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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 194: The Last Performance Of Queen Chrysalis

Queen Chrysalis' Last Performance

Now pay attention kids! This is where we save Equestria! Scoots is gonna want to hear every awesome detail! We (meaning me, Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy,) meet up like we planned in the Elements Chamber where we first met Discord, no point in guarding an empty place with nothing left to guard.

But our friends didn't expect us to be bearing gifts! One for an honest apple! And a laugh for the pie with the pink! Real Princess Cadence was here too along with Twinkle Shine and Silver Spoon's pop. Nine ponies inside the castle.

"Let's go meet with Queen Chrysalis," Twilight said.

"Know where the party's at?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"With her ego, there's only one place in the entire castle she'd be at a time like this."

Princess Celestia's throne room.

A few minutes later and staring down the hall leading the way and...

...Well, she's definitely down this way since there are plenty of enough changelings in our way that, more like a flood really.

I've had more bucking bruises this week than I've had from accidents...this year.

Ya know, I like a good brawl, but I think I'm getting sick of this.


Screw collateral damage! Rainboom coming through!

They fired slime at us, Twilight's shield stopped them all, and Rarity sent it all return to sender!

The dang changelings did what they did best and changed into copies of us and swarmed us all at once, AJ mowed through them, pounding them in all the sweet spots they didn't even know were there! "That trick's wasted on meh darlin'!"

Pinkie Pie grabbed Twilight and spun her tail like a crank! Twilight fired off magic blasts rapid fire style and knocked 'em over, all she had to do was sweep left to right, she didn't need to aim!

Fluttershy, she moved like liquid among 'em! It wasn't Fluttercruel, it was all Fluttershy. I know Photo Finish blabbed about how graceful she was, but I think this is the first time I've seen her kick flank with it! She had dodging down to a fighting style! And I don't mean just covering her head at the last second and they tripped over her! She moved like a wind all her own, impossible for them to grab or hit and just hitting each other as she moved. Hehe, who said a pacifist can't kick flank?

Silver's pop and Twinkle Shine covered The Princess' flanks, Twinkle Shine's distance attacking and Silver's pop taking 'em out up close and personal! But The Princess was determined to show that she wasn't just going to sit her shouting 'Help me!'

"This day will finally become perfect!
The kind of day I've dreamed of since I was small!
With my friends I'll celebrate,
The real dawn is about to break!
We'll all be there when my wedding bells ring, one and all!"

Why couldn't she be more like that in her video games? Can't wait for Legend of Cadence: Canterlot Warrior.

A changeling in fancy armor that didn't look quite his size came out the doors that we knew Queen Ugly and Twilight's brother were waiting for us! He freaked at the sight of us.

"Don't let them pass! I'm not letting my brother show me up!"

"We weren't asking for permission!" Twinkle Shine snapped.

Pinkie Pie fires off more party cannons at once than I knew she owned!

Silver's dad shows same training doesn't equal same experience buster!

Twinkle Shine switches between light flares and darkness spheres like a rotoscope! You can't fight what you can't see!

Rarity's shed her disguise, it's done its job, she loses her gossamer wings as they get slimed and she just breaks 'em off, but she doesn't stop! She uses those pretty jewels of hers like a solar system of whoop-flank while she uses her hooves to give the smack down on any changelings that got close. "AND THIS IS FOR SWEETIE BELLE AND ALL THE BEAUTIFUL DRESSES I MADE FOR THE WEDDING!!!"

Fluttershy took the air and AJ took the floor, these changelings weren't wearing protection to the truth and the stare like the ones outside had been. I admit, it was kinda nice to see some of them break down crying...not because I wanted to see them hurt, but...I think some of them were tears of remorse. Hey, even I preferred Nightmare Moon turnin' into nice little Luna over shovin' her back into the moon for another thousand years!

Twilight threw more spells at 'em than I knew she had! Summoning little crystals and shooting her blasts into them that sent the beam like a zillion directions at once! Then comes the classic combo! Ice! Fire! Lightning! Thanks Twilight, I could use that last one!

