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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 164: "Something Not Right Here"

Pony POV Series
Not The Wedding You Remember Part 6

Well, you know about our arrival at my brother's wedding. The giant force field around Canterlot. Passing through said force field.

"Did we pass through reality again?" I faintly heard Sweetie Belle ask.

Marching right through the security, demanding to know what the deal was of my BBBFF leaving this much out of his life. Finding out he was creating a shield-spell around the entire city and dealing with new levels of security for 'vague and poorly defined threat' to Canterlot hadn't done wonders to speak with anyone.

"Twiley, so you know it's me?" He asked.

"Of course I know it's you!" I said, not wanting to tell him about mine and Spike's shameful lapse in memory.

And he hugged me like no tomorrow! He nuzzled me. "Oh Twiley! Twiley you have no idea! It's so wonderful to see you again!"

It had been two years. What right did I have to complain? If anything, I was the one being not being affectionate enough to my big brother best friend forever.

But I still had one big personal insult, how could he go and get married with a mare that I had never even heard about?! Was she some princess of one of the countries he visited while away?!

I asked him what the deal was.

And he revealed the 'real identity' of his fiancee. My attitude took a 180 on the spot! Of course I was happy! The best foal sitter in the world was now gonna be my sister! How much better could it get?

But Shining had a question for me.

"Twiley, don't you know Cadence's full title?"

"I . . . I should have but . . . I didn't recognize her as the Cadence I know until you just pointed it out."

"So when that thing stabbed Cadence . . ." Shining Armor whispered.


"Nothing! Shouldn't matter anymore."

I was about to ask more when,

"I hope I'm not interrupting you two."


"Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!" We said together and did our favorite dance.

What? Why wouldn't she know it? You guys are acting weird now.

It was wonderful to see her, she had grown up from a great foal-sitter into a great princess.

"Twilight, what are you doing in Canterlot?"

"Don't worry, Princess Celestia invited me!"

"Oh! She did?" Cadence replied surprised. "I knew your friends were coming but-, well, I'm sure everything will be just fine."

Shining interrupted us. "I've gotta get back to my station, but Cadance will be checking in with all of you to see how things are going. I think I speak for both of us when I say we couldn't be more excited to have you here. Right, dear?"

"I'll make sure everything goes how it should, trust me dear."

So I had to part ways with my brother after waiting to see him for two years. But I got to spend time with my favorite foal sitter I hadn't seen in years instead.

I didn't want to be rude if my memory was just playing tricks on me again, but a little while later I asked, "Cadence, why is your magic green now?"


I shall admit, coming up with a lie that would fool Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia wasn't easy (in fact, deceiving Celesita pushed my acting skills to their limit. And I still managed to make it work). A medical gobby-gook explanation would be love in the water. But given my magical signature was identical to Cadence's, I went with the simpler answer that it happened after I had had a spiritual 'awakening' during the two year world tour after being wounded by a big bad wolf. It worked like a charm.


The time before the wedding was super stressful for me, and the chronic headaches weren't helping, having to keep up a force field around a city was leaving me a lot more disoriented even more than I thought it would. It was lonely with a lot of Misfit reassigned out of the blue either from Canterlot or not being present at the wedding proper. I hardly had time to even talk with them.

Wait. Did I give those orders or Cadence or . . . oh well, doesn't matter.

I had to deal with a lot of recruits who had been pushed into uniform to make up for the sudden lack of guards in Canterlot and the majority now protecting the borders at key locations.

Who had approved this? These ponies weren't ready for combat, it was . . . oh well, doesn't matter.

(Interviewee's Notes Addendum: For the record she probably made sure Celestia and the brass one thought thing and the troops another, making sure the right hoof didn't know what the left was doing...she was sadly good at things like that.)

I still can't believe what Cadence did with Twinkle Shine and Minuette why did she . . . oh well, doesn't matter.

That was when Twiley's friend Pinkie Pie showed up at the barracks. She was holding a clipboard with a pencil in hoof, don't ask him how she was doing that, it made no sense.

She made some super-fast introductions that made my headache worse. She was also carrying a brief-case shaped like a bazooka for some reason. The wedding was really getting to me, I wouldn't blame Cadence if it got to her too.


So he DOES exist! Okay, can check that one off! But better check for the telltale signs. Got my clipboard, okay, let's see if Twilight's 'brother' is everything Twilight says he is. He wouldn't be the first Marey Sue or Self-Insert I've had to deal with. Seriously, those things twist the story and TWIST it, I am never letting this world suffer the same.


Her questions were, well, as weird as her reputation says they'd be. What was my 'back story?' 'Where did I come from?' How did I become Captain of the Royal Guard? How well was I at tennis, video games, role playing games, polo, hoofball, shooting, singing, checkers, magic, hoof-to-hoof combat, strategy, strength, speed? I felt like I was being given a background check!


When I found out he stank at singing and couldn't hit the broadside of a stable (unless it was several miles from the one he was aiming at), I was actually relieved. But I wasn't totally relaxed yet. Marey Sues AREN'T about who is more beautiful than Princess Celestia, can defeat Mecha-Dracozilla in hoof-to-hoof combat or beat Dr. Whooves at checkers! It's about them turning the world into always being about them!

And marrying a princess in his first appearance, and being Twilight's big brother, and being the one to protect the city from some threat that didn't seem to be even written all that well, things weren't looking so hot for him.

The thing of course was that we really hadn't heard much about Princess Cadence either. But I think an unheard of Princess in the whole wide world feels a lot less confusing than a unheard of big brother who was your bestest best friend in the whole wide world.

I asked his buddies, and they were hard to find, good or bad sign? They said he could get paranoid about protecting those close, that he had a complex about being the keystone to somepony in Twilight's family dying (who I found out actually existed from obituaries. What? You think I'd actually ask Twilight about her family dying), and his mouth sometimes moved faster than his brain. And had ironically been a Oubliettes and Ogres geek before becoming a Royal Guard.

