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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 161: "And That's How We Got Three Flower Fillies"

Pony POV Series
Not The Wedding You Remember Part 3

I've told that your readers already know the fundamentals, so I'll trying to keep things without too many details. Mom always said the major problem with my writing is that I keep trying to squeeze too many details into one sentence.

Applejack had her eye on Fluttercruel when she caught a small bug, she tensed for a moment, then 'Cruel simply let the insect go. That was a tiny relief. I think for a moment she was worried 'Cruel was going to pull the legs off.

Focus? All right.

So the picnic was going great! No misunderstandings, no villains, it was just so perfect!

Then my number one assistant came huffing and puffing. And he puffed out a scroll detailing the duties granted to six of us for the Royal Wedding in Canterlot. We were all delighted at being given such royal honors that didn't involve saving the world.

But I was stuck wondering what wedding Teacher Celestia was even talking about!

Then Spike gave me the letter he had meant to give me to begin with.

And it left me only more confused.

"Captain Shining Armor Sparkle? Who's that?" Inconveniently, none of my friends present had an answer. Had I forgotten one of my cousins? "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza? Huh?" And the shaking heads kept on coming.

Flash, bang, surprise: and Trixie was back in our lives again.

Trixie stood dramatically in the middle of our picnic.

I remember when Trixie couldn't teleport out of a paper bag and she just spell-copied me to learn how.

I wonder if this is how other unicorns felt when I just effortlessly copied their spells just by eye-balling them. I never attributed it to being the Element of Magic until Trixie began doing the same thing.

That said, Trixie's teleportation had a certain...flare to it that seemed different than mine. Like Trixie had made it her own in a way. Hehe, figures Trixie would try to make herself stand out.

Spike groaned, the rest of my friends were befuddled by Trixie's big entrance.

"Hail and well met my compatriots! Tis I. The One and Only Trixie, have returned!" Trixie really just has to steal the moment doesn't she?

Pinkie Pie blinked at Trixie's arrival and pulled out a book titled 'How to Tell if Your Friend is Becoming a Self-Insert' I don't remember that book.

Trixie being Trixie distracted me from the confusing letter.

"Hi Trixie," I spoke first, happily. I think Trixie was disappointed we didn't burst into applauds at her sudden return. I didn't bother to ask her how she found us, she likely spelled-copied the magic I use to keep track of her every move. That isn't stalking! I checked! "What brings you back to Ponyville?"

"Actually Twilight Sparkle, I was on my way to Canterlot for the biggest performance of Trixie's career! And she thought she'd grace you with her presence."

"So you did come to visit! How wonderful!" I clapped my hooves.

Pinkie Pie was scribbling check marks in the back of that book of hers.

The others were content to let me do the speaking, except of course,

"My my darling, in Canterlot you say! What a coincidence, we were just this instant been given invites there ourselves! Oh, we all know where this is going!" Rarity guessed smiling before we all did, "Would your show be for a royal wedding?"

"Trixie should have known you'd be asked to attend, given the groom."

"Oh!" I perked, "So do you know who 'Shining Armor Sparkle' is? I can guess he's part of my family but I don't think we've ever met."

Trixie looked at me slack-jawed. "Twilight Sparkle. I mean no harm but I suggest you get your head looked at! You told me last time you visited! He's your big brother!"

Pinkie Pie looked pale. I didn't need to guess why. Then she began putting down more check marks in that book of hers!

Brother? Since when do I have a brother? My fantasy in Gaia's fog of Trixie being my sister was based on how I didn't have any siblings! "Trixie, are you sure you teleported right? You might have transporter psychosis."

"UGH! Twilight, you did this last time! BBBFF. Does that ring any bells? 'Big Brother Best Friend Forever' you said!"

Images and a voice began to flick in my mind. A white unicorn stallion with a blue mane. Wait!

"GIRLS! It's always been six Elements of Harmony right?! We weren't seven Elements facing Nightmare Moon were we?!"

The girls shook their heads. Not that it would matter if it was that. But if Pinkie Pie didn't remember, then maybe it was all right.

"Wait, Shining Armor is my brother, that's, I, that is, I remember but-" I held my head. And a flood of memories burst through my mind.

I could say only one to recalling my BBBFF, "THAT BIG JERK!!"

THE NERVE OF HIM!! 'Hi Twilight! I'm getting married! Don't worry! You'll find out via invite! Not gonna bother telling you! That jerk!' And who is this Princess Mi Amore Cadenza he's marrying anyway?! Some random royal mare from freakin' Blueblood's family?! Ick! The idea of being related to that spoiled coward makes my skin crawl!

I'll give him more than just a piece of my mind! I ranted and raved using a sandwich like a puppet.

"Twilight, I can appreciate you being upset, but aren't you, uh, going a little bit, overboard, maybe?" Fluttershy asked.

I groaned. "I'm sorry." And I told them, from the heart, how Shining Armor had been the only pony I had ever formed a real bond with besides my parents before coming to Ponyville, he wasn't just my big brother, we were legs on a chair.

It humbled me when I realized how much it was like Dash and Gilda, thinking that one friend was the only friend I could ever actually need, and any more were just chaff.

The family psychologist even suggested my relationship with Shining was a little too healthy, but that was just silly, right?

"Uh, Twilight," Fluttershy said, "I don't want to sound awful," so Fluttercruel came out, "But, don't you think it's creepy Trixie says you suddenly remembered him when talking to her, and now that you talk to her again you remember this brother none of us have even met?!"

"Come on! It's not like I've met all of your families!" I looked at Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

At least none of them accused Trixie of trying to use mind control on me.

"Twilight, I know you aren't the kind to make this stuff up, but isn't it kinda suspicious that you've been with us for TWO YEARS, and your brother didn't come visit Ponyville, and we didn't so much MEET HIM all the times we visited Canterlot?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

"He's been on a two year trip around the world!"

"And Ah know ya ain't lyin', but Rarity and me slept over at yer place, and Ah know meh and Rarity were busy bickerin' but Ah'm sure ya didn't have so much as a picture of 'em! But did ya?"

"I didn't have a chance to pack much before being sent off to Ponyville!"

"Not to mention darling that you say you think so highly of him, and yet you didn't so much as once mention him all the times we've talked. And where exactly was he when you took your Magic School entrance examine? If you two were as close as you say, wouldn't he have been there? You didn't mention him at all!" Rarity poked where she wasn't welcomed.

"A lot has happened, and he was attending the Royal Guard Academy and couldn't find time!"

Pinkie Pie was grinning and said in a perfectly friendly tone. "Don't worry Twilight, I'm perfectly prepared to meet your big brother."

Pinkie Pie was now carrying a suitcase shaped perfectly like a bazooka with the words pasted on the side: 'In Case Of Marey-Sue.'

