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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 151: Reach For the Stars Part 1

Prince Blueblood: Reach for the stars
A tribute to: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Healing Pony POV Series by alexwarlorn
Status: canon (yes, you are reading this right)
WRITTEN BY ItsfromPeople

Close the doors! CLOSE THE DOORS! I... I think I still need some time before I can see sunlight again. You can laugh about me if you want. I know most of my simple-minded servants find this idea simply hilarious. They are all just too happy to not see me outside of my own luxurious room.

Servants act obediently when you are standing before them but they constantly talk behind your back about you and will spread rumours about you if you are not careful. Sometimes this happens even if you are careful. The slightest mistake or misunderstanding will be turned against you. You can never trust lowly commoners. Princess Celestia is still haunted by countless idiotic and baseless rumors.

Silence? And since you have forgotten to introduce yourselves like you SHOULD have to a prince, it is my turn to start introductions. My name is Prince Blueblood. It is about time you show up to interview the third most important pony in Canterlot. My two eternal aunts are of course the two most important ponies in this legendary place. So they must have been your first choices for interviews. After all they are the Princesses of the Night and the D-D-D-Day.

Once the last Grand Galloping Gala was over I thought that this was the worst possible thing that would ever happen to me. I was wrong for once.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Have you ever planed or considered revenge against Miss Rarity for "ruining" the gala for you?)

How stupid do you think I am? Wait, do not answer this question. I know Twilight Sparkle and I was there when the window, celebrating the victory of her and her group over Nightmare Moon, was unveiled. It was one of the more important events of the year. I know the names of every single one of the Elements of Harmony. Despite not any of them being of a noble bloodline, they have somehow managed to do something wonderful and brought Auntie Luna back to us.

This made Miss Rarity a more then acceptable choice for the Gala. An entourage of somepony like me needs to shine on her own to let me shine even brighter. A mare of an ancient noble family or a famous celebrity is the best choice for me. And as the Element of Generosity, Miss Rarity was a member of the later category. Since she wasn't even a noble, this also meant that I had a servant for the evening with me. She was also a very good shield once I was attacked. It was so convenient!

Of course there are the disappointing evenings when I am unable to find a mare with neither of these qualities and have to take a mere beautiful mare.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): They are ponies and you treat them like accessories. Do you ever think how THEY have felt about that?)

No, why should I? I have my standards and it is the fault of the others if they are not able to live up to it. For example being the Element of Honesty, didn't mean that I would accept lowly common carnival fare from that mare. Imagine the talk if my royal self was seen eating such base things! And as a colt I was taught that the food of commoners is unclean and infectious.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Now I don't know if I want to punch you or take pity on you.)

And then got an entire cake worth of the poisonous material on my royal person! What right did Miss Rarity have to speak to me in such a base manner? I give her the privilege of being with me for one evening, and the honor of protecting my royal person, and she thinks she has the right to speak to me in such a rude manner and ruin my coat!

Of course I wanted them to face justice for their rube-like actions, having ruined my coat and publicly humiliating me and making me a laughing stock for months to come! Oh and I guess maybe ruining the evening of many other high-class ponies, trampling some under wild animals, traumatizing many animals of Auntie's private zoo, damaging or destroying ancestral musical instruments, ruining a priceless work of art, costing thousands of bits in property damage, and psychologically scarring some of our more fragile high class ponies with a crippling phobia of the color combination of yellow and pink. But most importantly dirtying and humiliating me!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Oh... Oh I'm sorry. I guess... I guess they didn't go and think about everythin' after they had so much with-)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Shush!)

But Auntie insisted on paying for everything out of her own personal funds, including the psychological care for guests and her animals, visiting each one personally (I suspect some at the same time). And she commissioned a replacement statue. I don't know how she found a replacement for the cello that was destroyed. She also privately and personally pardoned her favourite and her five friends before the paper work had even finished processing.

If I did something like that, I'd be on the face of every tabloid for a year, be banned from the Gala for the rest of my life, and likely be suspended from the rest if I was lucky! I wonder if I saved the world that I'd be allowed to destroy property and ruin evenings and get away scot-free.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): I...I really am sorry. It's just, after seeing how boring the Gala was, a lotta them were heart broken.)

And that gives them the right to-

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Let us concentrate on the topics. What did you experience when Discord was freed from his imprisonment?)