There was one thing, ponies said he EXAGGERATED some of his adventure involving Cadence. That isn't a Marey Sue. A Marey Sue didn't exaggerated their stories, they exaggerated REALITY! They never lie because what they say becomes reality! Shining Armor wouldn't be a Marey Sue if ponies KNEW he was making things cooler than they were.

A lot ponies were hostile or evasive about me asking questions. A pony under the influence Marey Sue would just give bad answers and/or then launch into a big speech about how the character couldn't possibly be a Marey Sue because they fit all the details but one. That the ponies didn't go in a rant about why Shining Armor wasn't a Marey Sue is a good sign.

That and keeping up this big forcefield was actually making him a little out of it and giving him a head ache.

I'm just happy that was a false alarm! Or, if Shining Armor was thrown in by the Shadow-Who-Makes and is an OC, he doesn't seem a destructive one right now.

You guys sure have been silent, hey, where'd ya go? Oh well, I gotta go anyway, I don't wanna be late to that 'Get to Know The bride' outing Cadence offered all of us.


Those were sure a lot of weird questions she asked. Reminds me of a lot of questions Cadence asked when we got home, details on Canterlot's defenses that I could only tell a Princess to, how much power my shield could project at once and how long it took me to recast it if I released it . . . oh well, doesn't matter.


I'll admit, it was impressive how much power it required to force Shining Armor to ignore things he knew weren't right and suppress his protective instinct. It was as if protecting ponies was written into his very being...oh right, it is. Thank Rosedust he gave me more than enough love back to make up for it.


As best mare, I was so pressed that I didn't even have time to see my parents before the wedding proper.

So I was surprised when Cadence decided the first thing she'd do is get to catch up with me and get to know my friends better.

"But the wedding is just around the corner!"

"Don't worry Twilight Sparkle, they'll be time for that. There's always time for love between friends."

So here we were, sitting outside of one of Canterlot's beautiful cafes, we chatted about this and that, Cadence asking my friends what they loved, what made them happy, we even traded embarrassing stories, like at the grand galloping Gala.

Speak of the draconequus.

I'll admit, the idea that Shining marrying Cadence meant that Blueblood would legally be my cousin-in-law didn't really occur to me, it was about the FARTHEST thing from my mind.

I mean, connecting cowardly and rude Blueblood with Cadence was mathematically impossible for me.

When Rarity said 'date Princess Celestia's nephew' it never occurred to me she meant Blueblood until AFTER the Gala. Celestia is a thousand years old, she has more than one nephew.

I forget not everypony knows Blueblood's shallow and selfish side. I know some ponies might consider Rarity the same way: a slave to creature comforts, but Rarity never treated a date like a servant or disliked food because it was too low-class.


I must say Princess Cadence is simply darling, she knows how to speak to a lady and knows how to act like one.

I hope Sweetie and the others don't prove too much trouble for Spike. I'll admit, I'll miss his help. But somedragon needs to look after my little sister if I can't. This is Canterlot after all, it's a big city, and Sweetie and her friends could get in over their heads.

I respect Silver Spoon's father, but I think he either needs times for himself and his daughter, or he can't, Spike simply has more experience handling those fillies now.

This day has been nothing short of wonderful. Though I do realize that we'll have to cut this social excursion short if I'm to have the time to complete the dresses. I am not making that mistake again!

We didn't cut it short soon enough, because a dark blue storm cloud had floated over us to rain on our parade.

Prince Blueblood. Blech. I had really hoped I'd never have to lay eyes on that gelding again.

The last time I had to tolerate him was at the launching of an airship when I was socializing in Canterlot. Yes he was civilized, but to be frank, I didn't expect him to act any differently. I doubt he got his reputation by showing his real self in public.

He sat down at the table besides us, looked around, and only then seemed to even notice us! Typical Blueblood!

"Oh! Hello Miss Rarity, it's, been a very long time hasn't it?"

Not nearly long enough.

"Hello Prince Blueblood," I said as civilized as manner dictated. My friends turned their eyes, AJ recognizing the prince who insulted her family's cooking, Twilight knowing who Blueblood was with a look of mostly disgust, and my other friends now knew the face of the stallion who had ruined my night at the Gala.

Princess Cadence simply smiled at him.

"My my my Blueblood, you're looking as handsome as ever, have another date with a new mare?"

"Actually cousin, yes." BLECH! Another poor mare subjected to this cad's ego and abuse? "Though it's not fair to say 'new mare', this isn't our first date."

I can barely stand the cad's voice and, wait, did he say a mare went with him more than once? Either this mare was desperate beyond desperate for wealth or station (no pony is that desperate), or Blueblood had either used mind control or had her over the barrel Though that didn't make sense given mares were to be used and dismissed by this gelding.

"Is that so?" The princess said calmly, "Please, tell me about this lovely highborn mare."

"Well, erm, she's not actually nobility."

"Oh you can tell me Blueblood."

"She's, she's actually a maid at the castle."

I shuddered, I didn't know if he was now that desperate that was charming those 'below his station' or if he was now ORDERING ponies to go on dates with him.

"That IS surprising. I wouldn't expect that from you Blueblood, when did you meet?"

"It was . . . well, I suppose we met on the Day of Chaos, but we met formally later, while she was dealing with herself being hurt."

He took advantage of a mare who had been hurt by Discord's sick games? Had he no shame?!

Applejack was looking intensely at Blueblood, of course she would, after all, Blueblood's insult was what inspired Applejack to make the cake that Pinkie Pie unwittingly triggered the first wave of the grand hall's destruction with. I was tempted to ask her to let him have the truth vision and watch his lies crumble.

Princess Cadence glanced at me, we had been talking about the Gala, so of course she knew. It made better conversation than what we all endured on Discord's day.

"So what does she look like, I'm certain she must have a face worth having."