"Pinkie Pie! Not you too! Spike remembers him no problem! Right Spike?"

"Ah," Spike blushed, "I didn't really remember Shining until you brought him up."

Applejack sighed, "Girls, Ah swear, Trixie ain't lyin' when she said Twili' had a brother, but neither was Twili' when she said she ain't had one!"

"Look! If this was some of kind of wish fulfillment magic, I wouldn't have dreamed up a brother who just decided to get married without even telling me! Why would I dream up a big brother that would brush me off?! That makes no sense!"

Pinkie blinked and looked at her book, thankfully erasing a check mark.

"We're just worried Twilight," Fluttershy said, "It does seem a little... convenient."

Trixie looked at the others, she couldn't believe I hadn't mentioned Shining to them once. But all those stories about the end of Pinkie Pie's world in Bonbon The First's journal, they were about ponies being forgotten not being suddenly remembered. It had to be just a bunch of crazy happenstance, right?

"Girls, it's MY fault I never brought up Shining with you and forgot about him."

"But what if somepony mind controlled Trixie, who mind controlled you, but the mind control wore off on you, but now Trixie reactivated the mind control?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"But then what about Princess Celestia's invite Pinkie Pie? And Spike -wasn't- with me when I spoke to Trixie last."

"Then somepony might have mind controlled The Princess, and you or somepony else mind controlled Spike, but they didn't count on it wearing off, so Trixie just caused it to go active again!"

"Okay, wait a second," Rainbow interjected. "I know that Luna went all Nightmare Moon, but Celestia being mind controlled? She sent the letters to Twilight that snapped her out of Discord's spell, and since she locked him up the first time, why wouldn't he have tried to control her?"

Everyone gave it thought. "That's...a good point. And Discord's magic is a lot stronger than anyone else's we've seen," Rarity added. "It created Fluttercruel's soul after all."

Applejack looked thoughtful for a second and went over to Pinkie and talked with her about something private. Pinkie seemed to nod in agreement. I wonder what they were saying... Did AJ just Pinkie Promise?

"Pinkie, when we split from the Heart World, mah memory started changin' and even some events in the past changed, like Trixie bein' there for the Flim Flam Brothers thin'. Ain't it possible that somethin' like that happened with Twilight's big bro?" Ah asked. All this cosmic mumbo jumbo made mah head hurt.

Pinkie rubbed her chin and gave it thought. "Well it's possible. It'd pretty much mean either Shining Armor wasn't born in the past until after we broke away from the heart world, or some part of Twilight wanted him to be with so bad that she called him from the heart world, and the world is trying to figure out what to do with him. Trixie might have unconsciously done it just to make Twilight happy."

"Yer kiddin', their magic is THAT powerful?"

"Or just their wishes are. Twilight's ancestor's magic was based on wishes."

Ah didn't even TRY ta figure out how Pinkie Pie mighta known that. Pinkie is still Pinkie.

"So maybe Shinin' is real now? And Twili' head ain't messed with?" Ya know. Ah never dreamed Ah'd EVER be takin' 'bout this kinda stuff. So much for bein' a simple country farmer.

"Could be! . . . and if you tell Twilight any of this, I can honestly say she won't be happy," she rumbled at me.

Gulp! Ah nevah though Pinkie would have me shakin' in mah hooves. "Cross mah heart, hope ta fly, stick a cupcake in mah eye. Ah'd never tell Twili' anythin' that'd only hurt her."

"Alright, Ah can't explain it very well, but there are...other reasons why this might be happenin'. It's complicated, but kinda one of those things Pinkie seems tah get that we don't."

"Wait, Twilight said she didn't have friends before meeting us," Fluttercruel pointed out. "It sounds like she DID have one."

"I..." I did say that...but...BBBFF.

"Now wait a minute, show of hooves," said Trixie, giving a serious look. "Who here actually has an older sibling?"

Applejack raised a hoof along with Trixie, Pinkie Pie didn't look sure if she was supposed to raise her hoofs or not.

"Alright, is the friendship you feel with an elder sibling that similar to friendship with friends? Or are they more like 'cousins?' Trixie had PLENTY of siblings, but you all are still MY first friends, you know. Even now that we're close, I don't feel the same to my siblings as I do for you six."

"Ah gotta second Trixie on this one," Applejack supported. "Big Mac's always been there for meh, but our love's a different sort than Ah feel for yah all. There's family, then there's friends. They're VERY similar, and friends can become like family, but the two ain't the same thing."

"But Twilight, what about me?" asked Spike.

Everypony then looked at me.

"...Spike, you've been with me since you were hatched. I guess I never had to 'make' you a friend...you were just always there with me...I guess...we're kinda family too..." I said. I gave him a small hug.

"'Guess kinda?'" Spike asked.

"Okay, really kinda. Just cause you're not Captain of the Royal Guard doesn't make you any less my family."

"CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARD?!" Everypony echoed.

"Uh, hehe, I didn't mention that already?" I smiled nervously.

Pinkie Pie looked at her freaky suit case, "Gonna need two of these."


So yeah! We're all headed for Canterlot again! I'm not exactly one for weddings, but doing a Sonic Rainboom?! Can you say 'best wedding ever?! And Princess Celestia herself asked me to help!'

Well darling, I shall admit it's strange about Twilight never mention a brother she so clearly thinks of so dearly, but doing dresses for royalty? I can't go missing a chance like that darling! An artist never turns down exposure! And it'll be such an honor!

Though Twilight is still unhappy her brother had failed to inform her personally. To be honest, I can't blame her, given my...familial issues, I know how that kind of thing can feel.

Maybe dear Shining Armor has magically forgotten about Twilight the same way that Twilight forgot about him, and that's why he neglected to invite her. It makes much more sense than some of the theories we ended up bouncing around. But a 'forget-me-yes' curse? Those are just horror stories darling, I hope. Yes Lyra Heartstrings did have me do a rush order dress for her. She only said it was for something very important.
Rainbow Dash sighed. "Rarity, I swear it's like you've been giving me headaches since a past life."

"Oh darling we both know you like to look your best."

"That doesn't mean I like to look like a girlie!"

"No, it's Applejack who doesn't like to look girlie, you are worried other will judge you as weak if you were to let your feminine side show more. The truly confident don't follow trends, they make them."

"I know that already."

"And you know that the only pony who decides who Rainbow Dash is, Rainbow Dash, correct?"

"Like, duh."

"Then stop being so scared Rainbow."

"Rarity, I TOLD YOU what happened when 'Gabby Gum' released those photos of me! I had ponies in Cloudsdale laughing at me."

"We all had ponies laughing at us Rainbow. My diary got published in the paper! There are things a mare keeps private! But we've all healed and moved on."

