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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 201: "Princess Luna Returns"

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Not the Wedding You Remember

"Girls, the forcefield is down, AND THAT'S PRINCESS LUNA!" Spike declared, he had never felt so pumped to see 'Nightmare Moon!'"

"I have my glasses on Spike!" Silver Spoon teased playfully.

"They musta saved Twili' big brother!" Applebloom said.

"This fight's as good as done!" Scootaloo grinned.

"Chryssy you can stop now," Sweetie whispered.

'My Queen,' Locust thought as the Night Queen and her minions arrived overhead, to the cheers of Canterlot ponies, and to the dismay and fear of many changeling ponies.

The Night Queen stood ominous and terrible flanked by therhe royal guards.

'All our careful planning rendered asunder, the mountain crumbling underneath us just as we're about to reach the sun!' Locust thought. 'The future we were trusted to forge for those waiting back at the Hive...is it lost?' He turned his eyes back to the dueling Alicorns. The worst part was that the Ponies and Princess Luna were just standing there, watching the challenge along with the Changelings. The Changelings were expected by their laws to not try and interfere in the duel, but why weren't the ponies taking advantage of it? That and the Harmony Princess' words made this all the more conflicted and confusing.

"Your Nightjesty, are you sure we should allow this?" one of the Night Guards asked his princess.

"Yes. We are currently at a cease fire," said Luna. "We might not understand everything about the modern age, but if there tis one thing that we know, tis that ponies are never the ones to fire the first shot. Are we wrong, Night Owl?"

"No, Princess."

"Then have faith in our niece to finish this without another shot fired."

"Agreed, my Princess."

"Face reality girlie, this incarnation of you is no fighter! Too bad you never realized the best diplomat is overwhelming power!"

Cadence let out a sonic spell that caused the queen to put her hooves over her ears. Cadence knocked her head-over-hooves, barreling over until the queen crashed into the front wall of the castle.

"You'd be surprised how much I've had to fight." Cadence breathed in for another sonic attack, but suddenly felt the queen's telekinesis around her throat slowly closing. She gasped for air, and a swift green bolt struck inside her open mouth. Cadence's eyes bulged in pain.

The queen slowly got up.

Cadence pushed back with her own telekinesis against the queen's. Only coughing and weezing escaping her mouth.

"Oh my, oh my-" Her twin patronized, slowly closing in on the Alicorn with a smirk on her face that'd give Twilight during the Smarty Pants incident a run for her money, "Did I just destroy your pretty vocal cords? Too bad, no more song magic. Now I'm this voice's only owner. An Alicorn of music who can't sing is a terrible thing..." the Queen seemed to hesitate for a moment, the look on her face almost looking like she meant what she said before she shook her head to clear the thought with an animalistic roar. "The equine thing is to euthanize you!"

"Listen up: what can you hear?
Will my voice just disappear?

The queen turned from her prey, attention lost as she turned to the source of the melody.

"To vanish into the void, so empty and so dark?
There is one thing in this world,
I can be certain of at last
That this music we hold within
Will keep on burning still"

Rarity sang.

"That song!" Cadenza hissed, "Is impossible! Only sung in the mind of a dying mare!"

"I was kept silent and trapped inside
But our song never surrendered
As long as it lives on with those I love, this song of ours will never die."

Cadence, Luna, and Cadenza, for a moment, swore they heard a duet rather Rarity by herself.

"So I long we have run
But I feel it, even now,
A tune as natural as the beating of my heart"

"RRAGGGH!" The Hunger fired a deadly beam right at the unicorn's heart. A shield from Shining Armor stopped it.

There was no objection to Rarity's actions from the changeling army: from their point of view, all the white unicorn was doing was cheering for her 'queen.' Some changelings cheered towards their own queen in turn but went unnoticed in her fury.

And Cadenza saw, she saw, what she knew wasn't there. A deep magenta earth pony with a blue mane and microphone cutie mark, singing alongside the unicorn.

"Brightglow is Patch's friend! A friend of hers is a friend of mine! I won't leave her hanging!" Only the three Alicorns heard the words of the mare not there.

I say Carpe Diem
As we are reaching for our goals
We can create new tomorrows where our world is finally whole

"That song," Twilight whispered to herself. She had read it. Bon Bon's journal. The queen was right, that song was impossible.

"This rhythm I have found
Will be here long after my soul."

"How can that part of your soul be speaking through you?!" Chrysalis asked, looking like a rabid animal in her rage.

Rarity didn't know what the queen meant and didn't care.

"Those precious days of youth
Still live on deep in my heart"

Then Cadence sang with her.

"Time goes on, this song will last
I'm not holding onto the past
Because you'll keep it alive, I am not afraid
No more doubt, no more regret
You will never let them forget
This sweet music in our hearts will echo throughout the land."

The Hunger turned around in confusion and alarm, "I crushed your throat and burned your vocal cords! I know you can't regenerate! It's absurd! A delusion! This can't be right, can it Maua?! Can't you hear me?!"

