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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 187: "Orange Butterfly"

Scootaloo zoomed like a comet out of the darkened hallway taking all by surprise. In an eye blink she crossed the room, rod up the floor steps towards Sweetie Belle and tackled her, lifting up off her skateboard, which carried onward ahead of them, and shattered the window behind Sweetie. Scootaloo didn't stop, and both fillies fell out the window.

There was a moment of stillness as everypony's brains tried to catch up to what just happened.

"SWEET BELLE!" Chrysalis cried out, with one sweep of her horn, beneath Shining was surrounded by a ring of green flames, he fell through the floor out of sight before it became solid again. "WITH ME!" She snarled at her closest changeling, then screamed at the rest, "KILL TWILIGHT NOW!"

The queen and her drones dived undisguised out the window after the two fillies falling to the streets below.


=Sword Art Online Extended OST - Got To Win=

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS BEST FRIEND RESCUERS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs hugging Sweetie for all I was worth. Ow! Who put so many gems in her dress?! Even Rarity doesn't use this many! Sweetie gasped, I saw a green light in her eye flicker and go out, she fainted. The knife she'd been holding was lost (thank Celestia). My helmet came loose and didn't fall as fast as we were. The ground was coming up to meet us.

I looked up and saw queenie and her thugs zooming down to grab us with her magic. No way. Nuh-uh. I don't care. Okay I do care! But-

(Pegasus' Notes: Scootaloo that's enough! Everypony will have seen Chrysalis! You have the mind protection spells on you! Chrysalis won't hurt you if she thinks you're of worth something to Sweetie! Just stay calm and let her catch you! Just be with Sweetie and make her pretend she's still enslaved! You can-)


(Pegasus' Notes: You brain dead-)


Dash...everything you taught me...everything you helped me believe in.
Applebloom, it...just feels natural to have you there, all of us, I don't care about cutie marks anymore. Our journey's been as fun as any Cutie Mark could be.
Silver Spoon, you're a good filly after all.
Spike, you're cool, and not just for being a dragon.
Sweetie Belle, I promise I'm gonna save you.

Open wings. Please. Open wings. Open wider. Please. Open wider. Please. Just open wider. Stretch wings. Please. Spread feathers. Please. Wind carry me. Please. Wings. Work please. Life, don't be over. Please. Wings, carry me please. Open wider, catch the wind, please, Scoots you can do it, please, Don't flap your wings. I believe. Mom, Dad, please let me see you again. Please. I believe. I don't care about sappy or cool, awesome or mushy! I don't care about girlie or toughie! Please! Wings! Help me! Save me! I don't wanna die. I don't want Sweetie Belle to die! I...

Calm down. That's what you were taught. Your body doesn't think. It feels. Just let go. And,

Don't flap your wings. Let the winds carry you.


='Intertwined' Wonderful 101 =

I felt my wings bloom. It's like a dam burst inside me. I can feel a power rushing through me that I've never felt...no, that's always been there. And I zoom back up the way we came, the bug queen's eyes look at me in shock. I fly right past her, I dance around the bugs as I fly back up into the air past them.

(Noon's Notes: She...she's flying...she's truly flying!)

(Dusk's Notes: But...but our Scootaloo learned to fly as a teen.)

(Dawn's Notes: Yay! Way to go Scoots!)

(Dusk's Notes: Heh, perhaps Dawn's right, why question miracles?)

(Noon's Notes: Yeah! Go Scoots! Alicornspeed!)

I fly past my helmet as it continues falling...bits of glass that broke off when the bigger than us bugs smashed through are falling too...I sweep through them, not getting cut at all, and not letting a single one touch Sweetie Belle.

Somehow, someway, I hear the voices of ponies awing at me.

Holding Sweetie like a dance partner, I twirl through the air, more graceful than I can remember ever being. I feel the sun on my back, and spread my wings. I feel wonderful. I feel alive. I am Scootaloo. I am a pegasus. I am a little pony. I am a cutie mark crusader.

And in the true blue sky, I am as graceful with my wings as any butterfly, not as fragile as one, I am dancing in the air.

I am...no. We are free.

