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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 160: Lots of foreshadowing and character driven stuff

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series
Not The Wedding You Remember
Part 2
By Alex Warlorn

Okay, let's back up some here. Like you were told before, we really got our notes scattered or destroyed in the invasion. So let's rewind a little bit. I know you all want us to get straight to the action, we do too, but we need to give credit where credit is due to some good ponies.

And remind everypony that these ponies haven't had to lose or fight their friends to the bitter end, and have remained strong through tests and trials.

So you might have to piece together a few things yourselves, sorry. Think of it as a tiny mystery maybe? Then again, given how freaky we can be with details, I guess maybe not.

But we did have to go back and rewrite a lot of stuff 'after the fact', get interviews from random ponies, and had to skip over some stuff, and had to stitch it all together. We know a lot of you ponies didn't care for when we just went over stuff you already knew for Rainbow Dash picking her pet.

But trust us little ponies, when we tell you, that you ain't seen nothin' yet!

So let's rewind a bit, and get reacquainted with our little ponies.


"Fluttercruel, are you still sore that now that Photo Finish is back in town, she turned you down after that model try out?"

Fluttercruel's response was unprintable and caused nearby flowers to wither.

There weren't many swears Fluttercruel knew given, she got them all from pure and kind Fluttershy's memories. Fluttershy put a clamp down on their mouth, leaving Cruel to take Celestia's name in vain only in Fluttershy's mind. Fluttershy remembered Cruel's cute-ceaƱera and strongly imagined a bar of soap in her mouth with the desired results.

(INTERVIEWEE'S BUCKING NOTES (Draconequus/Pegasus Hybrid): Can we PLEASE skip past this?!)


"And there we go, isn't it lovely?" Fluttershy said as Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Silver Spoon, and Spike, knitted the last of the yarn together.

Outside of our big sisters, the three of us together aren't known for having repeat foalsitters. Now that our club had grown to include Silver Spoon and Spike well...

Given what happened last time Fluttershy foalsat for us, and that there were five of us (and one of us a dragon), I figured we'd add her to the list of one-time foal-sitters.

Huh? Cause we drove her crazy? Don't be stupid. I mean the cockatrice! Burr!

I can't say we all weren't upset that she teased us with what we wanted most...okay, more like we were all unhappy that it wasn't real. Mom, dad, me, Rainbow Dash, all together, it was wonderful.

Silver Spoon wasn't doing that much a better job than me, and she looked even more embarrassed.

Did her parents really trust Fluttershy with Silver Spoon after Fluttershy enchanting half the kingdom?

Well, unlike some rude ponies, they believe Princess Celestia when she said Fluttershy was possessed like Princess Luna was. Or did Princess Luna say that? I'm a little confused. At least everypony stopped arguing about it after she helped with the Hurricane...Which I couldn't help Rainbow Dash with, but wanted to. Maybe I don't hate Fluttershy anymore for being so fixated on the ground when she can fly, when I want to be in the sky and I'm stuck here, but that doesn't mean not being able to fly is suddenly fun.

Do I forgive her for what happened? Well, Rainbow Dash forgives her, so no matter which adults are right, the least I can do is forgive her too. Spike doesn't even seem to mind what happened. And Silver Spoon says she forgave her at the Gaia Festival...it was part of how Silver Spoon became friends with us after all.

Spike didn't want to knit at first, group activity or not (I agreed with him), until somepony had to go and tell him it might make him more helpful towards her big sister! I didn't want to play all by myself, and Rainbow Dash was busy working that day, so here I am.

Do our big sisters trust her with us? Do you even have to ask? Truth was, with this being during the day, we got a chance to try out some things we couldn't before.

When everypony in town got rude, and it all led back to Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash told us how she was very sorry, and that she needed help. So yeah, we helped Spike and Angel take care of Fluttershy's animals.

NO! We didn't misfeed any animals, and we didn't try to breed the chickens with the hawks to make chicken-hawks. And we were careful around the porcupines, bears, and skunks. Not everything we do fails. Recently,our stuff kinda really goes too well.


No darling, I didn't tell little Sweetie Belle about New Fluttershy behavior towards us, and neither did Applejack nor Rainbow Dash. There was no reason to. We had already forgive her. There was no reason to infect them any new grudges (fillies shouldn't have grudges). I trusted her with my little sister.


Rainbow Dash had said Fluttershy had 'creepy knowledge of sewing,' but she didn't say Fluttershy could create -anything- out of yarn! Yarn carrots, yarn flowers. "Heh, can you make a yarn skateboard?" I asked.

"Oh sure Scootaloo, you can't really ride it, but I'm sure it'll keep you warm at night!"

"I was joking!"

I'm no judge, but even I could see the obvious. Applebloom had done a good job. So had Spike. Sweetie Belle...well...she stitched our capes remember? So she wasn't that bad. How she got it done with that stupid sweater and dream-catcher Rarity was still making her wear, I dunno. It made me itch just looking at it...

Me? Well, I hate sewing and knitting, like a lot. But I was kinda stuck having to learn the basics when...when I didn't have anypony else.

Oh. Silver Spoon. She was. She...she might have been blushing and looking ashamed and embarrassed at the end. It was so surreal to see her . Her project looked like a rat's nest. It's kinda a joke how once I'd have paid bits to see her humiliated for all the times she helped Diamond Tiara make our lives miserable. Now all I felt was bad that she felt bad.

"That's, nice Silver Spoon," Fluttershy said before we could.

"It's a mess," Silver Spoon said, she looked on the verge of tears. And now I felt really bad. So did Sweetie and Applebloom from their expressions.

"Did you skip doing the knit gauge?" Fluttershy asked calmly.

"I...I thought I didn't need it. I...I wanted to do it all on my own."

SILVER SPOON!? Not following directions?! Cue Cutie Mark Crusaders Shell Shocked Friends...

"There there Silver Spoon," Fluttershy whispered.

"I guess all I'm good for is following directions."

"That's not true young filly!" Fluttershy took Silver Spoon face and looked her in the eyes.

Applebloom looked over. "Silver, followin' orders ain't the same thin' as bein' given instructions. Yer learnin' tah do somethin', yah need tah accept help. If Ah didn't learn how tah buck a tree right, Ah'd probably have broken my leg just tryin'."

"Trust me," said Spike, "I burned a lot of parchment learning how to send letters. In fact, the first place I learned to send letters to were the fire department."

"And," Sweetie Belle blushed, "Well, I, whenever I try to help my big sister sew and stuff-" she blushed deeper.

"Ah think we get it Sweetie."

Silver Spoon made a small giggle. And we didn't mind. "Thank you."

We all gave Silver Spoon a hug. She smiled.

Fluttershy nuzzled Silver Spoon, "Now Silver Spoon, let me tell you a little poem my grandmother taught me for sewing, 'In the front door, around the back, peek out the window out jumps Jack!'"