Locust blinked. 'It isn't like the queen to let herself be distracted like this…'

"Rarity! What was that?!" Rainbow Dash whispered.

"I think..." Rarity said not sure herself, "I think it was a song from the soul." A voice echoed in Rarity's mind she didn't understand but felt completely right, 'Good luck Brightglow.'

"Thank you, Melody," Cadence heard herself say, she didn't understand it, but it felt right.

Then she felt pressure on her throat worse than before.

"You think I can't do the same thing AGAIN stupid?! Then time I'll crush your neck bones to dust!"

A mundane non-magical big rock hit Cadenza in the back of the head hard, breaking her own focus.

Cadence hadn't lifted the rock and brought it down with her magic: she had thrown it at high speed. Her twin's magical senses couldn't detect a rock that was just THROWN magically.

"And you think using the same move twice in a row was smart?!"

The light around Cadence suddenly gathered, and condensed into a javelin that hit the Queen dead center.

It faintly reminded Twilight of when her brother had shaped his force fields into funny animals for her birthday.

Blind Twinkleshine from her spot smirked as she felt the light move from Cadence's magic.

The Queen grunted, and the light javelin broke apart into nothing, her wound regenerating. "You think I suddenly can't fight back?! Happy to surprise you!"

Cadenza stabbed with a created green crystal trident, that was block by a blue crystal shield.


"If we're really the same, then if you can do it, then so can I!"

A crystal sword replaced the shield that dove at The Hunger's horn that the trident caught.

"Ability doesn't equal skill!"

"And I'm scared I may not be the Cadence doing this!" Cadence remembered not to mention her twin had just gained half these abilities with her ascension too. "...Why haven't you tried to use that Hunger magic on me like you did with Twilight and her friends? I bet you're scared of using that power on me or Shining, you're worried we'll 'infect' you somehow!"

Cadence closed the gap between them with a flap of her wings, forcing her sword closer to the queen's horn.

Cadenza kicked Cadence in the face breaking her focus.

"I took a vow to sacrifice myself for Her Majesty if need be," Locust whispered, watching the even fight. "Your Majesty! I GIVE YOU ALL MY LOVE!"

He flew right at his Queen, she turned and smiled, "Good little changeling," her horn crackled green, "Come help mommy."

Locust gagged as he was lassoed and throwing back the way he came hitting the street hard.

"Sorry! But yer not makin' yerself a snack for her!" AJ declared, using the rope her cousin had sublimely hoofed her a minute ago.

"You can't stop all of us! Changeling Army! Give our love to Her Majesty!"

The changeling army charged.

"Nice to see in spite of your speech they remember where their loyalties lie," The Queen smirked.

"How is THAT not interfering?!" Cadence heard herself exclaim.

"Queen Cocoon did the exact same thing to her UNWILLING servants when she was trying to kill me. It's a loop hole."

"Didn't ya all hear a thing Cadence said?!" AJ shouted at the changeling guard.

"Until the fight is over, our duty is to Her Majesty! We can't interfere directly but we still support Her Majesty regardless of who she is!" Locust shouted.

"Dang it! And Ah thought Ah was stubborn!" Applejack snarled as Locust struggled.

"It is our way," said somepony behind her.

She looked over her shoulder to see Hercules, still tied up and held by the rebels, a smoking wound still on his chest. "What?"

"We're a swarm...we put the Hive before ourselves," the defeated General said. "...And we still believe in our Hive as strongly as Moth and those three believe in their Hive of Equestria…Her Majesty is still the Hive even to those who want Cadence's victory until/unless Cadence becomes the Hive. That determination is our one strength that doesn't come from love."

"...Ah'd be lyin' if Ah said Ah couldn't respect the spirit of that...Dang it!" she yelled as Locust finally wiggled free and flew at his queen, and Applejack was tackled by several changelings from behind at once.

"And time doesn't stop when you speak," Hercules said evenly with an unreadable expression. "May the strongest prevail."

Bombardier Beetle shouted now racing forward too, "Princess Cadence! I give you my life, love, and-"

"DON'T YOU START TOO!" Cadence snapped.

"But Your Highness-"


"…as you command." Those changelings like Bombardier Beetle and his siblings stepped back, not helping nor hindering the rest.

"Equestrian Guard! Subdue the Changeling Army!" Luna commanded.

"Yay! They all get to help too after all!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Yes, Your Nightesty!" The various pegasi, and carried earth ponies and unicorns, infused with Alicorns magic dove down to intercept the changeling horde.

A changeling guard ducked a kick thrown by a pegasus guard, allowing another Changeling to headbutt the pegasus. The new Changeling flapped into the air as the pegasus would have swept the new changeling's legs, allowing the first Changeling to kick the pegasus in the center knocking the pegasus flat.