"GET HER BACK!" The Queen hisses. The bugs buzz up after me, their queen with them. I fold my wings and dive down then unfurl one and spin in a completely other direction, diving between buildings.

"I, Queen Chrysalis Avalon, swear on the name of Queen Rosedust Avalon, Our Mother, Queen of Flutter Valley! Your flank is mine, punk!" I hear the queen's echoing voice bellow.

Can't say I'm not happy to hear Queen Ugly lose her cool on my account.

"GIVE HER BACK-AGH!" I hear fireworks go off, followed by battle cries and thunder, but kinda trying to outfly a buncha bugs and an Equestria threatening monster on my first flight while carrying a freakin' an unconscious unicorn here!

I dive between the more narrow streets of Canterlot, I see the bug troopers following me, five of 'em, oh boy. Where's Chrysalis? Stay alert! I remember everything I've been taught, everything I've been shown, everything I saw Rainbow Dash do. If I don't fly good on my first go, I'll never fly again!

Time to show these bugs why pegasi are the best fliers! HERE WE GO!

Heading straight for a building.

Heading straight for it, don't stop and turn on a bit! One bug isn't so lucky, he crashes into the window, and gets beaten up by his own buddies still in costume inside.

One down, four to go.

Bugs're so mad they forgot to put on their costumes! So I don't have to worry about concerned ponies stopping the little fillies running from the Guard!

Ick! Slime! No! No! No! That is not happening!

Pegasus magic, lords of the sky as earth ponies are lords of the ground, air obey my heart and mind, and be a blade to cut through this filth!


Just like I saw Dash practice! Where did I even come up with those fancy words?

FIGURE IT OUT LATER! One bug got blinded by his own slime and fell behind!

Three bugs now!

Okay, fly towards another building, they zoom after me and...in I go through an open window, sorry, didn't see a thing Miss, thanks for the birthday cake, I think the blue looks better on you, and out I go!

The bugs expected me to turn again and dove around the entry window to try and corner me, now they're the ones confused. One tries to fly through but doesn't get as good results as me being bigger, causing a lot more destruction, and of course, being a bug monster, he outright smashes the way through. His two buddies take the long way around but lose sight of us.

One to go.

"Come back here with Her Majesty's apprentice you stupid brat!" He snarls.

I don't have the breath for witty remarks.

In fact, I don't know how much longer I'll be breathing.

I do every wild turn I can think of, going back the way we came to surprise him (think of getting back to the herd later), zip and zoom this way and that! Zig-zag! Still on me! Maybe heading back to the castle wasn't so smart after all, I'm little filly making this up as I go, give me a break!

Dang does this guy ever give up!?

"I've gotcha now! Give back Lady Sweet Belle and I won't suck you dry!"

"Fudge you!" I dive down, Sweetie Belle is what they really want, not me, and flying and carrying her is a nasty gas guzzler.

I gotta land! My wings feel like they're on fire! But this guy might just grab Sweetie and fly off and this'll all have been pointless!

Okay, Dash, I promise this'll be the last stupid thing I do...today, Pinkie Swear!

I turn around and fly right towards him!

I do a fast flyby, I think getting one of those magic surge thingies and speed up so fast the world seemed to blur...and he gasps as green blood leaks out a thin line on him where I passed. He actually stumbled in the air in surprise. I don't think he even saw me I moved so fast.

"Impossible! Nothing can cut through a true changeling's carapace!" I turn around and fly straight towards him.

"Nothing uncutable! Now watch as I cut the air!"

"What? That doesn't even make-"

"Cutie Mark Crusader Head-Butt TO THE MOON!" He lowered his horn at me, and I turned sharply out of the dive, letting the air trail I'm leaving behind me blind him. Before he could recover, I did a loop and brought my back hooves right down on his skull from above.

"Sorry, meant to say the Fantastic Filly Flash!"

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I just did one of Rainbow's tricks!

If he had normal eyes instead of compound eyes, I'm pretty sure they'd have rolled up in the back of his head as he dropped like a stone.


"Honey I'm scared," whispered Upper Crust to her husband Jet Set.

