Twixie!" Twilight said.

"I'll have mother mail you some," Trixie said blandly.

I noticed the foals staring at mom.

"Yes dears?"

Sweetie asked. "Uh…Fluttershy…is Other-Fluttershy really-"

I took control. "If you have something to say to me, say it to me. It's Fluttercruel, not Other-Fluttershy."

Sweetie jumped. "Oh, sorry…Are you really...you know…"

I sighed. "One, yes I'm a spirit born from Discord and 'Shy's soul. Two, I'm not a buc-, erm not evil, anymore. Three, he ignored me and I hope he stays a statue. Four, you missed us explaining this already."

"I hit her with a pew," Silver blushed.

"Wow Silver I didn't know you so strong!" Silver Belle praised.

"Was sort of a panic powered magic-surge thing."

"Earth ponies get those?"

Since they now knew, I switched completely. It'd been worth the head trauma to show my real face.

They all startled, then the curious foals looked me over.

I didn't care if they were foals going over something new, I'm enjoyed the attention.

Scootaloo blinked. "Wait...you have a different Cutie Mark?"

I chuckled. "Earned it."

"What's it for?"

"Kicking flank."

"Really?!" Applebloom asked.

"Nah, helping ponies. Big joke, huh? Made to be cruel, and my Cutie Mark is for helping."

Sweetie's eyes widened. "So...just because something was made bad, it doesn't have to stay bad?"

"I'm proof of that."

"Thank you."

"Those scars look painful," Silver whispered. "Did, Discord give those?"

"No, fought outta Tartarus."

"Seriously, how'd ya get 'em?" Scootaloo asked.

"Am serious, Tartarus or Oblivion. There was a court sentencing me to vanish. Mom needed me, so I hit the judge with his own hammer, and my spirit crawled back to mom with them still clawing me."

I got impressed looks from the fillies.

"Wow! You're like Ghost Flyer!" Scootaloo declared.

Note to self, read more comic books.

"Sweetie Belle...this is Moth..."

"H-hello Sweetie Belle...p-please don't be-"

"Nice to meet you Moth. It's amazing you lived in Ponyville for so long and nopony ever guessed you were somepony different. It's amazing."

"I...I've had lots of practice. S-so you're not scared?"

"Should I be? You're a pony, like me aren't you?"

Moth's eyes misted up, and she hugged the filly who hugged back.

Rarity watched and did not complain.

"...Alright, Twilight, you're ungrounded...but Ah think we still need to talk," AJ said.

"Can I get back to being a grown up first?"

"It will wear off in…" Cadence started.


"Right now."

Twilight rubbed her head, having hit it on AJ's chin when she suddenly grew back to adult size. "Sorry…"

"...Weren't yer fault…" Applejack helped her up as the circle of friends gathered around. "Twili, this ain't like you...Yer supposed to think things out more than this. You're the smart one…What happened?"

No, I wasn't mad they'd turned me into a foal and Cadence gave me a good spanking (and Applejack, and Rainbow Dash), I helped them do it like I said...I told Applejack that I'd do what she asked and I didn't. I'd betrayed my friend's trust. So I got what I deserved.

OW! Okay...age spell reversal did not equal an unspanked flank…

"I…I was just...I was so worried about you!" I finally said, letting tears flow. "I...I'd lost you once already, I'd almost lost everypony to her trap to Chrysalis' trap...I'd...I didn't want to lose you again!"

Applejack looked me in the...in the eyes… "Twilight...that is what yah felt...but it ain't why yah acted like that...or else yah'd have charged at Discord gun ho by yerself instead of freeing us...somethin' else is hurtin' yah, what is it?"

"I...I…I don't know…"

(Interviewer's Notes (Dusk): Twilight, you're talking to somepony who can bring it to the surface, but Applejack doesn't want to do that to a friend... she knows if you resist, it will hurt you more.)

Ah didn't like usin' mah eyes as weapons against the Changelings...but...mah truth is mah sword...sometimes Ah gotta turn it around and use the blade, not just keep it sheathed...And even with the enemy, Ah made sure tah give them the whole picture...the good and the bad…But Ah ain't doin' that to Twili...not unless she's ready…And when this whole mess is done, Ah don't plan on doin' it tah anypony else that ain't ready either.


(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Do you want to risk making a mistake that will endanger your friends more by not getting to the bottom of the problem?)


I give a sigh. "Applejack...please show me the truth…"

"...Okay...Sugarcube...this is gonna hurt…"

And it did...but not as much as I know she could have made it...I know how Applejack feels, spending my life with all this power I have...what it's like to know how strong you are and how much responsibility it takes...I'd already seen during that fight what Applejack would be like as an enemy…

I revisit the pain I felt hurting my friends under Chrysalis' control...how much I...I enjoyed it while under her power ..how much I...I wanted to see them crushed despite my heart screaming as hard as it could at my deaf mind for me to stop....how much I wanted to crush Cadence…the love I felt for Her Majesty.

Then the pain of seeing my friends get taken down one by one by Chrysalis and Applejack while my other friends were lured into a trap on the other side of the city...the fear…

Me and Applejack were both crying when it ended. "I...I...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry…"

Applejack hugged me. "...Ah'm sorry too...Ah forgot we were two peas in a pod...honesty forced tah lie tah her friends...and friendship made tah betray 'em…"

...When Ah looked in Twilight's eyes...Ah remembered mah time as 'Liarjack' as Pinkie called Discorded meh...and then mah time as Chrysalis' punchin' bag...and how similar they were…no, they were both awful, both invaded meh, both made meh lie tah mah friends. But with Discord, Ah WANTED ta lie through mah teeth...the same way her MADjesty made Twiley WANT ta be her little minion...Sweetie smilin' and cheerin' us on...Ah hadn't seen Twiley gettin' up tah no good or hurtin' ponies while under the first sidewinder's infection for the little time he had her...this time she'd been made tah enjoy it...