You still not know about it? I thought the traitorous servants already bragged about that.

I was just relaxing in my own room and went over some of my personal maps of the Canterlot Castle. It was a hobby that started a long time ago, around the time I had gotten my cutie mark. I had drawn every single one of these maps myself. I took a break and looked over the pictures of myself that hung on the walls.

Suddenly the most magnificent and detailed compass I had ever seen appeared before me. I wanted to buy ten copies of this object instantly. It was almost divine but suddenly it began to talk.

"Oh what luck I have, good old Galaxia had a few kids and even today a few of them are still around."

I had absolutely no idea who the compass was talking about. This was about the moment when I realized that a talking compass was there with me in the same room and I did the smart thing and ran for the door.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): So you just ran away?)

Did you expect me to stay and talk with a floating compass?

As I opened the door as fast as possible a stallion made of fire was standing before me and blocked my exit. He looked great, he reminded me a lot on myself. The compass continued to talk.

"There is no need to run. I won't do the same thing I did with Galaxia. That was over way too soon. And didn't you always want to be more like Auntie Celestia? I can make that happen."

It was crazy, it was like the compass was reading my mind!

I had to admit that being made out of fire looked kinda amazing. Maybe something inspired by Princess Luna would also improve my appearance. A mane flowing with stars for example. It is really hard to come up with ideas how I could look any better. But the look on the face of this twin made out of fire did unnerve me more then I wanted to admit.

"I... erm, that is... let's see... but first... could you... but..."

The compass face sighed irritably.

"You see... yes I suppose but... if I had to choose... if there's that could be improved... of course then there's..."

A fiery mane or a mane made out of stars? Maybe that would shut-up those absurd college students who popped up every few years claiming that I was no way actually related to Auntie and therefore had no right to be called a Prince and should be thrown out of Canterlot. What should I chose? Would my suits or coat still go with that? What was this thing made of fire anyway? An illusion or something?

Princess Luna and Auntie gave some of their magic to their royal guards, why couldn't they give some to me?! Don't I deserve it more?

"And I thought 'fun and games by proxy' was supposed to be poetic. It is no fun if you don't talk back. You're boring. So we'll just skip the build-up and go to the next part and I move on to some more interesting ponies. But here's one bit of fun. Remember: the sun is trying to kill you."

Suddenly the compass was gone and the stallion moved closer to me. It was this moment when I noticed that I was made out of ice. Ice! I could see right through myself! I couldn't see any ice internal organs or bones, just ice! This wasn't what I had in mind when I thought about Princess Luna. And the stallion closed in on me. I was so hot. Wait! I started to melt! The stallion grinned wider.

It was trying to kill me, just like the compass had said! I had to get out of here. I had to get somewhere, anywhere where it couldn't reach me. I briefly noticed that I left small patches of ice on the floor as I stumbled around the room.

"You can not hide from the warmth of the sun."

The fire creature spoke in my own voice!

I didn't think much and picked up the small table with all my priceless, unique maps and smashed it against this fire creature and ran to the door. Do you know how long it took to draw all these maps and add all the details to them? Days of my hard work were ruined!

"Why are you afraid? Embrace me, beautiful."

Outside I had to find some of these lazy guards and let them arrest this fire thing. They are never there when I needed them. Only then did I notice that everypony else had gone insane. I heard disturbing shrieks from the library. It sounded like somepony was dragged back into something and suddenly everything was silent.

Instantly I ran into the opposite direction. I saw ponies ramming their heads into the walls until they started to bleed. Others jumped around like hyperactive children, ignoring the damage when they hit the ground. There had to be somepony left to help me, someone to fix this.

Then I saw Princess Celestia. It was wrong. It was just so wrong. She looked like a little filly. The eternal goddess of the day that was always the calm center of this ever-changing world was standing before me like a parody of the wise ruler she was supposed to be.

As an Alicorn she was high above any mortal pony and because her family shared her blood with me, it made me more important to any normal noble, rich pony or lowly commoner.

This had to be a trick, an imposter, an illusion or a fake. This simply couldn't be! How could this thing dare to impersonate the Sun Goddess herself?

"Ah! A cute icy mare! Are you Lulu's pet made cute?"

"I am not a mare or a pet, you brat! I am a stallion!"

What happened to my voice? Why was it suddenly so different?