"Fluttershy, uh, you're really good at knitting."

"Thank you Scootaloo."

"But I thought your special talent was taking care of animals?"

"Oh it is Scootaloo. But just because it's my special talent, doesn't mean I don't have other hobbies. You have things you like, but aren't why you live your life, don't you?"

I remembered that I had gotten super good at copying other ponies' writing, but it wasn't what I wanted to do with myself forever.

Being...alone, not being too good or too bad is what worked best for me. Kept the adults from asking questions. But now that I have Rainbow Dash to keep it secret, I can stand out more without risking Miss Cheerilee asking to see my parents. So yeah, so many...not being as good as Applebloom and Spike, or things going bad like for Silver Spoon, maybe being in the middle...doesn't feel as nice as it used to.

"Fluttershy, can I please go outside, so for a little bit? I think I need a little...er, something." Way to go Scoots. "I mean check on the animals?"

The others all blinked at me. Fluttershy however smiled and nodded, "Alright Scootaloo, just please don't wander off! Angel will be keeping an eye on you."

I looked down to see the rabbit looking up at me with a pair of binoculars. I sighed. "Alright. Thank you."

I used to spend all my time outside the Crusaders alone after I came to Ponyville. I can't say I liked it, but I guess I got a little used to it. I just got comfortable with it.

Outside I got with Big Brother Bunny ruining the mood. I mean seriously, how is ANYPONY supposed to get some good time by themselves if they're not by themselves? I'd lock'em in a box somewhere but I don't want to have an angry Fluttershy. Angry Fluttershy was scary.

All these animals of Fluttershy's, they were taught their tricks sure, but I've never seen a seal learn how to swim or spider learn how to spin a web. So why can't I fly yet?

"Do you think they look nice?"

"GAAHHHH! Don't do that Sweetie Belle!"


Some friends need a hug, other friends need some time alone. And that time isn't now because I'm going to talk to her anyway. Signed Sweetie Belle.


"Heh, sorry, I thought you heard me." Little liar.

"What are doing outside Sweetie?"

"Well, Applebloom and Spike, and Fluttershy are all helping Silver Spoon, so I thought I'd help you."

I gave her a sideways glance, "Erm, thanks."

A little blue butterfly fluttered in front of Sweetie, then in front of me, and fluttered around us more than once, "Hey-hey! What's you're game?" I asked the weird acting butterfly.

"Hey Scootaloo, maybe your special talent is coming up with games to play?"

"What with...somepony painting away?" Okay. That was weird. Where did that come from?

"Uh, maybe?" She looked as confused as I did. Why was I thinking of that new Ponyville park that Pinkie Pie was helping open? Ugh! I've got a headache.

The butterfly landed on my nose, I tried to swat it away, and scored a direct hit on my own muzzle, the butterfly landed on my head. "H-hey! Get off!" The butterfly flew off me and landed on Sweetie Belle's back. Then again, I guess I should be happy I didn't hit it and make Fluttershy angry by hurting one of her animals.

It wouldn't have looked so weird if the wings were bigger, or maybe Sweetie Belle was small, like a little fairy in the breeze. BLECH! Where did THAT ONE come from?!

Sweetie Belle giggled as the Butterfly landed on her nose and unlike me she liked the view. Something that girlie looked better on her anyway.

"You know, Rarity talks a lot."

"No kidding."

"No I mean, she talks a lot with Fluttershy, and...me and Rarity have been talking a lot more."

With how Rarity had been making sure Sweetie was never ever alone even for a minute, I wasn't surprised. "And?"

"And she said, that Fluttershy said, how butterflies only live for a few days, oh sorry!" She apologized to the butterfly! "But they live their lives to the fullest."


The butterfly bowed at Sweetie then did a few loop de loops as it fluttered away as we kept our eyes on it. "Rarity says butterflies symbolize grace and skill in the air. Hey!" Sweetie looked at me and pointed with her hoof, "Just like you, but with your scooter."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah right, like me and those things will have anything in common."

(Interviewee's Notes (Awesome Orange Pegasus): Hey-HEY! No need to show that part! There's gotta me more interesting stuff than that!)

Hello! Grand opera Sunflowers! I mean, it's a wonderful morning! Mayor Mare even promised I wasn't going to have to sign everything Ditzy Doo AND Derpy Hooves from now on because that filing error made it look like I was married to myself.

Ivory scroll sparkles. I mean, Mayor Mare is a really nice pony. I don't understand why everypony says politicians are all bad ponies. I haven't met many of them.

The Doctor? He's doing great! Orange Top had to help him through his taxes! Yeah! Apparently he's never stayed in one spot for so long as with Ponyville that Mayor Mare says he's now officially taxable this year! He said figuring out how to transport a miniatured planet inside the TARDIS is easier than tax forms!

He says his normal quick talking doesn't seem to quite work as well on ERS ponies like other other borrower-rats, I mean bureaucrats! He actually begged Princess Celestia for help, but she said that if he wanted to live somewhere, instead of just staying somewhere, he had to play by the same rules as everypony else!

He was given the forms by this nice pony name Catch-Twenty-Two.

Sparkler's doing great! My bigger muffin says she wants to introduce us to a friend she made in Canterlot: Moon Dancer. Mom's doing great too! Normally when I visit she's always so nervous, but now she's acting a lot more peaceful! And Derpy finally did good! Derp finally make sun smile!

Did Rainbow Dash say I cheated on a test when we were foals?...Maybe. What is maybe? Er, maybe, 'maybe' is: yes? It was just before mama tried to teach me how to fly over that river I earned my cutie mark in. But there's no way she would have believed ... believed Rainbow said about me cheating. Rainbow was just upset. She really wanted to go to that Wonderbolts show I think and she really tried. She's not a bad pony at all! Everypony says she's lazy, but that's because she gets everything done super fast so she has time to rest! She's done nothing but be there for everypony!

Is my little muffin a bookworm? Don't be silly! She likes to learn new things and is really smart, but she doesn't spend her whole day with her nuzzle in a book. She spends most of her time playing with Ruby Pinch, Orange Top, and now Pipsqueak and Moonlight! One time my Dinky's imagination got so active she swears their pretend pirate ship became a real one!

Everything is new for her. Everything is wonderful for her. All foals have that spark of wanting to explore everything I think, well, my little muffin does at least. And I'll always be here to protect her, and make sure she grows into a wonderful mare. Just like Sparkler. Both my little muffins make me so proud.


There had been a posted note in Bon Bon The First's diary I found while transcribing the parts that related to Bon Bon's family for her to read. It was a note on Cheerilee the unicorn's final wish, her final thoughts as she was remade into the Cheerilee of this reality. Her final wish, was for Princess Rarity to be safe and happy.