"...But Ah had experience healin' this kinda hurt...yah didn't...Ah thought cause Ah knew how tah heal it so did yah…Ah know how tah heal after some psycho makes meh lie tah mah friends...makes meh hurt 'em...Ah think tah meh, Discord was worse cause he made meh want tah...but he only gotcha for a little bit...Ah ain't sayin' that it's too bad he didn't make yah hurt ponies yah cared about...but Ah'm sayin' it means yah don't know how tah handle it when somepony like him does it...It's a pain yah never felt before, and trust meh when Ah say, that's the kinda pain that hurts the worse..."

Twili looked at me with teary eyes. "That's . . that's what all of you went through...all of you...I'm so sorry..."

RD stepped up and joined our group hug. "Mare-Do-Well was what I got for bottling it up… I didn't suffer the exact same...I guess maybe none of us did...but...he never made me WANT to betray any of you either...so...dangit...I get where you're coming from...I don't know what it's like to want to turn my back on my Element like you guys...

"He made it so I thought I didn't have a choice and...we've all been here before, this isn't about me. It's about you Twilight. And...I get it a little...you weren't hurt the same way, but now you have and…"

Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth. "...you, are, hurting bad cause...I don't know where I'm going with this anymore. Point is: different damage from different crashes takes different ways to fix up…and keeping the broken bone hidden from the doctor just makes it worse in the long run, and trying to 'just let it heal on it's own' means it might heal wrong, which can be worse than the break...in that way, I think we are alike here...That make sense?"

Twiley, looked up at RD like she just got a lesson she'd been bangin' her head against the wall fer. "Y-yes it does. And I am sorry. I guess I can be as stubborn about needing help as the rest of us. I apologize. Thank you. Celestia is always trying so hard to be the perfect leader in front of everypony...I just try to do the same."

"Ya ain't Celestia sweet heart," AJ said, "Don't forget ta drop yer guard, even at time like this, especially times like this. Or there ain't gonna be a ya inside left when the fightin's done."

"I...I understand...and yes, I was hurt, and now I know how Discord hurt you...and I'm happy I was able to save you."

"So am Ah, and yeah, when the stubborn farm pony-"

"-and the arrogant hot-head-"

"-are tellin' ya not ta keep it all inside, then ya KNOW ya really shouldn't."

"You are so right."

We all laughed. It felt good ta laugh at yerself. That's somethin' the likes of her MADjesty and Discord don't get. And Trixie gettin' it is part of what help her grow up.

"Applejack, Rainbow, thank you."

"No prob."

Rarity said, "We should have stepped in darling."

Fluttercruel said, "Rainbow needs to learn this sort of thing too. She can't count on you girls to be there to help a friend in a heart to heart every time."

"...Should I tell Twilight that my trauma...it...Sweetie Belle…"

"...Wait for it...Okay, group hug time. Now Purple needs all of us."

Me and the other Crusaders all looked at Spike. Takin' mah mind off of Scootaloo's cutie mark, which, other than gettin' Sweetie back, had been more or less all that'd been on mah mind (like before that havin' mah big sis back was all that'd been on it).


"...Spike...the grown ups are right…" said Sweetie Belle. "...Discord never got to you either…and we're your friends too. If you need help, please ask."

Spike sighed. "Girls, I didn't WANT to do anything the witch wanted, I'm more sad at what she did to Moon Dancer, you Sweetie, and Twilight, and Shining Armor, oh and Applejack too. I didn't think about anything, I just did it, nothing mattered, if it was to give somepony a kiss or breath fire on them, it was all the same...when you and I danced Sweetie, I might as well have been doing your laundry."

"You DANCED?" We gasped.

"Oh, right, you remember that," Sweetie blushed, "I was, caught up in Chryssy saying I'd be her princess and...well, you were the best dance partner I had there my size."


Sweetie sat down and pressing her forehooves into her head hard, "I was so caught up in everything, I didn't care Chryssy had turned you into.... into a doll." She gritted her teeth. "I'm sorry."

"Hey, she messed your head up too...just not the same way. Nothing to be ashamed up."

"A-alright..." She hugged him. Then she pulled back. "HEY! We were supposed to be talking about your hurt!"

"And you helped me by letting me help you!"

Silver Spoon looked at her Cutie Mark…Ah think at the heart in the handle, Ah ain't sure. "...Sometimes...I think helping others does a lot of that…"

"Hey, Spike, I thought you said you didn't need any help," Scootaloo said, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh...well...I...Dang it…Yeah….I guess I am a little hurt I couldn't help anypony...that all I could do was sit there and watch...that I couldn't do anything...Remembering seeing my friends hurt while I could do was stand there does hurt a little..."

Ah frowned...that sounded pretty familiar. "...Ah...kind know how yah feel...at first...when Discord got meh...and made meh...one of them...Ah didn't want tah hurt anypony but...Ah knew if Ah touched anypony...Ah would...Discord didn't make meh want tah kill anypony or hurt 'em...but Ah couldn't try tah help Twist get her limbs under control or help Snips and Snails get away...and the ponies that weren't out of their heads already? They ran when Ah tried tah talk to 'em...or attacked meh...Archer shot meh in the head, and that was before Discord had her shootin' everythin'!"

"Oh my gosh! That happened?!" Sweetie asked, covering her mouth with her hooves.

"Yeah, but it just grew right back...though until mah brain grew back Ah forgot what the word apples meant...ugh...Ah was kinda already dead so Ah couldn't die again...But what Ah'm gettin' at is...while it ain't the same, Spike...Ah know how it feels tah have somethin' done tah yah that makes it so yah can't help yer friends...how helpless that feels...Even after Ah was back tah flesh and blood, Ah still remembered havin' tah watch all of that...and not be able tah do a thing about it…like how yah feel now about bein' just a robot while Chrysalis did all that mean stuff tah our friends…"

"'Bloom," Scootaloo gasped, "You...you were still you in there? I...I...I'm so sorry! I...I'm so so sorry! I . . I just ran away from you two! The two of us might have helped Sweetie Belle I...'Bloom I'm so sorry."