"I am too sweetheart, I am too." He answered back as they sat at the outside part of the cafe (being the only customers right now), figuring with everything that was happening they should have just stayed home. But they didn't want to give the monsters a victory by changing how they were going to spend their day.

He'd been scared about his wife for awhile now, since a mad pony had mugged her. That...moment had really woken him up. Certainly he cared for Upper Crust, but...seeing her hurt like that had been the moment he realized how much.

Then an unconscious changeling fell from the sky and laid there twitching.

Jet Set quickly put his wife behind him protectively, staring for a few moments. When the beast didn't move, he carefully investigated. Making sure to take a chair for self defense.

The stallion gave him a nudge, "Uh...do you surrender?" He looked closer, "Dear I think it's hurt!" Indeed, the bug monster was bleeding badly.

Upper Crust took off her sweeter/scarf, then looked at her scarf, then the monster, and her scarf again and put her scarf back on. She then pulled the cloth cover off the table they were sitting at and used it to bandages the unconscious bug monster.

They picked him up and gently carried him inside.


I gently place Sweetie Belle down, we're on a roof top, in sight of the castle, it's really not smart for us to be here, but if I don't catch my breath right now I'm gonna crash head first into the cobble stone streets below instead! And I don't want to get cornered on the ground by guards on every side.

Ugh. I think I have a stitch in my side. And I feel my body tingling all over. And my wings really do feel like they're on fire. Were they that big before? Ugh. I don't wanna think about it. The one I cut the Changeling with felt like I'd hit against a wall.

Still...I feel this...warmth in me...like something in me woke up that's been sleeping since I small...-er.

Sweetie?...She's breathing, okay, that's good, she doesn't look hurt at all, I swear if that witch did anything else to her I'll...I'll...sigh.

How can she look so peaceful after everything she's just been through? Well, at least I saw the witch's magic go away, so at least I know she's fine now and not under evil bug monster mind control magic.

Well Scoots, ya got to be a hero, you just blew the monster's cover, adults are gonna be mad at you, or just really happy you saved the day, maybe both...might get a spanking...or five...

Wait. I just...I really did just...I JUST FLEW! MOM! DAD! DASH! APPLEBLOOM! I JUST FLEW!!! I CAN FLY! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!! My little pony, my little pony, I used to wonder what friendship could be, until you all shared its magic with me! Big adventure! Tons of fun! A beautiful heart! Faithful and strong! Sharing kindness, an easy feat! And magic makes it all complete! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Congrats Scoots! You did good!)

I can't stop! I feel so-! YES YES!!!! What does Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have to say now?! Oh right! Silver Spoon's my friend now! She'll say congrats! Well would Diamond Tiara have to say now besides enraged silence? HEHEHEH!

"What she'd have to say is, 'enjoy it while you can.' Which won't be for very long."

Too bad about that skateboard stuff BUT WHO CARES?!?! HEHEHEH! If only everypony could see me now. Dash, let's go flying together!

I feel a little dizzy, but still, I, hehehehe, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly, point me at the second star to the right and I'll fly on till morning...

Better wake up Sweetie Belle.

"Sweetie Belle," I give her a good shake, she doesn't wake up, blech, I hope I don't have to kiss her or something gross like that. I'm almost tempted to give her head a good knocking, (I'm a good knocker, just ask the chest). "Sweetie, wake up time!"

Her eyes flutter open, heh, even now she has to play up the cute angel for all she's worth. She cutely yawns, she cutely looks around, she cutely slapped me in the face, SAY WHAT?!

"YOU DUMMY! You ruined everything for Chryssy! Everything was going great!"

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Oh no.)

OH YOU ARE KIDDING ME! YOU ARE JOKING! "Where is Sweetie Belle you fake?!"

"I AM SWEETIE BELLE, SCOOTALOO! We got together with Applebloom at Diamond Tiara's cute-ceanera because we were all blank flanks, and you told them 'she's not stuck being stuck-up like you'," Oh yeah, I had told Silver Spoon that at Diamond's cute-ceanera. "When we traveled sideways in time we found out Rainbow Dash's ancestor was a fashion designer. And we heard about a pony show being canceled after season-"

"Sweetie! If that really is you, ARE YOU NUTS?! Are you still under the bug queen's magic?! I love you Sweetie as my best friend!" I hug her and nuzzle her, she pushes me back. Why? Why isn't it working? It worked with Spike!!!