She loved Princess Rarity like she would her own child. I knew that already from the journal. But it hammered it home. And it made me feel, a little sad almost. Sure Rarity and Cheerilee knew each other, but they didn't have the deep friendship that their previous selves had. Especially with me and Zecora having that deep friendship throughout all our existances.

It's funny, I agreed with the Princesses that fixating on the past would only bring trouble. But I still volunteered to help in any way I could in excavating the history and wonders of the civilization Starlight and her friends enjoyed.

I was organizing to dig up relics and artifacts with a Dr. Audience (how is that a name for an archaeologist pony?) for a whole weekend (it was all I needed to get it done, and some coffee).

I was creeped out when I saw she had hired Diamond Dogs, but she explained you couldn't find better diggers and most Diamond Dogs weren't like the ones we knew (yes, a friendship lesson was involved, but now's not the time). But what confused and agitated her work team, was how more 'modern' items were found UNDERNEATH the pre-classical era strata. A lot assumed it as a practical joke or a fraud until a carbon dating spell proved them wrong.

I convinced Pinkie Pie to focus on the new park she was funding with her life savings, no way I was letter her near fragile pieces of history. I was stunned when Zecora caught wind and requested to go.

"Zebra and pony hearts are identical, tis true,
But Twilight Sparkle, I am not the same as you.

While you create barriers between who you once were,
I believe we are one and the same underneath my fur."

It was astounding how calmly accepting Zecora was of the truth. While souls didn't work like she thought they did, she really did see no difference between herself, Kimono, or Miss Hackney. This also meant she saw no difference between me, Minty and Clover.

Zecora leaving Everfree, leaving Ponyville, I think she had become such a fixture of the town, just everypony knowing she wasn't in that hut of her in Everfree was a little jarring.

But the biggest thing? Was when I was organizing. She'd calmly correct me on the spelling, proper naming and brand of pieces we dug up. What was she? That she just let those memories be a part of her? UGH! I'm over thinking things! There's nothing strange or dark about Zecora, she's just spent her whole life focused on self discipline, and her beliefs don't contradict what she learned, so of course she'd be able to handle it.

"To memories I can't lose myself,
Because I am already these selves."

And it was as simple as that to her. I'm just happy the dig site Celestia and Luna had sublimely directed them to wasn't old Ponyville, I don't think I could have taken it.

I'm being a foal. Ponies change. Kingdoms change. The world changes. Friends change. We change from who were yesterday every day of our lives. Friends...friends can drift apart, but they remain friends.

Don't worry Starlight, we won't let it all be a waste. I'll never let tragedies repeat. We'll make a wonderful tomorrow as it becomes today. Waxing poetic, I really did spend all weekend with Zecora.

"Zecora, thank you, you're a wonderful friend."

"Twilight Sparkle, same to you.
May it remain as the sky is blue."


We've finally begun again? Oh, how's my mane? Miss Rarity Belle welcomes you once again my good ponies! Oh I know this isn't live, I just like to have some warm greetings for your readers.

No, I haven't heard from Filthy Rich today. It's not like we're close friends...I'm having flash backs the last time you asked that kind of question. You promise it's nothing negative? Alright. And no, Filthy hasn't really used that alias since he visited myself and Sweetie. It's strange going by Filthy now seems to have washed away the filth. He's acting the gentlestallion I remember before. I'm surprised more ponies don't ask how a stallion like him could have a filly like...like Diamond. I do hope the dear is all right.

Um...I'm going to check anyway! Be right back.

. . .

Miss Shinny Star says Mr. Rich is on a personal trip. You promise it'll work out?...

I know I'm not a part of their family. This isn't because of any 'investment' I made with Tiara I'm hoping for a return on, I want to help. I chose to help Tiara, and let it never be said I left any task I set myself to half done. Yes, yes, I suppose that's sometimes me and Applejack have that in common. I know I'm not her mother, but I thought it was finally opening the doors to that spiked dungeon she keeps her empathy in. I won't abandon somepony half-way through a journey.

I know she never thanked me once, that wasn't the point. The time and effort I gave her, I gave them to her because I felt it would help her.

You don't give something, because you expect something in return.

If Princess Gaia reminded me of one thing, is that you can't FORCE gifts on others, they'll never work.

I saw Diamond Tiara, and I saw a selfish filly who needed a lesson, and I was right. But being taught her cruelty would be paid back to her eventually wasn't the only one she needed. The number of bonds she'd formed were always tiny. If I could help her form one more bond. Then maybe that'll help her make more.

It wasn't about what I wanted, it was about what she needed.

If I can be better than the Greedy Rarity inside me. If Silver Spoon can evolve past being Diamond's minion and become Sweetie Belle's friend. Than I can teach Diamond Tiara she doesn't need to BE just her cruelty, and show her, it won't be what'll make her the most happy.

I know we'll find her.

Things can never care for you back like friends can.

I never thought I'd share something personal with Rainbow Dash. What Princess Celestia told her and myself?

That unlike other ponies in Equestria, myself and Rainbow Dash, we made in our hearts the choice to cut down another pony. Rainbow Dash actually is stronger than me. She wanted to end Nightmare Whisper's pain. I on the other hoof on top of that, I was trying to kill Cheerilee when she was Princess Gaia's thrall. That she was keeping us from Sweetie Belle is no excuse. Sweetie would have never wanted the death of her teacher to be because of her. I would have done a terrible thing, not just to Cheerilee and her family, but to Sweetie Belle as well. I doubt I'd have ever forgiven myself, let alone expect to be forgiven.

The scary part is how, after a lifetime, I suddenly twice in a day came to the same conclusion. It makes me feel ugly. Princess Celestia said how Rainbow Dash and I might be needed at one point, to do what needs to be done to save the lives of our friends and family.

But at the cost of our friends and family? I swear, to swear to Princess Celestia, to Princess Luna, on the Element of Generosity, on my beauty, when I come to that black fork in the road, I will find a better way. I think some creatures might call me a fool for this, I don't care. I will not become a killer in deed. I'll give life, I won't TAKE it.

When I give, I give to help, not to even out some 'cosmic balance' between have and have not.

My largesse large has never been, nor ever will be, because I feel it's 'in the rules.'

I don't give discounts on dresses because I feel obligated to, or because I feel guilty for being more fortunate than others. I wish to share my gifts with others. Yes I feel proud about my beauty, don't think me shallow and vain: I've worked hard for my beauty. My eyelashes, my mane, my coat, my grace, I've put effort into all of it. Just like my dresses. Just like my shop. Just like I am with my sister, and my friends.


Oh hello! Do I have you to thank for taking us and Pinkie Pie home from the field after we fell asleep? I know Fluttercruel didn't take our body home, and you were with us, so thank you. You know, I think that's the first time I've ever seen you really interact with anypony besides talking...well, erm, that is, uh, and Fluttercruel, punching you in the face...and breaking your nose.