"Scootaloo, we've been over this...Ah already forgave yah...And besides...if anypony understands how yah feel...it's meh…"

Ah let it out...Ah'd already told 'em about Sunny Town a long time ago...but this was somethin' Ah kept bottled up.

"...When Archer shot meh in the head...Ah...Ah realized Ah couldn't die...that Ah'd be like that forever...Ah...Ah came so close tah runnin' inta Everfree and bein' in the one place Ah knew everypony was in the same boat as meh...For a second...Ah just wanted tah run away…"

Scootaloo hugged me. "I'd have been your friend anyway Applebloom, I promise, nothing would change that."

"Ah know Scoots, thanks."

Spike and Sweetie looked at each other. "So weren't we first going over how I was hurt inside, then it was about how you got hurt inside, and now..."

"Just go with it," I said, with Diamond I'd always been a follower not a leader, but even I knew how to nudge things when need be, "We're friends. You said helping others helps you Spike? So let them help each other too...And Spike...is there any other hurt? I promise, we won't breath a word to anypony."

"...Just a couple of things. One, Moon Dancer reminded me how I used to feel about her before I fell for Rarity, that made a little scared that I'd move on to somepony else if I ever left Ponyville...and...the way I was used as a soul-less message-machine...was how, in my more angry moments when I get left behind for the big adventure...was how I thought the others saw me...the way the queen treated me...kinda put that in perspective...I don't like being ignored...but I was being a jerk for thinking that was how Twilight and the others could EVER see me..."

"...I think…" I started. Okay, how do I put this. "...Sometimes...even if I didn't think it out loud...I think a part of me felt mom treated me like I was something she could mold...like foil paper, how you twist it into shapes and it held…and that my daddy...I think a part of me felt like I was a thing to my parents...something they could mold and display as they saw fit..."

"You guys have foil paper?" asked Sweetie. "Isn't that new fancy stuff?"

"Kinda...but...well...we're rich...I didn't think that way...I felt that way...and then...when Discord got his claws on me…he made me living silver paper...but fragile...so that the smallest thing made me bleed...I think...in a way, he made me what I really thought my mom saw me as...a little foil statue that couldn't resist being affected by whatever touched it...and...as for daddy…he…"

I felt my hooves instinctively touch my neck. I'd forgiven daddy...but that didn't make thinking about it scare me less. "Discord...he made him try to...to c-cut my head off...and make a trophy out of it...something he could display...a thing he could display...exactly like I think deep down I felt like he saw me...maybe...maybe feeling like that is part of why I went along with Diamond...because I was hurting deep down and helping her made the pain go away...but...I think Discord played with me a lot like Chrysalis used you...they made us what part of us thought was real come true…"
'FINALLY she gets the joke!'

"Can't we spy on Chrysalis instead?"

'All in good time dear.'
Spike laid back on his tail and looked at me smirking, "Who'da thought we'd end up having stuff in common. Silver, thank you, it doesn't change what happened to me but...it's nice to be understood isn't it?"

"Yes it is." I nuzzled him, he sure is warm for being cold blooded. Who cares? I like him like that.

(Noon's Notes: Sis...I…)

(Dusk's Notes:...I have Twilight Tragedy's memories...all of them...Chrysalis hurt me...but…)

(Dawn's Notes: I don't care if you think you can handle it!)

(Dusk's Notes: Dawn…)

(Dawn's Notes: We're sisters! If we'd been helping each other like we shoulda from the start, yah never woulda gotten hurt at all! So stop bein' stubborn like momma and let us help you!)

(Dusk's Notes:...Thank you, Dawn...I...I guess there is a difference between memories gained from another and going through the same thing yourself...I...What Chrysalis did...it made me go against what I'm the spirit of...I'm Happy Conclusions...and I had to help try and create a bad ending for this world...Every step I took was like trying to walk against the wind in a Catagory 5 hurricane...but being made to keep walking ...Yes...sisters...it did hurt.)

(Noon's Notes:...I think the only thing I can say to that is...I'm sorry sis...I love you and wish I could've done something sooner...ugh...sorry, I'm being sappy.)

(Dawn's Notes: I love you too, bigger sister...I'm sorry you got hurt...would a hug make it feel better?)

(Noon's Notes:...Come here sis...I think our little sis has a point: we've been so busy trying to help everypony else, we forgot our own group hug.)

(Dusk's Notes:Thank you, sisters...I'm glad to be where I belong again...doing what I'm meant to do...with my sisters as I should be.)

(Noon's Notes: Should be, or choose to be?)

(Dusk's Notes: Does it actually matter if you find happiness and help others at the same time?)

(Noon's Notes: Heh, I guess not for them...okay, group hug. Sisters, if we fight again...let's make up as sisters should.)

(Dawn's Notes: Not never fight again?)

(Noon's Notes: Don't make promises you aren't sure you'll keep. But here is one I'll keep, I'll love all of ya to the bitter end.)

(Dawn's Notes: Me too!)

(Dusk's Notes: And me three.)

After all of us helping each other through our problems...the others realized something I'd kinda hoped they'd forgotten.

"Hey, Silver," said Applebloom. "Was that really Diamond's ma back there?"

I froze a little bit. I was as surprised as everypony else to learn Mrs. Tiara was here. I was more surprised to see her back to normal. Yes, the little filly was aware her best friend's mother had gone insane. I'd heard mommy and daddy talk about it when they thought I wasn't listening. Of course, I didn't know if they knew I knew that.


"Ah didn't know she still had a ma…" said Applebloom, looking a little sad.

"Yeah...well...she's been very very sick for some time now. I guess she must have gotten better," I replied, trying to keep things need to know. I didn't want to spill a secret that was Diamond's. It wasn't my place. It wasn't my right...and when I finally got her back, I knew she'd hate me if I'd told them. So I didn't. Nope. Mental Pinkie Swear.


"Father, we're going to spy on Chrysalis. Now."

