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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 166: "Hope In Unexpected Places"

Pony POV Series
Not The Wedding You Remember
Part 8

"You're fired."

Sometimes, Trixie wonders if fate simply likes to toy with Trixie for its own amusement. Trixie can speak in third-pony if she wants to!

But Trixie wonders if she can be happy if she wants to.

"Wha?..." Trixie's mouth became a hanger bay for parasprites. Her eyes were glued onto the pink princess and purple pony before her. Trixie wondered if this was what being made into glue felt like.

"It's nothing personal Trixie," Twilight Sparkle said, her smiling never wavering as she spoke softly and warmly like she was addressing a filly.

"It's just Twilight has informed me of your history, and after a calm discussion between us, we've decided it would be best if you were to leave Canterlot at once. You will be provided special permission to leave. A special escort hoof-picked by myself will be waiting at the train-station to take care of you. We shall be forwarding your severance pay to your family in Hoofington with my condolences."

"B-but why!" Trixie couldn't keep her voice from cracking. Please no. "You invited me here!"

"Yes. But a showpony of your...caliber will be just embarrassing at a royal wedding. I'm sorry, I apologize, that was cruel. I don't mean to hurt you. Your are special and good in your own way like any pony." Stop it.

"The truth is Trixie," Twilight's didn't stop smiling at me. "That's what will be officially told, for your sake. It would be rather risky to have the back-up Element of Magic here in Canterlot during these dangerous times. Her Majesty didn't count on me being here after all. She was so nervous about meeting me that she forgot to send the invites to me and my friends, others had to do it for her. And Trixie, this is really for your own good."

"How...How is THIS for Trixie's own good?!" I cried out. Please don't do this to me!

"Oh Trixie," Twilight said putting a hoof on my shoulder. "Remember who you are. I know you thought this might be able to get your hoof in the door, but do you think ponies would ever let their foal be entertained by a fraud and liar? Might corrupt them. You were infected by Discord's evil longer than anypony." She leaned in and whispered the next part, "And of course you had an unidentified evil spirit lurking in you." She leaned back, "And your actions directly led to the demolition of Ponyville. You've spread lies across half of Equestria." I never though Twilight's touch would make me shiver. "Your mother slaughtered an innocent familiar as a filly. A pony with your dark and troubled past might not look good for Cadence, and it might stir up trouble among the noble for her hiring a criminal and put you in danger."

"Criminal!? I've never spent a day in a dungeon!"

"Now now Trixie, after all the trouble and misery you've caused, did you really think you could just escape everything you've done? That you could be considered anything else? I'm just taking care of you. Like I always do."

I pulled away from Twilight's touch like it was a branding iron.

"Twilight! Please! I...I...This was my big break! It was my chance to finally show Canterlot that I am a great showpony! That the One And Only Trixie is worth their time!"

She nuzzled me. Like I was a foal having a tantrum.

"It's alright Trixie. You'll always be Great and Powerful to me.

It doesn't matter that Element of Magic in you is a test-run fake imitation."

"Twilight, stop, please," Trixie whispered, gritting teeth.

"Shuuuuush. It's alright Trixie," Twilight whispered nuzzling me again, gently stroking my mane, "It's doesn't matter all you're good for is momentarily entertaining ponies with worthless cheap cantrips. It doesn't matter that you're the most useless unicorn in Equestria. It doesn't matter you've been nothing and will always be nothing. It doesn't matter you're incompetent at anything but lying to idiots and humiliating innocent ponies. None of those things matter. Because we're friends. And we all care about you. This is just all too dangerous for a little pony like you."

I don't remember when I started crying. Trixie didn't try to hide it. Trixie didn't deny it. If Trixie was going to be treated like a foal, maybe she should just cry like one.

Who invented the stupid rule that said adults weren't allowed to cry?

I wanted this to be another nightmare, another horrible dream with some evil spirit of magic necklace wanting me to sell them my soul! Wake up Trixie! Why can't I wake up!?

Trixie couldn't take it anymore. She ran from the royal office.