"Oh, she's a unicorn, snow white coat, pure blue eyes, lovely amethyst mane, she is indeed very beautiful Caddy."

It was clear on Cadence's face she was insulted by the nickname. Then it all clicked. That description. THAT CAD! Of course! I was the one that got away! The one he couldn't make miserable for revenge of telling him what for! So he had to find a mare who matched my appearance to pretend that he wasn't as awful a stallion as everypony knew he was!

I didn't want to blow my temper in front of Princess Cadence, but I wanted to think how I could get this stallion to leave the poor mare alone!

"Rather like this fine mare here you'd say?" Cadence gestured.

"Uh, uh," Blueblood sweated. Wonderful. Why was I having flashbacks to Diamond Tiara now of all times? "Yes, I'd say so yes."

"The same mare you mistreated, used, abused, ignored the feelings of, insulted the friends of, and used as a equine shield from a giant cake?"

Blueblood lowered his head and said lowly, "Yes."

"Pst! Pathetic. You lost so you had to pretend you won somehow. You treat mares like toys. You're stuck-up, cowardly, rude and only think about yourself. You haven't matured since you were five years old. You're deadweight to Princess Celestia, to Canterlot, and to Equestria. You'd die in a day if you had to fend for yourself. You have all the real charm of a grub. You're handsome like a store dummy, empty headed and shallow, but at least the store dummy serves some purpose by being good-looking, you? You serve no purpose except for ruining mares evenings and perhaps ruin their trust in other stallions. If you weren't Celestia's nephew you'd have been exiled from Equestria by now. If you weren't nobility, you'd have starved to death. You've earned nothing of what you have. You've done nothing for your life. From your mother giving you life FOR you, you've been nothing but a parasite on Princess Celestia and everything around you. In a more just world you'd be stripped of everything you own, every title you have, beaten to a pulp, and tossed out of Canterlot into the mud where you belong!"

Blueblood was silent for a moment staring at Cadence. It was wonderful.

"I-I-," He stuttered out, his giant ego given the lancing it deserved. He ran inside the cafe looking his head down. Hopefully his date would think he stood her up and ditch the gelding.

I clapped. So did Rainbow Dash, you expect her not to clap for Cadence standing up for me? Applejack...she didn't quite seem happy, she seemed more disappointed in Blueblood than anything. Fluttercruel clapped having switched out for Fluttershy while Cadence wasn't looking. Pinkie Pie held up a '9.5' card. Trixie threw Cadence a few daisies that she didn't eat. And why not? I had just told/reminded all of them what a waste of space Blueblood was.

Why did I keep thinking of Diamond Tiara? Diamond Tiara was a foal who didn't know better. Blueblood was an adult who made his own choices.


Yes I cried when I found a table in the corner of the inside cafe. I wanted so badly to just go to my room and hide under my covers curl into a ball and cry like a foal there. But I didn't want Arcane Spell to be disappointed by me not being here for her.


"Sorry you had to see that display." Cadence apologized.

"It's alright darling, the oaf clearly hasn't learned his lesson." Rarity said smiling while AJ nodded sadly to herself. "I wish I could face that gelding in a tournament just so I could have an excuse to strike in that precious face of his then between his rear legs, and stab him all the right pressure points with my needles so he'd wet and soil himself paralyzing him before claiming my win."

"Rarity! That would be cruel!" Fluttershy said at once back in control from Fluttercruel.

"Just a little fantasy Fluttershy, sometimes it's good to vent these things a little. I'd never let myself stoop down so low, and I know none of you would let me." She hugged Fluttershy who hugged back.

"Maybe, maybe he needed a good talking to?" AJ whispered, to herself. "Ah tried before, maybe he needed a bit of cruel truth and not just the nice truth?"

"Well, he did need to learn that what he was doing wasn't fun for everypony else," Pinkie Pie whispered too.

"Cruel to be kind girls, cruel to be kind." Fluttercruel whispered and everypony all nodded.

Rainbow Dash and Trixie said nothing.

"Cadence," I whispered. I'll admit, maybe Blueblood deserved that. Well, most of it if he really was making somepony a 'replacement Rarity.' But, since when did Cadence become so vicious? The look on her face, it was like she was enjoying it! And maybe it was my experience with Trixie, but something about Cadence saying all that to Blueblood, something about it just felt wrong. All I knew was, that Cadence telling Blueblood off like that didn't feel as great as it did for all my friends. And this didn't feel like the Cadence I remember. The Cadence I knew would be disappointed. Yes, she might tell Blueblood off...but she wouldn't be vicious, she'd try to help him see why he was wrong.


Twilight really said that? That she knew Chrysalis might not be me because of what she said to Blueblood? . . . Yes I did say those things when I was a thoughtless filly. I saw the world in black and white, like any child. It was the same that foalish foolishness led me to putting love poison in a royal party punchbowl! I thought love (white) was always better than no love(black).

I'll admit, I did say some of those words to Blueblood when I had been babysitting Twilight . . . but please, I never loved saying a word of it! And the Cadence Twilight remembers, could never say anything so sadistic and cruel.

Please. Let me out of here. Twilight! Shining Armor! I have to warn them! There's no telling what that monster is going to do to all of them!!!


As much as I truly wanted to tell the mare Blueblood was dating that he was just using her. But we had used up our social window and had to depart, and designed to find and speak with her after the wedding. I had neglected my responsibilities for something vitally important for a friend once before, and I doubted Princess Cadence and her bride maids and Sweetie and her friends shared Twilight Sparkle's taste for hyper-simplistic dresses.

I doubted Blueblood was going to drown her in the mean time. And Blueblood didn't have the brains for manipulation so him twisting her wasn't a worry. And above everything I wasn't going to waste time on that cad. This was the bigger responsibility right now. Like wanting to look for Diamond Tiara, I literally didn't have time to spare. This was doing the dresses of a lifetime. For an immortal goddess. And I knew a hundred things could go wrong (and often would). I knew better than to give myself absolutely no window.

