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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 162: "No Loose Screws"

Pony POV Series
Wedding Arc Part 4
A Filthy Rich Screwball With Tender Loving Care

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): I'm done with this horse apples.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): What did you say?)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): You heard me! And I say I'm done! We could be doing so much more to help! And yet all we do is ask questions! That makes us as responsible for what happens as those we let case harm!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): You keep forgetting, we're a foreign presence in this reality, we're an alien existence above that of mere mortals. Our very presence is always on the verge of triggering reality's immune response. If we spell out everything or hold their hooves for them, all we've done will be erased anyway! We should have left a long time ago, but complications and delays keep coming up! Spike should already have Peewee by now! And we should have already left back for our own home!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): What about Shining?)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): He's a part of THIS universe now. That was the ENTIRE POINT of everything he endured! It was the point of him being born! We were a SIDE EFFECT! But unlike Shining, we're still a part of our mother's place of origin. The longer we stay here, the more we run the risk of corrupting this place in ways ponies' choices/Rota Fortuna never intended. We risk going from a helper to a virus.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Can't we just stay here? Maybe do what Shining did?)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): Impossible! . . . This universe doesn't, in fact it's the OPPOSITE of 'need' an Arcana it already has a pony for. AND OUR MOTHER'S HOME needs us!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Mom gave up everything for this world!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): She never gave up on the loved ones and friends she left behind! She trusted us to look after them! To help them. Mom knew things could spiral out of control after Shining came to be. It's why we've remained here. But we were NEVER MEANT to stay here forever, we CAN'T stay here forever. It's not fair to these ponies, and it's not fair to those mom left behind where we came from! It's the same reason we can't take Peewee with us, there was ALREADY a Peewee where we came from, we can't go stealing people of other places to patch up 'holes' for those gone in our world! That's cheating! And it shows no respect for this world! And more importantly the ponies who live here.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): I'm sorry.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Don't be! She just thinks the rules are more important than people!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): That is a lie! If we go breaking rules, then we won't be able to ANYPONY, and what help we HAVE done will be undone. We could even make things worse! WHY DO I HAVE to KEEP EXPLAINING THIS?)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): You don't even try to find a better way.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn) Do you have any idea how many loop holes I had to find with for us to be able to give them help to save Fluttershy?! How much we've twisted the rules already? We twist them anymore, they'll break!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Ple-ea-ease! No fighting! We never fought before! We never argued before! We never disagreed before. It's not fair. Oh I'm sorry Peewee, I didn't mean to shout so loud, I'm sorry.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): Look, please, if we could do more, I'd be the first to do more. But many could say we've overstepped our bounds already.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Whatever, I'm out of here. I'll be back when I feel like it. I need some cool down time!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Don't go!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): We are supposed to be as one. I suppose we are not anymore. I wish hugs fixed everything dear.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Me too . . . )

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): . . . You can go play with the foals if you want.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Are, are you sure I-)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): Please. I know you've wanted to.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Thank you!)


(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): AARRRRR! I BE A PRIATE!)

Ah! Ya be welcome to join me crew! The Moon Pearl be happy to have you!

"Moonlight! Orange Top! Ruby Punch! Dinky! We be gettin' a new crew member!"

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): HI! Wanna play?)

"Oh my. We did not expect to see you here." Said Moonlight in surprise.

"Hello!" Smiled Dinky.

"Nice to meet you," Said Orange Top.

"Is this part of one of those 'interviews' aunt Cheerilee talked about?" Ruby asked.

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): Naw! Not this time! I'm just here to have fun! So let's find some buried treasure!)


(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): So there I was! The crazy pegasus was zapping red lightning at me every which way! But I couldn't give up! Not for my friends sake, which happened to include her.)

Lady, I think you've had enough.

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): NAWWWWWWWW!!! I'm not drunk! I can't get drunk! I have super powers! Now give me another!)

Uh, about your tab-

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): You don't need to worry about that!)

Actually I'm pretty sure I do.

