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Pony POV Series Season Seven: Not The Wedding You Remember - Alex Warlorn

It's time for the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor: except events spiral out of control in ways you are not familiar with. Nothing is certain anymore, the future is no longer set, will the future still have a happy ending

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Episode 157: "Forgotten Pink Ponies"

Pony POV Series
Forgotten Pink Ponies
Discarded Props
By Alex Warlorn

That . . . wasn't fun . . .

That wasn't fun at all . . .

Rainbow Crash lied, there weren't any balloon animals . . .

That hurt . . .

Where was I?

Where was the rest of me?

Uuuuuugh. It's super cold. Maybe there are some sunny . . . skies? . . . Why is the sky so black? What's this not day? It's like the inside of the cave . . . where . . . where I was born . . . and all my sisters were born . . . where I came from . . . from . . . from . . . first Pinkie Pie . . .. that's called a . . . a mommy right? I think, I don't think anypony ever told me...

Uuuuugh. I don't feel so good . . . like I was blown up too much and popped and then sucked into a vacuum. Then . . . a really BIIIIG nothing . . . I mean, bigger than a really large cake . . .

I sit up, the ground isn't nice at all, it's all like black ice cream, really cold, what does it taste like? BLECH! It taste like tar and rocks! Blech! Blech!

I shake my head. Hey! There are the rest of me . . . my . . . my sisters? Well, some of them were copied from me, and they were copied from the ones who were copied from them . . . does that make me a grandma? This is so confusing!

This is worse than when Buttershy invited me to the tea party and I was supposed to go the barn raising with Applesnack. And . . . first me, mom? She told me we just needed more of us.

So we made more and more, more of us was good, so even more of us was better right? More of us was more fun, right?

Then . . . nopony wanted to play with us, nopony wanted to have fun, they just wanted to shout at us and do mean things to us and hurt us and stuff . . . but it was for fun right? Right. Fun is the most important thing in the world. Right? Fun is why . . . why we were born right?

Mommy wanted us to have fun . . . so . . . why was she sad?

It was all just a game right? That test wasn't fun at all. And the others were making so much noise! How was I supposed to keep staring at the . . . borning paint . . . I wonder if I passed . . . I wonder how many of us passed . . .

Is mom here? Let me count . . . we're one short. That's no fun.

The rest of me, the rest of my family are waking up too . . .



"FUUNNNN! . . . fun? . . . This . . . this place doesn't look fun!"

I hug one of the twins, (she was copied from me, and her, uh, sister was copied from . . . mom. Does that makes them cousins and not twins? THIS IS SO CONFU-FU-FUSING!).


"Senorita! New arrivals!"

"From the heart world! This is great! They look good enough to paint a picture of! And familiar!"

"Bloody harmony! Did they finally do another bloody reboot?"

"No I think this is something else . . ."


Huh? I just realize we're standing in a little crater, or maybe a dried up pond.

There were ponies all around us only . . . they were all see through and stuff, like colored shadows or something.

We all gather around each other, something about these ponies, screams not fun, like the opposite of fun, like, nuf? Was that a word? I don't know! Somepony tell me!

Ooooh, this pony had wings like a big butterfly, and she's really big too, I think she's purple her cutie mark is a big star around a little star, or is that a little star in a big star? There are so many things I don't know! None of this is fun! NOTHING! What am I supposed to do if there's no fun!? MOMMMY!!!!

She smiles at me, well, maybe that's a smirk? "Well . . . you're not OUR Pinkie Pie . . . but you'll do . . for now . . . and best of all, there's plenty for us to enjoy!"

The all laughed. The laughter wasn't fun for some reason.

"We haven't had this many new arrivals since . .. well, since we all got here Starsong!" Said a shadow with an artist pallet cutie mark.

"I think that deserves a special welcoming, Toola-Roola!"

"sí." Said the mare with a mexicolt accident, I wonder what mexicolt food tastes like . . . uh, maybe it's fun? Think fun thoughts!

"Uh . . . excuse me . . . but . . . I'm Pinkie Pie, and . . . well, we're all Pinkie Pie I think and . . . where are we? And . . . where's the fun?"

"Fun? FUN!? Hear that nopony?! They want to know where the fun is!" She laughed in my face. It wasn't a fun laugh. Please stop it! Please! Why did my mane suddenly go all flat?

"There is no fun here!" Said, uh, Toola-Roola like it was a big surprise. It wasn't a fun surprise. "Just us shadows of meanwhiles and neverweres."

I hear the rest of us gasp . . . why do so many of us have our manes flat too? The rest are shivering.

"Welcome to Oblivion!" They all shouted together.

"Uh . . ." Why were my knees knocking? "Well, me and . .. my other mes . . . we're all supposed to have fun . . . and . .. if you don't have any fun then . . . can we go please? It was really fun in Ponyville, and we' like to go back there now. Please? With sugar on?"