"I just don't like it when ponies treat me like a joke after I've worked so hard to become as good as I am."

"You think I look this lovely every morning Rainbow? You saw me in the middle of Luna's night on the ride to Appleloosa. Before I began pour time and effort into it, I was the most plain mare you could image. But I trusted you to see that side of me. Like you trust us to see this side of you. Pegasi are still looking up to you after Gabby Gums aren't they? They still look up to all of us. So please Rainbow, believe me, I know better than anypony that the opinions of the right or wrong pony can mean everything to your dreams. But don't become fixated on everypony's opinion. Besides darling, if you weren't, unlike Applejack, concerned about being dashing for important celebrations, then why my dear, did you ask me to refit and check-up on your dress even before we get to Canterlot?" Rarity asked, standing besides Rainbow as RD stood still for Rarity as the white unicorn did minor adjustments to Rainbow Dash's gala dress.

"Oh." Rainbow blushed, "Heheh, yeah, good point. Well, there's that, and Rarity, I wanted to talk to you. We both met with The Princess, and she, told us both we were . . . would have done things we couldn't undo, and to be . . . ready so the others won't have to if we're ever in a spot where we gotta or our friends will be goners instead. But Rarity, I haven't really, that is, you aren't the grim and gritty type so-"

"Neither are you Rainbow."

"Not what I mean. I mean, well, that is-"

"You're tough, used to fighting, used to getting dirty, used to using violence, and I'm dainty, prefer not to fight, avoid getting dirty, and abhor violence?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Rainbow, just because I don't want to be rough and tumble, doesn't make me fragile, I've fought alongside the rest of you before-"

"That's not what I mean, that . . . that . . ."

"Rainbow. I promise. I'm not losing any sleep over it."

"Yeah right."

"Fine. I am scared of what would have happened if I had to do the deed. But Rainbow? I think it's a healthy fear. I think that fear is what is going to inspire me to find a better way like we always have before. The moment that fear goes away is the moment we become the monsters we're meant to stop. I promise I'm not going to freeze in the middle of a fight. A lady has a right to stop and think her thoughts, but I promise I won't let my worried make me unable to help you or anyone. . . . What about you Rainbow?"

"ME?! . . . I'm through with it. I'm through with going nuts over what-if's. I'm done worrying about what'll happen when I come to a fork in the road I can't guess at. If I can't guess at it, why go crazy about it?"

The lady unicorn nuzzled the rough and tumble pegasus. "It's wonderful to hear you say that Rainbow Dash. You've grown up, very very much."

"Hey, don't get softie on me."

Rarity whispered. "Sometimes it's good to get soft Rainbow, helps remind us we don't need to be hard all the time."

"Heh, yeah... I... I guess." Rainbow nuzzled her back.


You want me to talk about when I had that horrible feeling? I never hurt so much! I was scared I was going to... to... that... I felt like I was... dying.

Oh! You want to talk about after? Well, I woke up all dizzy in my bedroom with Rarity, Miss Twilight, and Nurse Redheart around me. I was told later the other doctors had already left.

"I'm sorry girls, close family only," Nurse Redheart whispered closing the door to my room and trotting close to me. I kept fading in and out.

Miss Twilight said a bunch of things about magic I didn't understand... I never seem to get magic.

Song is a type of magic too? I never thought of it that way, maybe I- the adults?

Twilight kept magic scanning me, I think, (it made my head feel weird) and Nurse Redheart looked me over EVERYWHERE.

Rarity noticed I was awake before Redheart and Twilight could tell and she HUGGED me! Super-hugged me! And kept hugging me! A lot! I tried to move, but I realized I was tied to the bed!

"Oh Sweetie Belle! It's wonderful to see you, I worried that, oh that doesn't matter now! You're ... you're right here, and thank Heaven for that."

I think she was crying...

"Uh, Rarity," Twilight nudged her. I faded back out then. When I woke up again, it was later that night and Nurse Redheart had said she'd be back in the morning. Rarity sung me to sleep with our family song...When I woke up in the morning, Nurse Redheart and Twilight were back.

Nurse Redheart asked me a lotta questions, who I was, who Rarity was, how old I was, where I was, what species I was.

I asked, "Was I brain-dead and you brainwashed a filly to think she was me, then put her mind in me to patch up my mind?"

"NO!" The all said together. Then Rarity demanded what story I had gotten that from and who told it.

"Rainbow Dash," Rarity growled for a moment before going back to making sure I was okay. No, Rainbow didn't scare me THAT bad. When Rainbow tells scary stories its fun. I've only had nightmares . . . a few times. I felt like I was already going back to sleep. So tired.

Nurse Redheart said that was normal given how sick I was.

Miss Twilight said something about feedback, empathy, linking, I know the words, most of 'em (My nickname is 'Dictionary' for a reason), but I still didn't get what they were saying.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): I know how that is.)


Dear sweet Celestia what happened to you?!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): I ah, nothing Nurse Redheart.)

I'll be the judge of that! Lion and eagle claw marks? Did a griffin do this to you?

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): No.)

How did this happen?

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): . . . I can't say.)

Tell me young filly!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): I can't! It's against the rules!)

What rules?

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): The rules!)

Come here, this looks like it was patched up by a first year medical student. Stay still, this'll hurt a little. On goes the disinfectant. That's a brave girl. There. Be sure to change your bandages once a day. Now please, tell me what happened.

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): . . . I was trying to help a filly see that what she was doing wasn't going to help who she thought it would, that bein' mean wouldn't make 'er the most happy. The adult with her didn't want me speaking to her.)


(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): I'm not allowed to say. I'm just here to ask questions. Giving answers means I'm messing things up, and messing things up means everything we've done will go away. Not just me. Please, don't ask.)


(Noon's Notes Supplemental: Dawn! Why didn't you just tell her a simple white lie? Like when we told everypony we were journalists for crying out loud!)

(Dawn's Notes Supplemental: I . . . I didn't want to lie to her.)

(Noon Notes Supplemental: Ugh!)


I have to report this happening, this sort of things should not happen to foals!

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): The bad guy is long gone from around these parts, there's no point in calling the Equestrian guards.)

. . . All right. I can't force you. But please if you need help, please come talk to me.

. . .

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Geeze, you and Cheerilee have a lot in common.)

I'm not surprised. She helps ponies grow, I help ponies heal. We both need to give compassion on a daily basis. She gets to see them grow up, I have to wish them farewell.


"Farewell Sweetie Belle."

"Bye-bye Nurse Redheart!" I waved her bye-bye. She had come back the next morning as soon as the hospital could spare her she said.

"Are you sure there is nothing more that you can do?" Rarity whispered, but I heard anyway. I've been picking up tips from Silver Spoon. Don't tell Rarity or Silver's mom she taught me that...