I gently placed my hoof on my property's little dark mane, her staring smile not so much as twitching.

"Excellent." I grinned after the showmare was gone.

I noticed my Twilight Sparkle doll's eyes were looking a little wet. Heh.


Please, help me. I have to escape. I have to get out of here. There's no telling what that witch is going to do to Shining! To my friends! To my family!

She's going to conquer Canterlot and then Equestria? YOU HAVE TO--- w-what do you mean nopony is coming? Nopony is going to save me? Nopony is ever going to know I was ever down here? I have no chance of getting out of here? There is no escape?


. . .

I won't give up! I'm the only chance they have left! I have to get out! You won't stop-AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

Twilight, Shining, mom, dad, Aunties, Minuette, Twinkle...I'm sorry...I tried.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Tried. And failed.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn) Supplementary: Cadence. I beg you. Forgive me.)


I couldn't get over how wonderful I felt today! I was Her Majesty's little songbird after all! I didn't need to think about a single thing! I just did whatever she told me! It was just a great feeling! I hope Scootaloo and Applebloom and Rarity and our parents would get to experience it like I am!

Today was going to be perfect. Like the day she's dreamed of since she was small. But it was a surprise. So I needed to keep it all my little secret! I was gonna help Her Majesty make her day perfect! Just like Rarity always wanted to do with all those noble ponies! I bet she was gonna be so proud of me! But if she wasn't, that was okay too...it...it was okay, because her Majesty said so. And if Her Majesty said so, it was!

How had I ever gotten along without Her Majesty?

Why is Her Majesty so good? Because she's Her Majesty, what a silly question, you're silly!

It's a lot like what I felt with Princess Gaia...I feel like I'm with a family I didn't even know I had. Like I've known her before I met her! Oh well, doesn't matter. Only Her Majesty matters.

"Sweetie Belle are ya okay? Ya've been actin' a little...funny."

"How Applebloom?" I asked as we finished having donuts delivered to our room by Arcane Spell to us straight from Pony Joe, we were personal guests at the castle after all!

"Well...ya just seem like yer having a great dream while yer awake."

"Did you meet somepony?" Silver Spoon asked (she had snuck to our room after we invited her).

"Yes." I nodded. I gasped and covered my mouth. "But it's a SEEECRET. I pinkie promised."

"Ah." Applebloom knew that was that. "So when can we meet yer new friend?" She asked excited.

"Are they a blank flank?" Scootaloo asked.

"That's a secret too! Don't worry, you already have, I'm sure she'll have time for you later." I said, I couldn't risk saying much more without giving Her Majesty away. But it was so fun to have a secret!

Her Majesty is the best...so why does she remind me of when I was Gabby Gums? Oh well, doesn't matter.

"You got to spend time with Princess Cadence by yourself?" Silver Spoon asked. "When?"

"Last night." I stared in shock. "But-but-"

"You said 'she' would have lots of time after the wedding, it wasn't hard to guess."

"Please please don't tell Her Majesty I told! She'd so upset with me!"

"Don't worry Sweetie Belle, our lips are sealed, right?" Applebloom looked around, and my other two friends nodded.

"Thanks!" I gave them a hug, they hugged back. "You girls are the best!" Wait, wasn't Her Majesty the best? Oh well, doesn't matter.

But I kept feeling this 'dark chill.' When I'd look in the mirror, or look outside the balcony, or turn my head in a hallway, ever since coming to Canterlot, I felt like there was somepony there, or like there was no-pony-there-who-was-there. That made my head hurt.

Like I said before, it hadn't started until we came to Canterlot...maybe I should sleep with my dream-catcher after all. Blech! Now Rarity was making me worry!

After she saw how well I did helping Her Majesty's wedding, I know she'd know she could trust me.

I just wish I knew why I dreamed last night about cradling a crying Silver Spoon while wearing a crown telling her she'd always be my best friend and mom was hang-gliding and dad owned Barnyard Bargains.

I wish Her Majesty would let me think more. Because Silver Spoon while holding a free teddy bear that came with the room was whispered:

"Tiara...everything's forgiven, just come home."