I didn't like it, but I would have to trust Filthy Rich with finding his child for now. And this was supposed to be a happy occasion. I wasn't going to let a royal pain ruin it.

As we were about to split up however, our herd passed by a stage being used by a small band of musicians. It wasn't the band for the Gala. They were busy rehearsing in the Canterlot Gardens. Pinkie waved at one of them for some reason.

Princess Cadence took one look at the stage and said, "I'll just be a moment Twilight," and gave her a short nuzzle. "It's been far too long since I sang."

Cadence calmly and royally requested to be allowed to borrow the stage for a moment. The music ponies weren't about to argue with their patron goddess.

She spread her wings gracefully with the practice and skill of a professional actress. And she sang. Everypony looked at her, every pony listened to her. We all heard her voice.

"Through the storms of chaos I have fought,
But please tell what wonders I've wrought.

My life hidden by a lie,
I promise I will not die.

Reduced to a shadow who could only see,
In myself I will still believe.

As the cycle returns,
There is much I've learned.

Some may say it is far too late,
But I won't be a slave to fate.

And one day, I swear that I will be complete,
Even if the world shatters from the feat.

My hardest I will try,
And I will reach the sky.

Forever you and me,
Together we shall be."


This song. It felt like Cadence, but not like Cadence. I had heard Cadence sing before. They were always beautiful. So was this. It was enchanting.

It was entrancing. I know it's not very scientific, and not being able to put my hoof on it made me want to dismiss it, but a part of me just couldn't!

She carries herself higher. She spoke more distantly. Her tone was harder, colder. Darker, pulling me in. I shook my head.

Had the Cadence I'd known really changed that much? Was everything that was still my favorite foalsitter just on the surface?

I'm being paranoid. So why won't this feeling of wrongness leave me alone? Cadence's music carried her magic scent on it, and this was hers.

Her songs before had been beautiful like the couple I had seen her help kiss and make up, now it was beautiful like a spider's web.


Well, Ah'm told ya know all about Princess Cadence and how like any bride she wanted everything just perfect.

But Ah did sneak a visit with Princess Luna. Ah knew Ah was bein' kinda selfish to ask about all this here now but dangit, it was drivin' me crazy, and Ah had ta know.

Ah told 'em to tell 'er it was about 'the truth', and she'd understand. She let me see her right away. We're friends and everything, but even Ah know a Princess' work is never done.

"Princess Luna, Ah was wonderin'. Can ya see inta the future?"

She looked at me funny. "What EVER gave ye that idea?"

Ah startled a bit. "Well, yer letter-, where ya said what would happen if Ah had kept lookin' in the Truth."

Luna sighed, "Ye presume too much. We don't not have precognition. It was not any sort of vision we described to you due to any power we alone possessed."

"Oh! Ah'm sorry. Ah gotta ask. Should mah truth vision of let me see that?"

"Everything we wrote was truth. Please forgive us, but seeing truth does no good if ye misinterpret it: ye are right now still a flesh and blood pony. And even if it was not so, a piece of paper can not lie or tell the truth. Thou eyes do not yet have the sharpness to pierce written falsehoods."

"Ah thought mah truth sight stopped growin'."

"Hardly Abigail Jacqueline. It grows, and continues to grow as long as you exist. You have simply chosen to not have it 'open' at every moment of your life, and you control how 'open' that sense is. The good news is by accepting an opposite truth of your life in your second trip through truth, thou heart and mind is now strong enough to accept any truths ye see. But accepting truth, is not the same as accepting feelings, actions, thoughts, and everything else that makes up life."

"Trust me Luna, Ah know there are things that ya keep private."

"Thank ye Abigail. There are things we have done even before our sins as Nightmare Moon that we know would only serve to cause harm rather than good if torn open for all to see. As ye do, and every pony ye know does. We art proud of you for having the self control to control power rather than letting power control you."

"That's some might heavy burdens to carry forever and ever Princess . . . do ya ever get tired of bein' the night and wishin' ya could be Luna?"

And she just stood there stunned for a bit, giggled, then burst out laughin'.

"Dear Abigail we bless ye. I AM Concept of the Night! That is like asking if you get tired of being an honest and dependable pony who loves their family and could just be Applejack."

"In other words, everythin' that makes meh, 'meh.' If ya stopped bein' the night, ya'd stop being yerself too."

"Exactly. Names and titles are precious because they are gifts from our loved ones. But they are not ye. Every night in existence is us, Abigail Jacqueline. And Abigail, thank you, we like bein' reminded that ponies now are willing to be friends with, and think about the night's burdens."

"Hey, what are friends fer?" We shared a quick nuzzle.


"Cousin Ellis! Long time no see!"

"Yeah, hasn't it? Ah tell yah, a world tour is somethin', but it can sure make yah miss the family! Even if some of 'em are a tad crazy!"

"Tell meh about it. Hope the Apples round the world are doin' fine."

Ellis gave a nod. "Just fine. In fact, the ones in Roedinia are doin' great, what with the stuff the Deer can come up with."

"Really? Hear of anythin' Ah could use?"

"Yah bet. Ah'll tell yah next break Ah get. Oh! Hey there Applebloom! Yer gettin' big!"

"Big enough for yah tah help meh and mah friends try tah be Cutie Mark Crusaders Demolition Experts?!"


"Don't even think about it. Either of yah."


I wish Rarity would let me help. I know I messed up helping her before but, I WANT to get better at helping her. Don't worry, I don't think Rarity hates me or anything, I was shown crystal clear (or is that muddy clear?) that she loves me more than anything at the sisterhood social.

I just want to help her.

Silver Spoon was splitting he day between seeing Caterlot's sights with us on Spike's private tour, and spending time in Canterlot with her father. There were places only Spike could get into, and there were places only Silver Spoon's dad could get into.