Unfortunately the wall right next to me had turned to glass and I could see my reflection. I had turned into a mare. When did that happen? I guess I was too concentrated on the fact that I was turned into ice to notice this additional transformation.

And damn was I hot. No pun intended. I mean just wow. I never thought about what I would have looked like if I wasn't born a colt but I should have known that I would still look amazing. Once I get back to normal it would be hard to find a mare for a night that could compete with this.

"Come to me beautiful Princess Blueblood!"

The fire thing had found me again. I had to do something. I desperately looked at the demented filly standing before me. But she had turned her attention to the few guards that had bothered to come to my aid and turned them into clockwork creatures walking around in circles. Was she trying to get me killed?

I could feel my body melting as the fire thing came closer and closer. Then it hit me in the face. These powers, this ability to change the guards at will... This was not some cheap knockoff.

Princess Celestia was truly standing before me and she did nothing to help me. Then she was just gone.

She left me all alone with this fire thing! Was the compass right? It was my cutie mark after all. Did it try to warn me that Celestia herself was trying to murder me? Was this fire thing a creation of hers?

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): You got this all wrong.)

"There is no need to be afraid of the sun."

How could she hate me so much? Did I really matter so little to her? Was it a punishment for not being born as an Alicorn like Cadence?

But... I am a pony born from the noblest bloodline and related to the Alicorns themselves. I am important. You can't just throw me away like nothing!

I just ran away, away from this fire thing, away from all the insane ponies, away from all the things the ponies had turned into, just away from everything. But there was no escape from this chaotic hell.

I tried multiple times to escape the castle but somehow all ways just led back inside. Exploration and map-making were my special talents but that was completely worthless as this entire castle had stopped making sense. I already ran past my own room six times despite running away from it.

Suddenly I saw Princess Luna. She wasn't a filly, she wasn't a thing and in fact she looked refreshingly frustrated. She was still sane! She would save me from everything!

"Help me!"

The worthless guards did nothing for me. They really never do anything but stand around.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Had you already forgotten the guards that did try to come to your aid and risked there own lives for you mere minutes ago?)

At this point, yes I had completely forgotten about them.

"Auntie Luna! Please! Save me!"

"....Blueblood?! What the...?"

I had to roll my eyes at her reaction. My sorry state might have something to do with all the CHAOS GOING ON HERE!

"Of all the foalish questions at a time like... Oh no, he's coming!"

The fire thing had found me again. How did it keep following me? Did I watch too many horror movies?

"Uh... Well, for once I can deny I set anyone on fire..."

I did the sane thing and hid behind my immortal invincible aunt as ice begins to form on her wings. Like I care about that right now, just do something! Anything! Don't leave me all alone. Not again. Please not you too.

"Please! Stop him! Extinguish him! Before he melts me!"

I found myself crying. A prince doesn't cry but this chaos had taken even this away from me.

"Blueblood, if it's another transformed pony putting him out would kill him... her... was it a her before?"

She does care more about the fire thing then about me. I was abandoned again. Did nopony care about me anymore? Had anypony ever?

I continued to run away. I raced through another door when it suddenly closed itself behind me. For once I had luck and it blocked the fire thing long enough to allow me to get some distance between us.

Soon I could hear its voice singing close to me. How the hay does it keep finding me? Was it the sunlight that gave my position away to this fire thing? But there is no escape from the sun.

I don't even know how long I lasted. Time didn't seem to matter in this chaotic hell.

Eventually I couldn't run anymore. I was completely spent.

The fire thing closed in on me. I didn't even care anymore.

"Lovely Princess Blueblood, now you will be mine."

That was it. I knew that this was the end of the line for me. And nopony even cared.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Did you regret anything at this point? Something you had said or done?)

No, in this moment I was too exhausted to think about anything like this. I just wanted it to finally be over.

Suddenly a bright light covered everything but instead of melting me completely, it felt warm. Like an embrace of something long forgotten.

For a moment I saw an Alicorn I had never seen before. She was simply wonderful; it was like seeing the entire beauty of the stars compressed into a single being. Her expression was hard to read. Was she disappointed? Was she sad? Was she trying to hide tears? I wondered if she was one of my ancestors... I KNOW I have an Alicorn for an ancestor! I know I do!

For the fraction of a second I felt free before the light vanished and I couldn't see the fire thing anywhere. There was a cute maid next to me. I had to focus! But where was the fire thing? It must be hiding. It must still be after me! There was no escape. So I ran back into my room. Only the darkness was safe.