"Hey! Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Your pie with the pink asked!

"Um...I'm not sure...My name is Garnet."

"Yeah that's right! It was at a rock farmers market! We were both fillies!"

"...You REMEMBER that?!"

"Yeah, I've got a REALLY good, I mean REALLY good memory for ponies!"

"It would appear so...oh! Wait! You were with the more traditionalist farmers, right?"

"Yeah! That's me! See! You've got a good memory too!"

"Well, it's not that difficult to remember a pink filly at a rock farmer's market."

"Yeah, I get that a lot. My name is Pinkamenia Diane Pie! But you can call be Pinkie Pie! Or Pinkie Diane, I go by both. Glad to meet you!"

"Wait...Pinkie Pie? As in the Element of Laughter?"

"Yep! Finally somepony knows!"

"I'm in the squad of your best friend's big brother, it'd be difficult for me NOT to know about that. The Captain and the Princess nearly fainted hearing about it."

"Yeah, my mom says that's about how she and dad reacted to. So, Garnet, how's rock farming in...Yorkshire, right?"

"Um, Esto Gaza, actually, it's in Yorkshire, and you really do have a good memory. As for rock farming, it's going pretty well. Some new developments seem to be helping."

"Are they super secret ones or can you talk about them? My parents are kinda old school, but they're still willing to work in new things. It could help them out."

"Oh, I can talk about them, they're not secret. And sure helping ponies is my job."


Well, nice to meet you. I'm Lyra Heartstrings, but please just call me Lyra. You interviewed me on the train remember? Nice to see you here in Canterlot!

I'm your average unicorn. My bestest best special pony friend in the whole wide world is Bon Bon, I promise you'll never meet another pony like her, oh there's her twin Moth, but they don't act alike like twins do in plays.

My special talent is music, in particular harps and other string-instruments.

Yes I'm a human enthusiast, I'm sure they're real, or at least were real. I know ponies like Twilight Sparkle brushed it off as superstition, but a bunch of old text refer to them like they were real living beings, and all myths have some grain of truth right? So I guess I was surprised when Twilight and Applejack of all ponies showed at Lickety Split's story telling get-togethers.

I actually spent a while looking for the rainbow bridge that's supposed to connect our two worlds but came up zilch, there's also supposed to be a magic mirror, but a kick to the flanks from Bon Bon stopped me from always asking 'is your mirror a portal to another universe?' of everypony I've met.

Oh, and there's the cute little foal in Ponyville: Tootsie Flute, BonBon and I take care of her together. She's a fair weather friend to a lot of foals, but we're trying to encourage her to build more lasting friendships. She didn't have much luck on Hearts and Hooves Day, but she was surprised her new favorite Superhero was four ponies in one! And we've trusted Sparkler to look after her more than once. "That means they can do four times as much good!"

Yes I'm a Ponyvillian, but Rarity's not the only unicorn who feels they fit in more in Canterlot than in Ponyville. And it's not just about all the unicorns here, Ponyville's tastes in music...aren't really into the kind of stuff I play.

So is it any surprise of how much time I spend in Canterlot? I already told you how I've got some good friends here, and I'm about to be part of the greatest celebration in Canterlot history!

I put Moth in charge of the camera for Tootsie to have some pictures. I guess I've always been the mover and shaker of our little family.

I didn't give Moth the camera just so she'd be encouraged to do more than tag along for the ride.

Moth once told us she had a nightmare where everypony was ignoring her, and us saying she was dead even thought she was right in front of us. She could anywhere, but none of it matter since she was as good as a ghost.

I actually had a nightmare like that once too, everypony I talked to forgot I existed after they finished talking to me, and every proof that I existed turned blank, then I lost my cutie mark and forgot who I was.

These photos, they're part of the proof we were here, that we exist, nopony deserves to just be 'incidental unicorn #2.' So yeah, I know where Moth is coming from. And looking just like her sister, I think Moth needs to assert her identity more.

We arrived where I was supposed to be picked up for a hello with Princess Cadence herself to become one of her bridesmaids. Except...there was just Twinkle Shine and Minuette . . .