And me? If I did this trick to a pony I'd mess'em up bad for good, but these jerks in their shells could take it! So, I used a little mix of pegasus magic, and my own natural speed and, "Rainboom Punch!" Hit'em like it was ten of me at once! Told ya you had no idea how fast I really was! It's been over a year since the Young Flier's Competition, and no pony trains harder than me, you think I hadn't leveled up some?!

And Princess Cadence, she does not! Once! Stop! Singing!

"There's no escape now, it is too late
Now we're here to save the day
You can believe me when I say"

"I'll save him from who's abused him
I swear I'd never lose him,
I'll care for, love, and cherish him each day!"

"For I oh so love the groom
All my thoughts he does consume
Oh, Shining Armor, I'll be there very soon!"

Her song magic blows the ears off of 'em! Makes us feel pumped too!

Keep coming at us! I don't care if you were trained by buckin' Tirek himself! We're a herd! We're friends! We're a family! We're the freakin' Elements Of Harmony!

OW! Okay, okay! Maybe we ARE taking a buncha bruises! And our manes all have slime in 'em now (Rarity isn't going to be happy)! UGH! Where'd that guy come from?!... He had one mean right hook. Minuette said she was a dentist right? From the sound of things outside, I'll have to wait in line.

AGH! Let go of my tail you jerks! Only AJ is allowed to do that! Sorry not interested in slime target practice today, here, you try it instead!

And Twilight is still missing part of her tail, hopefully using the Elements this time will fix that up, can't have her going to a wedding missing part of her tail after all! Ugh, I sound like Rarity!

Yeow! We're gonna need some serious sprucing up before the wedding, ain't gonna do for the guests of honor to all look like they fought in a coup.

But I like said. You jerks can just get out of our way! Heroes' coming through!

We're clearing the way for Princess Cadence, she has the love of her life to save!

"Oh, our wedding we will make
We just have to defeat the fake!
Shining Armor will be fine! Just fine!"

"FOR HER MAJESTY!" Shouts the guy in fancy smancy armor as he uses his own buddies as shields and tackles Cadence, but ends up getting Silver's dad instead who used himself as a shield!

Then a fresh squad of changelings come from behind us gunning for Cadence and her escort. Oh no! You're NOT doing to this to us baby!

"Princess! I'll deal with them! You go on ahead!"

"Twinkle there is no way you can beat them!"

"I don't need to beat them! Just slow them down! You're going to end this coup in the next ten minutes aren't you?!"

"But Twinkle-"

"Look! When is Princess Luna due?"

"Any time now," Our purple egghead said.

"Then you NEED to rescue Shining BEFORE the queen works him to death to keep that shield up against an Alicorn and hopefully stop her before all of Canterlot gets turned into a warzone! NOW GO!"

"I'd rather lose my wings than leave a herd mate!" I said, "But if I don't..." I choked. "I'd be betraying everything we're fighting for. You're a very loyal pony Twinkle Shine."


"I'm staying too then!"


"You're not going any-" The changeling in fancy armor said before Silver's pop grabbed one of his wings making him kick the old guard.

"You're a very dear friend Twinkle Shine. I expect you at the wedding."


We did.

"Two, will hold them off for twice as long," I heard Silver's dad say. We didn't stop.

Sunset, I promised I wouldn't stand idly by while something horrible happened to the ponies I cared right in front of my eyes ever again. You and Ranger watch, and I will fulfill that promise.

Princess, I am not happy with you putting my daughter in danger, but the truth no father wants to face is when the world's in danger, everypony is. I still remember when I told Celestia you'd come into the world...now I'm depending on you to keep Equestria and my daughter safe. And Tartarus if I'm not going to help every bit I can. Alicornspeed, Cadence.

We'd thinned out the ranks ahead of us, what was left we just steamrolled through.

There was a creepy tentacle-thingie with an eye at its center on the door that began shooting needles at Cadence. Rarity caught 'em no sweat.

"One of Kabuto's works," Twilight said. "He was pretty proud of it."

"No details," Rarity hissed.