I heard voices outside but I was too afraid to take a look. Eventually a few servants came and tried to get me to go outside into the dangerous light. It took me some time to realize that I found my own room without any trouble. This meant that the architecture of the castle was back to normal. But I was still too afraid to walk outside. It was around then I realized I was no longer made of ice and again my handsome stallion self.

Why are you three still not laughing? Isn't it hilarious? Prince Blueblood is afraid of normal sunlight. I must have become the laughing stock of every servant in the castle. Some had their fun with little mirrors. Of course I never saw who.

I've had therapy since then. It took a lot of expensive and extended therapy but I think I need a few more months before I am able to walk normally in the sunlight again. As long as the light isn't too bright I don't get any new panic attacks for now. Do you know how much of a hindrance this is for diplomatic missions?

The therapist also said that somehow I manage to have a superiority complex and an inferiority complex at the same time. Saying I needed to learn about something called 'em-path-e.' I love making maps and I've never even heard of that road.

I guess it may be connected to the fact that after all these evenings spend with mares, not a single one of them ever came back. I always awake alone.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): That is... erm... could you tell us how you got your cutie mark?)

Now this is a sudden turn in conversation. And it feels somewhat strange to talk about it.

It was a long time ago when I was the most important young prince in the entire castle. I never had left the castle at this point but I knew the insides of it perfectly, every single piece of furniture.

The instructors and my mother had forbidden me to leave this castle until I was old enough to protect myself. And I was told to always follow the rules they made for me and to never talk with others, especially commoners. I was told that to represent my bloodline, my behavior had to follow these guidelines perfectly.

Playing with others was of course forbidden as well. There was the danger that somepony working for a tabloid would take a picture and turn it into a story that could ruin my life forever mother said.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Where are your parents anyway?)

Lady Pure Blood had a diplomatic position and was always... always busy representing the bloodline and Equestria around the world. I think I have seen Princess Celestia more often then my own mother... I mean Lady Pure Blood. She always insisted on being called by her title. Not that I have seen the Princess that often... Lady Pure Blood died when I was eight years old because of a sickness... on one of her diplomatic missions.

She made sure I always spoke addressed as mine title, a ruler on the flanks made sure I remembered that rule, don't look like that, it was for my own good, she said so. Her will made sure my instructors continued to mold me into the proper Prince I was destined to be.

My father? ... His name was Blue Zenith. His biggest joy was to explore the world in his personal airship the Windfish I. He... left us in an accident in one of these dangerous light airships when I was about three years old.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): I am sorry, I had no idea.)

Maybe that is one reason that I do volunteer for so many political missions outside of Canterlot... It allows me to be closer to my parents... both of them... and to be free. I deserve it after all.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): So let me get this straight, you grew up most of your life without your mother AND father, and your mother's will made sure that you weren't to have any foalhood friends?!)

She also left the family fortune so I would continue to be well cared for as a Prince should be. A Prince Blueblood is a Prince Blueblood after all. We are a staple of Canterlot itself as much as Auntie Celestia.

But I don't want to bore you with that any further... you wanted to know about the cutie mark.

Back when I was just a young good-looking prince, I had to find something that I could do alone and I soon started to explore the castle. There was always something new to find and there are even a few hidden paths in the castle. I always had some drawing utensils and paper with me to draw my own maps.

Getting away from the servants that were supposed to watch over me was easy. I got really good in hiding behind furniture and ponies if they were looking for me.

Princess Celestia was mostly busy either teaching the antisocial bookworm Sparkle about magic or instructing Cadence how to use her powers. So I saw the Princess about once a week. But I was sure that she was watching over me. We were related after all.

As a fellow Alicorn Cadence was of course much closer to her. This was surely the reason she spent so much time with her. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I was born as an Alicorn as well. Would the Princess have given me the title of a prince, instead of Lady Pure Blood declaring me one, shortly after father had died? Would have Princess Celestia spend more time with me?

I tried to concentrate on learning magic that would be useful for my little adventures. I might not be a mage unicorn but seeing in the dark and seeing through walls were one of the first spells I learned. Now that I am older, seeing through walls has other uses. As long as the mares don't find it out, I am safe.

I know a few stallions who would give a lot to be able to do this. Ace would absolutely love this ability.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Okay, now I want to punch you.)