They had been crying.

I looked into those blue eyes of theirs, yes I said blue, what did you expect pokadots? I had never seen them look so crushed.

I reminded me of that letter they sent me about losing somepony they both cared about deeply. An acrobat who had been a fellow hoof maiden.

Bonbon and Moth were aghast at the sight of them, I was left doing the talking.

They looked ready to start crying again right there.

Of course I asked them what was wrong! They're my friends!

"L-Lyra." Gasped Twinkle Shine. "I'm sorry, I couldn't get a new letter to you."

"Twinkle, you're not making sense."

"Lyra," Minutte said, her voice was way too even, "It looks like you won't get to serve as a bridesmaid for Princess Cadence after all."

I felt my heart cracked but managed to smile, "Well, if you found somepony else, I guess that's the way the string breaks."

"No," Minutte said like she was holding everything back with a giant dam, "The Princess, she fired us."

"WHAT?!" Nearby ponies looked at me for a few seconds then went about their business. "What do you MEAN she fired you?! For what?!"

"She said we didn't deserve to be her bridesmaids or hoof-maidens, that we weren't any good to her. She said the only reason we wanted to be her hoofmaidens to begin with was to meet Canterlot Royalty....She...she said that she was sick of being surrounded by brown-nosers. That we were..."

"That we've spent the last two years proving that we're no good," Twinkle Shine whispered, neither of them looking me in the eye. "That if we were her bridesmaids, that we've proven useless."

I stood up on my hind legs and put my forehooves on my hips not caring who stared.

"Twinkle Shine! Minuette! What happened to the makers and the doers I know so well?"

"She got a full course meal of the world outside of Equestria," Minuette mumbled.

"She couldn't protect one friend," Twinkle Shine finished. "She realized she was a nopony pretending to be somepony."

Okay. Enough was too much!

I took them both by the forehoof. They startled as I dragged them along. "Okay! Stop! Just stop! I didn't wait all this time to see you girls again to see you hurting like this! Everything you say Cadence told you sounds like a stupid excuse! Bon Bon, Moth, come on! We're going straight to the top about this! We're going to go and get this sorted out right now!"


"And stay out!" The Captain of the Royal Guard snapped at us we were thrown out on our flanks. Technically Minuette and Twinkle Shine landed on their flanks, the twins landed on their bellies, while I landed softly in the pile of mares upside down with my horn stuck in the ground.

"Hey! What gives!" I snapped, carefully pulling my horn out of the ground. "I demand to speak with your superior!"

Bon Bon is normally the pony who gives others a piece of her mind. Or Twinkle Shine...or not me. So it was weird role reversal.

He ignored me and spoke to my friends. "You have proven you are of no use to Her Majesty and therefore you are terminated. Your severance pay is in the mail. If you have any further complaints, feel free to waste the courts' time." The captain of the guard said with a face that was the opposite of welcoming.

Me standing up for them I think ignited some of Twinkle Shine's normal self, cause she said, "What about Moondancer?!"

"What about her?"

"TALK TO HER SHINING! She KNOWS we didn't sign up to be Cadence's hoofmaidens just to meet royalty and not just so we'd get any 'favors' from her!"

"You are no longer privileged to address me by name. You will not do that again. Understood? She is now on Cadence's staff. And if any of you are caught interacting with any of the staff connected to the wedding before the day after its conclusion, you are going to the dungeon for trespassing, disturbing the peace, harassment, and breaching Canterlot security! Have a nice day." The doubles doors slammed shut in our faces.

We stood there in silence, still in the pony pile with the guards just standing on either side of the doors like statues.

Something didn't feel right...this wasn't the stallion Minny and Twinkle had talked about in their letters...at all.

"Oh, I'm Bon Bon by the way, that's with a space in the middle, and this my sister Moth." We exchanged greetings and get-to-know-yous all around still cluttered in the pile on the front steps for all on the busy city street to see.

"Nice to meet you Bon Bon, and your sister? I never would have guessed. Lyra's written a lot about you. Have we met somewhere before?" Twinkle Shine asked.