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): HEY! No fair, that always works when that little filly does it. I'm gonna tell her mother on herself! Hey! What are you looking at? What's your name?)

"Not any of your business but it's Lightning Dust."

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Huh? Oh yeah. The jerk who let her total disregard for others get her kicked out of Wonderbolt Academy.)


(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Oh right, hasn't happened yet, forget everything I just said, you will forget everything, you will forget everything.)

"Stop waving your arms around like you're at a camp fire!"

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Hey you can't do that to me! I'm the narrator!)

"You're drunk off your tail."

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): I'm not drunk! I can still outfly a one-shot jerk like you!)

"Bring it!"

-Next Morning-

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): There is a very good reason why I don't want to be recognized in Cloudsdale for a while and why that bar I was at now has a really big dent in the cloud ceiling. His insurance will cover it. And I'm sure that Lightning Dust was too drunk to remember a thing I told her.)


(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): Since there was already a defeat in the heart world against Queen Chrysalis. And the Elements of Harmony have vastly increased in ability and power due to their additional battles and ordeals, these events should be a triviality. And do not require our in-depth observation. We should focus instead on the far more real and direct threat of Discord and Diamond Tiara.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Are you sure about that? I'd say we can still do lots!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): You already did lots! YOU tried to run without paying your bar bill! Do you have ANY IDEA how damaging that could have been if they called the Guards on you?! She clearly wants to enjoy her time more than talking to adults about things that are only going to make her upset. And you are being a BIGGER impulsive child than her! She is free to enjoy herself, and YOU have done enough damage.)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Pegasus): Ugh...alright, point taken. I might have gone a bit overboard...)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Earth Pony): All right. Guess that means I can play with Pip and Moonlight more!)

(Interviewer's Notes: (Unicorn): Yes, neither of you need to worry about a thing. Queen Chrysalis' invasion will go as it is meant to.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Hey, we're still broken from the Heart World, so Chryssy's gonna get her flank kicked a LOT HARDER here than she was there! It's gonna be a riot!!!)
(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus)Supplemental: I was so bucking right and so bucking WRONG!)


My name is Filthy Rich. My father said my first name was so I wouldn't forget our family's humble origins. I am well aware of the phrase, thank you. I heard it plenty of times when I was small. When your family is successful, you either get friends who want something from you, or those who detest you for daring to have more than you. Yes, I was real friends with Applejack's parents, they were stolen from this world well before their time. Silver Axe was very much, is very much a true true friend. There are not words to describe how grateful I was that he didn't forsake me when I was lost in my racism. And now Rarity is now a true friend.

Yes, for more than a year I went by the name Onyx Tiara, following my wife's mental breakdown and . . . when she proved she was a danger to herself and our family.

And I turned a blind eye to what my daughter was turning into. When my Tarnished Rich became Diamond Tiara.

I also dived into old paranoid fantasies when the Alicorns couldn't bring my wife back to me. And I passed those same paranoid fantasies onto my foal. Our foal.

Diamond Tiara was also such a good listener, she treated all Golden told her as holy text, she absorbed everything her new 'tutor' told her.

I had another paranoid pony to poison my own daughter. I poisoned her heart. After all the time I spent trying so hard to teach her about the value of hard work and respecting others . . . Diamond Tiara, I'm so so sorry. I'll save you too, we'll find you too, I promise.

I informed her 'tutor' that he wouldn't needed upon my daughter's return and gave him his severance package. No, I didn't chew him out. I know enough about conspiracy theorists to know how they react to having their views challlenged when it's not time.

I've washed out the dye for my coat . . . I've kept the silver collar with the onyx stone, I'm told my princess might like it. But 'Onyx Tiara' him? He was gone for good. And good riddance. My name is Filthy Rich.

I still wasn't happy with what my maid Shiny Star had kept from me. But I've forgiven her, and I fully understand why she did what she did.

. . . Oh yes. That part.

I am not proud of that at all. Looking for a mare who was an image of my wife, so I could express my love to her through another mare. I never said it was an intelligent idea. Shiny Star did what she did, because she felt it would at least keep away other mares.