'Oh no,' Silver Tongue thought seeing what was going on, "Don't use standard techniques!" He screamed. He remembered how -surprised- the changelings had been by his outdated older Guard fighting style after he and Twinkleshine had remained behind to fight Goliath.

"We have the same training as you! You think you can stop us ALL from reaching Her Majesty like common criminals? ARE YOU THAT ARROGANT?!" Locust asked.

'This isn't good,' Silver Tongue thought. 'The Changelings don't just have personal counters, they have group counters...there's no such thing as a truly standardized fighting style but there is such a thing as standardized techniques for subduing enemies. With their numbers on top of their counter knowledge, they might get to Chrysalis before we can stop them all.'

Average Joe, Royal Guard No. 1984414 replied to Locust, formerly Changeling No. 1983422, "Yeah, we were. But in case we were wrong, Princess Luna brought along some surprise allies."


"Oh no, we want a Canterlot standing when the fight's over. She brought what she decided were the best available allies for this."

The guards revealed what they had been carrying in the various nap sacks and cloth bags.

And from within came the call that signal the end of the changeling army's hope of feeding their queen with their own lives.


"Oh you have got to be bucking kidding me!" exclaimed the bewildered Changeling Queen. "They weren't even here last time! Were they Maua?! Stop ignoring me!"

"This surprises the heck outta me too," said Pinkie Pie nose deep in a comic book.

The changelings found themselves confused and for some reason instinctively freaked out by their new widdle furry opponents.

Running Gag's heart froze in terror. "Ahh! They're back!"

Twinkleshine's heart leapt with joy. "Yay! They're back!"

Shining Armor chuckled, "Our back-up is an army of cats...this is definitely my life."

"Do they have the giant spinning brightly colored floating rings?"

"No Twinkleshine, they don't have the giant spinning brightly colored floating rings."

"Oh well."

"So fuzzy, wuzzy, and cutesy... I HAVE TO PROTECT THEM!" Fluttershy declared as she zoomed with speed she didn't know she had. Cruelty was trying not to mentally gag.

"They are so darling!…To battle!" Rarity gave a war cry.

"Where my friends go, I'll rainbow dash to their side!"

"Captain what about you?" Silver Tongue asked.

"Chrysalis can negate my shield magic now, I'd be wasting mana trying to block them for long...don't worry, I don't plan to just sit here like a cheerleader! You just keep an eye on Twinkleshine!"

Ellis looked to Applejack. "Ready tah show 'em what Apples can do cousin?"

AJ smirked and shook her cousin's hoof. "Darn tootin'! Time to show nopony messes with the Apples!"

Thunderchild stared at Fluttershy with a blush. "Well...this is definitely not how I thought I'd meet her...But okay then." he turned to Trixie. "Ready to give 'em the shock of their lives?"

"The One and Only Trixie is always ready!"

"We've got your back," Garnet said, standing next to Minuette, medical bags on standby. She then looked to Gag. "Now after all that, is my fiance going to break down over a few kittens on our side?" she asked, kissing him.

The stallion perked up. "No way!" he kissed her back.

"Alright! Game plan! Just keep the changelings from feeding themselves to queen meanie!" Pinkie Pie popped up among the guards in the way only she could.

"Mew mewmew mew mewmew mew! Mew mew mew-mewmew!" 'The goddess has come to fight at our side! We are invincible!' Shouted a cat wearing a green army helmet to his fellows who wore roamare, germane spike helmets, cooking pots, and any other chaotic mix-match of gear.

"They're FULL of love!" Locust said. "Just feed on them and feed it to Her Majesty! DO NOT FEAR THEM!"

The changelings resumed their attack, jaws opened wide to feed on these walking free meals the ponies had so politely and conveniently delivered to them like the dumb cattle they were.

The first changeling to get close was shocked by a taser one of the cats was carrying.

"Mew mew mewmewmew mew-mew, mewmew mew mmewmew!" 'Princess Thalia has judged you naughty! Prepare for a time-out!'

The next changeling had a tennis ball jammed into his mouth thanks to one of the cat tribe wielding a tennis racket it then jabbed him with in his oh soft eyes, while the pony guard the cat rode on top of gave the changeling the old one two!

One black unicorn guard using the flat end of two swords to knock back the changelings had a cat strapped to his back defending his blind spot with a surprising large shield and rapier.

"Shoo clowns shoo!" One changeling said before firing a glob of slime at a guard and cat who just blew it back into the changeling's face with a battery powered fan.

"Mew." 'No.'

Rainbow Dash's eyes went wide. "Sweet Celestia, it's like an army of Pinkies!"

"Oh come on! They didn't defend themselves before!" The queen exasperated.

"They didn't KNOW they had to defend themselves before," Pinkie Pie shouted back, though feeling like she was speaking for somepony else, who was herself, but more herself, her eyes spun.