We wanted to come along, but apparently most of the places Silver went with her dad were 'private members and family only' or something. But I don't think any of us minded, I don't. I don't know about Spike or Scootaloo, but I know Applebloom, and I know I'd trade a month in Canterlot to spend a day with my parents.

Spike showed us a bunch of stuff that we didn't even KNOW was in Canterlot. We did run into this funny fountain that had a warning sign saying we weren't allowed to swim in it. No no no, I mean, it had our names on it saying we weren't allowed to swim in it.

"Ah see they made the signs bigger," Applebloom said.

The crown jewels really were pretty, I wonder why Princess Celestia doesn't wear them as much. There was a little posted note to Spike saying 'Not for eating.'

I think all of us were left speechless at what we saw. Spike said if Silver Spoon had to be with us for two spots on his tour, it had to be these.

"Get a look girls, Princess Celestia's golden apple tree."

"Are those really gold?" Silver Spoon's eyes widened.

"Just don't tell anypony."

"Can it make me fly?" Scootaloo touched the big tree.

"I don't think it works that way, sorry."

Applebloom gazed with reverence at the apple tree, "Does it really make you live forever?"

"That or turn you into a gold statue, nopony's been brave enough to find out as far as I know."

"What do you think I'd look like as a gold statue?" I asked. Okay, we weren't speechless. What? I'm just curious. Dolls and statues are nothing alike.


I DIDN'T share with Sweetie there were models who signed contracts to spend time AS gold statues in some of Canterlot's more 'special' galleries.

I actually intended this tour to be for my adult pony friends back when we visiting for the Gala. I never imagined I'd be giving the core CMC and Silver Spoon the tour!

I forget sometimes these girls are still fillies, everything is still wondrous and new for them. Or maybe, I forget I'm still a baby dragon. Ya know, Rarity is always saying how the Crusaders are in a rush to grow up. I'm going to be around for centuries, maybe I shouldn't rush trying to grow up too. It's just . . . Rarity isn't going to be around forever, and I want to win her heart while I still can.

I actually did try to arrange and put together Shining Armor's bachelor party. I mean, come on, I'm the only guy in this group, who else was gonna do it? But all of Shining Armor's friends were on duty, and couldn't time off. You think it would be easy since the bride and groom were their bosses, but Shining Armor kept giving the exact same speech like a robot about how duty came first, and protecting Equestria came first, and that a bachelor wasn't really his thing. Blech, guess the army really does suck all the fun out of you.

I asked Cadence, but,

"I'm sorry Spike, I'm helpless, it's Shining's decision, it's not like I can force his choices. Or make his decisions for him. I'm not his wife yet." Heh, we both had a laugh at that one.

Yes I was upset, my one job in the entire wedding, well, that and ring bearer, and I couldn't even do it because the groom didn't want it. I like Applebloom and the others, I really do. But I can't but feel, brushed off. It's a familiar feeling and I don't like.

At least the last stop on my tour gave me an excuse to drown my indignation.


Pony Joe's. I'd never tasted such great donuts in my life! Dash must have loved it when she came here! Maybe I can bring some back with me to our room at the castle! Oh that? Heh heh. Well. Me and Dash might have trashed the room a little, but it was so awesome, I've never lived it that good in my life! My parents and I never exactly stayed fancy hotels or given rooms by royalty!

Us Crusaders were supposed to have our room together all together, but Silver Spoon was sleeping in her dad's room, and Spike was sleeping with Twilight.

So we figured we'd bunk with our sisters instead.

But then Rarity blab about her and Sweetie 'needing their space' and Applebloom didn't want Sweetie Belle to be lonely and neither did Sweetie Belle, and I could sleep on Dash's bed any time I wanted now anyway and so the core three of us in our own royal bedroom!

The maid with a heart-flame candle cutie mark who cleaned it for us (somepony cleaning our messes for us! It was a dream come true!), must have not gotten much sleep cause she took a quick nap in the hallway at the sight of it before getting started and saying something about hazard pay. She was really nice and was surprised when we wanted to chat with her. She said her name was Arcane Spell and she had a little sister our age. We asked about her sister but she got a sad look on her face and said she didn't wanna talk about it.

We decided to try our hooves at Cutie Mark Crusader Royal Maids, but we had to cut it short for the rehearsal. Arcane Spell said she didn't mind finishing by herself. No we DIDN'T make the room MORE messy while helping clean, we ALL have plenty of experience cleaning our rooms! I wish everypony would stop thinking everything we Crusade turns into a disaster! We made our card super big for Miss Cheerilee but it didn't cause any trouble! We can help too! I'm skipping too far ahead? Okay.


Donuts. DONUTS! DONUTS! DONUTS! So many kinds! So many varieties! It was like the Gaia Festival all over again! And mom was in another town and couldn't tell me to watch my filly figure! I loved it! And with Spike's royal tab, I could stuff my face to my heart's content.

I may have gone a little too hyper when I ran around on the ceiling a few times. And when dad met up with us, he gave me a few words about making myself into a pig just to spite mom caring about my diet.

No I didn't suddenly hate him again for that. When I started to get a little woozy from too much sugar, I had to admit he was right. I'm an Earth Pony, so 'too much' tends to be very very much instead.

And it made me wonder. Did I chaff against being a lady because it wasn't me, or because it was what mom wanted and so I went for the opposite? I thought about how Scootaloo and Applebloom lived, and working before sunrise to sunset, playing wild sports . . . that wasn't me.

Sweetie Belle: she wasn't afraid to play in the mud, but she likes beautiful things, she believed in always having the right dresses and other necessitates on hoof . . . dad's right, me acting like a pig? That isn't me. I am a little lady, but I'm a little filly too! And I don't need to have just one friend for all my friends to be special.
Me? Ah was just thinkin' how Ah could tell Applejack how Pony Joe seemed like a reasonable sort, and he could maybe sell some of our apple treats in Canterlot!