'Ugh...yeah, this is getting a little too blech! Lovey dovy for my tastes. Watching her have a mental breakdown is probably more entertaining.'


Ah knew she'd kept lookin' my way the entire time. Those foals are smart, but bein' guilty yah hurt somepony can make it hard for adults tah not show it.

Ah admit it, it wasn't quite easy tah not feel a little bitter lookin' at her when she first came back. She and Chrysalis had spent three days torturin' meh. but Ah don't hate her.
"Sweetie you don't need to do this right away," Rarity whisper in my ear. "Whatever lies the queen told you while you were enchanted have nothing to do with what her magic made you do."

I really really REALLY wanted to not do this, but...what...what big sister said...when Chryssy magic was on me, everything was so simply, everything just made so much more sense than it had in a long time. Now everything was confusing and muddled again…But...hurting my friends...my sister...m-maybe it being muddled was that way for a reason but... I wanted to not do this, but I knew I had to. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. Rarity got Spike to keep the other Crusaders busy while I did what I didn't want to. It made my head hurt.

"I...I think it's what a princess should do," I whispered, not really sure why I said it myself. I felt cold, exposed, without Chryssy's green glow in my head telling all my choices were the right ones.

"Applejack." I think her eyes were on me the whole time, as we came closer. I think Applebloom snuck around Spike and sat on a pew near Applejack. "I..." She looked at me, her expression didn't change. I was scared. I put my forehoof over one knee. "I...I want to say I'm sorry. I...I didn't mean to hurt you...I really, really thought I was just helping you see the right way."

"...Do yah still think that's what you were doing?" she asked. The scariest part was...she didn't sound mad.

I lowered my head. "...I dunno..."

"Sweetie...let meh tell yah something...when Discord got his claws in meh, Ah thought Ah was doin' the right thing too...Ah thought little white lies made ponies lives better and the truth could only hurt...And because Ah believed that, he got his claws in the others too. Ah was the first one he got...which means if Ah hadn't been doin' that, your sis never woulda gotten Discorded either."

"Darling, we know he would have just cheated and done it another way," big sister said.

"Rarity, Ah know that, and Ah know whether Sweetie thought that or not, Chrysalis woulda MADE her, that ain't the point," Applejack said, then looked back at me. "How would yah feel if yah asked meh if Ah still thought Ah was right tah lie tah mah friends, and Ah said 'Ah dunno'?"

"I...I...I don't know! With Chryssy's magic there I felt like I knew everything I needed to know! That I had a perfect way to make everything right! I had all the answers! Now...know I don't know what to think! I just...I just don't want to see anypony, or anyling hurt, I know now that..." I swallowed. "That I hurt you." I whimpered. "I'm sorry."

"...Sweetie Belle...yah know Ah don't hate yah. But...if Ah apologized for hurtin' yer sister, but couldn't say 'Ah know now lyin' then was wrong'...Would yah accept mah apology?"

"Applejack please, she's trying as hard as she can," big sister pleaded as she hugged me.

I felt like I was back with the itchy sweater and dream catcher again...I know that isn't what it was, but it still felt like it.

"...Applejack…p-please look me in the eyes and don't let me lie, okay?"

Applejack nodded and did.

"Applejack! I am NOT letting you use that power on a foal!" Rarity covered my eyes.

"Geeze Rarity! Ah weren't gonna do that. Ah got more self control than that. Ah was just gonna do what she ask and let her speak what her heart was really wantin' tah say."

"V-very well." I felt big sister shudder as she slowly moved her hooves away and kissed my cheek and I looked into Applejack's eyes.

"So what ya wish ta say darlin'?" AJ asked.

"...I...All I want is for the fighting to stop...I know...I know Chryssy and her Changelings...if Moth doesn't need to hurt ponies to live...neither do they…"

I...I admit...a part of my heart was still trying not to face that...that's why I had her do this...Otherwise I was just being like Twilight when she was apologizing just to make herself feel better...Yes, I know how weird that sounds, but I literally can't lie right now.

"...I...I want to see Chryssy turn good…"

"If she has tah turn good-"

"I know!...I know…"

I started crying.

"Chryssy's hurting ponies...And trying to break you...that wasn't the 'right way'...it was the selfish way...it was...trying to make you a worse pony for me and Chryssy...I'm sorry Applejack...I'm so sorry…"

She pulled me into a hug. "Ah know yah are...but if yah really want tah save that wi-...Chrysalis' soul, yah ain't gonna be doin' it if yah don't admit it needs savin', got it?"

"I...I understand," I said. "She's...she's doing mean things to ponies and...she doesn't need to..." I didn't want to bring up how the idea for the rune was because Chryssy told me she wanted to give the changeling a proper goddess. "...Applejack...do you think I can save her?"

"...Yah want the truth or meh to say nothin' at all?"


"...Ah think her heart is pitch black...Ah can't lie, Sweetie...Ah hate her."

I wilted at that.

Big sister said, "If you can convince her to get the other changelings to stop fighting, it would be lovely Sweetie Belle, I'm sick of all this too but...I can't think of letting her near you again. What's she'd DO TO YOU again."

I looked right in Applejack's eyes. "I'm not giving up. Rarity said how she didn't think there was any good in Nightmare Moon, but she doesn't think Princess Luna is bad."

Applejack actually smiled. "And Ah agree. Ah said Ah think her heart is pitch black. But Ah believe in miracles. Ah'd never have thought before that night Nightmare Moon was a scared little Alicorn missin' her sister under all her fancy talk and scary face. And if yah can save 'Chryssy'? Ah won't tell ya can't. And...even if Ah'll always hate Chrysalis, Ah won't hate Chryssy. Just...please darlin', don't just see what ya want ta see. Or it'll get everypony hurt."

"I...I promise." Chryssy, had taught me about ponies seeing what they wanted to see, it was part of how the changeling got as far as they have. But...if Applejack could believe in a miracle...why couldn't I?

Rarity hugged me again. "Sweetie Belle, please, just don't be foolish. That's all big sister asks. Don't put yourself in danger for this. Please. I don't want to lose you again. And I know that none of your friends do either."