The guard who announced Princess Luna's surprise allies tried again, almost with the same result, but instead of going for the leg sweep, he mule kicked up and caught the changeling in the jaw and knocked the bug pony into the changeling's partner while one of the cats hugged a third's eyes to prevent the guard from being blindsided. "Surprise, one on one in an actual fight, your opponent can learn too."

Twitch. "Surprise attack from the right!" Pinkie Diane punched the changeling in the face. Twitch. "Ambush from above!" Pinkie Diane rolled out of the way and used her new position to kick the changeling back the way she came. Twitch. "Bull rush in front!" She side stepped the changeling freight train and using their own momentum spun them back into their buddies like bowling pins.

"Don't count on your queen canceling out this shield spell!" Twilight Sparkle said as she created a magic barrier between the changeling army and the duel for any that got through the guards, their feline allies, and her friends.

"Get back!" Fluttershy commanded of the changelings who didn't have sunglasses who cowered away.

"All 'Bolts form up on me! Don't let them fly over our lines!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Copy rainbow leader!" "Copy rainbow leader!"

"Ready, Thunderchild?" asked Trixie.

Thunderchild nodded, flying up. Trixie formed a multitude of thunderclouds around Thunderchild, channeling the lightning into his wings where he added his own before firing it down, forcing the Changelings further back from a massive wall of lightning, helping the heroes gain ground.

"Outta my way ya stupid savage!" A changeling trooper shouted, charging right at the injured but relentless Golden Tiara. She caught his hoof. She held it so hard he felt pain as she began to crack his carapace.

"Savage?! You want to see savage?! You don't know what savage is!" She broke his foreleg and kicked him away leaving a dent in his stomach.

The other changelings actually stopped for a moment looking at her as she got down on all fours, snorting and scraping the street.

"What would your mothers all think of you? Throwing away your lives just to make your leader stronger for a fight? Is that all their love to you means-?! You ungrateful brats!" She snarled.

"She's just crazy! We're the professionals!" Said a changeling trying to just fly over her, but she jumped with her earth pony strength, dragged him down, and dislocated his forelegs.

"I've crippled more professionals than I can count!" She twisted one of his rear legs, cracking the carapace loose.

"You stupid brat, you think your mother will be happy when she learns you killed yourself just so a bad queen could keep her throne?! DO YOU!?" She twisted his carapaces in ways it was never meant to be. "ANSWER ME!"

The changeling could only cry out in pain.

"Come at me!!" She told the changelings. They bit into her body, she only head butted them, not caring of she felt her forehead bleed. They kicked her, it was like a tickle for her.

-Metal Gear Rising: Stranger I Remain-

"I was traveling to nowhere,
in the unforgiving-cy.
Drifting further and further

I couldn't sleep,
And all the voices wouldn't recede.

These violent winds are a part of me!

Can I find what-I'm looking for?
Who will free me of regrets?
I am a mad pony who's found an even madder war.

Death Stalker stopped his own duty driven drive towards the gullet of his queen at the, yes, truly savage sight, and dragged one of his injured teammates AWAY from the battle.

Panting, she fell to her rear knees, and covered in cuts and bruises now, and with more broken bones.

She grabbed one of the changelings who were crawling away from her, and held him tight like a teddy bear, and laid down, sighing.

"For all of my life,
A stranger to myself I'll remain.
A savage I'll remain!"


Golden Tiara turned her head, at Rarity.

"You don't need to be! You don't HAVE to be! Tiara is still alive! She is still waiting for you! You don't HAVE TO BE a savage!"

Golden Tiara looked at herself, and what she had been doing, she let the changeling soldier go, who just wanted to get away from her. Golden Tiara was now a wall unto herself, guards and changelings alike now giving her a wide berth.

"Miss Rarity I'm sorry, I shouldn't have taken part in this fight. Whether it's a competition, a hobby or a job, it's my nature to be second to none. I taught Diamond Tiara the same thing." She looked at the changelings she had beaten to a pulp. "I'm sorry," she said to the changelings who had invaded her home.

Rarity patted her on the back. "It'll get better dear. Did you enjoy any of that?"

"Not one bit."

"Why didn't you?"

"...I don't know if I'll ever see my precious Diamond again. And these changelings, they don't care if their mothers see them again. How can they do that to their own mothers?"

"Uh, we care, we just have high obligations," meekly offered one twisted changeling.

"Having a personal discussion dear, you can have your turn later."

"Don't brush me off. I don't want to die, but if it's part of my duty, I won't run away. Wouldn't you die for your queen?"

"...Yes, I would. But are you that scared of the world Cadence offered?"

"Until she's Queen, our duty is to protect our Queen any way we can, if that means sacrificing ourselves, then that's that. And why would we LOWER ourselves and become equal to cattle? I'm not a dumb animal."

The other battered Changelings didn't respond.

"I think you missed the point. Now I was helping a friend of mine with her very real problems."

"Friend?" Golden asked.