"Maybe. I get around a lot. Did Lyra ever write about when I visited Applebloosa?"

Then some pegasus guard walked out of the castle with a broken leg. He mumbled something about going to the infirmary.

"What happened?" Asked one of the royal guards. They might have been royal guards but this is still Equestria.

"Just had an accident while delivering a message to Her Majesty."

"No offense but with the way you fly I'm not surprised. Stop being so reckless dude."

"Sorry," he apologized.

"Hey dude, you did nothing wrong, except for the whole crash thing. Take care ya hear?"

"...Sure. Thanks."

"No prob Bumblebee."

Moth's eyes widened and fear and turned quickly to look at us. "Everypony! I have a real bad feeling! If a wedding this important has this much security that MUST MEAN it's going to attract trouble somehow! You know, like the Summer Sun Celebration attracting Nightmare Moon! Let's get back to Ponyville!!! Minuette, Twinkle Shine, I'm sure you can bunk with us for in the mean time! I'm sure we'll be able to work everything out once the wedding is over and the new security is gone! I hear Appleloosa is nice this time of year! Maybe we can all take a trip there! Or maybe the Griffin Kingdom, I hear they're actually really nice to ponies!"

"Whoa whoa whoa Moth, calm down. Don't start panicking now," I said to the poor mare.

"Girls! I really do think we should get out of Canterlot and just wait for things to cool off!" Moth sounded like she was begging now. "I'm sure Tootsie will love a trip herself! Come on! I'll go buy the tickets right now!"

"Moth! Wait!" Bon Bon shouted as she took like a shot. That injured guard? Oh he already left. No we hadn't said her name yet before he left, what does that matter?

We caught up to Moth but, "What do you mean in lock-down?!" Moth looked like she was going to start crying now.

"Just what I said, that train you were on was the last one. Unless you have exclusive permission from a Princess, you aren't going anywhere until after the wedding," said the unicorn inside the ticket-booth.

"No." Moth slid down on the floor.

"Sis', what's wrong?"

"N-nothing, absolutely, n-nothing. I-I'm sure everything will turn out alright. It's, it's not like it's the end of Equestria or anything."

"Is this about that hurt guard?" Bon Bon asked, "He said he got hurt flying. Canterlot wasn't really built with pegasi in mind, it's no wonder he got hurt if he was flying like crazy. He wasn't attacked by some monster inside the city."

"Don't worry," Twinkle Shine said, "All this 'threat to Canterlot' nonsense is just rumors being taken way too seriously. Nothing is going to happen."

"Trust me," Minuette spoke up. "I know how out of control a little fear and some vague unknown threat can make ponies act crazy."

Moth didn't look that convinced. I shook my head. We had more important things to think about than some induced mass hysteria. I nuzzled her and so did Bon Bon, she calmed down some.

"Don't worry Moth, whatever happens, your herd's here," Bon Bon said warmly.

"Thank you," she whispered.

And no, we weren't going to take this brush off lying down! I just needed to figure out what we were actually going to do about it.

The three of us ended up staying at a hotel. This was gonna be pricey. I had been expecting free royal accommodations. That wasn't happening now.

Moth at least was taking pictures like Canterlot was going to be gone in the morning. Moth got up in the middle of the night (a three bedroom room was cheaper). I was still brain storming and couldn't sleep. I could barely hear something in the still of the Canterlot night (this wasn't Manehatten, the city that never slept). But Moth stood at the window looking like she was looking at one of the Princesses, maybe she caught a glimpse of Princess Luna outside? When the song I could barely hear faded, Moth wandered back to bed. I didn't ask her what was going on.

But hearing that tiny faint song, it hit me like a ton of bricks what I could do. And I explained my brilliant plan to my coconspirators in the morning (we paid for breakfast, Minuette and Twinkle Shine were the ones out of a job...did I think about becoming Cadence's hoofmaiden too? A little, it was super tempting. But it didn't seem Bon Bon's style, and Cadence had gone on a freaky two year world trip. I didn't want to be separated from my friends for that long. Or from our foal. Buuuut . . . maybe Cadence wouldn't have one of those again now that she's gonna be a married mare?