Applebloom reminded me she was there and gave me a hug too. "Ah sure know Ah don't."

"Alright, I promise everypony," I said.

"And that's honest truth." Applejack smiled.


Me and Rarity...after Twilight had her...punishment...I sat down and explained to her...everything. The fake knife, that it was my magic muddling things up to her, that I was trying to distract her the whole time.

She didn't look hurt, or angry, but she didn't look neutral like Applejack, she looked, tired.

"Thank you for telling me Sweetie Belle. It was very brave and very honest of you."

I waited for her to say more. But nothing came.

"Twilight dear?" Rarity asked.

"I'm just...sick of all of this. I'm just happy we have everypony back together...except BBBFF."

"I'm sorry," I said.

"You were under Chrysalis' magic like I was Sweetie, even if it left it's mark on you when it was gone. I was happily thinking of horrible ways I could do on my friends to force them to betray their Elements without using mind magic to help a mad changeling's experiments!"

"Kabuto, none of the changelings actually like him. Even Chryssy doesn't like him, she...just saw him as useful. And he's kind of made himself hard to get rid of."

"The point is Sweetie Belle, when her magic was on me, I was thinking things that make me sick to my stomach. Horrible things I'd have never forgiven myself for, and I'm just grateful I didn't do any damage that can't be undone. I have no right to be upset with you, I'm just happy that Scootaloo and Rarity were able to free you."

"But...after I...Even without her magic on me I tried to...I don't know how much of that was her magic and how much was me...I know that's how it was with Discord, but...this time...this time I mean it."

"But what you tried to do, it was still her."

"But then I had a choice and I hurt Rarity!"

Rarity knelt down and whispered, "...Sweetie Belle, you were hurt, angry, scared, confused...just like I was hurt, angry, scared, and confused that day. And you had new power that you haven't had time to learn responsibility for. I'm an adult, I don't have that excuse. If I could forgive myself for that day, then you can yourself for today."

Rarity spoke louder and hugged me tight, it didn't feel like the itch sweater this time. "The point is Sweetie Belle, if you want to be sorry, then that's good, it means Chrysalis didn't succeeded in wiping away the good filly I love with all my heart."

"Thanks Rarity." I nuzzled her. I looked back at Twilight. "Miss Twilight, I just want to say again I'm sorry for helping Chryssy hurt you and your brother."

Twilight spoke, "I just don't feel right for me to accept your apology Sweetie for something I can't see as your fault. It was my own fault I was in that situation. You were enchanted like the rest of us, and developed Stockhorse Syndrome."

"Stoic-horse what?"

Twilight seemed uncomfortable. Kinda like that time I asked Rarity where foals came from...only with less blushing.

"Stockhorse Syndrome...it's when somepony who's foalnapped begins to…be friends with their captor."

"That's a bad thing?"

"...It...it can be Sweetie Belle...From the sound of things yours was originally unhealthy, since you supported Chrysalis' actions...Now...I think it's healthier, since you want to redeem her...I wouldn't quite say it's a good or bad thing right now...it's how you'll deal with that feeling."

"Is...is there a syndrome thingie where the foalknapper starts being friends?"

"...Yes...it's called Limema Syndrome...but...please don't get your hopes up that's what happened. The point is Sweetie Belle, that a little filly like you? You have a long life ahead of you. You shouldn't be hurt by guilt like this. If you do, it'll be just another way Chrysalis hurt you."

Chryssy had never hurt me, not even once, even as she did bad things to Applejack, but...that didn't make it right. I'm sorry, but I want to believe that the Chryssy I sang with and played with is real.

"I...I understand...but...I still feel I need to apologize…so…"

"I forgive you, Sweetie. And I mean that, I don't hold a grudge against you," Twilight smiled. "Look, I hurt my friends too just now, they don't hold a grudge, and that WAS me, not some monster brainwashing me, just me losing control of myself. If I can be forgiven for that, I'd be a hypocrite to hold a grudge on you. Okay?"

"Okay." We nuzzled, then Rarity nuzzled with us. And I felt safe. "...Twilight...one more thing?"

"Yes, Sweetie?"

"...I can use magic now...Would you please, could you, teach me?"

She gave a happy smile. "Of course, Sweetie. I'd be happy to be your tutor."

"Yippie!" I gave a small jump.

"Oh my," Rarity looked ready for the couch again, "My little sister the student of the student of Princess Celestia," Rarity smiled, "I think our parents are going to be proud of you Sweetie Belle."

That made me smile more.


"Princess Cadence," Rarity bowed formally, "My little sister and the Cutie Mark Crusaders have something they wish to discuss with you regarding the wedding."

"Oh?" The princess looked at us, smiling, she looked a little nervous. Maybe cause she looked like how Chryssy did when we first met. I wonder how I'd feel if somepony went around looking like me causing trouble. "What is it my little ponies?"

I had asked Scoots and Applebloom already, and we all agreed to this. And yes, we asked Silver again and she said the same thing.

I asked, "I . . . Princess Cadence, can we . . . can we still be your flower fillies?"

She stared at us. Uh-oh.

"I-I know it was really Chryssy who okayed us, but we'd still all like to be your flower fillies, if that's alright with you." I asked channeling Fluttershy.

"We're not scared or anything." Scootaloo said showing off her cutie mark with gusto.

"We really still wanna do it." Applebloom declared.

"So please?" Rarity asked.

THe princess just looked at us, then burst out laughing.

"Hey! It's not funny!" Scootaloo said.

"S-sorry my little fillies. There was never any doubt that I still wanted you as my flower fillies. I decided ALREADY that I would have picked you for my flower fillies ANYWAY! All of you! I knew that already when I got to know you and Applebloom. And," She looked right at me. "I know absolutely certain having now met you Sweetie Belle. You have wonderful friends, and a wonderful sister, and are brave and strong fillies who I owe a great deal already. I'd be delighted to have you as my flower filly still."