"Don't call Chryssy 'bug queen'! They're changelings, and that's a mean thing to call them, you wouldn't want to be called a 'horse' would you?"

"She was making you try to kill yourself! They call us CATTLE! I'd bet even cows would be angry!"

"Maybe they wouldn't call you that if you didn't call them bugs! And I was pretending dummy! Everything Chryssy told Twilight was a big fat fib! Beginning to end! I was the one resisting Twilight's magic from taking the knife with the magic Chryssy taught me! She was just making her horn glow! It was a trick knife! Chryssy would never do that to me! And Twilight was gonna see how mean it is not to do what Chryssy says! She'd tell Chryssy she was done fighting with her big brother, and she'd be friends with Chryssy again!"

"Sweetie you're under a geass! You have to fight the geass!"

"NO I'm NOT!" Sweetie stamped her hoof, little green sparks crackled. "Chryssy is a great pony and everypony else is just being too stuck up and full of themselves to admit ponies need her!"

"Sweetie Belle listen to yourself! You're being nuts! Ponies have gotten along fine without her! In fact without her we were better!"

"And Silver Spoon? And Diamond Tiara? Featherweight? And all those ponies who bullied Rarity because she was from Ponyville, and Prince Blueblood? And Trixie? The Flim Flam brothers? Â Checkered Flag and her gang? Ponies need help to make Equestria the happy place ponies pretend it is! Changelings just want to feed themselves! They aren't evil like you all think they are! That way everything... Sorry, that really was mean of me to say. I'm sorry." Sweetie Belle calmed herself down. Geeze! She's scaring me! Okay, I fainted after flying so much and now I'm having a nightmare, wake up Scootaloo, wake up! I hope the flying was real though!

(Interviewer's Notes (Dusk): I'm sorry, Scootaloo…this isn't a dream.)

"Sweetie Belle...please...the queen is a monster."

"No she isn't! The ponies of the first age killed bad creatures, and they were all called heroes. After everypony lives in the new world that Chryssy is going to make, they'll see it's for the best. It's gonna be my job to give ponies their love back afterwards! I'm gonna be princess."


"Chryssy is gonna make me Princess of the Changelings," Sweetie Belle hissed, "She's gonna uplift me into a changeling! I'm gonna be a changeling princess! Chryssy says if everything goes right the changeling will need a new ruler!" Sweetie stopped and took in some deep breaths. "Now let's go back to Chryssy Scootaloo, I'm sure if you say you're sorry and mean it, she won't punish you too bad. I'm gonna see that she uplifts you, Applebloom, and Silver Spoon too. Cutie Mark Crusader changelings! Yah! You'll be so cool, Scootaling."

I trot back feeling sick to my stomach...then angry. "And what?! Lure Dash into a trap? Be used in a fake 'me or her' trick and torture her with another fake 'no win' choice?! Zap her in the back without a trace of regret if she chooses me?! Look at her face as she feels horrified that I BETRAYED HER? And me LIKING IT as I suck the love of her?! NO!" I stamped my hoof, "NEVER! THAT WOULD MAKE ME THE MOST WORTHLESS PIECE OF SLIME IN EQUESTRIA! I'D RATHER DIE!" I shocked myself as I realized I meant that.

Sweetie Belle blinked at me in stunned surprise. She was, crying?

"Please Scootaloo, you don't mean that, you really don't, you're just upset and-"

"No Sweetie Belle," I heard myself say, "I do mean it!"

"You think just being turned into a changeling is going to make you evil? Like how being made into an Earth pony would make you stupid? Is that it? Equestria's supposed to be better than that!"

"NO! We have a changeling on our team Sweetie Belle, she's not evil at all! And she's not tried to conquer or enslave anypony! She's NICE! I'd rather die than be made into one of that evil queen's minions!"

"..." Sweetie Belle sniffled. "How can you call Chryssy such mean things?"

"Because she IS a 'mean thing!' She freaking tortured Applejack! She's just as bad as Discord!"