Shiny Star was also the one who had galloped panting into my office early the next morning after Miss Rarity's poor sister had her epileptic fit.

One of my Princesses had been found. There are no words. There are just no words.

Golden had broken into a hotel or something and left her lawyer's contact information and her credit card number to pay for the damages and her using one of their showers.

My wife loses her ability to read and write, but she can still remember her credit card number? Golden . ..

And . . . she had apparently shown up in Canterlot after assaulting and stealing the dress off a Canterlot noble-mare and causing scene in the ballroom. At Princess Celestia's own command she was being held under guard in one of the castle's guest rooms rather than one of the dungeon cells (the dungeon had gone unused for so long they needed to oil the joints on the cell doors just to open them anyway).

I had had ponies looking EVERYWHERE for both of them, I was desperate to find them. I had hired the entire weather team, when I was still racist. I had private detectives scouring Equestria.

On top of the fact Golden is an escaped mental patient, meaning the asylum was likely the first place contacted when she was discovered, I couldn't bear the idea of not speaking to her before she was taken back to the asylum. I wanted to apologize, even if she couldn't understand...

As it turned out, Dr. Freudian Excuse (bless him) had sent word to me she had been found himself. I was however already on the first train to Canterlot by the time it arrived.

Plus, without Diamond, who else could logically be expected to able to talk Golden down without being folded into a pony party balloon? She never went back without seeing one of us.

But ever loyal Shiny Star arrived just as I was boarding with one last letter addressed to me she knew. I had to read before going.

. . . I was stunned silent the entire ride. I think I may have forgotten to thank Shiny Star.

I had gotten a letter from the elite of the elite, 'Fancy Pants' of Canterlot himself. My other princess . . . my baby girl . . . she'd been spotted in Canterlot.

I went through the police reports when I arrived, no, my daughter hadn't been among the clockwork-foals transformed by that mad filly.

But first I and everypony else on board had to go through a ridiculous security procedure that felt more at home in some old Stablist country.

Apparently they were beginning to close the trains down except for VIPs until the 'unknown threat' had passed. I swear, given how ridiculously vague it was, it felt like somepony had read a tabloid and mistaken it for a news report.

On the plus side, it meant more time for to find Diamond (she had to still be in Canterlot), and for me to make amends with Golden (as now she couldn't leave until the threat was over).

I met with Fancy Pants, and his wife Fleur-de-Lis. Their maid Straight Lace reminded me of Shiny Star. They are both very, very good ponies. Fancy Pants explained he had told the Royal Guard too of course, but felt I'd want to be told as soon as possible myself.

"I went through the missing foal reports, outside of Canterlot, starting with Ponyville since it's the closest settlement, I found the report on her," he explained.

A lot of Fancy Pants' questions he asked, they were so casual, but I felt almost like he was measuring me, testing me, like he was seeing how I responded to even off-hoof comments. He wasn't one of the most important ponies in Canterlot by not having an intellect. Finally after hours of this, he finally told me how 'Diamonds' had described her life.

. . . . . .

"I knew she was lying about herself and you, but I didn't know how much however, I apologize," he said.

"No, it's alright." I honestly didn't know what to say.

She, really believed that Golden's mental illness was hereditary? She had heard the doctors that time? . . . Silver Axe said he often had the same problem with Silver Spoon hearing things foals shouldn't. I should have been more careful. I should have noticed something was wrong...

"If you see her, no, when you see her by the way, you can tell her please that she can consider the dress a gift."

"I-I will."

Diamond Tiara, I'll find you. Our family will be back together again.


My name is Screwball. I have no other name. It's the name I deserve. It's the only name I've earned for myself. I threw every other name I had away.

I look at my beanie in my hooves, the only clothing I had. The dress I stole was given back to the mare I clobbered for it. Without any resistance from me. Sitting on the bed, I put the beanie on my head where it belonged.