"There appear to be no adverse side effects, and no signs of physical trauma that a little rest won't cure. Just keep an eye on her for a few days and bring her back if anything happens. As for any magical residue..."

"I can't find any foreign anchor in her body or spell that would have chained her to another pony, she seems to be perfectly fine now. I gave her a full and complete Fail-Safe Spell, twice, so if there was any spell on her, it's gone now."

"What about curses?" Big sister asked.

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Rarity." Twilight stopped and held her head like she had a headache, she signed. "...Look, you can have her visit Zecora if you want. But I can assure you there are no adverse spells on her now."

"SWEETIE BELLE!" The others were all waiting for me outside our house the next morning, Silver Spoon and Spike included. Groups hug!

"Great to see ya Sweetie!" Scootaloo cheered.

"Yer okay right?" Applebloom asked.

"Don't worry, if Twilight says you're okay, then you're okay," Spike said confidently.

Silver didn't say anything. She held the hug a little bit tighter than the others though. Then she spoke. "Thank goodness."

Yes, we went to Zecora's in Everfree, with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as escort on either side of me, and Rarity made me wear this big sweater, it itched. Zecora did a lot of stuff I didn't understand at all, and I'm pretty sure Rarity didn't either.

"It is safe to say your sister suffers no curse."

"Thank you Zecora, let me repay you,"

"While I have done something kind,
There is no need for you to lighten your purse.
It is enough to give you peace of mind.
After all, Rarity my dear
We are friends.
If wanting my help you do fear
Then let those fears end."

That wasn't enough for Rarity and she bought a buffaloo dream-catcher and made me wear that too! Then she asked Silver Spoon to keep an eye on me whenever Miss Cheerilee or Rarity couldn't. And she wanted me to LIST where we'd be crusading ahead of time each day (thank Celestia we have Spike!) and when I'd be back home! . . .

No, Rarity's wouldn't do all that if she didn't really really love me. But I was beginning to feel a little closed in.

"I know how you feel," Silver Spoon told me, I guess you really did need to know feelings good if you wanted to hurt them. "My mom did the same thing with me. It's part of why Diamond Tiara meant, means so much to me. It was great to be with another filly."

"And you've got all of us now."

"Yes, I've got you girls," she whispered warmly and she moved a little closer to me, then stopped for some reason and backed off. She looked... ashamed? Why? You know it's funny. I'd never imagine Silver Spoon not to complain or whine about being made to do something by an adult like Rarity asked her, right out of the blue! But . . . she never complained about looking after me once.

Applebloom meanwhile offered to make Twist a CMC! Yeah, that's pretty much the look we gave her! But Twist turned her down, telling her.

"Applebloom, I already have my cuthie mark and know whath ith's means. It . . . wouldn't feel right. Besides," she nuzzled her, "We don't need a reason to be hang out do we?"


Riding Rainbow Dash up and down every day is more fun than you can guess! . . . Then Dash had to tell me that she couldn't do it every day, 'she needed her rest and had practice and weather duty to look after too after all.' She told me. I wasn't happy about it, but I kept my mouth shut. It was for Rainbow Dash.

Tank carried me up and down from the house for two days. But on the end of the second day she told me that Tank wouldn't be giving me anymore rides.

"Please don't look at me that way, Tank. I trust you bro'. Totally. I know you'd always come through for me no matter what. But this isn't about me trusting you Tank." Dash looked at me. "You're a package deal squirt. I don't get to pick and choose. Canceling our practice because Ponyville needs me more isn't the same as me having Tank carry you to and from home."

Home. I looked around at the cloud house I'd been staying with Dash. That's right. This is home.

"Thunderlane was asking me for time off again, I asked him on what clouds . . . he told me it was for Rumble. Little guy had caught the feather flu and Thunderlane wanted to make sure it didn't spiral out of control like it did him. I gave it to him, Rainbow Dash learns from her mistakes.

"There are things I have to cancel with Pinkie, and there are there are things she has to cancel with me. Ugh! Kiddo, what I'm saying is, making sure you get to and from school is as much my responsibility as being weather captain. I can trust Tank in a LOT of things, but I shouldn't have to let him look after you, when I'm supposed to be looking after him. I'll ask Fluttershy to carry you if I can't be there, but I can't just brush it off just to do . . . just to do what I want."

='Let It Out' Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood=

So yeah, I got my exclusive tickets back on the Rainbow Dash express! YES!!! And it let me know. She won't abandon me. She won't look at me and not see me. She won't talk about me like I'm not even there. She won't forget about me. She'll always be waiting for me.

Hehe, I don't know why I ever doubted it. She's Element of Loyalty for a reason.

Mom and dad? I love them, I want them back, but . . . the loneliness, it's not so bad, because I now know Rainbow Dash is right next to me. Princess Gaia's fog showing me what I wanted more than anything . . . it showed me mom and dad, and Dash as my sister, and me flying. It's was funny, it wasn't just me I was happy for that . . .that I could fly in that made up world, it was my parents and Dash being proud of me. I think Fluttershy's dream land showed me, that I still loved mom and dad. A tiny, really tinny, no seriously, a little small part of me? I was scared that I hated them . . . for . . . for leaving me . . . for abandoning me . . . for leaving me all alone . . . not even telling me they were doing it . . . just . . . leave me . . . like I wasn't worth keeping. I-I . . . I'm NOT happy about it! Not at all! But ... but I still want them back. BUT I DON'T WANT TO LOSE DASH EITHER! . . .

It really does scare me, just a little. The closer I get to Dash, the more I'm worried I'm getting further away from mom and dad somehow. But . . . Dash, wants to keep me. And I want to keep her too.

Maybe . . . maybe Fluttershy's dream world helped me . . . maybe . . . it let me know . . . that I really do, reeeeally like all of them. Maybe, maybe mom and dad will be willing to adopt Dash in return for looking after me?

Dash's parents? She's never really talked about 'em...would that be fair to them? To want her to be adopted by my family and leave hers? I . . . I guess not.

Okay, maybe I should think more about now than worry what's comin' later. Applebloom got all worried about the future and ended up getting the Cutie Pox. I'm gonna have fun with Dash now and not be afraid of what's next. I still want my parents back, I think...but if that's all I think about, that's being unfair to me AND Dash.

This is a Daring Do book? You bet! I figured, hey, if Dash loves it, then it can't be that bad. I never really read all that many books before besides comics . . . and Daring Do really IS exciting and fun . . . even if it could use a few alien robots or something.

That doesn't mean I haven't stopped reading comic books! I'm really enjoying the comics Twilight gave me! I even convinced Sweetie and 'Bloom we could try being Cutie Mark Crusader Comic Book Script Writers. That meant reading a lots and lots of comic of course!

