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Ever since Twilight Sparkle gained her cutie mark, a particularly magical event that she still barely remembers, a small scribble has been barely visible on her fetlock. A First Words Soulmate Mark. As time marched on, those very words ever so slowly became clearer. On the eve of her big brother's wedding, they have become clear.

Tossed about in a roiling see of emotion, Twilight takes the journey home to Canterlot with her friends, debating just who this 'Princess Mi Amore Cadenza' is, as well as who her soulmate just might prove to be.

Featured within 24 hours of release. I am insanely honored. Thank you, everypony!

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That's the only chapter?

That’s it?

Her Soul mate is Chrysalis. But at that moment, she thought its Cadence. Why else she feels heartbroken? She thought she found her soul mate.. whos going to get married

Well. Now I want to see more. You have dashed my hopes thoroughly. Well-done!

Pretty nice so far. When do ou publish a sequeal?

"I know, Rarity. I know. There's not need to remind me for the fifteenth time today. It's my brother's wedding we're going to after all. I just wish I knew who this 'Princess Mi Amore Cadenza' was. I was so certain he'd told me that it was my old foalsitter who'd said his First Words."


Please make a proper story out of this.

There's another facet to consider. The mark is supposed to be the first words ever said by that person. She spoke to Cadance years ago and the mark did not trigger. So it means that not only 'Cadance' is her soulmate, but that she's also someone she never saw before and who's getting married under false pretenses. That's a lot of distressing things all at once.

Wasn't there one like this, almost EXACTLY LIKE THIS with Celestia instead of Twilight?

Welp, that's gotta be a shocker.

Needs more chapters. :3

wow man you must expand this! have a follow!


Wow... So... Umm... Gonna be horribly honest. I wrote and shared this story because it hit me as a bit of a plot bunny that I just wanted to release into the wild before it drove me mad. I really didn't expect the level of positive response it's gotten. Less than 24 hours old and it already has more likes and more unique user comments than any of my other stories with the exception of my recently canceled Per Speculum story (which is nearly 10x longer). More views than any of my stories other than the previously mentioned story or my first ever one-shot.

As such, I'm gonna go ahead and effectively green-light the intended sequel. It'll pick up right where this story leaves off, but the plan is for it to be on the order of 19,000 words. The plan is to write a minimum of 1,000 words a night for the story. Given the length and goals, it is my hope to have the story up on site by the first of August, but I don't want to say that with any more certainty than a massive if.


Maybe? Soulmark AU is fairly common, I think. Wouldn't surprise me if there was Celestia/Chrysalis, Cadance/Chrysalis, and Shining Armor/Chrysalis variants. Hopefully there's a bit of a twist in this story to make it unique.


Lovely spot on that one, I must say Sparktail. Though Velvet-Fresh is mostly right about the most immediate points to Twilight's thought process, you're not wrong about where it's going to go... It won't be long before Twilight starts to realize that either this 'Cadance' or her old foalsitter is an impostor.


As such, I'm gonna go ahead and effectively green-light the intended sequel.

Aaaaand... **click**... Followed!

HOW?! My word... I never... I mean... Thank you! Thank you all! I REALLY was not expecting this kind of reaction to this story.

This looked promising but it feels like incomplete. Will there be more?


Given the support this story had, I've already begun writing a follow-up sequel. If all goes well, I hope to have it published by the first of August.

real question is, would twilight realize this at the time?

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