Don't be silly, I only use it on commoners.

I even had found the secret passage under the Royal Entryway but to this day I have no idea how to open it. There were a ridiculous number of protection spells on that one.

Maybe I will just ask Auntie Luna one day what is hidden under it.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Did you ever sneak into Princess Celestia's personal chambers?)

You don't really expect me to answer this question, do you? That kind of behavior would be unfit for a prince anyway.

I did manage once to sneak into this one tower chamber that didn't have any doors and only windows, and found some flowers at the base of statues of an Alicorn, the three tribes, and some kind of butterfly and fish pony. And there were some odd cutie marks lining the room, including Cadence's and Auntie's. Of course I had trouble getting down so in a princely manner screamed for help.

Nopony asked about what I said seen, and I never spoke of it to anypony.

One day I had found another passage and it led to underground caves with countless crystals and gems there. Later I heard that long before the Princesses ruled Equestira unicorns forced earth ponies to mine vulnerable gems in that place.

Hating earth ponies or pegasi for being well... earth ponies or pegasi seemed even back then very pointless to me. After all an Alicorn embodies all three tribes, so how could any of them be inferior? The race of somepony doesn't matter as long as he or she is a noble. Why are you facehooving?

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): If you are asking this, then you are really clueless.)

Whatever, I spent hours exploring the place and drew wonderful maps of the entire place. I think at one point down there I gained my cutie mark.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): And...?)

What? I was so exited about the entire thing that I didn't take the time to watch my rump every minute. I know these kind of stories usually have the cutie mark appear in the most important and meaningful moment but sometimes ponies are simply too concentrated on something else to care.

I think I gave a few servants panic attacks with my long absence. I knew that they would be punished for not watching over me like they were supposed to. But if they were unable to do this task, then it was simply their own fault.

Princess Celestia was - of course - busy with a lesson for Twilight Sparkle and didn't even notice that I was gone for hours.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Did it hurt to realize this?)

Well it was a bit strange to see Princess Celestia not even noticing that I was missing for so long but she simply had more important things to do. If nobles stand above the common ponies, then of course the Sun Goddess is standing high above us nobles.

I guess in the end our mortal activities don't matter much to her. The only pony that is able to reach her is Cadence, another Alicorn.

It is just like I never bothered to read the letter the cowpony Element of Harmony had written to me. What does she know about me anyway?

I think I understand it all better now. Princess Celestia didn't care much for me when the chaos monster ripped everything apart, so it makes perfect sense that she didn't care much back then either. I wasn't born as an Alicorn, so I may simply be inferior in her eyes.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): You got this all completely wrong! The Princess would never... It pains her so much...)

Sometimes I actually envy Twilight Sparkle. She does get so much attention from Princess Celestia despite not having the noble bloodline I have. What does make her so special? What does make her so much more important then the rest of us? Is it her magic? Sometimes I just wish that auntie would not hate...

Hey! Get this foal off me! Stop hugging me!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): No.)

Let go. I said LET GO!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): And I said no.)

Fine, I give up. You really don't want to let go.

You are really stubborn you know that, do you? You remind me of somepony...

Is that a Smarty Pants doll next to you? It looks so old. But you took good care of it. I can see that. Looks customized. Now don't look so surprised. This doll was very popular back then. I drew a mini map on the miniature notebook of my doll.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Do you still own it?)

Of course. I collect every single map I draw. When the chaos monster attacked us, many important documents located inside the castle were destroyed but luckily I had placed most of my collection on the Wind Fish V. Thankfully my latest yacht wasn't affected by the day of chaos.

Thinking about my collection brings back memories.

I think I will take a walk and take a look at my collection again. The sun is slowly rising outside. Farewell.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): You know that pain doesn't simply go away with a simple hug?)

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): No, but it can be a start.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Sometimes when ponies lash out in pain, they need a reminder that they are still loved.)


You three again? It's been some time since I last saw you. A lot had happened since then. It is slightly hard to order my thoughts at the moment. I just don't know why.

A few days after the fire monster tried to kill me a really cute maid was standing before my door but suddenly ran away. I wouldn't find this that strange but ever since then I saw her multiple times standing before my room. This nice spell that allows me to look through walls is sure very handy to know who is standing before your door.

But she always turns back and looks so sad. She never smiles. Maybe I should talk with her? What do you think?