Why do they keep laughing? Please, you're making my sisters crying . . . I think, you're making me cry?

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid, if you're here, it means you don't have a place anywhere, even Tartarus and Elysium won't take you. I'm sorry," said this pony with a puzzle piece and magnifying glass cutie mark, I wonder what bugs look like, no, I just wanna go home.

"There's Puzzlemint, pretending she still has a heart!" Teased Toola-Roola.

"You want a Ponyville?! Here ya go!" Said a pegasus shadow who grabbed one of my sisters and took off with her, we all followed, and she dumped her just a little bit off and . . . there were a bunch of gray buildings, with gray floors, gray streets, gardens without plants in them, fountains without any water to splash around in, shops that were empty of anything. It was like the fun thought the town wasn't fun anymore, and left.

"This . . . this isn't Ponyville! Ponyville is fun! Ponyville is . . .is . .. HAPPY! And your laughing! It's not fun it's . . . not-fun! It's . . . it's not nice!"

"They're so naive and innocent!"

"Just like we were!"

"It's almost adorable!"

My sister . . . I think she skinned her knee, she's crying. I run over and dry her tears.

"T-This is a trick, right? A...not nice prank or something?" one of my sisters asked, shuddering as we looked around.

"Oh, talk about ungrateful," said a unicorn shadow with a doggy necklace. "We gave you what you wanted, is it our fault it wasn't what you thought it'd be? Hehe, that feels a tiny bit nostalgic."

"We wanted Ponyville! This isn't Ponyville!"

"I'm sorry, this is the only Ponyville here," said Puzzlemint.

"W-well, how do we get out of here?!" Another of my sisters asked, I didn't like this 'not-fun' feeling growing bigger and bigger insider me.

"HA! You hear that nopony?! They want the way out of here!" Starsong called.

The shadows of ponies laughed, and laughed, but it sounded hollow, empty, lifeless. We weren't like that? . . . were we? I wasn't, right?

One of my sisters ran away from the VERY NOT FUN shadow ponies right for a big hole in the freezy blacky ground, she'd hide down there, Puzzlemint pulled her back just before she dived in. And Puzzlemint, and the other shadow, they began to sing. But the song, the was nothing fun about it, could be nothing fun about, and never would be anything fun about it.

"Watch yourself,
Don't fall into the gulf!"

A monster several times bigger than any Quarray eel burst from the ground, lamprey like jaws snapping with tendrils flying everywhere before zipping back in at the same lightning speed it emerged with.

"So yer all the new nopony's in town," Starsong sang.

"What's that sound? Is something moving around?" The twins sang hugging each other hearing THINGS move about in the dark.

Starsong flew and pushed them hard on their rears, that looked like it hurt. "Sit down for a spell, you don't look so well!"

"WELL Fiesta Flare, feels great!
You've just been screwed by fate!
You might as well just hang around," Fiesta Flare sang, then I . . . I made a really loud noise that wasn't a laugh . . . she had a rope around her neck, that one of the pegasus was holding her up from, she just made faces at me.

All the shadows sang.

"It's too late,
Now yer just Nature Fury bait!

"Now just relax,
You're all just empty sacks!"

They danced around us like a spider's web.

"It's after the movie!
This is the end of your show!"

"Welcome to being nopony!
But don't feel lonely!

"Don't be sad for nothing's sake!
All you feel is fake!"

"I'm for gettin' out of here!" One of the triplets ran off screen, only to end up right back where she started. She looked in not-fun, no, no TERROR! She screamed.

Terror! Afraid! I WAS AFRAID! I WAS AFRAID! I WAS SCARED! Leave us alone! Somepony help us please!

"No need to shout my dear! No-o!" Sung the shadow of a LITTLE FILLY pegasus while my sister being scared for her life and miserable was just a game . . . it was fun but . . . it . . . it was fun but . . . not . . . not . . . . not . . . good . . . fun. I'm sad.

I turn my head and see a sea! Maybe across the sea is home? I run for it. Puzzlemint stops me.

"Don't you go,
to the ocean down below!
There ain't no price
for good advice."

The shadows sang.

"There's nothing to do!
We're Her private zoo!"

The unicorn with the doggie necklace stood in front of a witch's caldron made of ice and floated a bunch of ice shaped into potion bottles an inch from us, then shattered them before we could touch them.

"There is no voodoo
or magic brew
That can reclaim you!"

"It's after the movie!
And this is the end of your show!"

"What do we have here?! New toys?! Oh pink gummy!" A mishmash of animal parts swooped in tried to bite Eleven in half, she didn't like this all, and her tail was now just a stub. The shadow dove down. The the animal-parts-monster just left.

Another of the triplet sang, "This is weird!"