Its barbed tentacles waved itching for a go at us.

"Let us through this instant," Fluttershy said sternly with the Stare, looking into its big eye.

It whimpered, withdrew its tentacles, pulled itself off the door, stood aside and bowed at us. Maybe one of the Princesses could make it a pet later.

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): Luna'll probably think it's cute.)


The seven of us set hoof in Auntie's throne room. I shouldn't have been surprised when the doors slammed behind us, I was surprised when a swarm of changelings didn't descend upon us.

Chrysalis lay on Auntie Celestia's throne like it was a lounge chair. Shining! He was right next to her! And with his own forcefield still around him.

Chrysalis was chugging a thousand year old wine bottle from the royal wine celler. She tossed the empty bottle aside where it joined several others. I was surprised she didn't throw it at us.

"So the ponies have overcome my final defense, and now are here to murder me," she slurred, then her eyes focused on us. "You there Twilight Sparkle? I guess fate wouldn't allow me to change that. Cadence? I told my changelings to keep you away. So, everything turned out the way it did before after all."

I noticed Pinkie Pie's eyes widen in alarm.

"Hello Rarity," Chrysalis said like we were at a tea-party. "I suppose it was too much to hope fate would let me see her again. It's good the rune is ruined then. How is Sweetie Belle doing?"

"Safe from you," Rarity said.

"As if I'd harm my princess."

"She's not 'your' anything! And how dare you insinuate what you did to her as 'harmless!'"

"I taught her new people skills, gave her a new perspective on the world, encouraged her special talent in a constructive way, I certainly got her further along with magic than you ever did."

I was surprised at Rarity for not attacking her on the spot. But she did growl.

= Discorded Ponies Intro Full =

"Where are your manners husband? Say hello to your sister and friends."

"Hello," Shining's voice said sounding so, empty.

"He's not your husband!"

"Does it really matter?...Fate's already handed you your victory. Regardless of what choices you made, you were always destined to win, and I was always destined to lose. I should have splattered Princess Luna and her army after I had Shining send her flying over the horizon. But I knew it didn't matter, I knew fate would demand that she return anyway, I knew fate would never tolerate me achieving such a victory, Princess Luna had to arise again, she had to return. Not only that but her entire army. Never can Queen Chrysalis be granted a true victory, never can the Alicorn Sisters suffer a true defeat."

"Uh, what about what you did to Princess Celestia?" Pinkie Pie pointed out.

"Only her detractors care for such things."

"So are you gonna give up, or just sit there whining 'godmodder Princess Luna'?" Rainbow Dash told her. "We're not letting you changelings treat ponies like your personal cider barrels!"

"Don't trust her darlin's, that there silver tongue of hers is the only weapon she's got left! She's lost Canterlot and she knows it!"

"I may be a queen of lies Applejack, but even I can speak truth: allow me to share the ultimate truth of the changeling race. Everything with a heart that never experiences love from another will ultimately wither away and die. You behave like different ponies around different friends to maximize the amount of love you receive. When you receive no more love from that pony you move on! You change masks as much as we do! You are all changelings!"

Applejack's voice died in her throat.

Pinkie Pie looked at herself in a mirror.

Rarity stared jaw open.

Fluttershy hugged herself.

Rainbow Dash looked froze like a statue.

Twilight's brain looked ready to shut down.

I...I heard what she said. I thought of what she said. And I remembered, jerks who had acted like perfect gentlestallions to mares they fancied. Couples who broke up when they admitted their relationship had become loveless. And those who had completely reinvented themselves solely so they would be the mare their stallion wanted.

"Understand now? You ponies are the same as us!" She roared with righteous indignation.

"But doesn't that mean then," Fluttershy whispered, "That if we're the same as you, that you are the same as us ponies?"

Chrysalis gasped.

And I saw the gears in my favorite filly to foalsit's head begin to turn.