While I felt your question was rude, I did tell Fluttercruel that she didn't need to resort to violence. Yes, I know we've had to fight before...my friends had to fight me. That's why I let Fluttercruel learn to fight, I know someday...we might need it. Twilight has said 'better have something and not need it, than need it and not have it,' and I know she's right...

I just have to trust her to know when is time to fight and when is the time not to.

Yes I have been flying a lot more! Not just from the fear Discord gave me of losing my wings, but also, thanks to 'Hurricane Fluttershy' (as the papers called it), I feel so much more confident now. For the first time in my life, ponies were praising me for my flying! I was so happy. I'd even stopped having a flight camp flashbacks.

Do I ever physically punish Fluttercruel? No. And it's not just because we share the same body, no parents should inflict something on their child that they can't endure themselves if it's for their own good. No, hehehe, I just believe that I have much more effective ways of punishing Fluttercruel when she gets out of hoof.

And I don't want to see any harm come to her. Yes she's trouble sometimes, but she didn't ask to be born the way she was. If anything, I'm now ashamed I thought of simply asking Twilight to somehow exterminate her like she some sort of disease. Just because our lives are bound together doesn't make her some kind of growth. I don't even consider exterminating insects a good idea (destroying a predator or a prey species can be a disaster), it's just shocking to think about how I thought about doing it to another pony.

Oh don't worry dear, mommy isn't going to beat herself over it, mommy's just happy to have you with her.

Yes, I looked inside Gilda's heart, the same as everypony touched by my fog as Princess Gaia. I saw the choices she made that made her friends with Rainbow Dash, and the choices that turned her into a bully.

Gilda doesn't know Rainbow Dash was the one I had direct my puppets to corner her. I think in the shock of everything that happened, Rainbow Dash never figured out I was having her corner the real Gilda as a surprise gift. I planned to introduce her to a Gilda that wasn't being cruel and thuggish to all Dashie's OTHER friends.

Twilight Sparkle's letter to Princess Celestia called Gilda a 'false friend.' A part of Rainbow Dash's heart didn't want to believe that. Still wanted to be friends with her. I saw Gilda back in Cloudsdale when we were foals, I'd seen her as Rainbow's friend (though I didn't really know her at the time)...I had that advantage that only me and Rainbow had. I'd seen how long they'd been friends.

I haven't forgotten what Princess Luna told us as part of our punishment, no, not that we'll never know for sure how 'real' either of us are. I meant when she told us, that if I had just been open and honest with everypony, that ponies would have accepted Princess Gaia willingly, and their love for me would have made the red sphere I had stuffed all of Equestria's inner-monsters int slowly shrink down to almost-nothing, and everypony would have been happy. Including Gilda.

But that chance was gone forever now. Yes, Gilda scared me to tears when we bumped into each other in Ponyville, and I came face to face with her temper. No I haven't forgotten she stole an apple and scared poor Granny Smith. I know because I looked inside her memories remember? I'm just happy nopony has been upset over THAT. Inside my fog, I saw ALL that made each pony themselves, which was how I was able to take their most painful memories and most ugly traits and take them inside myself.

But that also means I saw what led Gilda to take the easiest way out (for her). No, I'm not going to tell you, that's personal, and only she has the right to share it.

If Gilda becomes a better person, that's got to be her choice, I can't force it on her, or she'll just resist it, and dive deeper into the darkness rather than be made to accept the light.

Like I said, I don't think Rainbow Dash realized the 'game' was real. I hope. I made a big enough mess of thing without adding another one.

But that letter from Rainbow Dash, it did the one thing that has never been done before in Gilda's life. It made her question if being bullying, rude, treating her anger like it was her best friend, seeing it okay to 'want, take, have', if all those things, maybe, if only maybe, hadn't really gotten her what she wanted after all. And had cost her somepony who had actually made her happy.

And maybe Rainbow's loyalty, and that questioning, could help Gilda look in a mirror, and recognize what she had, wasn't the freedom she thought it was.


Mom said how me and Gilda would make great friends.

Mom. Even after Princess Luna told her that Sunny Town was the lost cause of lost causes she still insisted on help those freakin' murdering zombies! Even I can't tell if she was this pure before I was born, or after Nightmare Whisper. Of course the Old Man had to make me because he couldn't break her, so maybe she was.

The Old Man? What do I think of him? Pst. What SHOULD I think of him? His magic made me, and he only ever said one thing to me, and that was it, ever. He never looked my way again. The Old Man...maybe he didn't even know I was there. And maybe it's better he didn't. Oh whatever. For all I know, he just saw me as just another one of his toys. One thing is for sure, I have no intention of helping him break out of his prison, if he wants out so bad he can do it himself! Heck, if mom hadn't been there when we put those flowers on his statue, I'd probably have mooned him instead. And yeah, I would protect my mother from him if he came calling again. She saved my life after all, and she's helped me more than once. Our relationship isn't perfect, and us living together causes problems, but I don't want to be without her. And she doesn't want to be without me, and that means a lot to me.

Fluttershy's friends? Sure, they're great and everything, but I don't want to have the exact same relationships as her. I've spent a lot of time trying to escape being just 'Cruel Fluttershy' after all. No I am not changing my name for crying out loud! Just drop it!

Yes I want to make and have friends. Friends are one of the proofs we exist, I wonder why Silver Blue never caught up on that when getting ponies everywhere to try and feed her ego. At least I've got one friend who's more my friend than mom's.

Funny how my relationship with Angel began with him beaning me in the nose, but I think we have a deeper understanding than mom does with 'em. As crabby as he can get, he's still the pragmatic type I like! And I love Iron Will's badflank attitude, but you remember how that went.

I respect Purple out hoof wrestling us. Pink reminds me of the Old Man sometimes with how weird she can act, only, warmer. Rainbow knows how to have fun, and I took Pink's suggestion to get to know her a bit better. Silver Blue well, I can appreciate where she's coming from and she plays to win. Orange, well, I can't say I don't agree with her that ponies could bear to be a little more honest with themselves. Marshmallow, Rarity?

I can't believe how brutal she can be underneath the frufru stuff, actually makes me like her more. I think she actually goes out of her way to not treat me like I'm a replacement Fluttershy, or I'm an excuse to dress up Fluttershy's body. She talks about bringing out MY inner beauty, and I have to say that she succeeds. Stupid Photo Finish. Then again, mom might go crazy from having to live a double life like that.

Yeah. Us living together does keep bringing up problems.

I haven't truly known Fluttershy's friends as long as she has, so I can't say my link with them runs as deep as hers.