I really love those super crossovers, I don't get why other foals don't like, they're so cool! . . . that doesn't mean there aren't things I don't like.

I couldn't believe what I just read. "Captian Equestria immune to the penance stare and arresting Ghost Flyer? That's stupid."

Spike tilted his head from the comic the was reading. "Captain Equestria immune to the penance stare? Sounds legit."

"No. Ghost Flyer would have no REASON to fight Captain Equestria! And he'd certainly have no reason to work with Loki as an Anti-Avenger! He'd FIGHT Loki! He's supposed to be a superhero!"

I don't mind so much when heroes fight each other, I mean, it's really cool and you know they always team up in the end! But a hero teaming up with BAD GUYS and fighting a other heroes? How does that make sense?

You guys sure are asking a lot of questions all over the place. Okay you guys haven't really asked me much of anything before, but whoa, it's like I'm not gonna be around to be asked soon.


While Scootaloo and Spike were debating the finer points of alternate character interpretation (I just learned that combination of words!) Applebloom was busy drawing up comic panels for us after we got the script for our first issue (we'd get two issues done, and foals loved 'em. Then we give up when we couldn't agree on which way to take the story and just what kind of setting we were going for. Pinkie said that was smart of us to not let our disagreement spiral out of control and hurt our friendship. She's Pinkie Pie).

Applebloom said later she wanted to try and expand the club house now that we had five of us.

Sliver Spoon and I were reading manegas of 'Sailor Luna' and 'Card Capturer Cherry Blossom.'

Hearing Spike talk about the places he'd been and seen Canterlot and Ponyville I had to ask Silver Spoon (in a whisper of course).

"Silver Spoon . . . I was wondering . . . I think you're pretty smart, and not cause you wear glasses, but how could you not know Spike? Everypony knows everypony in Ponyville, including Twilight and Spike!"

" . . . I told you before I know how you feel Sweetie. Mom . . . she never let me get out much except with Diamond Tiara. . . . She . . . she didn't want me to get hurt. When I was little, the properly lines of our home was my world, visiting Diamond Tiara's place was like visiting a new planet!"

"How . . . how could your mom be that mean?"

"She . . . She wasn't . . . she didn't want her treasure getting hurt. Dad had to convince her to let me go to school with Diamond Tiara, said it was important for me to be with a herd."

"So...it's kind of like how Rarity's acting with me now? She doesn't want to see you get hurt?"

Silver nodded slowly. "Yes...she was so worried after the Chaos Monster got beaten and...I got hurt. I don't think I've ever seen her that worried before. I hadn't really gotten hurt all that much before that let alone...that bad."

"I understand. Rarity got really scared when I got sick earlier."

I guess we can stop there ...

What? You want to know how we got to be flower fillies? . .. Nopony's ever asked that before. They were kinda busy with what else happened...

. . . Thank you.

Ahem. Okay, how we got to be Cutie Mark Crusaders Flower Fillies. Well . . .


So there Ah was in Canterlot! Didn't know if Ah'd be there with Cherry Coke at the weddin' proper, Ah'd hate to miss Shinin' Armor's weddin' but there were reassignments all over the place and just cause Ah didn't like orders didn't mean Ah could ignore 'em. Ah heard one buddy whisper they were even pullin' rookies out of the Academy to increase the Guards' numbers. Land's sake it was like we were at war or somethin'! Especially given all the reassignments tah the border areas. An' we didn't even know what this 'threat made to Canterlot' was! A lot of the stallions were sayin' somepony was just blowin' smoke, but orders are orders.

So seein' that Ah couldn't count on bein' there seein' Shinin's weddin' mahself fer certain, Ah figured Ah'd help out how Ah could. It ain't no secret we Apples are big on family, and the ponies in mah squad are family too ya darn tootin'!

There was a loophole that ponies part of the weddin' ceremony would be technically on assignment since it was a ROYAL WEDDIN', but SA had already picked out the stallions for that job, Banjo, Caramel, Cherry Coke, and then there's- well the point is that Ah couldn't count on being there and SA couldn't exactly defend Canterlot while he was busy tying the knot, so that left us to do that job instead.

But if Ah couldn't be involved then and there, Ah'd help out how Ah could!

So Shinin' and Princess Cadence were goin' over the weddin' plans, who was assigned what, who was goin' to be doin' what. Shinin' was having to give more and more to his fiancee to look over with protectin' Canterlot takin' priority. She didn't mind hearing every single detail about his work though, a considerate mare she is.

Oh right right, no need to rush ladies!

So like Ah was sayin', the couples-ta-be were goin' over detail, The Princess was so frazzled over all this 'unknown vague undefined threat' business happenin' durin' their weddin' that she was even given her hoof maidens Minuette and Twinkle Shine the 'rough around the edges' treatment a little. Poor mare. And poor maidens. What? They're friends too! And Minuette's Audience's fillyfriend after all. Okay okay! Ah'll get on with it!

So they were decidin' on how to ta be the Royal Flower Filly, when the pie pan went splat!

The two look at each other with realizing and said together, "We don't know any foals."

Well, guess what? Ah did! And guess who JUST happened to be close by ta say so!?

Ah already knew cousin AJ was gonna be doin' the caterin', which made me a little more sad Ah might not be there in person, but that's what the Apple Family Reunion is for (Ah just hope I don't miss that!). SORRY! Ah am ramblin' a little. So if AJ was already gonna be there, Ah knew the cutest filly in the whole wide world that was gonna be just perfect fer the role!


Hey, ain't that-- Derpy! Watch out fer that-!! Giant muffin sign. Express mail fer me? Don't know many ponies who would use this sort of thing. From cousin Ellis Bitter Apple? Haven't seen him in three years! Now what's this here about?


Huh? We're back on the day that we saw Trixie teleport into Ponyville? But big sister Rarity says it's important to do everything in it's proper order. You should have done that earlier. Your notes got all messed up? Oh, sorry, alright!

So we visited the new public park, and it really did look like that Ponyville we visited in our time machine. Scootaloo felt like she had to play some hopscotch. While I had this really strong picture of a seven layer cake all different flavors, and somepony asking me why my cake didn't fall over while hers did. It reminded me when of when I ran into that big silhouette I mean silhouette wolf.

Silver Spoon and Applebloom said they didn't have any feelings or never-happened-memories, but did agree it was freaky how the pretend town looked like the one we saw. And we couldn't find it in any history books (we put the books back when we were done, we promise! Spike and Twilight like organizing them anyway! It'll be a nice surprise when they get back!).

We didn't get to stay in that Ponyville during our adventure for very long at all, so we didn't see everything there.