"Your changelings who became part of the royal guard...they must have passed any number of medical examinations, they must have been injured any number of ways, I bet...I bet if this has been going on as long as you say, that some must have...lost their lives doing their duty...and all of them were given a trace of Princess Celestia's magic...there..." Twilight gasped. "That means! It can't-, but it's the only answer that makes sense! YOU'RE NOT ANOTHER SPECIES! YOU'RE ANOTHER TRIBE! That insect shape, it's just another form! You're not lions! You're cannibals! You haven't come to a new land, you've come home!"

Oh Auntie.

"Twilight dear, what are you SAYING?!" Rarity asked, I knew, Twilight knew, I saw the looks on her friends' faces, all of them putting it together.

"Changelings are ponies!" Twilight's voice echoed.

And I looked at this witch, this monster, she wasn't an unholy beast from beyond, she just another pony who had given into cruelty and selfishness.

"What the buck are you doing?! You hypocrites! Don't you dare look at me with those sad eyes! Because our species are related suddenly NOW you feel pity?! You're as disgusting as your Princess!"

"That's a compliment," Rarity said, "Princess Celestia gives us something to reach for, something to strive for more than just ourselves or our herd. And that is a gift worth more than a kingdom."

"You're just the ghost of the hate of the three tribes under a different name!" Rainbow Dash said, "Ponies woke up to the fact that ponies are just ponies a long time ago! There is no 'master herd!'"

"That twist is new…I like it," Pinkie Pie said. I wish I knew what she meant, it felt comforting.

Fluttercruel said. "I would have pitied you even without that...nopony knows what it's like to think what you are defines you more than me."

"Your entire system is based on a lie!" Applejack declared.

"So is every system!" Chrysalis snapped back.

"YES! Because some things are worth believing in whether they're true or not! Honor! Justice! And that good can and should always triumph over evil! It doesn't matter if they're true or not, they're things that are worth believing in!" Said the former Kindest Of Lies. Everypony looked at the yellow mare who blushed.

Twilight said, "You're right Chrysalis, it IS sad that our blood makes it so it's easier for us to relate to creatures who are more like us than those who aren't, but we have hearts and minds that can rise above it! We've already met a changeling who we see as part of our herd! We already know from her she's not the only changeling in the world who wants to be better than her nature! She's ALREADY family to us! And you want to know what else? I've had a dragon as my family for a long time and I'm never going to stop loving him! That's just how we ponies are!"

Twilight and her friends had Chrysalis' total attention, and I inched towards Shining, his mind was so crippled by the witch that he didn't respond or alert his queen at all. She'd regret putting him back under. I can't break Shining's shield, but maybe I don't have to, if I can touch this shield with my horn, his magic, so close, I'm the Alicorn of Harmony and Music, if anypony could pull this off, I could.

"So seriously, how about you just give up now and we just live together? Happy ending!" Pinkie Pie said. "No big flashy battle, just the bad guy finally just listening when they're offered a second chance right before the big fight?"

"Live together? LIVE TOGETHER?! ROSEDUST YOU'RE SO NAIVE YOU MAKE ME WANT TO PUKE! What is it going to take to get through those thick bright colored heads of yours? I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M STUCK TRYING TO REASON WITH MY FOOD SOURCE! Every living thing that's ever moved under its own power was for the express purpose of eating another living thing or avoiding being eaten. YOU SICKENINGLY HIGH AND MIGHTY HORSES! You haven't grown one bit from when you were wandering from grassland to grassland and having the stallions kill each other for a harem of mares! YOU THINK YOU'RE SUPERIOR BECAUSE YOU FEED ON SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T COMPLAIN!"

I think the girls realized what I was doing and wanted to keep the queen ranting and raving. Twinkle Shine, Silver Tongue, please keep them busy as long as you can too.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash looked at each other, and the mares shook their heads.

Rarity said, "You're wrong Chrysalis, just because we have a killer instinct somewhere inside us, doesn't mean we have to listen to it, or that we won't find a better way."

"You're still nothing but herd animals who brainwash other creatures to think like you! End of story!"