Then again...my OWN Element of Harmony wouldn't have WORKED with the others unless I felt a connection to them, and they hadn't felt a connection to me. Maybe we were united in our hope to save mom.

But truth is, is that I'm HAPPY that they consider me a part of the herd. That means I'm a part of them a little, and that means that I'll never completely vanish, no matter what. They're part of the proof that I'm alive.

It's kinda funny isn't it though? Mom faints at the idea of being close to a stallion. Me? I honestly wouldn't mind having an other half that wasn't my mother. I think I'd love it. But after Iron Will moving on before I had a chance to ask 'em, I wonder if I'll ever run into somepony who'd like us both, warts and all.

Well, I'm done being a quitter, so tomorrow is another day!


What happened on the day when Discord trapped me? I am SO done with that! Pinkie Pie and the others got me through that mess, and I am finished with it. End of story.

The nightmares have stopped, including that creepy world where I was Discord's whimpering minion, no way could I ever be that Rainbow Dash! And more importantly the ones where Scootaloo helps Discord in revenge for me trying to put her in an orphanage are gone. That might have been the responsible adult thing to do, but it didn't feel like the loyal thing to do. You can call it the correct thing, but I can tell you, it wouldn't be the RIGHT thing to do to Scoots. She trusts me too much for me to ever do that to her.

I never thought I'd ever willing tie myself to a filly, but I never thought I'd 'weigh myself down' with a pet either, and it was one of the best choices I ever made. Maybe I did more or less adopt Scootaloo on impulse, but I've always gone by my gut instincts.

It meant giving up my privacy, my cloud castle not being mine alone anymore, okay there's Tank, but having a filly is a different story. For one they talked.

It meant making sure Scootaloo picked up after herself, having to feed her, watching over her, knowing where she was, Making sure she was happy. and of course, teaching her how to fly. Her little wings weren't making it easy for her, but she wouldn't give up.

I'd had responsibilities before, I didn't stay weather captain by not doing what I was trusted to do or being lazy (okay, sometimes I slack a little, but ONLY when I know I'll have time to finish). But now I had more responsibilities waiting for me back home. But it also meant I had Scootaloo always waiting for me.

Would I make a different choice now? Not on your bucking life.

I wasn't kidding when I told Princess Celestia that confessing to Cloudsdale now would be just airing dirty laundry. Equestria has enough messes and I don't need to add mine to the heap. And AJ, I don't think she'd ever pressure me to. She understands. If some villain ever tells them what happened? I'll own up to it.

I have more important things to do than beat myself over something that's over and done with! I have a family.

I didn't tell Fluttershy we had all pretty much figured out her board game as Princess Gaia wasn't really a board game, and me directing her pawns to catch and change Gilda wasn't just pretend.

I went to Cloudsdale, but Gilda was already gone. I had a choice of trying to find Gilda with no clue where she was, or helping the friend who I did know where she was.

The pegasi there said little Gilda was competitive and playful, and was waiting for 'big sister Rainbow Dash' to come and race with her. No regrets, we had Equestria to save. I'm past that fork in the road.

Spitfire told me when the fog lifted, Gilda had clenched her beak, cursed like she'd been robbed, and took off.

My letter to Gilda got delivered, Derpy was able to confirm that at least (as much as I don't get along with her, she's never lost one of my letters, I'll give her that). But where Gilda was now, was a mystery. And Fluttershy told me that unless Gilda was ready on her own, that I couldn't help her. I'd opened the door she said, Gilda had to do the rest.

I keep hearing a bunch of ponies saying Fluttershy got off easy. Buck that. She punished herself enough during her whole 'conquer Equestria' scheme, and it took her forever to let go of it. The pony who was hardest on Fluttershy for that whole mess was Fluttershy, so shut the buck up already!!!!

I know Applejack doesn't like it, but I'm happy the majority of ponies either buy that random tabloid myth that Fluttershy was possessed, or are grateful to Fluttershy for having a day without their problems eating them alive. Or at least will admit there's no point wanting payback on a depowered and defeated bad guy. Ponies didn't want to find a 'send his statue to the planet's core' spell to punish him, they wanted to make sure he'd stay gone.

It's funny how I'm loyalty, but me, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity all want to protect and look after Fluttershy in our own way, and what happened, only made that more clear!

Talking more about others than myself? Guess that is kinda surprising for the Dash isn't it? Heh. Who cares? This is my interview right? That means I get to decide what we talk about.

What? . . .

What did you say? . . .

Me and Rarity?

Look I forgave her for letting those pretty wings go to her head, and Twilight told me how it was RARITY'S IDEA for all of them to go and cheer me on in the first place! If anypony gets what it's like to let your ego get the better of you, it's me.

Not that? You mean, when we spoke with Princess Celestia after delivering Pinkie Pie's cake? Well, I was happy I was able to answer Scootaloo's question she wanted to ask Celestia. And Rarity said she was going to visit Cheerilee as a friend. And I had a talk with a pegasus from Clouddale who lost what can't be replaced.

So am I going to do what next time we run into trouble?!

Would I do it first because I'm faster and Rarity then wouldn't have to deal with the guilt?!

You did NOT just ask that! You think I'd use what The Princess told me as an free-ticket to make our adventures more 'epic' or something?!

No I'm NOT saying The Princess was wrong! Me and Rarity? Maybe we ARE different from everypony else now. But that doesn't mean we're now freaks or psychos!

= Deadman Wonderland OST 1 [DW28A] =

Listen here missy! I am not a bucking monster! I didn't try to do what I did because I wanted to, and not because I was ordered to. And not because I felt a need to! You think it didn't kill me inside a little knowing what I was about to do?! I made the best bucking choice I could with what I knew! I know it would have been bucking awful if I had hit her! But it didn't bucking happen!!! So clop-off! I'm not gonna destroy myself over 'what could haves', EVERY AGAIN! That was the only way I knew how to save Fluttershy, the SPLIT-SECOND we had another way, I was the FIRST to jump on the bandwagon! She's never falling on my watch ever again. And THAT is a promise! So don't go trying to pin me some kinda loser psycho! And this doesn't mean I'm gonna start killin' baddies because I don't want to bother with 'em or because 'that's the only way.' I chose to do it, BECAUSE it was Fluttershy! If you don't get that. THEN TOO BAD! The Dash isn't that good at explaining this kinda junk, and I don't feel like it!


Seriously what was with your friend? Asking a question like that? What the buck was her problem?

...Yeah I guess I have been going overboard on the swearing, I'm sorry. That's something else I need to watch with Scootaloo around. I guess that is one thing I agree with Rarity on, is that there are some things you just don't say around a foal. When did I get that considerate? I guess havin' a filly underhoof changes ya. Besides, just cause the Dash is cool doesn't mean I want foals repeating things they shouldn't. Huh? Letting Scoots see a scary movie? Hehe...maybe, depends on which one.