Once upon a time as a filly I didn't mind looking the fool, now everypony should look at me and see me for the absurd creature I am.

The door unlocked from the outside and slowly swung inward, pegasus guards on either side with wings magically honed to be as sharp as swords with a thought and a unicorn guard standing between them with his horn pointed towards the door. Three guards for one pony, they knew how dangerous I am...

My eyes widened when I saw who was looking at me, their eyes widened in shock as well.

"You!" We shouted together.

TLC let a high pitched war cry and began jabbing at me with all her hooves at high speed, "Yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata-yata!"

"Your Hidden Ursa Major Hoof Style won't work on me this time!" I snapped as I spun like a ferris wheel delivering endless blows with each of my hooves!

Our hooves collided in mid-air, causing the entire castle to shake.


A lightning storm formed from our clash! Untethered objects rose by the force of our chi!


I dew my flaming sword! She unsheathed her ninja claws!


"To the end then?!" I asked.

"YES! Let this be our final BATTLE!"

Our weapons clashed a mighty burst of light!

(Interviewer's Notes: Can we now have the fight that didn't happen in your imagination?)

Sorry! TLC's favorite play is from Neighpon is titled 'Hoof Of the Northstar.'

(You really fought each other?)

You have to understand, I think seeing me outside a straightjacket triggered a conditioned response in her, and... I hadn't been a good pony to her during all my escapes. It was just us saying hello!

(Interviewer's Notes: The Guards didn't stop you?)

I think they were too in awe at two attractive black belt mares going all out to think straight. Either that or TLC being my caretaker had something to do with that.

"We'll just, uh, close the door now bye!" One said quickly.

We did a few backflip kicks and hoof jabs, before tiring ourselves out on the tornado bucks.

"Hello Golden Tiara," she panted.

"My name is Screwball," I panted back.

She looked at me worried and afraid for me, "What?"

"It's the name I've EARNED. Golden Tiara would have never hurt own filly! Let alone try to KILL her!"

"Golden... you -remember- now?"

"Screwball! I am Screwball!"

She instinctively went back into a defensive stance.

"... Sorry." I croaked out.

"When did it happen?"

"At the party I snuck into... the pain was horrible, and EVERYTHING came back. The world finally made sense...for real this time."

"Golden-Screwball, your eyes, your cutie mark, they're all back to normal?"

"... Doesn't change what I did... nothing ever will."

I slipped on my social mask and smiled, it had been far too long since I played the game. "Sooo what brings you here to Canterlot?"

She blinked bewildered at my sudden change. "... YOU. The doctors couldn't come to you themselves. And I'm the one you're least likely to be able to turn inside out."

I dropped the mask. "Yes... the asylum... it's where I BELONG, the only place a monster CAN belong?"


I growled."

"Stop it," she said, "If you really remember, if you UNDERSTAND what happened, you can finally start healing to be back WITH your family."

"I can't be trusted near them!"

"I . . . I'm sorry . . ." She sighed, "Look, I'm just here to make sure you get back safely . . . but, you should at least try to open up."



"We're sorry, the capital is on lock-down until the end of the wedding except by royal invite and VIPs, we JUST got the order ourselves."

Looks like I wasn't going anywhere for a while. We sat on a bench. Nurse TLC was still holding my leash.



"I'm sorry for . . . being a poor caregiver when you were given the mind of a baby on the day The World Made Sense Again, I mean, the day of chaos."

Nurse TLC looked at me awkwardly. "The whole reason you were at the hospital is because you weren't responsible for your actions." She said in that forced tone I recognized as a pony doing the right thing even if they didn't actually want to. "It would be stupid for me to blame you."

"How is . . . Dr. Hoofwave?"

"Him? He's on recovery still, but he's supposed to start working again next month. I think it'll be great to have him."

"Okay . . . and how is ... Dr. Head-Scratcher?"

Her mask cracked.

"You have any idea how long it took the chiropractors to help Dr. Head-Scratcher after you turned him into a pretzel?"

"I'm sorry."