And his apple-fritters, well, Ah think for the sake of family Ah better not say. We gotta a reputation to keep. Ah wonder what Zap-Apple Fritters would be like.

Ah was just all around happy all mah friends were havin' fun.


Silver Spoon sure liked her donuts. I keep forgetting her mom didn't let her eat sweets a lot. I think even Spike felt she went a little overboard. None of us really said much when her dad said Silver Spoon had been kinda a pig.

I never imagined Silver Spoon acting like that, then again, we only began to learn about the real Silver Spoon after Fluttershy's festival.

I gave her a hug.

"Be careful Silver Spoon, any more and you might need to resize your dresses," Scootaloo teased.

I tensed.

"I guess you're right," Silver Spoon said with a small laugh and a smile. I felt relieved.

Have I had any other odd feelings since the night I was hurt and sang with Rarity? Not really, yes, no, maybe? I just feel this far away calm, like those ice ages they talk about in school, no heart to it, just this chilly creeping sense of waiting.


Do I wish I was helping Rarity right now? I guess me and Sweetie Belle have that much in common.

Me and Silver? I try to imagine what it would be like if Twilight ever said to me the things Diamond Tiara said to Silver Spoon . . . I don't like where it goes.

Normally I don't come with everypony, and no I'm not happy about that, but it did mean I wasn't in Ponyville to look after things. (I don't look after ALL of the girls' animals at once, but I normally do after one or two).

This wasn't their first full herd trip, remember Appleloosa? But I wasn't in Ponyville in this time.

Never said I didn't know I was needed remember? Okay so I forget that, a lot.

Big Mac is taking care of Applejack's dog. Angel and Owlowcious are pretty much taking care of themselves, I think. The Cakes are taking care of Gummy.

Rainbow Dash had to ask around the weather team until Raindrop agreed to keep an eye on Tank.

As for Rarity and her cat . . . Since Rarity didn't want to risk taking unruly Opal to Canterlot this time and Fluttershy being in Canterlot with her . . . it took a lot of begging and pleading for the twins to look after the furry Tartarus-spawn of their best customer.

The bell above the door rang.

"Spike? Is that you? I've been looking all over Canterlot for you."

That was a voice I hadn't heard in a long long time.


Spike looked like Applebloom whenever she said she saw Ruby.


"Moon Dancer?" I whispered turning to look at the mare.

She was just as I remembered, milky white coat, red mane and tail, and her moon and stars cutie mark. When I first met her, I thought she was the most beautiful unicorn in the world. Now I couldn't stop myself from thinking she was the second most beautiful. Just because Twilight didn't socialize didn't mean I didn't too. I had gone to parties at Canterlot Castle and Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, I didn't hesitate to take part in the fun at Twilight's 'Welcome To Ponyville' party remember? So yeah, I knew a lot of unicorns in Canterlot, I wasn't best friends with any of them, my first priority had always been Twilight, but that didn't mean I was socially stunted like her.

Okay, I liked Moondancer, I admit it. She was pretty, she was nice, she was smart, and all those other things a guy looks for in a mare. I didn't buy her a birthday present just cause . . . repairing that teddy-bear before we left had been harder than you think. I barely had time to say good-bye to her. She took it really, really really well. I didn't think she loved me, I just figured we'd get, ya know, closer over time. But then came Ponyville, and then came the new most beautiful mare in Equestria who was classier than classy, loved the finer things in life without treating them like the only things in life, and I basically fell head over heels at first sight and barely thought of Moondancer again.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Barely?)

Okay, I can't remember when I last thought of her. I didn't feel proud of that, even if she didn't like me that way, she was still a friend. She was still always somepony who'd been there for her friends. I hadn't even thought of visiting her the times I had come back to Canterlot. She likely didn't notice the difference, but seeing her here, I was kinda ashamed a little. I couldn't see her blue eyes, she was wearing sun glasses.

"Hello Spike, it's been forever, I was hoping I could find you."

"Find me?"

"Yes you Spike. I haven't seen you since you left for Ponyville, I'm so sorry I didn't think to see you any of your times in Canterlot, that was inconsiderate of me."

"Spike." Sweetie Belle said flatly. "Who is this?"

"Oh! Heheh! Sweetie Belle, Moondancer. Moondancer, Sweetie Belle. No need to talk about this to Rarity, at all."

Ugh! Did I just say that?! Stupid stupid!

"Whose Rarity?" Moondancer asked.

"A very nice mare I met in Ponyville she's super nice, and very pretty," I said before I could stop myself.

Silver Spoon looked at me like she could read the entire story in a second and looked annoyed.

"Oh is that so?" Moondancer whispered smiling.

I looked at the other other CMC, "Moondancer was a classmate of Twilight's! I went to the parties of hers that Twilight got invited to in her place."

"And it was very adorable to have such a cute, sweetie, pretty, and polite dragon at them all." Moon Dancer said smiling. "It felt a little boring not having you there with me."

"Friend of a friend huh?" Sweetie Belle said not smiling.

"We're just friends!" I swore.

"If you say so," Scootaloo said.

Silver's dad politely turned a deaf ear to the whole conversation. Thank Celestia.

"Great to hear ya have friends in Canterlot Spike," Applebloom tried to say politely, glancing at Sweetie Belle.

"I'm sure Rarity is happy too." Sweetie Belle said.

"Now now filly, don't be like that," Moon Dancer smiled, "I just wanted to catch up on a good friend, that's all. And it's been what, two years now Spike?"

Uh, can we please skip all this? Me blushing? Erm, I plead the fifth and point out I'm a cold blooded dragon who can't physically do that. So yeah, me and Moondancer talked, caught up on the old days, me boasting about all the stuff I've witnessed, and saved Ponyville from strangling itself over Twilight's doll by mailing the letter to Celestia, doing my best to keep Twilight grounded, cooking, cleaning, and doing all the other things Twilight would be utterly helpless trying to do on her own.

I think the others were surprised when I DIDN'T exaggerate.