"Yeah we're a herd," Rainbow Dash spoke, "Even at our worst, as long as we have one other pony with us, we're gonna be stronger. I know two blue ponies who didn't have ANYPONY but themselves and CARED about nopony but themselves, and they were failures! They only became as great as they wanted everypony to think they were AFTER they finally had somepony else to care about!"

"Oh please. You're a herd because it's in your nature just like it's in nature for the strong to stand on the weak. That's how it works. The strong stand tall. The weak kneel. Such is the rules of nature."

Appjeack snapped, "That's a lie bullies like yah tell themselves so they don't have tah feel guilty! The truly strong help the weak stand!"

"Predators feed! That is reality! Are you all going to tell me with a straight face, that none of you has -ever- toyed with a bug? Seen an insect squirm in a jar or see a spider feed on a insect you gave it? Oh that's right, you ponies are so blindly 'pretty and pure' that you can't STAND let alone conceive of the idea that mundane animals HAVE TO eat each other to live. Oh no, your vegetable and fruit diets MUST make them all vegetarians too!"

"NOT ANYMORE!" Fluttershy shouted. "I'm not turning a blind eye to nature's true self ever again!"

"Celestia keeps you all pampered like pets in a fish bowl! 'Hatred has no place in Equestria', 'though quarrels exist their numbers are few.' GAH! You love to think that hate is just something you can remove, something you can just toss aside, something you can just -decide- not to feel.

"As someone whose life depends on knowing how emotions work, here is a truth for you. No one, but NO ONE CHOOSES what they feel! You can no more choose who you hate anymore than you can chose who you love! Believe me, I know! You can't just slap on a euphemism of 'really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, dislike' and expect it to suddenly be something else."

Fluttershy sighed, "You're right, it doesn't. I was afraid of being angry, terrified. My parents told me again and again how anger and hate were wrong, so I bottled them up and hide them away, where they grew and festered until they became an illness, something that acted like it was a separate part of me, and those I cared about suffered for my mistakes. Pretending feelings and part of you don't exist only makes things worse. The changeling's tribe hiding itself away only made things worse. If you had stayed out in the open, just let ponies get used to you, accept you for being the way you are, then you could have had all the love you ever needed to live and be happy," she said like she was offering a pony lost in the middle of the night a place to stay.

"You wouldn't say that if you knew the changeling history. I have inherited knowledge from all queens who came before me. We tried to co-exist with ponies in the distance past, but were persecuted."

AJ shrugged, "She's lyin' through her teeth, she just made up that story."

"Sorry, that lie was so elegant that I couldn't let it go to waste. I have no idea how we ended up hidden from the world."

Twilight said, using everything she had in her mental arsenal to keep the queen angry and focused on them. "...Your rune could have been used to make ALL the Changelings never have to worry about food EVER again but you decided to channel it into YOURSELF in your quest for power instead of using it to ensure your hive will never go hungry again...This has NEVER been about your subjects! IT'S BEEN ALL ABOUT YOU!"

"AND WHY SHOULDN'T IT BE?! Sweet Belle was the only one of you who showed worth! Ponies cling to Celestia's breasts mindlessly suckling on her teats! While the changeling hid in the dirt scared to show themselves like they were vermin! WHY SHOULD I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM-?!"

"Is power all you care about?" Rainbow Dash exasperated.

"I'm doing this only for power? YOU BUCKING BET I LOVE POWER TO TARTARUS! The more control you have, the less you need to fear going hungry the next day. The less you're a slave! It's natural!"

"AJ you okay?" Rainbow asked, AJ looked like she had a headache.

"Ah can't tell how much of that was horseapples and how much was true...cause Ah don't think she knows. It's all muddy water."

"At least I've actually done something with my power! Instead of just sitting on my flank getting fat like that slug!" the witch screamed, spitting that name like it was poison. "Have I abused my power? Tartarus yes! But at least I bucking did something with it!"

"Just stop Queen Chrysalis, for the sake of your tribe, Sweetie Belle's only wish for this entire conflict is that you SURRENDER and not to see you or any of your changelings hurt!" Rarity said speaking for her little sister.