"We both want Diamond to be found safe and sound. We're both ladies of dignity who can defend themselves. And I know what it's like to have to accept a beast inside you. If we aren't friends then I'd like us to be. As long as you recognize the beast inside you, that means you can command it, not it command you."

Golden Tiara leaned against her, "Thank you Rarity."

"What are friends for?"

Observing the entire battle from a hotel room window, a dirty brown beige pegasus mare with glasses was transfixed. She didn't know she was one of the few civilians brave enough to actually be this close.

She shook her dark gray mane. She wished she was Daring Do, the fearless hero who always knew what to do.

Instead she was A.K. Yearling, and she did what she was best at, and wrote in her book, writing down everything she saw in the battle, the desperation of both sides and the Alicorns, knowing this was her role, for now.

'Don't worry little pony, you'll get your chance someday soon,' said a pony with a maze cutie mark Yearling couldn't see gently placing a hoof on her shoulder.

A Changeling found a lasso around his midsection and gasped as he was pulled back into a hard right hook by Ellis. "Still good with yer rope, huh cousin?" Ellis asked, leapfrogging over Applejack and punching out a Changeling that tried to attack his cousin from behind.

"Darn right!" Applejack replied, looking over her cousin's shoulder and leaving a Changeling that tried to blindside Ellis curled up on the street crying after she looked into his eyes.

"Applejack, since when can yah do that 'look'em in the eyes, make 'em give up' thing?" the Apple Family guard asked, shooting a Changeling in the neck with a tranquilizer dart, allowing Applejack to kick him out.

"It's a long story," the orange pony replied. "Ah'll tell ya later."

They looked up, seeing a Changeling make a dive for them. "Fast ball special?"

Applejack smirked and jumped up, landing on her cousin's forehooves hooves who threw her straight at said Changeling, surprising him and punching him out.

Thunderchild bucked a Changeling trying to sneak up on Fluttershy...then went wide eyed when she looked to him.

"T-Thank you."

"Um...you're welcome..." he muttered, before having to use a tranquilizer on another Changeling making a dive for him, his combat senses still strong as ever.

Fluttershy blinked. "Tranquilizers?"

"Yeah...we didn't want to kill anypony if we could help it," Thunderchild replied before ducking a punch from behind. Fluttershy caught the Changeling with the Stare, allowing Thunder' to mule kick them.

"I think that's great," Fluttershy said with a smile, making Thunderchild's blush intensify.

"Look out!" Fluttercruel said, leaping over Thunderchild and jabbing a Changeling in the eyes before doubling him over with a punch to the gut.

Thunderchild blinked. "Wow...strong mare...I love it," he muttered, before shocking a Changeling into submission.

Gag snuck up behind a Changeling that was trying to get the drop on Rarity and smacked him in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Rarity turned and KO'd a Changeling behind him with a jewel to the temple. "Hello Mr. Running Gag, how is the Manega coming along?"

"Just Running Gag please Miss Rarity, and still ironing out the details," the Pegasus replied returning the favor by tranqing one behind her with a dart, allowing for an easy knock out.

"I've met Garnet in all this fighting, she's a wonderful mare, you're quite the lucky stallion."

"Tell me about it. She's my mare!"

Running Gag threw what looked like an egg in a Changeling's eyes, which was filled with sand, blinding him when it burst and letting Rarity do a spin kick to knock him out.

"That was an interesting trick."

"Shinobi tactic," Gag explained. "Picked it up from a real one in Neighpon. I'm just a guard that read some manuals though."

"You don't say...I'm good with environment illusions...are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Gag smirked as he got her drift.

Gag looked at some charging Changelings and charged, the Changelings suddenly found themselves plunged into a beautiful skyscape of multi-colored stars. When the environmental illusion lifted, Gag had used his stealth skills to rush through them and inject them with tranqs while they were taken off guard, then knock them out with a guard baton.

"We put their lights out, huh?"

Rarity facehoofed.

"Howdy Garnet, nice to see you again," Pinkie said, smiling as Garnet treated a wound on her leg.

"Yeah, I'm glad to see you in one piece," Garnet admitted.

"I'm just glad we got our big team up!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Oh! Behind you!"

Garnet quickly ducked under a punch from a Changeling, allowing Pinkie to punch him in the face with a spring-loaded boxing glove. "Thanks."


The two found themselves surrounded by a circle of Changelings. "Oh boy."

Pinkie nodded, getting back to back with Garnet and pulling out a bat from nowhere and knocked back some Changeling slime with it as Garnet shot one in the neck with a tranq. "...Hey, you're a rock farmer too, right?"

Garnet nodded. "Yeah?"

"And the street we're fighting on is made of rock, right?"

Garnet blinked, then smirked. "Right!"

The two quickly scanned the ground for the right location and with a double Earth Pony strength ground pound splintered the ground upwards, launching the Changelings into the air and smacking them into each other.

"Mew mew mew!" 'Protect the Goddess!' one of the cats yelled, shooting the launched Changelings with ribbon cannons, tying them together.