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): I don't think that you should ask any of us for dating advice.)

I had ordered a few clothes from Miss Rarity to make up for the ruined evening at the Gala and because I could need a few new tuxedos and she has a rather impressive reputation. While I loathed it, the simple fact was that she was in fashion, and it would be unfashionable for a prince to be in anything less. But I think either she has a very strange humor or the order was mixed up. I got ten elegant dresses. I think I will give my next date one as a present. Maybe Sunny Day would like one for herself as well.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Focus! Don't turn into Pinkie Pie!)

Oh! I completely forgot the interview! Ask away!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): What was your encounter with Princess Gaia like?)

Who knew that Lady Fluttershy would ever be able to become a Princess? And not only a normal one but somepony whose beauty almost rivals that of my aunts. It all began when panic had begun to spread over Canterlot because of this strange fog. Somehow mere fog was able to cut off the connections of the city with the rest of Equestria.

Seriously, I just got over my fear for the sunlight at this time and now the sun was been blocked by fog!

When the nobles started to get more and more uneasy suddenly Princess Celestia herself visited me that day. It was some time since I had seen her.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Now don't fall back into the same trap.)

No, that wasn't it. After the day of chaos her schedule was filled with diplomatic missions to calm down all the cities that had suffered under Discord. Not to mention all the ponies, griffins and donkeys that were unable to perform their duties for weeks after the things the chaos monster had done to them.

Doctors were unable to see their patients, half of the guards were struggling to do their normal duties and many, many other ponies still suffered under the stress. The entire infrastructure could have collapsed. I once took a look at Princess Celestia's schedule and she even had multiple appointments at the same time.

Why do you look so impressed that I noticed this?

Well to be honest... at the time I didn't. I was so busy with my own problems that I didn't even think that others might have had similar experiences. I mostly noticed it since the service in Canterlot Castle and most of the places I visited on my diplomatic missions had become much worse.

I didn't even allow my guards a few days of vacation to recover from what Discord's chaos had done to them. Maybe I was still too angry that not a single one of them was able to help me when the chaos monster was trying to get me killed. What? My needs trumps their's, they're Guards after all, it's their duty, and if they break down, I could just order up some new ones. Or that was my thinking at the time.

"Blueblood, it is nice to see you outside more often. There are quite some problems around Ponyville. If you would be brave enough to charge into the situation, you would be able to earn admiration and love from other ponies. And I will be at your side."

It was like a dream come true. Princess Celestia wanted to have my help to solve this situation. She was talking to me. I was important! I would save the day and the ponies would admire me for my actions.

I still took my guards with me. If I pay them, they can work for that as well. Besides I was not insane enough to charge all by myself at something. Standing behind the guards was the safest position to move forward. This counted especially as the journey would bring me close to the catastrophe magnet Ponyville. How often was that place destroyed and almost destroyed again?

It went well for about thirty minutes when suddenly fog started to surround us. I wasn't worried at all. So far I was always able to find my way through fog with ease. I guess having a cutie mark for exploration means also having a good sense of orientation. I bravely order my men to attack the mist! They looked confused but I clarified my crystal clear order. I'll admit, I did not count on the mist counter-attacking.

My memory after that is not entirely clear. I faintly remember a dream where Miss Rarity apologized to me for ruining the Gala with her unroyal behavior and there was also an Alicorn saying that she was proud on me for continuing her bloodline. Fifty-One previous generations of my bloodline where present, including father and Lady Pure Blood... I mean mother. The two said that they were proud on me. It was the perfect Gala. Everything was like it should be and it didn't end in disaster like the last Gala, or the one before that, or the one... well you get the idea.

But the part with Miss Rarity was simply too strange to be true and soon enough a sun bird landed on the head of the Alicorn and suddenly I was awake again.

I had changed forms again. No thankfully I hadn't become a mare this time. Instead I was a colt again. Of course I was completely adorable. My appearance is always flawless. And my cutie mark looked like it was drawn with crayons. It reminded me on the first maps I had doodled.

I felt very confused on how I got there, this wasn't inside the castle. Was this the fabled 'outside' I had heard so much about?

Then there was Sunny Day with me. I remembered her. I had met her a few times in the castle. Later she had a few interviews with me and wrote stories about some of my more interesting diplomatic missions. I told her several times to stop writing those insane stories about Auntie Celestia.