Me and Spitfire? Well, remember she's got a busy life, a busy schedule, and she's got teammates to hang out with too, just like I do. So when we get to hang out is few and far between. And I think I'm fine with that. She's got her thing, and I've got mine. I know now that she's got my back if I ever need her, and I've got hers. Plus, it means we just have that much more to talk about when we do get to talk.

I think she's just happy I haven't tried asking her every five minutes to pulling strings for me to become a Wonderbolt. If I want in, I have to EARN it, the same way as everypony else on the team. Plus, if I got it by having it given to me I couldn't be proud of it...Hehe, yeah, or brag about it.

That doesn't mean we never hang out. I should have realized she'd get pulled away every few seconds at a major event like the Gala. We got to hang out just fine after the Young Fliers Competition, which was the prize, so I guess I just assumed that's how things would go at the Gala too.

I'll admit, having Spitfire go around as naked as anypony outside of her flight suit was a little weird, but it actually made it a lot easier for her since most ponies didn't recognize her without her Wonderbolt get up. I never really thought about how the average pony doesn't really recognize the individual 'Bolts but them as a team. And this was the team me, the show off, wanted to be in, which is why I know them all by name.

And I still do. It's my mountain and I'm going to climb it...that phrase doesn't work so well with a pegasus does it? You still get what I'm sayin' right? Good.

I'll confess, having Scootaloo around does make it a little bit harder for me to hang out with Spitfire now that we're more or less real friends. But that's part of the gig I took on when I took Scootaloo on, and I'm not about to whine about it.

Maybe I can take Scootaloo with me sometime, how many fillies get to meet a Wonderbolt?

Me? Shallow? Oh not this again.

You say my best traits only shine when it's helpin' others out? You know, you're right.

And I think I'm fine with that. I'm loyalty after all. I've helped Spitfire. I helped Scootaloo. I've helped Tank. I've helped Trixie find a friend. I think...I think I'm okay my good traits are shown when I helped others, means they'll talk about me, that they know about me. They know I'll always be there for them.

"Hey, Rainbow Dash, where do foals come from?"

And now I'm wishin' I'd paid more attention in those Mount-Ed classes.


Pinkie Pie checking in! Or rather Pinkie Diane as I prefer to be called by the narrative thank you very much!

Now where were we? Oh yeah, me and Fluttershy had that wonderful evening together! Thanks for taking us home!

Just let me take a quick peak at this WAY TOO LONG season that happened while we were all away and...HEY! Who censored this entire season? 'Something' World? Come on! You can't leave me in the dark about something like this!

Huh? What's this written here 'There are some things you're better off knowing. Pinkie Pie'? Wait, is that directed at me or is this from an alternate version of me? But we've done alternate universes before! Why hide it? Ugh!

Sigh. Yes I said sigh. It just feels, a little uncomfortable, not knowing what'll come next. And what the heck happened that made everypony wait so long! I'm really, really, sorry about that everypony. I mean really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, sorry! Things weren't meant to drag on like this, I'm so sorry. Our Shadows-Who-Make have lives too and all!

Okay! Apology out of the way! Next thing! Life waits for no pony!

Am I angry? Being made to wait so long? What good would being angry about it do? I have plenty of things to do, I'm not gonna waste my time being a grumpy pants! Just because the Shadows-Who-Watch can't see us all the time doesn't mean we don't have lives off camera!

Oh don't be silly! I'm not trying to hide from being unhappy again! I am SO THROUGH with that episode! I fused with Pinkamena and everything! Believe it ponies! That doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly be angry and upset all the time! That would be just as silly!

And not the fun kind of silly easier!

Speaking of which, I hope we reach the end of this fanfic soon, I think the authors are kinda having nervous breakdowns with how it's taken. Poor Shadows, I wish I could go throw them a 'I hope you feel better' party! I mean, every arc takes a lot longer than it was supposed to. And I read this arc is only around because all the readers wanted it. Well, here's hoping it's fun at least!

Well, you can count on Pinkie Pie to add some laughs no matter how grim things get! But seriously, a grim and violent My Little Pony fic? Don't we have a zillion of those already?

There's no way this story could turn into something like THAT, right?

Tone it down? Oh, okay, you just had to ask.

So how am I doing? I'm doing positively pink! The day is minty fresh! And the sun is sparkling!

I'm still sending and getting letters from my parents on the rock farm! And I still care about Dashie, Fluttershy, and all my friends. Seeing them all smile makes me smile. My middle sister still hasn't gotten back to me though, even though she stopped by Ponyville a couple times. Ashamed of me? No way! Me and my sisters might not see each other a lot but we still love each other!

I really hope we get some good musical numbers, seriously, it's NOT My Little Pony without singing!

But I know you want to keep these things a little short and sweet so I'll save it for later!

Dashie is telling me that looking after Scootaloo she doesn't have the same time for pranks anymore....And I know what she means. Baby sitting Pound and Pumpkin doesn't exactly give me a ton of extra time either. And I don't want to give up this job to anypony else.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake totally trust me. They've even let me manage Sugar Cube Corner all on my own again! It's wonderful. It makes me smile and laugh all on it's own! I think this responsibility stuff isn't nearly so bad once you get used to it! I proved I could be trusted with Pound and Pumpkin, and I proved I could take care of the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness this time! I just hope the shadows who watch don't mind how much we've strayed from the heart world there.

I won't lie and say it didn't cripple the royalties I've got from my party canon to move Fluttershy's incomplete mini-Ponyville of Everfree and complete it! Not to mention all those BOOORRRRIIINNNG talks about permit, zoning rights, construction and foal safety laws...I'm happy Twilight helped me with that. With all the stuff she loves doing, it's a wonder she doesn't go crazy!!!

The Princesses agreeing with me on it helped a lot to.

I'll admit, I was angry and sad when I realized Fluttershy little remade town was just gonna rot away with nopony else seeing it ever. And I'm not ashamed I was angry and sad! And some GOOD came of it! See?

I corrected a lot of little details that confused the construction ponies, but they went along with it. It's not a full blown theme park...paying employees, making and selling souvenirs, I didn't want that kind of trouble. The ponies in giant pony costumes would have been fun, but I wanted to keep it simpler, and something that could last a little longer. Besides, I have giant costumes and I can just use myself. That doesn't mean I didn't have a big celebration for it's opening however!

YOU WON'T BELIEVE who I got to be among my first guests! Sapphire Shores! I couldn't believe I had found another pony who was from the original world, even if she doesn't remember it. Oh, and she's a famous singer too I guess.

I got her to sing a song with me opening the park! Even if it didn't entirely make sense on the surface to everypony, I think we both felt it was right...

"My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Take me with you to Ponyville.
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
We'll have fun, I know we will..."