"...The cats seem to really like you," Garnet noticed.

"Yeah, for once I'm the one who's confused!"

"So...you left the Hive too?" Moth asked the more triplets. A part of her was happy the changelings were rushing to offer themselves up to Chrysalis. Otherwise they'd be rushing in a mad dash to send her straight to Queen Rosedust for betraying the Hive. She was no warrior.

Weaver Beetle nodded. "Yeah...it's good to remember we're not alone," she said, giving a smile.

Moth gave a smile back. "Good thing to meet more like me, thank Rosedust."

Two member of the cat Tribe suddenly leapt in, looking closely at Moth and company. The Changeling instinctively resumed her disguise.

"Hey! That's my sister!" Bon Bon stated, putting herself between the cats and her sister.

One pointed to Bon Bon curiously. "Mew?" 'What's your name?'"

"Um...I'm Bon Bon…"

They nodded. "Mew mew! Mew!" 'They are 'the one who looks like Bon Bon and her friends!'"

"Mew!" 'Correct! Carry on!'

Moth and the triplets were very confused to receive a hug, then be presented with a delicious looking cake before the cats left.

The Changelings blinked in confusion. "I have no idea what's going on," Moth muttered.

"...Let's just enjoy the cake…It smells like it's almost as full of love as your candies."


"I said almost."

"That's enough fighting for you," Minuette said looking the battered and bleeding Screwball over.

"I-I can keep going. This pain is nothing."

"Just because you handle the pain doesn't mean your body can handle anymore abuse. And that I'm saying that to a healthy Earth Pony says a lot about the amount of abuse you've already taken."

"Listen to your doctor dear," Rarity said. "Diamond is still out there somewhere, you need to be in one piece for that."

'BBBFF where are you?' Twilight thought as changelings banged themselves against the shield she had put up between the dueling pink Alicorns and the changelings.

If she tried to totally encase the twins in a bubble for their fight, the crossfire would just result in a destroyed shield and the changelings with one less wall between them and their queen. Not to mention restrain Cadence's flying options, and she was hoping the natural born Alicorn would have more experience with pegasus flight than the new one. So she instead was creating a large curved barrier over most of THEIR battle instead.

She wasn't her brother. She could copy his spell, but she didn't copy his skill with it. She may have been the Element of Magic, but she didn't have her brother's talent with shield magic. She wished he was here.

"DO NOT FEAR HER!" A changeling officer shouted.

"Hello Death Stalker."

"I'm sorry Mistress Twilight but my duty is with my Queen and you're in her way!"

"My duty lies with my Princesses and my friends, so...the feeling's mutual. If this ends peacefully, please no hard feelings."

"Same." He fired a stun spell at her head she blocked with a momentary shield. "I know how strong you are, but I can't afford to fear you!" Death Stalker flew towards Twilight in a wild zig-zag patterns, meant to keep her from grabbing him with telekinesis, and to keep him from being an easy target.

Twilight was forced to dodge several beams and webs from the Changeling. She had to conserve mana and waited. Once he got close, she used a copy of her brother's flaming horn spell to force Death Stalker to recoil from the fire before she blasted him with a stun spell and pinned him down, horn to his neck. "Stay down."

"I told you before Mistress Twilight, as much as I admire your brilliance and positive demeanor, those who oppose Her Majesty's will must be moved aside."

"Death Stalker, you're at my mercy. You're in no position to make threats."

"Who's making threats? I'm stating facts."

"I can't let you and the others sacrifice yourselves to feed Chrysalis. We don't want to see anypony die...I'm not letting you give your life like that."

"And we've all already vowed our life is our Queen's, and so is your love."

"What kind of Queen HAPPILY lets her subjects feed themselves to her?! What Queen's crown is more important to her than her subjects' lives?! I'm not insulting, I honestly don't understand how you can call somepony who values her position over your lives 'Queen.' And I'm sorry, Death Stalker, our love isn't hers YET and it's never going to be...we're willing to share, you don't need to steal it, why can't you see that-Whoa!" Twilight yelp as the soap box was pulled out from under her and was promptly hit over the head with it from the changeling trooper that had come at her from behind.

"Always watch your back Mistress Twilight."

"Ugh!" Twilight's head was spinning from the surprise attack.

"Bye." The two changelings leapt at her from in front of her and from behind her, but so that even if she ducked one would grab her instead of hitting each other. Twilight ROLLED out of the way instead, but found a third changeling in wait diving in at her. But Death Stalker knew how powerful she was, she could blast them all to dust…'Death Stalker...are you looking for the honorable way out?' Or maybe she was seeing things that weren't there she thought as a fourth change leapt who had been waiting for when she avoided the third one not giving her time to think!

Suddenly, the fourth Changeling impact a wall nearby. Her hopes rose as she realized her friends were still busy dealing with the Changelings (Trixie having had to take over the shield until Twilight regained control over it). "Shining?"