But at least she didn't take part in the disgusting Molestia article splurge. I remember the time when one pony working for a tabloid approached me uninvited in Canterlot Castle and asked me to give him some photos he could use to support that idea. Something like Celestia and Twilight close together reading a book.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): How did you react to that?)

Well let us just say that we had an argument and after that I had to stay in the hospital for one week. He however was there for two weeks. Of course he tried to sue me for this. But my lawyers ripped him apart and proved that it was self-defense on my part. They said that it helped that he was almost one head bigger then me.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Hey, now this is a surprise. Didn't think you had this in you.)

Then I spent two more weeks at the salon! That brute had ruined my royal face!

But I didn't think at all about things like this when I saw Sunny Day back then. I only remembered all the good times I once had with her: Pleasant talks and nice cups of tea. It was almost like the total opposite of what I experienced on the day of chaos. I felt like I was together with family.

"Are you feeling well, Bluey?"

I tried to remember what my instructors had said to me about situations like this but there was absolutely nothing. Somehow I was terrified. I had no idea what was expected from me.

"I-I-I don't know."

"It is time for a big adventure of love and happiness! Are you ready?"


It will be known as one of the bravest moments in my entire life.

I think I had a dream about being a bird following a flock of birds, but it had to be just a dream, if I was a bird, no way would I be such an inelegant flier.

Soon we found a group of fillies and colts and Sunny Day approached them. She greeted them with a grace that was worthy of Princess Celestia herself and I just hid in the nearby bushes. Then suddenly I stood directly behind her.

How did this happen? I tried my best to hide behind her.

"AND! There's somepony I want you all to meet too! He's a member of my family and I love him very much, but he has trouble around other ponies. . . . Come out now dear."

I was never introduced like this and I think I blushed so much that I turned almost completely red. The other ponies looked at me with amazement. There are so many of them and none seem to be servants. Now it was my royal duty to introduce myself with all the bravery you would expect from a prince.

"H-hi, I'm Blueblood, PRINCE-PRINCE Blueblood!"

How could I almost forget to mention my title? The instructors would be mad! A young and energetic filly looked at me. Was she going to punish me for ruining my introduction?

"I've never heard of a Prince-Prince Blueblood! Nice to meet you! Wanna play?"

"What? No I can't!-I mean,"

Playing with others? Playing with ponies that are not nobles? I'm not even allowed to talk to them but Sunny Day was not afraid of them, so it couldn't be completely wrong.

She carefully leaned down to me and whispered, "It's okay, you can play with them."

I can? I really want to but I will be punished later.

"But my instructors say I'm not allowed to play with other ponies."

I felt just like running away. But I would be punished for this anyway. I had left the castle and had already talked with other ponies.

"Well today's an exception!"


I felt so incredible happy and jumped in the air and clapped all four hooves together at the same time.


The kind filly tackled me to the ground. But it didn't hurt at all. It felt wonderful. Like the biggest hug I ever got.

Sunny Day suddenly had many multicolored balls next to her and challenged us to catch them. The filly took a look at me and I smiled back.

Both of us raced towards the closest ball. It was a yellow one, resembling the sun itself. But the green filly was faster and just when she was ready to catch it, the ball moved aside by itself. I tried to jump at it but it managed to evade me as well.

"You take the left side."

She followed my idea without hesitation. She trusted me. It felt so good. As she herded the ball to the right I hid in the nearby bushes and managed to surprise the ball this time.

But the filly was too fast and she crashed into me as well. The ball rolled away again.

I think we both broke down laughing. And Sunny Day laughed with us.

I never felt so free before.

It was a wonderful time. I played with them, we talked about everything that came to our minds and it was like one adventure after the other. Apple Smith and Little Mac were so kind.

But soon I felt a strange shockwave and the fog around us started to get thinner.

Suddenly Sunny Day stood next to me. I hadn't even seen her coming.



"I want you to know, your Auntie Celestia really does love you and cares about you. She doesn't hate you, and never has, and never will, though the way you act sometimes does make her very upset. But she still wouldn't want a world without you, and she's very sorry she could never spend enough time with you. She had something very important to do for her sister and everyone, she was preparing for it while you were growing up, but that's no excuse, it was her own fault for not wanting to see the warning signs with her sister when she should've in the first place. She just wants you to know that she's very sorry. And she hopes she can still make it up to you."