Oh my cunning plan? Well. It so happened that Canterlot musicians tend to be a close knit bunch. So I knew who had been hired to do the music. A certain classical band led by an ex-rock farmer, and one DJ P0N-3.

"The guards said we'd be facing dungeon time if we tried to speak with anypony involved in the wedding!" Moth warned, she sounded terrified. I admit I was scared too, but it wasn't like they were going to banish us. Or imprison us in the place they banished us to.

"Don't worry!" I declared, "This is where my cunning plan comes in!"

"I'm not dressing as a stallion again Lyra," Bon Bon deadpanned.

"No no no!" I waved my hooves. "This is a GOOD plan!"

And I happened to know a song Octavia had personally composed, not all that imaginative titled 'I am Octavia.' If there was any song that would lure her out of the castle and away from the prying eyes of guards, it was this baby. And I know where she gets in practice before a big show, and they don't come bigger than this!

Twinkle Shine offered to 'change' my colors for a bit with her light magic. Colors are just reflected light after all. After being accidentally turned into a pegasus, an earth pony, and a seapony (sadly never human, I think), this wasn't the weirdest thing to ever happen to me.

Moth had given me a lot of funny looks after my adventures with accidental pony-type change.

To hide my cutie mark and blend in a little more, Twinkle Shine loaned us some of her dresses.

Did it work? Well, we're not having this chat inside the castle dungeon are we?

"Lyra? Is that you?"

"Shhhush! Not so loud!"

"What is this? What's going on?"

"Don't trust her 'Tavi!" Shouted Vinyl Scratch popped out of the bushes with a magically powered boom-speaker aimed at my head. "She's a pod-pony! She lured you out of the castle infect you with their spores!"

Octy rolled her eyes. "Vinyl, I told you not to read that trashy horror novel before going to bed."

I was trying not to have a heart attack.

"Hey! It's no more crazy than when you thought I was a vampire!"

"Well you don't like garlic, you slept during the day and worked at night and-"

"And for the last time I swear to Princess Celestia, I am not a vampire, that was punch, NOT blood, or blood-punch, or bloody-punch or blood-wine or-"

On the plus side ponies were giving us lots of room now.

"And she could still be a-" The white unicorn started again.

"Vinyl, not now . . ." She then whispered, "Lyra. What's so important you have to lure me out and speak with me in disguise."

I cut to the chase. She looked at me very confused and responded, "That has to be the most insane restraining order I've ever heard. And I've seen plenty given to Vinyl."

"Hey! Those restraints are only on how loud I can play music! Which is a violation of free expression by the way!"

She ignored her friend. "But that's not the ridiculous part. Moondancer isn't even on the wedding staff."

"What?!" I whispered, "But that makes no sense! Are you sure?"

"Lyra, one of Cadence's new bridesmaids is my sister. And she loves to talk with others. Moondancer is not a bridesmaid."

"Could she be another part?"

"If she is, then it would be top secret, since I haven't seen her near or around the wedding preparation at all!"

"I haven't either. We're talking about that red-head white unicorn right?" Our DJ added her two bits.

Alright. If Moondancer wasn't part of the wedding. That meant they couldn't arrest our flanks for whatever. I thanked the musicians and made them Pinkie Swear not to tell anypony about our chat. Octavia took that strangely serious for some reason.

Unfortunately, as I departed, I nearly ran smack dab into a white coated Earth Pony with rather fancy hat on. I got a little nervous she'd noticed something.

"Uh...sorry about that..." I noticed her cutie mark was a spiderweb. Huh? What color were her eyes? I didn't really notice, she was wearing sunglasses. "Uh...how long have you been standing there?"

"Oh, only a few seconds. I want so to see the wedding, but the castle seems to be impossible to get into without a reservation."

"Tell me about it. We've been trying to get in all day. It's annoying."

"Agreed, especially when you know a member of the wedding party. Oh well, I hope things go better for you than they did for me, Miss..."