"But...I haven't…" I started, looking down. "You don't owe me anything...I've just…"

She put a hoof on my chin and slowly put my eyes to look at hers.

"My little pony. We all have our crosses to bear in this crazy situation. Every last one of us. If anything, I owe you for you being in this mess to begin with. That's my burden. And besides...a filly who knows the changelings on a more personal level might be of help ending this peacefully."

"You want that?"

She nodded. "I want this to end with everypony, and everychangeling, alive and no longer enemies. That's the ending I want...I admit, I don't see Chrysalis as you do...but I also want to see her stopped, and if that's peacefully, with everypony okay, I'd be a very happy Alicorn."

I gave her a smile. "Thank you...I'm glad somepony else thinks that way…"

"I'm glad to know there's hope for peace."

I nodded, looking back into her eyes.

"You have nice eyes," I said. Her eyes are like Chryssy's, but with something else there too. Like something finished.

"...Thank you little pony."

Rarity wiped a tear away, but she was smiling. "Thank you, princess."

"My pleasure, and just call me Cadence!"

"Cutie Mark Crusader Flower Fillies Take Two! YAY!" We all cheered, including Scootaloo. It was funny, she had her cutie mark, she could fly, she was with Rainbow Dash, she had everything she'd ever wanted, but here she was, still having fun with us, still wanting to Crusade with us. She was a real true friend, and I'm happy to have her and Applebloom as my friends!

We hugged, then Rarity hugged all of us.

"See?" Silver Spoon said sitting next to Spike as they watched the happy exchange behind a pew. "Told ya."

"Okay, you win, Scootaloo still wanted to be a flower filly. But Cadence accepted them all back."

"There was never any doubt about that, after what we've been through, I think all the adults want to be a part of the real wedding after the monsters are stamped out!"

"Uh, I know I'm the dragon here, but 'stamped out' seems a bit brutal a term for a filly."

"Dad's a guard, mom's a elite socialite, and I grew up in high society, comes with the territory."

"Just be careful little filly," Pinkie Pie declared, making both dragon and filly nearly have a heart attack, "Moth and Fluttershy already showed us most of the beetle-ponies are nice! Our world isn't a happy mask hiding a big disgusting dark ugly side! It's a happy world with some baddies who want to MAKE IT be as mean and desolate as they are."

"Pinkie Pie!" Spike said.

"Oh sorry, just felt that needed to be said."

"I was kinda talking about Chrysalis, not the changelings in general."

"Just remember," Pinkie Pie said, "We'll all kick flank when the baddies don't wanna listen, doesn't mean we outta enjoy it, remember what we all talked about before? Those feelings can turn bad really easy, we should be happy our friends are back together and safe, beating the baddie is just how that happened, the HAPPY PART is all of us smiling together, not beating up the bad guy, that's the part we have to do, not the part that that should be fun! Not like this part!" Pinkie Pie hugged them both, then began blowing into their tummies.

The dragon and filly burst out laughing.

"Auntie! Auntie!!"

"Bahamut! Bahamut!"

"Ookie-dookie lookie!" Pinkie Pie stopped. And pulled out box with a familiar logo and name on it. "Anypony wanna play a board game?"

"At a time like this?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Like duh, OF COURSE at a time like this! When you know tough times are coming, like saving Equestria, you need the fun times a super-extra-special lot!"

"She's got a point," Spike admitted.

Silver Spoon smiled, she was a filly after all, "Okay." Then grinned. "But I get the green piece!"

"I wanted the green piece," Spike mumbled.

Pinkie Pie cheered, "It's okay Spike, you can be the purple one!"



"Hey Scoots," I heard Dash behind me. She didn't sound happy. "You and I need to talk a little." Uh-Oh.

Before anypony could say anything, Dash picked me up in her mouth by the scruff of my neck and flew me straight up to the church rafters. I think we scared away some of the dust bunnies.

She laid me down, but she kept flying.

"Rainbow!" Fluttershy called up to her.

"Sorry Fluttershy, this is private," she called back down. I honestly didn't feel scared like that time Other-Fluttershy or Whatever-Her-Name-Is put me on that tiny cloud after I told her off for 'wasting the gift' of being a pegasus, after all, I could stop my own fall now. What scared me was the look on Rainbow Dash's face.

"Scoots, I know I'm not your parents, but you're my responsibility. If you get hurt, it's because of me not doing my part in keeping you safe. So if you take risks, it's because I wasn't there to watch you or I didn't drill it into you hard enough not to do something stupid."

"But Dash, I was only doing what you taught me. I picked my battles, I only did what I was told to do as my part in the mission, save Sweetie Belle if I got a chance."

"And saving her meant grabbing her and jumping out a window when you couldn't fly?"

"With the lessons you gave me, I'm sure I could glided down!" I said. "Well, kinda sure, I don't know I couldn't have glided with Sweetie Belle."

"And risking her life is your idea of loyalty?"

"You do reckless stuff too!"

"Yeah, and I was in the hospital once for it, and I got humiliated for a bunch of other reckless stuff when I began endangering the ponies I was supposed to be helping! I know I'm reckless, but that doesn't mean I want the foal I'm raising to be as reckless. Scoots. Turn around."


"Do it."

I complied.

Then came the sharp 'WHACK' across my rear.


"That was for Sweetie Belle."


"And that was for yourself. There. Now turn back around."

I obeyed.

"Look...I know sometimes you need to be reckless and throw caution to the wind...but I'd be a bad guardian if I let you just think it's okay to be reckless all the time... I know there isn't always time to think, but that doesn't mean you should never think your plans all the way through. I just want you to remember that for later.