"…I'm sorry that I can't grant her wish." Was that regret in her voice? "I've endured too much, come too far, lost too much, to give up now. Just as any of you wouldn't give up until the bitter end. Pity we didn't bond sooner.

"A second changeling army is already on its way. We have spread throughout Equestria like a cancer. You army is spread and scattered, mine is spread and interconnected. We've been slowly infesting Equestria for longer than you can guess. My changelings will fight to the bitter end for revenge. Every changeling alive is my 'taking you down with me' plan. Once I'm gone, you are all in for a very long, and bloody war."

AJ's expression was unreadable. I think she still couldn't tell if the queen was bluffing or telling the truth. Either that or she just wanted this to be over with.

Then Twilight said those fateful words, "Not if we're the only way for your changelings to have you back. I remember the arena, they care more about you than you want to admit. You're their everything. You're what gives them something to reach for, something more to look up to than just a mirror, to become greater than themselves! You're their Celestia. You boast about them getting revenge over you? Don't you think then they'd make the choice to SAVE YOU?...If the Elements seal you away as they did Luna, or imprison you like they did Discord, then they'll end this entire war just to save you. You can't understand how much they love you! It's obvious to everypony BUT you!"

Twilight frowned. "...You want power so much you can't see you already had what you're trying to steal: a kingdom of your own...and that's why that last resort of yours isn't going to work…"

"YOU THINK A KINGDOM IS WHAT I EVER WANTED? YOU'RE ALL BLIND! All I wanted was survival! By any means necessary!"

"And you throw a hissy fit for us doing what we gotta do to save our friends? You bellyacher," Rainbow Dash said.

"Pst. Moron. If fate is why we're all here, why should I be mad at you? The world's always wanted me gone, why should I play nice?"

"What the hay happened that left you with that belief?" Twilight heard herself say.

"Forgive me if having someling trying to kill me seconds after I was born left an impression on me," Chrysalis said flatly.

"What?" Twilight balked.

"Doesn't matter."

"Yer dang tootin' it doesn't matter! Just cause rotten things happen to ya doesn't give ya the right ta do rotten things ta others!"

"You don't get it! It doesn't matter to me if you're a pony, a dragon, or an concept! Anypony with more power than me, is a creature who can make me a slave again. I will be no creature's slave, EVER AGAIN!"

"I told ya, freaks like you are-"

"Freak?…Freak?…FREAK?!?! YES I'M A FREAK! I'M AN ABOMINATION! I'm an unnatural THING the rules of nature say has no right to exist! I HATE THIS BODY! I HATE MY 'SOUL!'

"That bitch Pandora, what right did she have to play Frakenpony upon my unwilling scraps?! It was her half-assed magic that cursed me with this defective soul! She thought she could create a soul without Fauna Luster. What right do concepts have to do a half-ass job?! Incompetent flank-holes, all of them!"

What the buck was she talking about? The confused looks on the other said the same thing.

"I can imagine my hooves around her neck. I guess there won't BE imagination afterwards...Maybe the universe will be better off without imagination...no way for...for freaks the likes of me to be born." She laughed again.

Chrysalis roared and spread her wings, and stood up on her hinds legs, I remember thinking how it would make a fine pose for a statue. "I won't fear you ponies because you have the Elements! Let's go! One last dance! You think I can't do my own fighting? I've fought all my life and will until my end!"

I was right next to my love, as he stood there, so empty, his puppeteer still not noticing me. I then did what no sane pony would do when trying to reach Shining inside his own barrier. I touched my horn to his shield, and supercharged it!

And I felt it, my magic mixing with his, increasing the strength of the magic shield between us. It wasn't like the perversion that the Queen had used before. It was true love...our magic touching and mixing together in beautiful love.

"I'd rather have you safe, than sacrifice you to make a fight easier," I said to him with total and sincere truth.

To break the witch's geass perform but one close act of true love.

-Ever Ever After - Enchanted-

"Come back to me, Shining...I need you…You promised me back when we fought the wolf you'd never leave me again! Are you going to let this witch make you break that promise?! I'm not letting mine be broken: I said I'll take the hurt! If we can be together while we can, then that's enough for me! And that includes the worst hurt this devil can dish out! Come back Shining!"

