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Pony POV Series Season Two: Pearls - Alex Warlorn

Discord is beaten, but it's the scars you can't see that take the longest to heal. Let us continue

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Pony POV Series Pearls 'Lost Episode'

Why are ya askin' me ta talk 'bout this? Doesn't everypony already know? It...it might help if Ah talk 'bout it some like Ah did with Applejack? Oh-...-okay.

My name is Applebloom. Ah'm an earth pony filly from Ponyville, and one night Ah almost died. No. That ain't the whole of it. Ah was still a filly when Ah came out of the Everfree ... But Ah part of me that made me a foal was gone.

The Princess said that me bein' innocent meant that truth thingamajiggy wouldn't work on me, but she was wrong… after that night... there ain't nothin' innocent 'bout me no more.

Wanted ta tag along with Miss Twilight after Crusadin', just ta say hello ta Zecora, and it's always an adventure in the Everfree...even after...even after me and my friends nearly got caught by that Cockatrice, we ain't never been scared of the Everfree.

Now Ah almost wish Ah had been.

Zecora's a great friend. Sometimes Ah imagine bein' her apprentice like Miss Twilight is to Princess Celestia, drawing stripes on mahself, wearin' that jewelry she does, becomin' a shaman, er, witch doctor, er, whatever she is. She's fun ta learn from. But when she said we best not stay long in Everfree that night of nights, me and Miss Twilight didn't ask big questions.

Road out of Everfree was blocked by a bunch of fallen trees, don't know how that happened, it was like Everfree itself didn't want ta let us go.

Miss Twilight was busy cleanin' our way out, Ah saw this gray filly with an orange mane and a magnifying glass cutie mark. She ran when Ah spotted her.

Ah wondered what another filly was doin' in the Everfree, Ah followed, Ah didn't think it would be that far.

Sunnytown. Everypony's an Earth Pony. Everypony's blank flanks. Even the big ponies. Right in the middle of Everfree. Nopony has a clue what a cutie mark is.

Gray Hoof. Roneo and Starlet. Gladstone. Threeleaf. They were all so nice.

Ah even helped Roneo find his very-special-somepony gift to Starlet.

Mitta. Crying in her house. Sayin' this had happened over and over.

Ah didn't know what she meant then, but Ah've got a feelin' now.

Ah even helped Roneo find his gift to Starlet.

The gray filly runnin' off again. Ah thought she was leadin' me. Ah was wrong.

House locked. Findin' the key at the bottom of the well. Crank from Mitta's house(that Roneo had been blocking).


No sign of 'er. Nothin' in the house at all except...except ...

T-thanks for the ten minute break. Ah, Ah think Ah'm good to go now.

Miss Twilight says there's no such thing as ghosts, no such thing as zombies, no such thing as curses.

At least Ah didn't believe in curses neither. Twilight said they were all just pretend and fake.

There was nothin' pretend nor fake 'bout what Ah saw: an' what Ah keep seein' in mah nightmares. In that house's fireplace.

Ah couldn't even tell what it was at first.

The fireplace...it had...it was the … the skeleton of a foal inside. Just a size bigger than me...

It was her.

It was wrong. It was so wrong.

Even in Everfree...this shouldn't happen...this couldn't happen, it was all wrong!

Ah ran away, out of that cabin, back into the rest of Sunnytown ...

It was ruins. It looked like it had been for centuries.

It was all crazy.

Creepy voices, soundin' like the towns folk. Sayin' 'she' was gonna ruin the party, that 'she' had 'the mark' and she was 'cursed.'

Threeleaf, she, she came out of the ground, blackened bones and glowing red eyes.

They said they were gonna 'protect me'. Ah'd been taught just cause somepony looks strange or nasty, doesn't mean they are nasty. Maybe this was a big misunderstanding?... Ah was so scared, Ah couldn't make heads or tails of nothin'!

Threeleaf just sat there, lookin' at me. She never once tried to grab me or chase me. Ah reached ta touch 'er.

It flashed before mah eyes as clear as if it was right in my face! Me, mah body all black, 'You'll never become like her, now you are protected, forever,' them all whisperin', all the warmth, all the life gone right of me!