But while visiting one of the houses in Pinkie Pie's park? Me and Scootaloo? Each of us visited a house, and it, felt like, it felt like it was our house . . . It wasn't a bad feeling.

But it was about time for us to split up and check in with our families. I can't say it wasn't nice being in the park.

But before the day was even out Applebloom was running around declaring an 'emergency meeting.'


Of course Ah told Applebloom, what kinda sister would Ah be if Ah kept somethin' like THIS from 'er? If Ellis thinks she's good fer this . . . Ah'd still use mah own best judgement. And Ah say Applebloom's a good Apple, she knows how to do her part of somethin' bigger than her. Ah remember what happened the last time Applebloom was in Canterlot, but that fountain ain't haunted no more, and Applebloom may have caused me some headaches, but this'll be part of Apple family business, and she knows ta take that seriously!

Plus that Sea Pony finally got tah rest in peace, so good came outta it.

Ah know those three cause trouble if together, but it'll be just Applebloom, not all three of 'em.


YA BET YER FLANK AH SAID YEP! Ah'll be helpin' Applejack with somethin' that'll make the Zap Apple harvest look small (maybe)! Ah couldn't wait ta tell the others! If being Royal Flower Fillies doesn't get us our cutie marks than Ah don't know what will! We're gonna have our cutie marks before this is over or mah name ain't Applebloom!

That and AJ says three of our cousins we ain't seen in a good while will be there! And if there's one thin' an Apple ain't gonna miss it's meetin' up with family!


"ROYAL FLOWER FILLY?!" Me and everypony (and dragon) gasped when Applebloom broke the news. I bet big sister Rarity will make the best dresses for us! I wonder if she'd let me help.

"YEP!" Applebloom exploded jumping up and clapping her back hooves together. "An' just think! If we all go together, one of us is bound ta get 'er cutie mark! Cutie Mark Crusader Royal Flower Fillies, Yeah!"

Spike suddenly looked a little nervous, "Uh, Applebloom, I'm not sure that such a bright idea."

I tilted my head remembering all the stuff Rarity had said about weddings, "And isn't there supposed to be only one flower filly for a wedding?"

"Yeah, you don't have a magic mirror that can turn us into one pony . . . do you?" Scootaloo asked.

"Oh! And, no, Ah'm still lookin' fer one...that is reversible..."

"Actually," Silver Spoon said in a calm, detached, matter-of-fact voice, "More than one flower filly for Equestrian royal weddings in Equestria aren't unheard of, not everypony does it, but it isn't uncommon.

"Really?" I asked turning my head.

"Yes, really. When you're made to attend a lot of boring adult parties and are supposed to just be seen and not heard, all you can really do is listen. And I've had to attend some high society weddings of my parents friends."

"More than one flower filly, is that true?" Spike asked.

"You were hatched in Canterlot and you didn't know?" Silver Spoon asked back.

"No offense, but girlie stuff isn't my sort of thing."

"That's not what that pink apron with frills says." Silver Spoon grinned.

"That's different!"


"Because pink and purple look good together!"

"...Point taken."

"WAIT!" I shouted waving my forelegs redirecting attention before this could turn into an argument. "Are you saying it's okay, that it's tradition for royal weddings to have more than one flower filly? And it's happening all the way in Canterlot?"

"Uh, yes?"

"GOTTA GO!" Spike isn't the only one who can move his little legs fast when he wants to.

"Wait! Sweetie!" Tried to follow but I forgot about her.

I was home really fast and told Rarity everything! Then she told me to slow down and say it all again.

"Sweetie Belle, no."

"But Rarity-"

"Don't 'but Rarity' me. We still don't know what happened to you, and until we do, we can't risk you traveling. What if you had another episode and we weren't near any help? Or do you think that your well being only matters to you?"

Not this time big sister! I bristled under the itchy sweeter and dream catcher. "I bet that's not what Nurse Redheart would say!"

"Well you're not Nurse Redheart."

"Then why don't we go see her and find out? You want to make sure I'm doing okay right?" The 'big sad eyes' is one thing, but I felt a bit guilty about that last part. Sorry big sister.

Rarity sighed, "If it'll settle this, then fine, but please, no complaining when she give her answer."

Yay! And ow! How does Applebloom do that all the time? It makes my eyes hurt!
"I believe Sweetie Belle should go."

"WHAT?!" Rarity said her pupils really small.

"I said, in my professional opinion, taking this trip will be good for her. The reality is that it'll be healthy to get her out of the house and do some traveling. Keeping her cooped up at this point will be counter productive. Leaving a bandage on too long can be just as unhealthy as taking it off too soon. There have been no sign of repeat episodes, and Sweetie has shown no adverse effects since then. While thinking of her health is a good thing, I think it's best she get out more, for her own sake. THAT is my professional opinion." Nurse Redheart said it so official and important that Rarity didn't even think of getting a second opinion from a doctor instead of a nurse, tee-hee! Adults can be so fun sometimes!

And truth is, while going to Canterlot and being a flower filly a royal wedding with the others was gonna be really great and a chance for our cutie marks, I really really wanted to show Rarity I wasn't made of glass now!

I was sick of always wearing the sweeter, I was sick of always having he necklace on! I didn't mind Silver Spoon always being there but she didn't need to be! She shouldn't have to be.

And . . . Rarity, she shouldn't have to worry about me all the time. Whenever I leave home, whenever I get home, she's worried about me. It was maybe worse than when she got upset with me when, when helping her just made things harder for her. It's like she has weights pulling her down. I want her not to have to worry about me. I want her to be happy.

I was scared what happened that horrible time too, but I didn't wanna spend the rest of my life like a goldfish! This'll show Rarity she doesn't have to worry about me whenever she can't see me! I can be free, and so can big sister.

Rarity sighed. "Sweetie Belle, do you really want this?"

"YES!" I nodded.

"Will it make you happy?"

"Uh-Huh!" I nodded twice. Even if it was an ordinary wedding, it would still be fun to do with Applebloom. Just because I'm not scared of dirt doesn't mean I don't like pretty things.

"Alright then...Sweetie...you know I just want you to be safe...I've almost lost you several times...Discord almost took you...F-the thing Fluttershy was turned into almost took you...promise me you'll be careful, okay?" she asked me. She looked so serious...

"Okay," I answered back. "I'll be okay!"

"So you really think going out is what's best for her?" Rarity asked Nurse Redheart.

"I don't give fake advice. I swear your little sister needs to live some . . . And get that sweater off her! I think it's causing a rash!"

"Oh. Right...Plus it's starting to go out of fashion, and it clashes her mane anyway! What was I thinking? Yes yes, not fit for a flower filly at all."

AND OFF WENT THE ITCHY THING! Only love for big sis' kept me from burning it. . . . I know, I know, it showed that she loves me, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.