"And the orderly you shoved into the electric fence to use as a step ladder, and Roid Rage-"

"I'm sorry! I'm a bad pony!" I cried.

Nurse TLC stopped as if waking up from a dream. Her body froze. She looked down at herself like she was her own stranger, and settled back down. "I'm sorry, I'm very sorry. I had no right to say any of that. I apologize. I'm the one being a bad pony. I need to be the one to know better in my job. Please forgive me?"

". . . I don't think you're the one who has to apologize. Does Barking Mad miss me?"

"Her name isn't . . . yes, we think she does. Oh! Good news! Miss Fluttershy has actually been able to SPEAK with her! We think with Miss Fluttershy as interpreter, we can have her on the road to recover before the year is out!" She said genuinely happy. "Nurse Redheart is overjoyed at the news!"

"That's . . . that's good . . . can we go back to my room now?"

"Yes. Yes you can."


... I don't think there was a right decision for which to go to first, and I don't know if I avoided making the wrong decision.

I went to Golden first, because I thought my wife wouldn't want to wait for news about our foal. The guards acted a little more rigid than when I had last visited Canterlot requesting in person for the Alicorns to cure my wife.

They had always been still as statues, but there more tension in the way they moved, and if possible, they seemed to smile less. Where before ponies had been allowed to come and go as they pleased, now I had to prove that I was there on business. Apparently my wife was down as a 'secured guest.'

Golden's lawyer was already explaining to the mare who she had robbed that Golden didn't understand her own actions, and couldn't be held legally accountable. Finding Golden wouldn't be thrown in the dungeon any time soon, she was still determined for compensation for her medical bills, the damage to her dress, and her emotional trauma at being ambushed and stripped naked by a mad pony in the middle of the night, since it had technically happened on royal grounds, she demanded it be paid out of the royal coffers. Golden, at least you were safe.

But it hadn't done much for the city's confidence that a mad mare had snuck into the city, single-hoofedly avoided capture, attacked a noble pony, stolen her clothes, and gotten into the castle. This had made security more rigid, and ponies more scared. I didn't like this combination at all. Especially on top of this unknown threat.

I was told her room didn't have any windows, but her door was guarded constantly by three royal guards. I wondered if that was enough for a black belt mad mare whose pain tolerance would make masochists cringe.

I considered wearing a dress suit, getting flowers, a gift, something, but nothing I could think of, could remotely come close to telling her that I still loved her, and I was so so so sorry!

And the stores I went to were out of roller-skates her size.

I had never visited her at the hospital. So I can't say I recognized the mare I met outside her room. She introduced herself as Nurse Tender Loving Care and from the asylum.

And she told me.


I was curled up in the bed. I knew better than to not eat, they'd just make you eat if you didn't. I'd have had no choice but to get out of bed if they told me to. They'd just make me if I didn't. But was there was nothing to do now, but wait for the trains to run again, and for me to go back to where I belonged?

I didn't belong among sane ponies. I was an animal that needed to be locked in its cage. Did I cry? No. Everything inside me has collapsed into a black hole, there were no tears inside to shed.

In books and plays, the story trick of having the hero or nice pony turn out to be a villain with amnesia would make my blood boil. It was a cheap trick by authors to make the reader feel sorry for somepony who had done awful thing and was somehow innocent of them simply because they didn't remember them.

It didn't seem so trite now that it was happening to me.

There was a knock on the door. Knocking? Why would anypony bother to knock for me?

The door slowly opened, I didn't turn around to see who it was. I'd just eat the food and go back into bed. Utensils? It wasn't like they were going to trust me with forks and knives. And TLC knew I knew how to be dangerous with a spoon.


My eyes widened, then I shut them tight and curled into the smallest ball I could wrapping he blankets around me. No, no no no no! Not him! Don't let him see me like this!

"Don't look at me!"

" . . . Golden, please, I just wanted to see you."

"Don't come any closer!"

Of course. I had let her go mad. I had abandoned her in that mad house. What right did I have left to be with her? What right did I have to look upon her beauty?