I didn't understand her back then. It was much too complex for the childish mind I had at this time.

Suddenly it was like something crashed into me. It was something ugly and yet something that belonged to me.

I am the most important pony under the goddesses of the day and the night. I am standing above every other mortal.

I am a pony that is loved...

My name is eternal and will never be forgotten. I am a unicorn born from the most royal bloodline on this world. There is nothing else I need.

What I really want...

I am better then anypony else. They are all my servants.

My head hurt so much. Why was everything suddenly so difficult? Where was I? What had I done?

Princess Celestia, no auntie Celestia stood there and she looked exhausted.

"Auntie? What happened?"

Was this all just a dream and nothing of this was real? Was it just another illusion?

"The one thing you wanted your entire foalhood, nephew: To be a colt rather than a prince, I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you longer."

She... she had done that for me. After I thought that she didn't even care about me, she did accompany me to give me the foalhood I never had.

Auntie had spent all this time with me and with... these non-nobles.

I was in Ponyville! The home of all the horrible mares who ruined the last Grand Galloping Gala. Oh, and Twilight Sparkle also lived here.

I had to get out of here before Miss Rarity would find me. No I don't fear her I just, prefer not to be around her. I instantly sent a message for my carriage to pick me up. I might not be a mage unicorn but I could sent a message if I needed to.

I remembered everything I was told my entire life, everything I had experienced and how these last events simply don't fit into it.

Why did Princess Celestia care so much for ponies that she was not related to and who weren't even nobles? They should be less important then the nobles of Canterlot. After all it is the bloodline that defines us.

Only our families make us important. But why did it feel so good to spend time with commoners and just play with them? Was this what foalhood was supposed to be like? I had my own little adventures in the castle but I never thought about sharing them with other foals.

If... if I was wrong...

If the worth of a pony is not determined by his or her blood or title, then what does make a pony more important than others?

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Every life is important and even the smallest filly can alter the flow of fate. But sometimes the pony himself or herself doesn't see it.)

I saw a big stallion and an elderly mare walking towards a farm. I recognized her as Apple Smith and remembered that we both hoped to play tomorrow again. If they belong to this farm, then they must be part of the Apple family.

Maybe I should talk to them? Maybe they can tell me why everything seems so wrong.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): You have to decide that yourself.)

Suddenly my carriage arrived. The ponies pulling it sure looked nervous. I was finally able to get back to the place I belonged: To the important Canterlot.

Why did I feel suddenly so empty?

I sat down inside the carriage and found one of my private boxes inside. Each one only opened with a special spell, only I knew.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): How did this security box end up here?)

There was only one who could be responsible: Princess Celestia herself.

In this one was the unopened letter from the Element of Honesty, Applejack. Did you think I threw it away? No, I think I was afraid of what she might write...

I opened it and the letter said that if I really loved my aunt that I shouldn't fear her embodiment. It told me to try to get stronger from the experience and that I was not the only one who suffered under Discord. And finally the farmer told me that maybe I needed to change and not the mares I dated only for one evening.

I didn't say a single thing and placed the letter back inside the box.

In Canterlot I calmly walked back inside my room and closed the door behind me. Then I sat on my bed and started to cry.

Author's Note:


This is a recursive work concern prince Blueblood. However, given how it ultimate ties in with future and past events and things will make LESS SENSE without it. I felt it only proper that it be posted here as well. And given I already gave this story the stamp of being canon with the fanfic, it felt the right thing to do. This is done totally and fully and totally with ItsFromPeople's permission.

Original image by ladypixelheart also used with permission. http://ladypixelheart.deviantart.com/art/Masquerade-Blueblood-312881148

His original story description is as follows.

This is a tribute to a series of fanfiction by :iconalexwarlorn: about the popular series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

Many say that Prince Blueblood is stuck-up, cowardly, rude and only thinks about himself. It is hard to argue with that but there might be more to him. So let us take a look how Prince Blueblood experienced the events of Discord’s day of chaos and Nightmare Whisper’s fog and how these events left marks on him.

Please comment.

Many, many thanks to :iconkendell2: for sending this story to alexwarlorn and to everybody involved for declaring this canon. Also a special thanks goes to Matthew for making the edits on this story to expand many scenes and to make it better fit with the Pony POV story.

MLP: FiM Copyright Hasbro.

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