"No she isn't! I was the one teaching Applejack to be a good pony! She's gonna make Equestria better! You all FORCED HER to have to use the rune when she never wanted to! She just wanted to give the changelings their own goddess! But you made it so she had to do it the hard way! Nopony wants to see the other side of her! She didn't ask to be the born the way she is! Nopony ever bothered to teach her how to live before she lost everypony!

"She's the one who defeated the evil queen, she gave all the changelings the right to have names, to have a family, to have children, to have parents, to have brothers and sisters, to chose their own destiny instead of it being decided before they were even born, to not let nymphs starve to death like they were stock, to let their zebra friends who live in the hive to love each other too, to give the changelings the hope of living under the sun instead of slowly dying underground!

"Everypony keeps thinking she's a monster, so she can't do anything without anypony thinking she's doing it to be a monster...nopony wants to give 'er a chance, so she just has to show them . . . I guess I'm going to have to show you too Scootaloo. I'm really really really sorry. But I hope you thank you me later."

Where...where, ick, that...ick...that sickly green magic aura coming from? It feels sick and wrong just being near it. Is this black magic? It's coming from...no, "Sweetie, what is this?"

"I told you," she said standing up straight on her hind legs with her forehooves at her side and head down a little, she's using telekinesis, "Chryssy taught me magic, MY magic, so I could protect myself from bad ponies who don't want to be friends and selfish changelings who wanted to steal her friends. Don't worry Scootaloo, when I'm done, you'll see everything like I've seen it. You'll see everything I've done with Chryssy, then you'll see she's a good pony underneath all the bad stuff she's been forced to do. I promise it won't hurt. Un, please don't move?" Her horn glowed green, but it...it wasn't like the spell that was on her before...I dunno how to describe it, it, was hers.

Her head shoot up and she looked dead straight at me.

Princess Sweet Bell
-The Witchling-

I felt every muscle in my body tighten. Okay. Looks like I'm gonna know how everypony felt before fighting their friends. I gritted my teeth, sorry wings, looks like we're not done today. I could run, but Sweetie would just go back to the queen and get geassed again, and get twisted EVEN MORE! NO! She's away from the queen! I'm not giving up! I've come too far! I lower my head and scrap the rooftop. "Alright Sweetie, if that's what you want. Then bring it. You wanna brain zap me? You'll have to knock me down first!"

'Again Chryssy surprises me. Why does she have to waste such wonderful talent on, blech, order! If she'd just join Team Chaos she'd be such a perfect addition to our family. I bet I could destroy her Alicorn half and make her a proper Draconequus (or the spiritual unbalance would destroy her soul but fun either way, for me) but no, she has to be an order obsessed stick in the mud. Oh well, I can always propose to Pinkie after we win. I bet she'd love to be a draconequus!'

"I almost wish I still had feelings so I could enjoy this."

'It works more for us if the dodo that can fly wins.'

"All the same, I think if I could feel, I think I'd feel like rooting for Sweetie Belle. I feel a kinship somehow."


"I just want us to stay friends." Sweetie's lip quivered and her eyes narrowed. "If you're gonna be a bully about it, then I'm gonna have to knock some sense into you. I'm sorry Scootaloo!"

"...I guess the same goes for me, Sweetie."

I saved ya from the queen, and I'll save you from you too. That's what a loyal friend does.

The air sharpened from pegasus magic and crackled with unicorn magic.

This was it.


The white filly turned her head, her eyes widened, "R-Rarity?"

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

Pony POV Series Wedding Arc
Written by Alex Warlorn
Scooting On Air

Scootaloo, "Alright, here we go."

Previous: http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/art/Pony-POV-Series-Wedding-Arc-Twilight-vs-Shining-454519748

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First Chapter: http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/art/Pony-POV-Series-Fluttershy-FlutterCruel-Pearls-260092460

Trope page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries (need to be kept up to date . . . please?).

The Pony POV Series is a non-profit hobby.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic And All Related Character Copyright Of Hasbro

Art by Chickenwhite http://chickenwhite.deviantart.com/art/Learn-to-Fly-309568327

Scootaloo The Hero.

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