"Now that we got that out of the way, now that I'm done being the stern guardian it's my responsibility to be...You DID save Sweetie Belle, you ALSO saved Twilight, you also helped us out of having to break INTO the castle, you might have saved Twilight's brother too, you also totally blew Chrysalis' cover, you finally flew kiddo, managed to outsmart a buncha trained guards on your FIRST FLIGHT while carrying Sweetie -without getting so much as a scratch on her-, and you earned your cutie mark. You did awesome! I think this was a time when being reckless paid off, just don't do it all the time," She hugged me. I don't think I'd ever seen her that happy before. "And your cutie mark-"

"Uh, I'm sorry it's doesn't look as cool as yours Dash-"

"Oh no you don't." Stern Adult Dash was back. "My cutie mark shows what makes ME awesome, your cutie mark shows what makes YOU awesome! And I'm so proud that you've realized what it is that makes you awesome! And I'm proud to have such an awesome filly under my wings. I'm so proud of you my little filly!"

She nuzzled me, she landed, and hugged me with her wings too, and gave me another nuzzle. Happy Proud Guardian Dash was back. I hugged her back. "I'm proud I'm a role model for such a brave and selfless filly, I'm proud that I was able to teach you anything, I proud you didn't give up when it might have been easier. I'm proud you didn't just listen to what Twilight said and had enough heart to make your own decision when it counted the most. That's a filly I'm proud to have spent a year raising...what I'm saying is...I know we'll find your parents because they have to be looking for you too, because there's no way ponies who had any heart would just leave behind a foal as precious and dear as you! But if...you don't mind if...if I be your family, right?"

"Dash..." I was crying, and it wasn't from the spanking, "We're already family...And I couldn't ask for a better one!"

She started crying to. "Thank you Scoots, thank you."


I laid on the pew, resting my wings after Dash gave them a good preening and rubbing, saying they were going to be sore tomorrow if I wasn't careful. Dash said what I needed right now was rest. I spotted Sweetie Belle sleeping in Rarity's forelegs, her big sister I guess not minding she was being used as a big pillow.

"Scootaloo," I heard Twilight Sparkle behind me.

"Yeah, huh?" I didn't look at her.

"I know you're upset with me."

"Yeah, huh."

"And you have a right to be."

"Yeah, huh."

"I used you and I admit it."

"Yeah, huh."

"This isn't easy for an adult to say to a foal, what I did was wrong."

"Yeah, huh."

"And ranks up there with the Smartypants Incident as one of the dumbest, most morally reprehensible things I've ever done."

"Yeah, huh."

"I'm very sorry for what I did."

"Yeah, huh."

"I know that doesn't change what I did, or make it up."

"Yeah, huh."

"On the bright side it helped you earn your wings and cutie mark."

"Yeah, huh. Let's thank Chrysalis too while we're at it."

"...I deserved that."

"Yeah, huh. You did."

"But Scootaloo, to win this, we're going to need everypony's help, and like it or not, that includes the CMC, and that includes you."

"Yeah, huh."

"But if we're to work together as a team, then we need trust, and that means I have to be able to trust you, and you have to know that you can trust me."

"Yeah, huh."

"And after what happened, I don't blame you if you don't trust me anymore. I'd be more surprised if you did."

"Yeah, huh."

"But we NEED that trust right now, and it's more important than grudges between us."

"Yeah, huh."

"I know we're not close. And this is hard for a foal to hear. But we're ALL part of a team here. Our mission is to help save Equestria, I know you're upset, but you have to trust me for the sake of everypony else."

"Yeah, huh. So what if your next plan involve me being put in a chest?...Twilight...do you know what it was like to be locked up like that? In a tiny little space…"

Her eyes went wide. "...You're a pegasus...and...most pegasi...they're naturally claustrophobic..."

"Yeah, huh. Clustro-what?"

"Afraid of being confined...the only pegasus I ever met that wasn't was a friend of my brother's named Ace...Ugh! How could I have forgot that?! I'm sorry…"

"...You forgot a lot of things."

"...Scootaloo I truly am sorry. I know it can be much harder for foals to forgive sometimes....And hard for adults to forgive at all. But... it is what ponies do, it what's we're meant to do."

"Yeah, huh. You don't get it at all. Dash is loyalty. And she taught me being loyal to your friends is what's most important! Which means Dash is loyal to you most! And if Dash is loyal to you, than that's enough for me! But then you made what she taught me wrong! You made Rainbow Dash a liar! You expect me to just forgive that?!" I snorted air, flared my wings and scrapped my hoof.

"...No...I don't. I'm thankful beyond reason that Rainbow doesn't hate me for it... But, I was wrong to use you like that, and if I was in another situation like that, I won't do it again...It was my fault that I ended up losing control of myself and going temporarily insane…that's a lie, sorry, I'm as responsible for my actions as when I cast that horrible Want-It-Need-It spell on you…I was a stubborn mule…"

"...Twilight, you really hurt me...why did you even let me come with you if you were going to do that?!"

"...Because...because I needed the others to think somepony had my back so they'd stay away long enough...and I thought you'd be the easiest to hide while I saved Shining...I didn't plan on you getting out...that's the whole problem. I didn't think...And I acted impulsively...no...I acted stupidly. I was an idiot...a big idiot...I'm sorry…"

"...How can I trust you, Twilight? And don't Pinkie Promise...in something like this it's a cheat."

"...If I had the Element of Magic I'd give it to you to look after. If Starswirl the Bearded's grave was a secret I'd share it with you. There are rituals pegasi, unicorns, and Earth Ponies keep private that Alicorns are privy to all three, if I thought it would show that I trust you, I'd share mine with you...I don't know many secrets that are mine and mine alone...I'd ask Fluttershy to trust you with Fluttercruel's existance, but you already know...so I'll share something else...The greatest secret of the world." Twilight took a deeeep breath.
Please Celestia let me be making the right decision. I can't describe it, but it felt...like she had a right to know...I don't know how else to put it... or maybe I wanted to excuse myself for playing this card. I put a sound-proof spell around us. I asked Cadence to show it to me after realizing it wasn't smart to talk about your plans in ear shot of the enemy. Yes, I know I know, the girl who summons soapboxes with her lectures realized letting somepony hear her talk might not be such a good idea...