I also got Lickety Split and Speedy Delivery/Post Haste be among the park's first guests too.

A lot of ponies are drawn to this place, they feel nostalgic and warm here even if they don't know why. Something about this place just makes them feel happy, letting them forget their troubles for just a little bit.

I think Zecora enjoys it a bit more since...well, as far as she's concerned, it IS her home too. She sometimes wants me to call her Kimono. I don't mind, it's kinda nice to have somepony who remembers at least some bits of the world that never was and embraces it like I do.

You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear their laughter.

And Pound and Pumpkin loved it too. Heheheh. What? Heh! Did you think this park was just for ponies I knew from before I was born? Don't be silly. There's plenty they can learn from my past. I'm nowhere near old enough to only think about how things used to be! I've got plenty of future left in me!

Yes, I did feel the giant flashing 'Not Ironic' sign was necessary for some reason. Here, have some some rainbow berry cake! It's our newest hot seller at Sugar Cube Corner! Pound and Pumpkin sure love it.

And hearing them laugh, is better than you can imagine.


Howdy, been a while, beautiful day ain't it? Perfect day for a picnic for friends Ah'd say. So what questions ya got fer me today?

Of course this here accent is all natural!...Uh. Oops.

Of course Ah knew Ah had an accent, everypony has an accent. Lyin' ta mahself is about the last thing Ah'm doin'.

Though Ah'll admit it did hit me after Moonlight tried to use that cute face of hers to get me to give 'er free apples. Not that Ah ain't got nothin' against charity, but family comes first. Runnin' a farm costs bits. Yes, Moonlight and Pipsqueak are the darn' cuten'nest couple Ah've ever done see. And Ah don't need ta ask where she lives.

Can we move along ta somethin' else here? Ah don't think this was the topic ya were lookin' for.

Ah already know sayin' the wrong thing at the wrong time can do nothin' but hurt some pony even if it's the truth. It's what Ah told Nightmare Mirror ain't it?

It's part of why Ah didn't tell Fluttershy what pa's hat meant to be when it got...ruined when we were savin' 'er from herself. Yeah, Rarity did do a great job of makin' a replacement didn't she? It ain't pa's, but it's special tah me in a different way. Gifts from a friend are special too.

That don't mean Ah don't think ponies couldn't bear to be a little bit more straight forward with each other, why this here song and dance we gotta do? And Ah don't mean one of Pinkie Pie's numbers.

When...when Ah inherited the farm, and when Applebloom asked questions about...about our parents: Ah didn't mince words with 'er, Ah told'er that they were gone and weren't comin' back, and not the 'run away and join the circus' type of gone neither.

Ah love'er, but Ah'm honesty, not kindness. Ya just gotta face the truth sometimes.

No way was Ah feedin' her some happy lie about them joinin' the Wonderbolts or somethin'.

Ah'm no Nightmare Mirror, but Ah ain't abandonin' Mah Element just cause it showed its ugly side, never again. Sayin' cause she used the truth for bad means the truth is bad' is the same kinda logic that made her a N ightmare in the first place.

Look Ah gotta a lot ta do before Ah meet up with the rest of the herd, so can we please keep this whole thing short? A farm pony's work is never done.

No no no, Ah'm not tryin' ta get this all done by mahself. Big Mac, Applebloom, Granny Smith, they're a part of this family too. Ah'll amdit, for a bit it felt like Ah was learnin' the same old lesson over and over again. One thing that Rodeo in Canterlot taught me good, is that just cause Ah'm the best Earth Pony athlete 'rought these parts, doesn't mean Ah'm the best in all of Equestria. And yeah, Ah know now it was a mistake tah try and be the best at everythin' instead of tryin' tah be best in a couple of things.

No Ah ain't ashamed no more of getting so many second places...Ah actually found out Ah had gotten more medals than any of the other ponies there...Ah was simply bein' too much of a cry baby about not gettin' any first place gold ta pay attention. Still doesn't mean Mayor Mare was happy about us not having the extra funds to fix Town Hall. The Princess' generosity can only stretch so far after all. And Derpy ain't on Ponyville's insurance plan.

Ya gotta understand somethin'. Farmin'? It's a full time job! Up BEFORE the sun, and right into the evenin'! Doesn't leave much time fer hobbies. But don't go thinkin' that means Ah'm gotta ditch mah friends over it.

And...Okay, Ah also got something a little bit more personal ta do first.

"Sucking out the poison? Stupid. You'll just get the poison in your mouth and infect the bite."
"Slapping somepony on the back while they're choking will only make it worse."
"DO NOT TILT YOUR HEAD BACK, OR ANYPONY'S HEAD BACK IF YOURS OR THEIRS NOSE IS BLEEDING! All you'll do is choke on your own blood. And don't tourniquet a limb unless applying pressure ISN'T working! You've seen way too much theater!"
"Remember Applejack, if a pony gets stabbed or impaled with something, do not be in a rush to pull it out on the spot, it's likely holding the bleeding back. I saw a patient DIE because idiots removed the arrow-head instead of keeping it in! With their unwashed hooves."

"Ah know that, Ah've...seen mah fair share of farming accidents."

"I understand."
"And remember Applejack, I'm just teaching you the basics here. Unless told otherwise by an emergency worker, if professionals are already doing their job, stay out of the way. You're not a doctor Applejack, bucking somepony in the chest WON'T restart their heart, it's meant to reset an unhealthy rhythm and meant to be done exactly once, and only if you know what you're doing! The one exception is if their heart stopped beating by being hit by lightning -and again, only once!- and you should FOLLOW IT with CPR, not do the CPR first if that's the case, and you have only half a minute before striking them in the chest won't change the outcome."
"Remember Applejack, CPR is not meant to save lives, it's meant to prolong them until you can get them better help. And if I find out you ever hesitated to give mouth to mouth on another pony because they're a mare, I'll SMACK you. We have equipment for doing it at hospitals' anyway. And for the ratio for compression to breath is thirty to two. Don't bend your arms! And DON'T stop if you break their ribs: they won't need them if they die. And don't stop after a minute Applejack, until a medical pony tells you they're dead, don't stop. And Applejack, statistically, they still have a one in four chance of dying. Don't blame yourself if they don't survive. And if you do save them, their chances for a full recovery you're better off not knowing."

"Then what's the point?"

"The point Applejack, is giving them that chance for living they WOULDN'T have without your help."

"Redheart? Thank you. Ah, Ah think Ah really need ta know this sort of thing. For mah friends, and for on the farm. It feels like Ah should have known this sort of thing already."

"I'm just happy I could teach you Applejack. When I say remember, I mean remember. None of this will do any good if you forget it in a panic."

"Ah understand. Trust me, Ah ain't a pony who freaks out easy!"