I felt my touch like a single spark race along his shield spell, and down through his horn, and straight to his heart. And I felt the witch's taint shatter like the sun being born inside a black marble.

"I love you."

The witch turned her head, and saw us together. Shining Armor gasped for breath, his entire body fell like he was having trouble remembering how to move on his own. He panted as he fell, but I held him up.


"Yes dear?"

"T-thank you...I...I knew you'd come."

"How could I not?"

He gave me a weak nuzzle.

"Big brother!" The light inside Twilight could have lit a hundred nights. "Shiny! BBBFF! Y-you're-" Twilight was at a loss for words, she had liquid happiness in her eyes. I swear the only reason she wasn't nuzzling into her brother's side this moment was the situation at hoof.

"Wonderful t-to be together again," my fiancee wheezed, looking his baby sister in the eyes with his beautiful blue eyes.

Twilight's smile was as wide as it could be. I could feel the love between them. And between me and Shining. For a moment there was no Chrysalis or Changelings. Just a sister, and brother, and a sister-in-law-to-be finally having a flitting moment of joy after a days long nightmare. The dawn felt so good.

"NO! This is why you weren't supposed to be here! This is exactly what I feared!" Chrysalis yelled at me, recoiling from us like any moment we could end her...she looked for a brief moment like a terrified animal.

"SHINY!" Twilight shouted, "HOLD CHRYSALIS DOWN!"

Chrysalis moved, but not quick enough, and charged up by own my magic, Shining's force field trapped the witch's hooves and wings. She struggled against her bonds, but they weren't going anymore, and she wouldn't be feeding off of this love! The witch cringed and shut her eyes.

For a moment, the look in Shining's eye almost scared me...but he shook his head and just kept his sights focused like an arrow on Chrysalis.

I know how I can get if pushed too far...like with the Diamond Dog and Nameless...I won't lie, after what that witch made me do? After every awful, horrible thing she'd done? A part of me wanted to end her. But I didn't want Twiley or Cadence to see me like that. Not after they did all this to free me. I managed to keep my anger under control.

(Friend's Notes (Dawn): We're proud of you Shiny.)

So am I.

(Friend's Notes (Dusk): Welcome back!)

Good to BE back!

(Friend's Notes (Noon): Here ya go Shine! Sis' isn't the only pony who gets to hug you!)

"Now stay still and let the rainbow medicine in!" Pinkie Pie said.


Reach For the Stars Instrumental - Sonic Colors -

"You got it BBBFF! FORMATION!"

I watched in awe as each of the regalia the ponies wore glowed like a brightly colored star, each one a unique color, then connected together like lines in a spell circle, turning bright white like the eyes of the ponies themselves, and the power of the Elements was unleashed. I felt like something deep inside me...felt at home. Like this was a part of me. I'd felt it when Auntie Luna, Discord, and Nightmare Whisper had been defeated, but being this close to it….It felt so wonderful. So beautiful...This was me.

Something deep inside my soul. When I watched Twiley and her friends power up the Elements...it felt so familiar. Like a part of me remembered this...All I knew was it was beautiful.

I saw the rainbow arch upwards, and come crashing down on the immobilized changeling to end this nightmare. This wasn't the type of love and friendship she had any hope of absorbing. The room filled with a white light.

Author's Note:

Pony POV Series Wedding Arc
Written by Alex Warlorn
Queen Chrysalis' Last Performance

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Trope page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries (SERIOUSLY need to be kept up to date, every little bit helps!).

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic And All Related Character Copyright Of Hasbro

Cover art by Rose-Laxzi. http://rose-laxzi.deviantart.com/

PLEASE check out the ton of recursive fanfics of this fanfiction series. A lot of heart went into them! They also answer a lot of unaswered questions. http://mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart.com/

Pinkie Pie, "If there are any sections where you can't tell who the narrator is, be sure to tell me, and I'll be sure the author fixes it right up."

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