I had avoided her to the point my daughter had to sneak out to visit her...maybe if I hadn't, none of this would be happening.

" . . . Golden . . I'm sorry."

HE was sorry? For what? I had done it all, to myself, to his foal, to our family, to him. What did he have to be sorry for?

I dared peak out of the blankets. It was my prince. He looked so sad. So small. Ashamed. Why? I destroyed our world!

"Filthy . . . why are you . . . don't be . . . please don't be sad!"

"I'm sorry!!!" He gasped out, misty eyed. "I LET ALL OF THIS HAPPEN!"

What? This isn't making any sense! "Filthy what are you talking about?!"

"I ignored the warning signs, I didn't get you help when I should have, it was my responsibility, and I failed you, Golden Tiara!"

"NO!" I gasped out, getting out of bed. "I FAILED YOU! I DID THIS ALL TO MYSELF!"

"And I let you!"

"It was my life and I ruined it and yours and our daughter's!"

"It was OUR LIFE! And I turned a blind eye to you needing help."

"And I never thought to ASK for help! I WAS THE ONE WHO---WHO... WHO... " I shook. "I was the one who tried to . . . to . . . murder Diamond. You SAVED HER."

He embraced me and nuzzled me. It had been . . . It had been far too long. My entire body went slack in his hooves.

"Please, I beg you, don't do this to yourself, Golden Tiara."

"I betrayed that name. I'm Screwball. It was my own choices made me go insane in the first place."
A golden crown instead of a screw and a base ball, beautiful amethyst eyes instead of purple whirlpools. She was wearing that beanie she had as a filly. I almost felt ashamed at being happy to see these beautiful traits of hers again, like her appearance was all that mattered. But they were the tell tale signs my princess had finally returned.

"Honey, uh, do you like my collar? I thought you might like it," he asked so awkwardly, so nervously, awaiting my approval. MY approval? What right did, how could he ask something that mundane about--

And I realized this mundane was what I wanted. "It's . . . nice, dear."

"Thank you honey." He nuzzled me, my entire body shivered, it wasn't from cold or disgust. I dared to steal a nuzzle from him back.

He didn't resist or recoil, he was happy. My prince, like in a fairy tale, my prince, my prince wanted me back!

I cried. Maybe I wasn't empty after all.

A scary but wonderful while later, Filthy and I separated. And he showed me a small box I hadn't noticed earlier.

"Honey, I have something for you . . . Nurse TLC said she brought it just in case she couldn't . . . restrain you. She thought it might calm you down enough to come along."

He opened it.

"My dress," I whispered.

I took it out of the box, hugged it and embraced it. Still with the diamonds sewn in. I felt alive. I felt like a pony. I felt like a person. My birthday present . . . from Diamond.


Had it all been in my mind? I had to ask the one pony I knew I could always trust.

"Dear. Tiara, she's missing isn't it?"

He couldn't lie to me. "Yes she is...And I think that's my fault...I ignored the warning signs with her, like I did with you," Then he realized. "That's . . That's why you escaped isn't it?"

"I thought if I saved her from whatever had happened, I'd prove I was a good mother, and the doctors would have to let me stay with her again."
Maybe it was stupid and reckless, but I couldn't keep anything from her, not now.
"Honey, I have something to tell you. Diamond Tiara was stopped somewhere here in Canterlot. I promise. We'll find her."

There was only one thing I could ask of him. "Please find her dear, and protect her, from me."


I had no idea what to expect when I decided to take time out of my admittedly busy schedule to meet with her.

How did I even find out she was in Canterlot? It was quite shocking let me tell you!

To find out Diamond Tiara had been seen here in Canterlot was completely overwhelming. I'd let Silver Spoon's father decide if the little filly should know or not. I had meddled enough with one family's filly, and Silver... Whenever Diamond is mentioned, she gets a look that reminds me of Rainbow Dash. That look of undying loyalty that cannot be faked. If Silver knew Diamond was here, I didn't doubt that she'd do anything to find her.