-'Face Myself (After Battle)' Persona 4 -

"Once upon a time, actually, now it never was, there was a Ponyville where there were no colts, but nopony noticed, because everypony was happy. When they learned about unicorns and pegasi, they were treated like new neighbor and welcomed, not loathed or hated. But one day, this Ponyville was changed into a new one, because the rules for making everypony happy contradicted each other, and were going to make the world fall apart.

"The spell that created this Ponyville's world was flawed, and those flaws finally caught up with it. The world was going to collapse and remaking the world was the only way to save everything. But the ponies, to fit in the new world, had to be changed too. Not just their present, but their entire past changed too, not just memories, but the actual past.

"Most ponies changed a lot in their personalities, even their cutie marks and species changed, they gained and lost family members. Only one pony, who was changed the least when the world was changed, remembered everything, she was a pink pony who loved to give parties for everypony...

"But she...she had a best friend...a best friend who in a world of perfect ponies was a klutz, when she got fixated on things being perfect it only made things go wrong, sometimes she felt like she couldn't do anything right for her friends...she was going to vanish when the world was changed .. . but she was fought for and a new life was won for her...

"But…when the world was changed, the klutz forgot the pony she was best friends with, the one who had fought for her...even...even when she found out about how the world used to be...the klutz still couldn't remember the times she had with her best friend, even though she knew it would make her friend happy if she could. Princess Luna told them, that if they let everypony know about how the world used to be, it would only hurt them, if they found out how they all used to be...it would hurt who they were now...

"Then the pink pony, and the pony the klutz had become, found out that when the klutz was in the perfect world, she wished for the pink pony to exist, she was born from a wish. An imaginary friend given the spark of life. This made the pink pony sad, because she thought it meant she wasn't a real pony and wanted to fade away.

"But the pony who used to be the klutz wouldn't let her, and told her that she was still a very real friend to her and was a real pony And...and for one tiny bit...the pony who used to be the klutz...she...she felt like she was her again...just for a tiny bit...but she was scared it meant letting go of the pony she was now... But a very wise zebra told her that was wrong...and the wise zebra, Princess Luna, and the klutz, were able to save the pink pony."

I realized I was crying. "And everything I've said, is absolutely true. But the pony who used to be the klutz didn't want to share she felt like the klutz for a little bit with anypony, because she liked the world being orderly and with rules...she didn't want the world to suddenly be more confusing...and she knows, most ponies will just think she's crazy, but...she willing to trust a little filly, to keep things secret, because she knows she's a filly who can be trusted, and hopes that filly is willing to trust her."

I hoped that the innocence of a foal would help me here. That she'll be willing to take things at face value like foals generally do...I hope that little piece of innocence had been untouched by all this.

" . . . Was . . . was I a part of that other Ponyville?"

" . . . Yes . . ."

"Then if what you're saying.... if everything you're saying is true then...then show me!"


"That remembering spell or whatever you call it! Use it with me! Show me that you didn't just make that all up!"

"Scootaloo, no! This could hurt adult ponies! I'm hesitant enough to just tell you about this! Not-"

"I have a cutie mark now! I know who I am! If you have that fancy memory spell Dash talked about...show me...and I'll trust you."

"...is this really what you want, for me earn your trust back?"

"Yes." Scootaloo's face was like steel, it didn't belong on a foal's face at all.

"If this messes you up, Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash will never forgive me."

"Then just say I did this to myself, because it was my choice."

"And it'll kill me inside."

"You're the one who started this." I have to get that black feeling that's showing on her face out of her, before it grows into something worse.

"If...if that is what you wish...If you want to be an adult that way...alright..."

I place my horn against her. I show her what I learned of the journal, and of Pinkie Pie, I DID NOT reveal everypony and everything about that world, nor the previous Rainbow Dash, nor of the world before it, I only showed her herself, and the pony she once had a bond with.

It was over in moments.

The little filly gasped, as her mind processed the truth that never was.

"...Twilight...thank you...for not...for not telling me about this...when I was trying to fly..."

"...You're welcome..."

"And...I know Cheerilee..." She let a tiny laugh. "I don't think I could love her anymore than I already do as my teacher. I think, I love her more than I did then....I already look up to her, just not the same as Rainbow Dash..."

"Scootaloo, can I trust YOU not to go around telling everypony this?"

"..." Scootaloo sighed. "Yes...it's just...so much has happened to me today...it's way too much at once...and Twilight...thanks, this sounds mushy but, it lets me know, even if the world changes, my heart won't. I know Cheerliee's hasn't."

"I can respect that...Considering how I normally react to finding out crazy stuff...or rather did. I think I've become desensitized to it lately...And I can understand what you mean there to. Me and Pinkie are the same way...and so are me and…"

Zecora knew...should I tell her about Zecora and my relationship in all our lives? Zecora took it in such stride…

"Me and Zecora...we've been teacher and student in every life...in every world...it is comforting to know that our hearts haven't changed…"

"...Can I talk to Pinkie and Zecora about this though? You said they knew so just checking…"

"...If you want to. I think it'd be good for Pinkie to have somepony else to talk about the world that never was. And Zecora...I think she'd love it. As far she as she's concerned, those lives were just steps on a journey. I don't think she'd mind having another fellow traveller."

"Alright, thank you, I will...hehe you know, now that alternate world makes more sense."

My eyes went as wide as dinner plates. "What?!"

"Long story...we kinda made a makeshift time machine...and went sideways in time...and ended up in a universe a lot like what you showed me...and I think we met the klutz you mentioned, she told us to tell Pinkie hi…was her name Minty?"


"Yeah, that was pretty much Doctor Whoove's reaction…"

"I...I'm going to stop thinking about how physically impossible that is before my brain crashes...again...because it is...in a lot of ways…"

"Yeah, he said that too. He said we broke some laws of physics that ponies don't even know."

"At least that explains why you're taking this so well and why I felt you could handle it…"

"Yeah...it wasn't the weirdest place we ended up in…but anyway, I'll trust you, I promise, so what happens now?"

"Now we save Equestria...again."

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