Ah pulled my hoof back, and Ah ran and kept runnin', them zombies comin' out of the ground.

Roneo and Starlet...askin' me ta stay. Just...askin'. It was awful. First Seein' em so happy together, and now seein' like this ...

Mitta, not as rotten as the others. Sayin' she could have protected 'her' and didn't...that even dead the others didn't understand...that they all deserved this. Tellin' me...TA RUN FER MAH LIFE!!!

Comin' out of the ground, Ah don't know if they were other victims, the Sunnytown ponies, just skeletons or what but Ah didn't know or care! Ah just had to run run run RUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!




S-sorry fer makin' ya stop again...it...for a while there...Ah was...Ah thought Ah'd ...

Ah found some glowin' hoof marks, it was so dark, they were all Ah could see ...

An' Ah met 'er, the filly from before, Ah met Ruby of Sunnytown...she said she was sorry for accidentally leadin' me ta town...she said she was just curious...Ah didn't blame 'er.

She said she finally understood what her cutie mark meant, that she was good at findin' stuff, and she'd find me a way out of this mess as...as the other Sunnytown ponies...the zombies...all around...all around us...closer...closer...STAY BACK!

Big ball of light from Miss Twilight. Ruby, the zombies, the monsters, all gone. Like they'd never been there.

Twilight didn't know what happened, she only knew she didn't know what was here and it was best not to find out. We ran out of the Everfree.

Ah didn't tell 'er, Ah didn't tell anypony. They'd think Ah imagined it, or that Ah saw somethin' and just thought it was ghosts, zombies, and curses.

Ah didn't tell Applejack what my nightmares were that kept wakin' me up.

Ah tried not ta think about it.

Ah've never asked Zecora how she knew about Sunnytown, or what she knew. Ah didn't talk ta anypony.

There. Scootaloo told ya what happened on...on the day Discord turned me into...into one of them...risin' and fallin' outta the ground, grinnin' even though Ah didn't want ta ...

One part of me sayin' now Ah could be friends with Mitta and Ruby no problem, and the rest of me screamin' ...wantin' ta get away from everypony so Ah wouldn't hurt'em.


Trip to Canterlot. Look inta the truth with Applejack. Only a tiny glimpse compared ta what she got.

And Applejack, makin' me tell what happened. Applejack telln' me Ah was a brave pony. What was brave about runnin' away? But she told me that Ah could have just sat there and panicked, but Ah still had brains enough ta run. "That's a different kind of brave." She told me.

Can...can we stop now please? We can? Thank you kindly. That...that was really, really tirin'. Ah really don't like ta think about that.

One last question? Ah'd really... okay...Ah guess.


Ah made two new friends that night, and that was the only reason Ah never convinced myself it was all just my imagination.

Ah just wish Mitta and Ruby could be free of that awful place.

Can Ah, can Ah got ta bed now please? Ah...Ah got chores in the mornin' an'...thank ya kindly...just...if ya see Ruby and Mitta tell'em...tell'em that Ah'll always be their friend ...

Author's Note:

Pony POV Series Reharmonization
Pearls "Lost Episode" Applebloom
By Alex Warlorn

Lunacove suggested that for those who hadn't seen or played Story of the Blanks I should write a 'lost episode' explaining the curse and circumstances of the curse of Sunnytown and Applebloom brush with death in the Everfree.

Applebloom, "Ah've never been so scared . . . even the Cockatrice never scared me so bad . . . then at least Ah had my friends . . . Ah was all alone. How could ponies who are so nice do such horrible things?"

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE check out the ton of recursive fanfics of this fanfiction series. A lot of heart went into them! They also answer a lot of unaswered questions. http://mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart.com/ For heaven sake they rock! Kendell2 and Oracle Mask and Richforce and Ardashir and Jawmax and Persona22 and Dragon of Twilight and ItsFromPeople and all the rest!!! http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/Pony-POV-Series-Fanworks-fanmedia-By-Category-332817406

Story of the blanks by Donitz.

Cover art by Wolfy-T.

MLP:FIM Copyright Hasbro

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