=Sword Art Online- "Innocence"=

"Your knight in shining armor is here Twilight Sparkle!" Said a brave confident voice to me. "YEOWZA!" He shouted realizing he had just fallen for the same trap I had. I grinned as I turned and blasted the third changeling just as he came down on my reinforcement who managed to dodge the second one.

"Nice to meet you, Twilight Sparkle!" It wasn't BBBFF. It was a pegasus guard, orange, with a blue mane. Now that was very unusual.

"Strike hard! Strike fast! Strike now!" Death Stalker ordered his changelings as they recovered.

"No way," he was no Rainbow Dash, but he sure was a streak! He sent a changeling back the way she came, then knocked the other two off balance.

"For the Hive!" Death Stalker shouted as he turned into Rainbow Dash, I bought up a shield that knocked her back, then he shifted into Rarity and threw a dozen pieces of rubble at me that my new friend knocked off course. Then he shifted into Applejack and came at me to hit me with brute force.

My new friend kept the Changelings trying to blindside me busy. He seemed to be a bit of a rookie, but it was enough to keep them off me so I could focus on Death Stalker. And I blast 'Applejack' with another stun spell in the gut.

"Ah don't get you, how can ya attack the images of yer friends so readily?"

"I can't believe you don't know that answer: I know it's what inside that counts. I know you're just an impostor..." I felt a ping of pain remembering meeting the false Cadence, and ignored it as best I could.

'Applejack' managed to force herself up and tried to hit me with a punch. "Yer a unicorn! Up close is mah advantage."

He was right, I didn't know much about close range fighting, but I managed to hook his leg and apply the same principles as hoof wrestling to force the weakened imitation Earth-Pony to the ground. Okay, let's see, where can I hit to keep him down? I can't keep him pinned long and I'm still a unicorn and changelings might not be as strong as Earth Ponies, but a Changeling Guard still has a physical edge on me!...Rainbow and the Flutters say in a real fight, you have to fight dirty. So I did.

"...Ah...Ah thought..."

"That only hurting stallion is a myth, just need to hit in a slightly different spot. You should have known that."

"Never believed in fightin'...that way."

"You take the face of my friends and you can say that?"

"Don't ya dare...judge me...by yer beliefs...Twili'."

I did the merciful thing at this point and knocked him out with a stun spell to the head. I might be a unicorn but I can still buck hard.

Death Stalker using Applejack's form rolled 'her' eyes unconscious.

I looked at my ally and saw he was in a pinch, trying to keep three Changelings busy at once. I blasted two of the Changelings with a freezing spell, leaving them in blocks of ice that landed nearby. The guard took the chance and ducked a blow from the last one and put them in a sleeper hold, forcing both to the ground and choking the changeling out, though getting quite a few bruises in the process from their struggling.

"Thanks," he panted, letting the unconscious Changeling go. "We get everybody?"

"Not exactly, there's plenty more where they came from, and they aren't giving up till the end."

I looked around the area. None of the changelings had gotten past my shield, and the ones trying to go around it were coming face to face with Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi.

I helped him up, he held his ribs where the Changeling had elbowed him repeatedly trying to get free from his sleeper hold. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a bit sore. Nobody came into this expecting not to get hurt."

I blinked. "You're not from around here, are you?"

He looked a little panicked. "Uh...why do you say that?"

"Your accent...Columbia?"

"Uh...yeah...Columbia...that's where I'm from… I just wanted to lend a hand."

"So, what's your name handsome?"

"You think I'm handsome?"

"Just being polite."

"Oh. Well it's-LOOK OUT!"

I wasn't kidding, they weren't giving up. But neither were we.

"Hurry up Garnet! I need to get back in there!"

"Twinkleshine, you're blind!"

"So? You're healing me!"

"Yes. But you've already worked yourself half to death."

"That's what the magic restoring candy we got is for!"

Garnet facehoofed with a sigh, looking to Silver Tongue, the two having been flown down by the pegasi to have their wounds treated so the medics could stay close to the fighting. "She's always this stubborn," the medic muttered. She looked to Twinkleshine. "Who did you even fight to get beat up like this anyway?"

"An army of Changelings and one of their generals. We won."

"Considering how much trouble the other general gave us, I'm impressed two of you was all it took," Garnet applied some medicine to the unicorn's eyes with a little Earth Pony magic. The medic still had her bruises from Hercules. "Alright, can you see me?"

Twinkleshine blinked, her eye sight slowly returning. She gave a smile. "Yes…and I'll admitted, the first thing I see being a friend is wonderful."

Garnet chuckled, sharing a hug. "It's good to see you again too."

Twinkleshine ate some of that weird magic candy. "Need some?"

Garnet nodded trusting her friend, taking some before turning to Silver's wounds. After the long, brutal fight with Hercules, the magic candies had been a major help. "Stay there, Twinkleshine. I need to fix Silver's leg up and you're still hurt."