And I saw the gears turning in Rarity's head...as Redheart put a little lotion on the rash the sweater had gave me.


I shall admit, while reluctant at first, but if what Nurse Redheart said was true, and if Sweetie's health would be helped rather than hindered, then I simply can't let a chance like this slip by. An Alicorn wedding doesn't exactly happen every lifetime!

Sweetie taking a noteworthy role in it would get her a place of notice! Maybe not a big one, but she'd be seeded a little. Another member of my family allowed to take part in the wedding of a Princess? You don't pass up something like that!

. . . Now I wish mother and father were actually here to see it. Well, can't change that. Just sent another letter to tell them, and wait forever for their reply. Maybe send them a picture when all is said and done.

I doubt I could have her wear the dream catcher during the ceremony, it doesn't exactly match well with any current Canterlot style. Maybe she should only need to wear it while she sleeps.

Also, if Nurse Redheart is right, then maybe this exposure would be good for her in another way. I have a fair idea of what Sweetie Belle's talent is even if she's blind to it (poor dear). Spending time in front of a high class 'audience' of a sort would do her good given what her career was likely to be.

. . . Now I just need to help my little sister be added onto a position already fill for a goddess' wedding!

I practically flew to Twilight's and explained my situation.

"But you're best mare Twilight, certainly you can pull some strings."

"I'm not being exactly happy about not being told about this wedding till the last minute Rarity. I can suggest it to Shining, but unless he and that princess agree, there's not much I can do, it's their wedding after all."

"I suppose I can't ask more of you than that Twilight, thank you."

Meanwhile, I was going to put every social and high society maneuver I knew into play.


These three fillies, if Diamond Tiara was told she had to share a position with somepony, she'd be so upset. Unless it was me, I think. I didn't like all the things she said to me before she disappeared, but Princess Gaia's fog showed me, deep down, I still wanted my best friend back.

And that...nightmare I had. It showed me how determined I could be to have her back.

Sometimes I think I'm the only foal who ever saw the filly underneath the games we teased the CMC with, instead of like she was some movie prop! Diamond, please come home. I'll make Tartarus freeze over to get you back if I have to.

Did I want to do the Flower Filly thing with Sweetie and Applebloom? That wasn't exactly the point. I'm a Cutie Mark Crusader, what one of us tries, we all try. I know what Miss Cheerilee tells us in school, 'If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?'

But I know Sweetie and Applebloom didn't like all of my ideas, but we all went for them anyway, to see if they were our calling. So it wouldn't be very loyal for me to not join in. Besides, Rainbow Dash wore dresses, so they couldn't be that bad.

There hadn't been any real question if squirt was coming along or not. Now that ponies knew she was staying with me, I couldn't exactly just leave her at the clubhouse. If I said she was staying at her parents again, that could lead to some lousy questions.
And Dash told me she was gonna do a Sonic Rainboom! How could I not wanna go?! I couldn't wait to see it! I got to see one during Fluttershy's festival, but it was gonna so COOL, it NEVER gets old! And who knows? Maybe a Sonic Rainboom at the right place could earn us our Cutie Marks! It worked for the six of them didn't it?!

And this time we'd get to see it from front row seats!

So yeah! When Sweetie Belle came crashing back into us and declared Rarity was gonna get her to be a flower filly too, Applebloom was happy, and so was I!

Was I worried about somepony 'spotting me'? Naw. Not even pegasi from Cloudsdale were gonna notice me, it's not like my . . . my parents were Wonderbolts or something. What's with the 'not ironic' sign?

So yeah! If I could be part of something Rainbow Dash was gonna be, then I was gonna show 'er I could do it right! I couldn't be part of the Hearth's Warming Eve Pageant Dash was in, but this was gonna be even bigger! I'd make Dash proud!

. . . Now we just need the tinny tiny detail of me actually being a part of it.


They blindsided us. My little sister and her friends, in a two pronged attack from different angles. We'd given them an opening and the clever little rascals took it. I think their biggest weapon is how we keep underestimating them.

Scootaloo buttered up Rainbow Dash as only she could, telling her just how much it would mean to her if she could take part with my sister and Applebloom. And how awesome it would be for Scootaloo to take part in something with her hero.

Applebloom meanwhile, without Applejack I believe knowing yet Sweetie Belle had already asked to participate, asked for Scootaloo to join the ceremony. And by the time Applejack or Rainbow Dash realized we would be dealing with all three of the core CMC at once, the trap had been sprung and Pinkie Promises had already been made.

I was really going to be testing my social black-belt. Even so, it was still only an innocent hearted request from my little sister and Rainbow Dash's shadow.

Two were younger sisters of Elements Bearers and the apprentice of one was bound to be acceptable as long as I made it sound official enough. Trixie wasn't the only pony who could use words like they were swords (and if needed, we had her on hoof for back up).

I made it crystal clear to the fillies that we could plead their case, but it was up the bride and groom to accept their request or not. The fillies merely stood closer to Applebloom and my sister said.

"I STILL wanna go."

"And I'm going with Dash no matter what," Scootaloo added.

These fillies, sometimes I think they'd march through Tartarus for each other.

Since I'm told your readers know the outcome already, let's fast forward a little, just for a short while.

"Oh, PLEASE, couldn't we have them ALL be flower girls at once?" I asked in my most pleading, tragic voice, "They're the best of friends, and they're JUST children! If you have only ONE of them, it'd break the other two's heart!"

The girls took their cue and made their most adorable sad faces that made me wonder why they hadn't earned an acting cutie mark yet.

"Well, I don't see why we can't bend tradition, just this once! Besides, they ARE cutie little girls!" Shining Armor grinned.

"The more fillies, the more love," Princess Cadence said kindly.

"YEAH!" The fillies brightened up at once and high hooved each other. "Cutie Mark Crusader Flower Fillies!"

And I had a few extra dresses to make. But I didn't care, I was ready for the challenge. Now let's rewind back to back to where we were. There. Ugh, I sound like Pinkie Pie.


I felt weird. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be at an high-class adults social ceremony, and I wasn't on the guest list!

Spike, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, I never imagined I'd ever want to go somewhere only because they were...okay, never imagined I'd ever want to go somewhere only because they were there and not as part of a plot to make them miserable.

I wasn't a filly used to not getting what she wanted. Even changing for the better didn't change that. I'm still a spoiled rich foal. I'm just not a spoiled rotten rich foal anymore.

I'm sure there's a lesson in here somewhere about accepting things you can't change, about that one of the most mature things in the world is not rocking the boat, and not trying to force things your way.

Forget it.

If Diamond Tiara had one thing right, it was not to bend over backwards when life doesn't give you what you want. Time to make lemonade, sell it, then use the bits to buy the oranges you wanted!