"I don't doubt it." She gave me a kind nuzzle. "So is Applebloom coming in for her flu shots on her own this year, or are you going to hog-tie her, or have me visit you again?"

"Ah think...Ah think she's done plenty of growin' up this year."

"Your family certainly has its adventures."

"True darlin', but Ah think ya do plenty of good, in yer own way more than us. We just keep Equestria from going to horseapples when we ain't livin' our lives. You save lives every day."

"Thank you Applejack, that means a lot."


Yes! You guys are finally talking to again to Ponyville's top dragon! Kenbroath Gillspotten Heathspike VII at your service! What? You didn't think THAT part of me was gonna go changing was it? A dragon has his pride after all!

So yeah, now the CMC have a dragon who can't earn a cutie mark, and a filly who already has her cutie mark. Sounds like the group is turning a little inclusive, but hey, the more the merrier.

Given the ideas these fillies come up with and survive to earn their cutie marks, I wonder how they can't be part dragons! Well that would make Rarity part dragon so maybe that's not so, okay okay, staying on topic! No need to push. I promise, one day me and Rarity will be together.

Ya know. I already know what I'm going to do with my life. Silver Spoon at least has the excuse she needs to reconsider what her cutie mark means. I went on that crazy trip through time and space because Sweetie Belle invited me and because they thought I could contribute.

Oh don't look at this dragon, I like being useful. But seriously? They've invited me, and I've accepted at this point...just cause. I think that's part of friendship: there's nothing to question, once it is, it just is, or that's one way to look at it right? Their friendship belongs to me now, and I'm not about to give it up. Don't worry I'm not one of those psycho nutzoid covetous types... most of the time.

I really hate to say it, but I think I ENJOY the crazy dare devil stunts they come up with. It gives me adventures I'm a part of instead of a tag along to. Silver Spoon deserves a medal for not giving up on the spot after that first one considering it was probably the craziest one yet, not sure how we'll ever top time travel.

I know how Applebloom feels about being treated like a toddler by the adults no matter how much you give or how hard you try.

I can appreciate Scootaloo wanting to fly. Why the heck don't I have wings when every dragon I've ever seen has'em? Hopefully I'll get'em as I get bigger, I mean older.

If Silver Spoon doesn't like her name implying she has no talent other than being an heiress, then I'd be happy to take some of her stuff off her hoofs. Erm. Forget I said that.

Zecora told me just cause I don't have a risk of turning into Spikezilla again, doesn't mean my hoarding instincts have magically gone away.

"While you are not becoming a beast that can crush Ponyville like a grape.
Does not mean that the instincts of a dragon are something you can escape.

While your heart and mind provide sheathing,
You cannot stop wanting to hoard anymore than breathing.

A leopard can not change its spots like in the myth,
This is something you must learn to live with."

Yeah. Don't ask me how Zecora knew so much about dragons when the entire Ponyville library and Twilight were a dead end. Sometimes I wonder what the bigger mystery is behind that zebra!

She said my best bet was to redirect my energies elsewhere, so I guess that's what I've been doing with Sweetie Belle and the others.

Sweetie Belle? I've done my best just to make sure Twilight doesn't think I'm using her to get to Rarity or treat her like Rarity-lite.

OH! And before you ask!

Contrary to what you might have heard, me and Twilight did NOT end up in a tree after we challenged Big Mac together for Smarty Pants. That's how I ended up all the other times I tried before. We got Smarty Pants back!

It wasn't easy.

There were bruises and black-eyes all around when we were done, and Smarty Pants was going to need a little stitching from me.

"Ya know, ya couldda just asked if ya wanted her back so bad."

"WHAT?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Why did you FIGHT ME every time?!" I exasperated.

"Ah thought it was part of some fancy smancy dragon code of conduct, Ah was just bein' polite... and I really really like Smarty Pants too."

When we got home. I got ready for Twilight to tell me how stupid I had been. She closed in on me and whispered,

"Spike, thank you for getting her back." And she hugged and kissed me! No not in that way!

It didn't seem to impress Rarity like I thought it would. But I made Twilight happy. And Big Mac doesn't seem to be holding a grudge. Or Applejack (though she did tell me I was acting dumb). Thankfully I think that was BEFORE I joined Applebloom's club, or that would have made things even more complicated.

Like it or not however, I have to watch the library when Twilight is out socializing with our friends. Owlowcious gets the night shift after all. Which means he's sleeping.

I promised Twilight that I'd keep the CMC from trashing the library. And not tell them where she hid the matches. Or the coffee and sugary stuff. Silver Spoon promised too, being Sweetie Belle's chaperon. Yeah, Twilight is trusting a promise made by a bully who picked on the CMC, while Rarity is trusting that same bully with Sweetie Belle's safety. The world sure has turned upside down without Discord's help hasn't it?

Applebloom and the rest were talking about checking out the new park Pinkie Pie was opening. Figuring they might be able to pick up some new jobs or hobbies they hadn't thought of yet. And Pinkie Pie had always been open on the CMC helping before (even when they ended up turning themselves into taffy with Sugar Cube Corner's new taffy machine that one time). That hadn't changed just cause she's sane now.

I had almost figured out all of their special talents, but Twilight kept insisting that it wouldn't work unless they realized it on their own (which is stupid if you ask me, but nodragon is).

I'd find out later Applebloom -insists- Pinkie Pie's new public park looks like the Ponyville of the Past we visited going through time that one time (LOOOONG story, and it wasn't the only spot we visited, we even had to escape this dark motionless universe ruled over by this 'D____' something or other).

But I'd have to find all that out later, cause out of my stomach, came a letter to Twilight.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
Princess Celestia cordially invites you to the wedding of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor Sparkle.

Shining Armor Sparkle? Whose that? A cousin of Twilight's I haven't heard about? And Princess Mi Amore Cadenza? Huh? What? Who?

Must be one of old Blueblood's relatives.

I checked out the when and where. There was also a mark of priority! In other words, 'Show this to Twilight Sparkle right now Spike, or I'll turn you into a hand bag!'


I babble out the quickest goodbye and apologize I could to the girls before putting up Twilight's 'in case an emergency comes up' note on the door (she's Twilight, of COURSE she has one).


I'm sure Owlowcious will be able to put any fires: not from the fillies, from me running so fast!

Author's Note:

"It's here, it's here, it'shereit'shereit'shere!!!"

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Everybody loves a wedding episode. Especially one with one point five amnesic gods getting married and a point five one in attendance, a dark god looming in the background, a shadow given life rising to challenge, and the fate of a kingdom in the balance. Oh, and no doubt the mother of all angry explosions when Twilight finds out that her brother didn't tell her he was getting married.

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Art by Rose Laxzi. http://rose-laxzi.deviantart.com/art/Cover-Art-Commission-Alex-WarLorn-439153439

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