Twinkleshine sighed. "Fine."

She then looked around the battlefield, the friends she'd made on the world tour and the friends she'd made at school and the friends she'd made saving Canterlot all working together. Except her. It made her want to fight that much harder.

Her eyes fell on Minuette patching up that Earth Pony, what was her name? Golden Tiara? Screwball? Rarity had to leave her side to help Thunderchild and the Flutters fend off some of the Changelings.

Twinkleshine gasped. Time seemed to stop. Seeing the downed Golden Tiara and one of their medics vulnerable and distracted, a group of Changelings dove at the timely unicorn. Twinkle's eyes darted, seeing the rest of the groups all preoccupied with their own battles or too far to make it in time.

Minuette hadn't seen them yet. She wouldn't see them until it was too late.

Twinkleshine briefly saw a sunset colored pegasus standing in the unicorn's place.

Her mind flashed back to the sight of a pair of pegasi struck with lightning and falling to their doom.


[=Intertwined- Wonderful 101=]

The unicorn's horn ignited brightly.

Garnet gasped, turning quickly. 'A magic surge?'

Twinkleshine charged, her body glowing and turned into light.

Minuette gasped, hearing something behind her. She turned to see a Changeling's horn inches from her.

The Changeling it was attached to had a unicorn shaped mass of light punching him in the stomach full force. The light condensed into Twinkleshine.

"Twinkleshine...how did you-"

"We're not joining Sunset today. None of us are," said the light mage.

The Changeling fell to the ground, coughing and hacking. Before the others could react, a sudden flash of light left them blinded.

One of the changelings tried to get to their Queen via flight folded their wings and dived bomb right at the pink maned unicorn: Minuette saw it, Twinkleshine didn't, Minny didn't have time to shout a warning. She didn't have time to push Twinkle out of the way.

Her horn glowed. 'Time, slow thyself,' was the spell, but it was a single rune in her mind.

Minny becoming a blur, Twinkleshine was now out of the way, and the changeling crashed into the street, which didn't bother him as much as it should have. Instead he paid attention to the full power stun spell to the face from the blue maiden at point blank range. Minny in the same blink of an eye was at her patient's side again. Golden Tiara smiled at the girls.

"This is stupid! We're trained soldiers! How can we fall to a couple of maids?!" Another snapped.

"Somepony I cared about very much died when I couldn't do a thing about it! I promised I'd never be that helpless around my friends again!"

Minuette smiled. "And...somepony I know taught me how important companions are. I'm never letting mine be lost if I can help it."

"Hey." Moon Dancer asked holding a double ended hammer staff made out of solid moonlight as she added herself to the Hoof Maiden's fray. She was wearing a bandage around her head. "You forget? Feeling's mutual for me too."

"Ditto! Forget that 'Gifted Unicorns' stuff, we're friends!" Lemon Hearts declared landing among them riding on her giant Angry Lemon familiar.

"Anypony mind if I join in for magical support?" Lyra asked holding the harp Cadence had given her magically, no longer needed to help with the farce with decoy Cadences but wanting to continue to help.

"You were always welcome Lyra!" Twinkleshine cheered.

"You're mother . . ." Golden Tiara said as she shakily got to her hooves, her body finally catching up to her, adrenaline spend. "Must be very proud of each of you fillies."

"Let's give these changelings a song they'll never forget!" Lyra grinned. The five friends stood ready!


The Night Princess plucked the purple unicorn from the street with her telekinesis and placed her back on the balcony, where keeping TWILIGHT'S barrier intact was much easier and herself in less danger. Twilight's new friend chose to hang in the air and keep the Changelings from interfering as best he could.
We could sense our sister was not extremely nearby. And yes, we asked Twilight for the swift and concise account of what she knew of our loving sister's fate.

"YES PRINCESS!" Twilight said so at once since stealth was no longer an issue at this point and remembering that Shining had dropped his Chrysalis ordered shields.

"Stay with thy friends! We ourselves shall fetch her!"

"Wait! But we need you here! Your army does!"

"We'll be more use finding and helping our sister! She's better at not killing than we are. We'll trust this to thou little pony."


"Heroes inspire. Inspire them."

"Y-Yes Princess!" Twilight sent the letter to Spike. "One question while we're waiting though."


"Why the cats? I know they've repelled a lot of invasions back during the Griffin Wars, but..."

"They said their goddess may have shown them the 'comic book of doom' and warned them the 'bug ponies' were 'bad guys', except 'the one who looks like Bon Bon and her friends'."

Twilight blinked. "What?"

"We art serious, the prophecy literally said 'except the one who looks like Bon Bon and her friends. Tell the Night Alicorn not to attack them, the running gag is getting old'... we wondered which of our siblings or potential siblings would make such an oddly specific prophecy."

"Princess, some of the cats are bowing to Pinkie Pie."

"That explains much." She saw the green smoke, "And I have a sister to rescue."

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