"It's much worse than you fear!" Puzzlemint sang back.

I shut my eyes. "I'll just close my eyes and make the ghosties disappear-AAAGH!" THEY WERE ALL AROUND ME!

We all jumped together into one big pink pile looking out from all directions! All our manes were straight! All my sisters and I were shivering! This wasn't fair! What did we do?!
We sang out together.

"This is strange!"

"You and creation are now estranged!" Fiesta Flare sang at us, no longer with the rope around her neck, made another face at us.

The others hopped towards us, in sync, like a team of jumping spiders. They made the ground shudder.

"Won't the others be in heat,
That yer heart still beats?!"

I was at the top of the Pinkie Fort, I looked straight up, hoping for something, anything friendly to look down at me. I reached for a sun that wasn't there. Crying isn't fun. So why couldn't I stop?

"Where is the sun?
All I can see is the night.
Please turn on a light.
Somepony please tell me that fate has been kind."

"There is no way oooout,
you are out of your miiiiinds!"

They burst out laughing. And looked at me, like we were slices of cake.

"It's after the movie!
This is the end of your show!"

We backed up further and further into each other, scared out of our minds.

"It's after the movie!
This is the end of your show!"

They kept singing, but not words, just a not that sounded like...almost like a wind building up to blow us away...

"Stop it! They're not like us! They don't belong here!" They smashed Puzzlemint into the ground so hard she left an impression. Why wasn't it funny? Because . .. because she was hurt . . . Applesnack . . . did we . . . did we hurt her? Did we hurt Buttershy? . . . Is that why we're here? Is that . . . is that why we came here? . . . So we're bad ponies who don't belong anywhere? . . . So . . that's why we're here?

I give up. We were what wasn't fun. We belonged here with everything else that wasn't fun.

Another mean laugh but . . . it's from everywhere...Or is it nowhere, like where we are? I don't really care. So much anymore. What was the point in anything? What I do doesn't matter. What I say doesn't matter. What I think doesn't matter. My sisters don't matter. I don't matter. We were supposed to be fun and . . . we couldn't even do what we were born for. We belong-

"Excuse me, but you're in my way."

The shadows looked one direction at once, gasped, and fled as fast as shadows did before a light source. Puzzlemint looked up from the hole she was in, gasped, and covered her head, not moving an inch, her eyes closed.

Huh? Wha? Uh? Who? What? I feel . . . What was that? I was feeling . . . empty, I was feeling, like there wasn't a me anymore . . . Who is . . .

"I want to talk with you. Care to listen?"

We . . . my family mattered to somepony.

She's funny. She's all pink. She has wings like a pegasus, and a horn like a unicorn. She's a pegahorn! Ha-ha! That's so silly! I feel . . . fun? No . . it's happy. She wanted to . . . to talk with us?

"Well?" She asked again.

"Oh! Yes yes! Talk away!"

The pinkie Pegahorn asked calmly and casually, "Hello little ponies, . . . would you like a job? I need some messengers."

"Uh . . . do we get to leave this place?"


"Can we go back to Ponyville?"

"A Ponyville, I promise it'll be a much more interesting one than this. And more colors."

"Can all my sisters come?"

"Yes. I have need of all of you. You and I have much in common."

We all looked at each other, and all the black nothings all around.

"Uh, can Puzzlemint. come? She just-"

"I'm sorry. No. She doesn't have what it takes to leave. You all do."

"Please, don't think about me, just go. It's how things are," she said still not looking up.

" . . . thank you Puzzlemint., we won't forget you."

"You're not the first to say so."

"We won't! Okay! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Uh, you guys all agree to right?"

"YES!" All my sisters shouted together.

"That's perfect!" She clapped her hooves. "Now let's get you out of here. You're hired!"

I didn't know who if what happened next was gonna be fun or not . . . and maybe that's what made it feel alive? Right! That's it! We're alive! We're here! We're seeing! We're hearing! We're feeling! I'm alive!!!

~See You Again, Pinkie Promise, cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!

Author's Note:

So yep. I watched the episode I dreaded to watch more than any other of season 3. And this is my response.

The song is based on 'It's A B-Movie' from Brave Little Toaster.

I also suggest you read this fanfic. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/64605/her-own-pony It's beautiful!

Previous: http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/art/Pony-POV-Series-Birth-of-King-Sombra-437814309

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Trope page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries

Check out the recursive fanfiction and fanart of the Pony POV Series! http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/MLP-FiM-PonyPOVSeriesFanworks-audio-adaption-2013-349281264 Many of it approved by me as canon.

Be sure to join our Group for a TON of recursive works, many a part of optional canon!!! http://mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart.com/

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MLP:FiM copyright Hasbro

Should I give this chapter a mature content warning for Toola-Roola's 'prank?'

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