Between designing, measuring, and sewing several dresses within a couple of days, it's a tribute to my talents that I had the time to spare.

I didn't tell the others out of a sense of secrecy or conspiracy, we had enough drama, and I didn't want to add to it.

In spite of previous advice, I wasn't about to -ignore- Filthy Rich after our deep discussion. I already knew -he- was in Canterlot.

I didn't exactly scour the city for him, but I did ask Fancy Pants if the most important pony in Canterlot knew the whereabouts of Ponyville's biggest business pony . . . A gamble, but it paid off, and I found out the truth. Fancy is good at reading ponies and I think saw my concern was genuine.

When I explained, he told me about Diamond Tiara being his guest.

I had actually used my jewel finding spell to try and find Tiara's crown in Canterlot, but I kept finding only dead ends.

Diamond Tiara. You came here? Why? How had you managed to get here? There WAS however a powerful relief in knowing that at the time, she was alive and well. After months of simply not knowing, there was proof she was still alive and somewhere nearby... But the Royal Guard apparently were too busy to spare much stallion power on one lost filly with the royal wedding on the horizon.

I shared Filthy Rich's agitation.

But why in blue blazes would she have come to Canterlot?

Filthy Rich as it turned out had been given a room next to his wife at The Princess' offer.

Filthy Rich I think was surprised to find me Canterlot as well. And that was where I found out the rest of the truth.

His wife had been found, in Canterlot as well, it was almost too impossible to be truth, I was very happy for him.

Then he shared his wife's mental state... It was a miracle. There was no other way to describe it. If they could now just find Diamond they could have their lives back and maybe Diamond could learn to let go of her pride and cruelty.

No I had never given up on her. A wise mare once said, 'under the skin, evil was often just pain.' I think it might have been Fluttershy. Sometimes I think she's more selfless than me, which is why I shall ALWAYS look out for what's best for her.

I made my request, and after some heartfelt explanation, Filthy Rich consented.

She was a lovely mare, but in need of a good combing and deluxe trip to the spa. She didn't seem crazy as had been built up for so long. But the heavy weight of depression was easy to see, and that felt -wrong- for Equestria and for any pony in need.

I didn't know how to begin my encounter with her, so I greeted her as a proper lady, curtsying and introducing myself.

Confused she asked my business with her. I'll admit I was taken a bit off guard, what was my business? But I had know I had to see her.

"I was the sewing tutor to your daughter and the mare she spent the most time with before running away. I'm here to be just another mare to talk to if you'll let me."

And she did. We talked about the stresses of high society, I told her about my generosity in accepting requests for appearances left Twilight's birthday dress all but undone. About how the stereotype that well off ponies in Canterlot all had to be elitist snobs.

I left out the whole 'helped save the world' thing, this was her time to communicate with another pony like another pony for who knew how long, to get used to being sane again, not me listing off my accomplishments.

I was amazed when I learned of the extreme sports she had done. She told me about her quality time with Diamond Tiara. And from the abuse Sweetie Belle told about the bully, it was like two completely different ponies were being described to me. But again, I had begun to see this Diamond Tiara bit by bit, until she stabbed me and ran away. I still remember the shame and terror in her eyes, the scissors shaking in her mouth. She hadn't wanted to do it. And for a spoiled filly like Diamond Tiara to do something she didn't want to, it told of something very wrong indeed.

There was no way in Tartarus I could tell Miss Golden Tiara about her filly's act of violence. Maybe I was just repeating mistakes, but I knew she would just blame herself somehow.

Sadly, she refused to accept her name of Golden Tiara, and insisted on being referred to as 'Screwball.' Poor mare. But at least I was able to speak with her for over an hour about family, high culture, and I was sure to share with her current events she had missed out on because of her sickness. If there was ever a pony I met who needed a friend right now, it was her. And the greatest act of generosity one can commit, is to give their time to help another.

She was no actress, she couldn't hide her smile. But duty called, I merely told her, that what her daughter wanted more than anything, was to have her mother back.

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