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"You probably shouldn't even exist."
"You're only a clone, you don't HAVE any feelings!"

Who was she to believe? She was barely a day old, and already she'd seen the disappearance of her mirror images, all but her. Was she just a clone? A disposable unfeeling analog?
What would happen if she became her own pony? If she became real?

Is it possible for one of the Pinkie's, the only copy left behind, to develop? To become an entirely different pony to the one that she was modelled after?

Oh, and before I forget, thanks to the amazing WerewolfNobody for the (At one point) cover art!
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seems interesting... will read later

cuz is.... fun?:pinkiecrazy:

This is amazing.


Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system. And it's all Twilight Sparkle's fault.

Given the disturbing manner in which this problem was "solved," this story simply had to be written, if only to acknowledge that there may have been -- must have been --- a better way.

This had to be written. I wonder, how good it will turn out.

"read later" for now - a busy evening ahead.

I was waiting for this :rainbowkiss:


Ok, done.

1 Emotions done very well but the implied empathic link creates a plot hole - the other Pinkies didn't seem concerned with their copies disappearing.

2 It reminds me of 7 of 9's experience of being disconnected from the Borg. :coolphoto:

1650528 twilight looks creepy as fuck

1652056 i thought about that too
then i realized, i dont give a shit
it gives the story a bigger impact on people's weak emotional state

I really enjoyed this, I mean I knew there would be stories spawned from Too Many Pinkie's especially one like this. And I love it, this isn't one where Twilight accidentally zapped the real Pinkie Pie, this is one of her Dopplegangers who watched Twilight kill about say... 40 or more Pinkie Pies. It adds understandable fear and motivation for the character to escape and survive. Suddenly the fun and friendly world of Equestria that she was born into looks a lot grimmer.

I look forward to seeing how this story progresses. :heart:

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Wow! That is a heck of a picture. Someone who isn't me should write that.

Run, Pinkie #50, run!

hi hi

One of the real tragedies of that episode was that Pinkie Pie's clones didn't have any friends of their own, no one to care for and no one to care for them. The only exception was Fluttershy and her little mouse that offered a piece of cheese to Pinkie Pie's first clone. Where was the magic of friendship then?

The look of terror on the last clone's face right before she failed is gonna stick with me...

I was touched by how well this story portrayed the mind of someone who had only been alive for less than a day.

1654511 Cause it's all very depressing.

Same reason I can't bear stuff like My Little Dashie and Background Pony.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Rainbow_Dash.png

1650528 were did you find that?

Since the Pinkie clones only knew her friends names and not their histories couldn't Twi have just asked them something about the return of Discord or another of their adventures? Whoever knows the answer is obviously the real Pinkie.

*sniff* First chapter actually nearly made me cry. I kind of want the next chapter to finish the job.


Dashie isn't depressing. It's ending is a little sad. but it's not depressing. If you haven't read it, you really need to. It's one of the greatest Fics in the fandom.

You have capped my interest and hit my issue with the episode on the nose.

What really gets me is the ambiguousness of it all. Would it really have killed the writers to add a shot of the clone-pinkies bouncing around the inside of the mirror pool or something?


They probably forgot that this fandom loves to overthink things to the point of making up stuff.

Seriously, the entire point of this story falls when you realize that there's no reason to think Twilight was murdering them. At all. :facehoof:


Yeah, because that's obviously what was happening.

This is why I don't go to Equestria Daily when new episodes come out. Hearing all the pointless complaints being thrown around about made up issues just ruined it for me.

mabye the clone that survived was the first clone and therefore had an innate connection to the ones that came after?:trollestia:
... anyway this is really good...looking forward to more:twilightsmile:

1655769 Snow Soar Snow Soar Snez Smog Smell Fog Bed Bug Dung Pocket... Wait, where was I going again?

Oh right...

Are you a fortune teller? Oracle? Anything?:twilightoops::duck::unsuresweetie::trollestia:

And thus, the season 3 fics begin in earnest!


In all seriousness, I'm not sure how nobody else had this idea before me, it's a big one, and it's great fun to right as well, which makes everything better.:pinkiehappy:

1656214 It takes effort to write quality work. The fact that you got this up when you did is rather impressive, really. Cheers!

Ok Im gonna ignore the Scootaloser thing But yeah I agree MLD isnt depressing so much as a raging case of the feels. basically its :fluttercry: and not :raritycry: :raritydespair: ya know.
I think not many people want to portray Twilight as a cold logical killer. Even though we all know twilight is quite possibly the most likely to become the true face of a Psychopath. :twilightsmile:
By the way absofrikkin lutey love this fic. I cant wait to read more.

1656421 Well you shan't wait long, I've already got the next chapter waiting in the wings, and I'm fine tuning it. Tomorrow maybe?:trollestia:

Delicious. all I want to do is take the Pinkie mirror images and give them the world

1656430 Don't we all...

Don't we all...:pinkiesad2:

I suppose you are right... But we all know that there was a better way than to absolutely eliminate them from existence. We all know this. I mean in all honesty they could be the organizers of the Crystal Fair. or am I the only one who thinks of that.

1656447 ...



Coconut. That is all.:unsuresweetie:

Yall may need ta explain that one there a little bit better. To which thing is your disdain pointed towards.

1656451 Just confusion, not disdain.:twilightsheepish:

ok I do tend to dothat to alot of people. I have adhd which makes for amazing creativity but not much else:ajsleepy:

1654989 What's wrong with not reading Background Pony? I'm not. Dem chapters is too long.

I've read Background Pony... it's gotten too depressing for me.

This, however, intrigues me. We have a surviving clone whom didn't participate in the boring paint-watching, one whom wasn't distracted by the silly challenge, one whom was able to watch the destruction. Even if all they think of is "fun", when you witness others like you being slaughtered, supposedly, I sure it would be quite jarring.

So, please, more when you can?

Okay, read later. Also, this premise reminds me of Blade Runner. I could be wrong, since most things remind me of Blade Runner, but this time I'm pretty sure.


Ok, you tell me. What happened to those clones. No, not "They were sent back into the pool". What happened to the clones after that? Were they vanquished into nonexistence? Did they go to an alternate universe? Is the pool its own mini-world and now they're just back inside? Or were they magic and therefore just converted back into the mirror's magic? If the latter, those clones still had sentience -the ability to feel- and thus had some kind on limited cognizance that was destroyed when they were converted into magic. Or maybe it was something else. They never tell us in the episode. That's what I mean by ambiguousness.

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