"Lyra Heartstrings..."

"Ah, good to meet you, Miss Heartstrings, my name is Cobweb. I wish you luck."


"Oh! And Miss Heartstrings?"

I sighed, turning around as I got ready to leave. "Yeah?"

"I suggest keeping an eye out for yourself, things might not be as they seem. Keep an eye out for green-eyed monsters. Don't want to ruin what's planned for the wedding."

I admit, that creeped me out, but I didn't have time to think about it!

When I got back to the hotel Twinkle Shine and Minuette were even MORE CONFUSED!

"But if she's not part of wedding, then why would...nothing makes sense anymore." Minuette lamented laying her head on the table. I didn't blame her.

"Come on!" Twinkle Shine said, "I want answers. If Cadence fired us out of the blue, and then tells us to stay away from Moondancer for a fake reason, then I want to know why."

"Technically it was the captain of the guard who said all that. Maybe he has something to do with it?" Moth suggested.

"That makes as much sense as Cadence: zero. Shining is the most decent and honorable stallion you can find. Something bigger is going on, and I wanna know what! Let's pay a visit to Moondancer, whose with me?"

We all were.

There were no guards around the apartments the students of Celestia's school called home. You think with all the drama there would be some. Guess we wouldn't be needing the giant birthday cake after all.

When we got inside, two of us knew Moondancer's room number by heart.

We knocked on the door and called, but there was no answer.

Bon Bon tested the door.

It wasn't locked.

Moth inched around like she was expecting to be ambushed any second. I admit things were looking weird, but not 'evil conspiracy weird'... for the next few seconds.

Moondancer was curled up in bed. She looked horribly sick.

"She has the plague! We gotta get-" Minuette stopped Bon Bon from leaving.

"Then the door would have been locked or she'd be in quarantine."

"Uh, good point."

I let Twinkle Shine and Minuette get closer, being better friends with Moondancer than me.

She was talking in her sleep. "H-Her M-Masjesty...S-Spike I-I'm s-sorry. N-no MORE. P-please n-no more. I-I'll be g-good. I-I'll DO AS I'm told. I'll be a GOOD PONY. No! PLEASE d-don't h-hurt them!"

Girl was delirious. She opened her eyes.

"Since when are Moondancer's eyes green?" I heard myself say. Green eyes? Where had I heard that before?

"It's not her?" Bon Bon asked.

Her...Her Majesty? Not Master? ...but that means...

Rosedust, she's here?! She's leading this herself?! The Queen is in Canterlot?! I never thought she'd risk herself like this! It's worse than I thought! And if it's her...if it's Her Majesty...We're...we're doomed...

But...Bon Bon, Lyra, Tootsie...They're my swarm now...they're my hive...A Changeling must protect their hive...

"No, she's under a geass," Moth said.

"Y-You're all HERE. N-No you're NOT! It's a lie! D-Don't take their shapes you MONSTERS!"

Moth looked ready to cry! "She doesn't mean it." Bon Bon whispered.

"I'll O-OBEY! I-I'll obey Her M-Majesty. Who shall I betray f-for HER next? I have a family if you wish."

Moth actually had some tears in her eyes at that.

Minuette looked like she was remembering a horrible nightmare, then a pang of guilt on her face. "It's horrid."

"We need to get a doctor!" Twinkle Shine said.

"NO!" Moth said.

We all looked at her. "We...if she's here because the geass is breaking down...what if The Princess or The Captain are under it too? We need to free her first."

"Can you do it?" I asked the sane mage unicorn in the room.

"If she's suffering like this, that means the spell either is indeed breaking down, or hasn't finished taking full control over her yet. But if the door isn't locked. That means they're not worried about her escaping or being found....Which means we could be in deep deep trouble." It was Mineutte who spoke, and her eyes went wide. She quickly shut the door and locked it and latched the window closed and pulled closed the curtains. "Okay. We need to either leave her, or fix her fast! No way whoever did this would leave a loose end just laying around!"

We all stared at her.

"Come on everypony think!" She pleaded.