Celestia it was embarrassing. And I kept feeling Sweetie Belle's eyes on me.


If Spike had a mare that he wanted as his special-somepony before my big sister. What was to keep him from just wanting another mare as his special somepony when he meets somepony prettier than my big sister? That sounded a lot like how Rarity described Prince Blueblood.


I was feeling more than a little trapped between Moondancer acting more comfy than she used to around me and Sweetie not liking it.

I wish I could say she was irresistible, or I could say I was just being polite towards her, or that the CMC knew I was just being nice. I wasn't. Rarity didn't vanish from my head thank you very much. But I wanted to prove to myself I guess, that if given the chance, I could be a gentledragon to a mare who treated me nice and not try to swoon them off their feet. Besides, even if Moondancer hadn't like me in that way, we were still friends enough that I wanted a chance to show I could be nice. Or maybe I wanted to just make up for forgetting she even existed after laying eyes on Rarity's perfection. And I wanted, I needed to know, that what I felt for Moondancer wasn't the same as for Rarity. And I hadn't just flirted onto a new pretty face.

I wanted to be Rarity's knight in shining scales. And Moondancer, she was still my friend.

So when she invited me over to her place, just me, for an evening, I couldn't think of a polite way to say no.

I promised to be back soon and asked Mr. Silver to get the girls back to their big sisters.

Moondancer being a collage mare meant she wasn't glanced at as much by Canterlot ponies who found ponies going around naked as weird. Me going around naked didn't bother 'em much, I'm not a pony and most dragon nobility didn't wear clothes anyway...and technically I am dragon nobility.

I've been to Moondancer's place once or twice before, with other friends of hers, but never alone like this. It still has plenty of stuff animals and the rolled up dance mat. I saw my present with them. Unlike some ponies I could name, Moondancer was never unhappy about there being those better than her at something. She never groaned about those better than her, and never rubbed in the faces of those she could do better than. That's the kind of pony she was.

I saw a bunch of letter on her desk, noticed they were all addressed to an 'Amethyst Star' in Ponyville. Where had I heard that name before?

Moondancer locked the door behind us to give us some privacy. I was relieved for it. I was sure one of the CMC was shadowing me or something. The less rumors they could churn out of this the better.

"Make yourself comfy Spike. I meant it when I said you're a good friend."

"Uh, thanks."

Moondancer took off her sunglasses.

"Moondancer, your changed your eye color?" Well, this might not have been the first time she tried this sort of thing.

"Do you like them? They were changed for the wedding. Princess Cadence considered me for a bridesmaid, but she decided that I'd be more useful as a greeter in case a friend of a friend showed up who has a habit of wrecking things like an on coming storm."

"Oooh, one of THOSE friends."


"Wait! Did you say- Princess Cadence wanted YOU as a bridesmaid?"

"Incredible isn't it? I was completely caught off guard. I know Minuette and Twinkle Shine, and would know if anything was wrong with them, so she thought it was best if I took part too, but then she had much better ideas."

"So you'll be taking part in the wedding too?"

"I'm more of a back-up plan than anything, like I said, in case some unwanted guests show up. So what do you think of how my eyes look? It's really a new fad here in Canterlot, everypony will be into it very soon. It's a real run away fad Spike."

"Well, you know fads, here today, gone tomorrow. Everypony was over my friend Fluttershy when she was modeling, but fluttered onta the next thing as soon as-"

"So what do you think of them?" She moved on close, gently letting me look into her eyes.

"They're . . . they're really really pretty." Well. I hadn't had my first crush on her for nothing.

"You need to really see how great it is. A little change can help you really get away from your troubles. It's a really great way to get a new perspective and escape the trap of routine."

" . . . I . . . dunno . . . I dunno alot . . . ya sure are pretty." I dunno what it was, but I felt really comfy. So comfy. Yeah. But at the same time...I couldn't help feeling something was off. How she was talking just seemed...weird...wrong...I couldn't tell what it was.

"Please Spike, don't you want to try it out out? It really does make me feel clear headed. I promise nothing bad'll happen if you do this."

"Moondancer." Rarity, "wha' 'er ya' 'oin'."

"Shhhhhh," she nuzzled me. "Just relax. This will not hurt a bit. You'll like it." I dimly heard the door behind us unlock and open. "Welcome Your Majesty."


"Don't follow them," Silver Spoon said before I could convince the others to do exactly that. "Trust me. The less you get involved in this the better." She said the next part lower so her dad wouldn't hear, "Spike's not an adult, he isn't going to ignore things just to be polite. If we try to throw ourselves into the mix, it'll just make things more complicated, and not in a good way."


Mom and dad always insisted I attend their big adult parties, so I guess I knew more about being a mare than a filly. I saw and heard of one pony who tried to mend the friendship between two of his friends, in the end he only made the situation worse and lose his own friendship with them. I wasn't about to let the new friends I'd made repeat that same mistake. I've been taught how to play the game, I could tell Spike didn't want to go with her. Well, either Spike would realize he didn't know the difference between love and a crush (not sure I did), he'd 'fix' things with Moondancer, or Rarity might stumble on the mess and make things more 'interesting.'

I'll confess, I couldn't stop the sense of excitement at this juicy little bit of gossip . . . I wish Diamond Tiara had let me help her on the school paper, I could have provided her with enough high society gossip that she wouldn't have even needed Gabby Gums. And maybe actually popped some egos that needed popping.

Point was, I knew the CMC being involved was only going to make things more nasty.


I didn't like it when Scootaloo and Applebloom argued, and I didn't like it when Rarity and me argued. And I didn't want to argue with Silver Spoon. But I still wanted to go check on Spike.

Just because I don't like Rarity's rules doesn't mean I never learned any of them. I knew how to say one thing and mean another. We CMC did everything together. But the others weren't going to help, so I was going to follow Spike on my own.