(Interviewer's Notes(Earth Pony): I'm pretty sure that isn't how that saying is supposed to go.)

I've gotten some great friends and learned life isn't about the pecking order, and that my family really does love me. But that doesn't mean I've had to give up being me! After all, isn't the point of having a cutie mark being yourself?

So I used everything that Sweetie Belle, Spike, my mother, and yes, Diamond Tiara had taught me, and got my father and mother to see it as my heart's desire to go to Canterlot and see the wedding of 'Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.'

I pulled every string I could, to get father to pull the strings he had for the friends he still had in the royal guard and in Canterlot.

Maybe I was making things more complicated than they needed to be for everypony, but I wanted to be there with my friends.

It turned out to be a lot harder than dad thought it would be. He said Canterlot was becoming a bottled city as the wedding got close. He was able to get himself invited, and barely one guest: meaning me, with mom having to stay in Ponyville. I can't say I wasn't sorry.

It also meant for business for Miss Rarity, with dad ordering me a new dress for the occasion.

Of course I told my friends the good news.

"THAT'S GREAT SILVER SPOON!" Sweetie Belle hugged her, maybe she broke the hug a little sooner than I wanted.

Scootaloo nodded. "Yeah! Now we're gonna have FOUR Flower Fillies!"

Wait. WHAT?! "HUH?!"

Applebloom raised a hoof dramatically.

"Yeah, don't you want to join us? Cutie Mark Crusaders! All for one! And one for all!"

I blushed.

"What, you aren't, uh, shy are you?" Spike asked.

"NO!" I snapped, of course that would convince them I somehow was! I sighed. "Look, I think we're bending tradition as it is."

"But you're the one who said it was a tradition to have more than one flower filly," Sweetie Belle said.

I was beginning to feel cornered.

"Don't you want to be part of things too?" Applebloom asked, sounding a little sad.

That look no longer gave me pleasure. "It's-it's not about you guys!" I said so desperate not to hurt feelings. Yes yes! I know the irony! "I just don't want to."

"Why not?" Scootaloo asked.

"Wouldn't it be fun for all of us to do it together?" Sweetie Belle smiled.

"All together," Applebloom smiled too.

I had a weird flash back to a play titled Invasion of the Pony Snatcher (after how it made me act, I was banned from the theater for a month).

The looks they were all giving me was making feel a little weak in the knees.

Spike looked like he didn't know what to say. I found myself wondering what Twist would say if she was here. It was strange how once Twist got her cutie mark, Diamond and I just ignored her, but why did I always get the gut feeling that Diamond would find something NEW to tease Applebloom about if she DID get her cutie mark? In my nightmare she flat out hated them and said she would...would... Being friends with her now in a way felt even stranger than being friends with the blanks.

I shut my eyes and burst out, "I'm happy you're all getting a chance to when you want to! But I don't want to!"

"I thought . . . I thought you liked attention Silver, I thought you liked belonging, being part of a herd," Sweetie Belle asked me. I could hear the worry in her voice.

"Mom always made me be a 'proper lady', I don't want to put myself in the role."

Applebloom pointed out. "If yer not doin' somethin' cause yer mom made ya do it, isn't the same as yer mom makin' ya not do it?"

I felt Applebloom slip through my maze without even trying and getting closer to me. They were all around me.

"Don't be scared Silver Spoon."

"Join in, you'll like it."

"Yeah, join us. You're never gonna get a chance like this again!"

I couldn't take it anymore. "I don't want to risk losing ME!"

Silence. I opened my eyes. They looked at me in shock.

"It's . . . it's just too much . . . too fast . . . I love you guys, I really do. I don't want give up everything we have for anything. I'd do anything to stay friends with you guys. But . . . it's too much. I'm just so use to it being just me and Diamond, just the two of us, having so many friends. It's a little scary."

"When you're scared of something you should dive right in!" Scootaloo boasted. Spike and Sweetie both pushed her away.

"I just wanted to come, so we could hang out, and see you girls do your role from the pew. That's all! I don't want it. Please?"

"Girls," Applebloom said, "Enough. If we make 'er do this. We're no different from Diam-, from bullies."

Just like in my dream. Being bullies just isn't in them.

"C'est la vie," Spike said, everypony looked at him. "I mean, different ponies want different things."

"Yes." I nodded. Spike may have been a baby dragon but I was happy to have him here to be the voice of reason sometimes.

"Uh, sorry." Scootaloo said.

"Really sorry." Sweetie nodded.

"That wasn't right, and sorry we scared ya." Applebloom gave me a small hug.

"T- . . . than-ks, for understanding," I said.

"What about you Spike? You wanna join in us?" Sweetie Belle asked innocently.

"No way," Spike waved his claws, "I'm already the ring dragon and working on the bachelor party!"

"You?" I blinked. "The bachelor party?"

"Sure. How hard can it be?"

"Spike . . . " I dared to ask. "Do you know what a bachelor party IS?"

" . . . Uh, no."

I led Spike outside, I took in a deep breath, and explained the fact of life to the baby dragon.


Later when Spike spoke to Twilight about 'bachelor parties.'

Twilight Sparkle bellowed, "WHOOOO TOLD?!"

If this was a movie, this would be where the camera would be from Twilight Sparkle's point of view, moving up and down with each stomp of her forehooves, the world shaking as each hoof made contact with the ground.

The view would close in on Silver Spoon who was still outside, her expression that of a deer caught in the headlights. Too scared to move a muscle. The CMC fillies would rush on screen, and handle the petrified Silver Spoon like a equinnequin, put her in their red wagon pulled by Scootaloo's scooter, and zoomed off screen before Twilight could remember in her rage filled mind that she could have used telekinesis to grip all the fillies as she carried out her plan to polymorph Silver Spoon into a new book-shelf for the library.

With the camera again third person she'd then in her obviously superior mental stage of tranquil fury teleported right on top of the moving scooter, making the fillies yell out in surprise.

"HA! My rage gives me super intelligen-" She did not get to finish that sentence was she was then hit from behind with a low tree branch, and dragged back to the library for recover by Spike, the baby dragon sighing to himself.

"Oh Spike, I had this horrible dream where you lost your innocence."

"One," Spike said flatly, "it wasn't a dream. Two, seriously, what I got told wasn't that bad. Three, forget hard cider, you need to switch to de-cafe!"

Author's Note:

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series
Not The Wedding You Remember
Part 2
By Alex Warlorn

Everybody loves a wedding episode. Especially one with one point five amnesic gods getting married and a point five one in attendance, a dark god looming in the background, a shadow given life rising to challenge, and the fate of a kingdom in the balance. Oh, and no doubt the mother of all angry explosions when Twilight finds out that her brother didn't tell her he was getting married.

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