"G-Go get away! C-Come closer! Her Majesty wants it all! J-just r-relax! Don't hurt them! I'LL OBEY!"

"Moondancer," Twinkle Shine said, showing her gently side, she hugged the sweaty dirty brainwashed mare. "Please. We're all right here. I'm right here." Moondancer continued to writhe in her hug.

Minuette resisted for a moment, then joined in the hug too. "I promise I'm going to help."

"I'll save you, I promise," Twinkle Shine whispered.

Moondancer's squirming began to get worse but they weren't breaking off. This didn't look like a good idea.

Looks can be deceiving.

Their three horns touched hers. A spark went off.

Moondancer gasped open, and the greenness in her eyes vaporized, like filth being washed away in the rain. She fell back on the bed totally limps. The girls finally let go.

Moondancer began crying, moving her hooves like she needed to reassure herself they were hers. "Celestia, I...I remember everything." She looked at Minuette and Twinkle Shine. "T-Thank you. Thank you so much."

"Moondancer, who did his to you?" Minuette asked.

"Her Majesty..." She hugged herself shivering. "She who rules from the shadows! She has waited and planned for this day, like how a spider spins their web."

"Moondancer, who is she?" Bon Bon begged.

"Not Cadence!" She managed to gasp out.

We all looked at each other. Everything was slowly making horrible horrible sense!

"What time is it?!" We told her. "Oh no! They'll have started!"

"Who?!" Minuette implied.

"Let me introduce them to my horn!" Normal Twinkle Shine outright said it.

"Those who harvest love as we would hay. Those who see ponies as much people as we would wheat stocks."

There was a banging on the door. "Open in the name of Her Majesty!"

Moondancer sprang up in bed. "HIDE! Twinkle Shine! C-can you make my eyes green?"

"Y-yes I think-"


And the green eyes were back. -Green-eyed monster! Cobweb! Was she like Moondancer?- She opened the door.

"You're late. Her Majesty wishes her personal slaves to be present for the claiming of her new husband. Come."

"I have been ordered by Her Majesty to aid her in a way that I am not permitted to share with grunts. For now I am ordered to remain here."

I FEEL whoever was out there narrowing their eyes at her.

"Lift a leg off the ground." Moondancer did so.

"Heh. Lift a leg off the ground." Balancing on two.

"Lift a leg off the ground." One.

"Lift a leg off the ground." She fell to the floor.

Laughter and they closed the door behind them.

Moondancer looked disgusted at herself.

"SLAVE?!" Bon Bon gasped.

"That's actually rather generous, instead of simply saying 'livestock,'" Moondancer sighed. "If we run right now, I think I might be able to bluff us out of the city, maybe."

"MOONDANCER!" Twinkle Shine snapped. "What about Princess Cadence?! The real Cadence?"

"She...she might not even still be alive."

That was the most horrible thing we heard all day. Twinkle Shines eyes misted up a little. "You said 'might'! So she might be! So I'm saying she's still okay! I took an oath to be there for her, I might not be a guard but she's still my Princess!"

Mineutte nodded the same.

"They're going to invade Canterlot! Today!"

"Then we need to warn Princess Celestia and everypony!" Minuette said.

"You don't understand, Her Majesty said a lot in front of me. The invasion, if it hadn't already started, is just about to."

Two panic filled screams filled the air from the hallway.

I dared open the door before Twinkle Shine could.

Two big bugs fled in terror down the hallway paying absolutely nothing mind but retreat.

"RAWR!!!" A lemon mouthlessly snarled as it chased them.

Let me rephrase that: a lemon larger than a stallion with rubber hose like arms and legs came rampaging down the hall.

The two bugs smashed a window open and flew out.

"HOW'S THAT FOR AN ANGRY MOTHER LEMON?!" A familiar yellow unicorn with blue eyes and mane shouted. Her cutie mark was two blue and one green liquid-like hearts. She blinked and turned her head noticing us. "Hey girls, wasn't gonna goin' ta the weddin' cause Cadence fired you, what up?" Lemon Hearts asked.

Author's Note:

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