I was surprised when Mr. Silver put a hoof in front of me and looked me in the eye saying, "Let them go. This is private for them." I was surprised by the no-non-sense look on his face, it was the same look he gave Silver Spoon telling her not to be a pig. My hooves didn't want to move. It reminded me of the identical look all the royal guards had (were they all cloned with a magic mirror or something?).

Mr. Silver gave us a much shorter tour of Canterlot, but my mind wasn't on it. Spike wasn't back at the castle yet. Not following him just didn't feel right. I wonder if this is how Applebloom felt when she wanted her cutie mark super-bad that day she visited Zecora's. And I could feel it more than before, that weird feeling that felt like a 'cold wind far away.'

The night before the wedding (being part of a royal wedding, we got a couple days off from school), I couldn't sleep. Rarity had been saying Twilight had been acting a little paranoid. And Spike if anything had acted too normal when he got back. Was he bottling up what happened?

Luckily our room had a balcony (our big sisters hadn't known that I think, or they might think we might try to be Cutie Mark Crusader Cat Burglars or Assassins or 'Run-Awayers' (which was silly, we'd done those already).

Going outside, and looking around, I didn't see any pegasi nearby or other open windows, and the others were fast asleep. My family has a song we're only supposed to sing around family for some reason, it's been past down since forever.

It made me feel a bit stronger inside every time I heard it. I closed my eyes and sang.

"Sweet Music
Sweet music
Ooh sweet music
That's what I hear when you appear

Sweet music
Ooh sweet music
Life is a tune when you are near

When you are gone
The song just isn't there
But then I see your face again
And music fills the air, fills the air

Sweet music
Ooh sweet music
I love the sound when you're around

Sweet music
Ooh sweet music
Beautiful harmonies abound
I know our song will never die, never die, yeah
We make sweet music you and I, you and I
We make sweet music, you and I"

"That was a very lovely song Sweetie Belle."

I startled. I opened my eyes and saw Princess Cadence sitting on top of the banister before fluttering down next to them.

"Princess Cadence! Please! Don't tell anypony about that song! It's a family secret!"

"I promise I won't tell, princess' honor!"

"Thank you. But I thought I was alone."

"Don't worry, your song was so full of love I could sense it half-way across Canterlot in my sleep. It was very very beautiful. It was so full of love. I've never heard anything like it before in my life. It's incredible. I think anypony who hears it would feel so much love, they'd be able to eat it all up and there'd still be enough for seconds!"

I giggled at the funny metaphor. "Thank you! Mom and Rarity say how it carries the love of every member of our family who sang it before. Or something like that. Sounds kinda funny to me."

"Oh not at all. Love comes in many shapes and forms. So many different textures and flavors. Like music itself. You know, so many songs in the world are love songs, I think they're everypony's favorite. You know Sweetie Belle, you sing very lovely indeed. There is so much love in your voice, you really should share it with everypony. That is my honest opinion as a singer by the way."

Something felt funny about that last part but still, "Thank you very much. You really think so?"

"I KNOW so! I know music and I know love, and your voice has both . . . Sweetie Belle . . ." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "How'd you like to have a special part in the ceremonies?"

"I'm already a flower filly."

"Yes but this is something super special, just for you. Something only that lovely voice of yours can do, and give so many others strength just by hearing it. I know it would be PERFECT for you to sing after the wedding ceremony."

"ME?!" I blushed bright red. "Sing?! In front of . . . in front of . . ."

She leaned closer, and whisper in my ears, looking me in the eyes. "I know it's scary to be in front of a large crowd. Thinking of what they could be thinking of you. But I speak truth when I tell you, they don't matter. Your performance is yours. It's something beautiful to be shared, if those you share it with don't appreciate it, then that's their problem. Your voice is lovely, and should be shared. There is nothing to be afraid up, nothing to be worried about, nothing to think about it. If you like, I could help you. Would you like that?"

"That, that would be nice." She was so pretty. I wanted to be pretty like her.

"Would you like to make your sister proud of you? She mentioned how you always want to show her what you can do, now's your chance."

My heart skipped a beat. "Y-Yes! I want that!"

"I know. This is my special day after all. And as one of my flower fillies, you're a part of my special day. And a good little piece does what she's told. She doesn't need to worry, she doesn't need to have second thoughts. To be a good little part, just do what I tell you. That'll make your sister very proud when you do what you're told. She won't get upset you, she won't get mad at you. She'll love you for doing such a nice job. You want that do you?"


"How much do you want it?"

"M-more than anything."

"Then just be a good little part of the plan. Don't worry. Don't question. Only obey. It's what makes you happy to obey, because you're doing what I want, which is what your sister wants. My little song bird."

I feel all my troubles wash away. I can't even remember what I was so worried about before. I smiled at her pretty smile. "I'm your little song bird."

"And what does the little song bird do?"

"She obeys."

"And what makes my little song bird happy?"

"To obey. Because I'm a good little part of the plan. I won't mess up at all. I promise."

Her Majesty ruffled my mane. I'm a good little song bird.

"Now just keep repeating those thoughts until you wake up in the morning. They're all you need to think about until then. And no need to mention any of this to anypony."

"I don't need to mention any of this to anypony."

"Yes, because you're my obedient little song bird."

"Because I'm your obedient little song bird."

"Just trust in what I want my little song bird, it's my special day, so what I want is what's best. Don't worry, don't be afraid, just be happy little song bird, and know that Her Majesty knows what's best."

"You know what's best Your Majesty, I won't worry, I won't be scared. I'm happy to be your little song bird." And I was so much!

Her Majesty graces me with more of her precious time, telling me what a good little song bird was to do, I listen like a good little song bird should. She kisses me on the forehead, gives me a hung with her wings, and I go straight to bed, because that was what I was told to do. And a good little song bird doesn't question, she only obeys. It feels good to obey. Because I'm Her Majesty's little song bird. If you can't trust Her Majesty, who can you trust? And I know she'll do what's best!

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