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Gleaming Shield has many suitors, when she became Captain of the Royal guard she quickly become the affection of many a different noble, guardsman and commoner alike for her renowned beauty. Her recent suitor, Prince Bolero, is determined to win her heart.

But, he might have some competition…

The King of the Changelings, King Metamorphosis, is residing in Canterlot for peace talks with Prince Solaris and has become smitten with the young mare the moment he laid his eyes on her, now, these two are determined to win Gleaming Shields heart and ask her to the Grand Galloping Gala.

But who will win the fair maidens heart?

A silly rule 63 Gleaming Shield, King Metamorphosis and Prince Bolero story. Cover art by the fantastic Ss2sonic.

Inspired by the cover art and a ATLA cartoon short. Thanks to RainbowBob and bocaj518 for their help!

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Vexy #1 · Jul 22nd, 2013 · · 2 ·


nice job. have a mustache. :moustache:

Mmmmm. I would shine her shield if you know what I mean wink wink.

Oh you. :trollestia:

"Poppycock" o you Brits and your funny words:trollestia:

Oh my Grodd, that was a great ending.

89rbswogp9oipw^0sgjdso -=ÂISGPDP¸SDX^CV


Well, this I gotta see. Will Shield's LBBFF Dusk be making an appearance?

I agree with Bolero. Did not see that coming.

lol, i pity the stallion who was born pink

Did not see that coming....i hoped for Metamorphosis to won

WHAT DA BUCK! :flutterrage: *flips table*

Mah niggar

2918615 i wonder why that is, hmm:duck:

I had a feeling it would end like that, but I love who she ended up with though that was inspired.

2918222 then you need read more fics. I saw that coming long since before she ate breakfast.

2919106 'Tis a mystery, indeed

I can't fucking take R63 Cadence seriously. I just can't.
Dat Gleaming Shield tho... :heart:

The moment I saw that it based off the Avatar Shipping Short, I knew it was going be good. I'm surprised Metamorphosis didn't declare to her the old Zuko line; "MY HEART BURNS FOR YOU!!!!!! :trollestia:" Or Bolero didn't go to Celestia for Aang's little 'therapy session'.

Aside from that it was good. Apart from a few grammatical errors, it was a good read from start to finish.

Hehe, glad you got the idea from what inspired me to do it, and I was so tempted to include that line somewhere but I couldn't rally figure out how I could. :rainbowwild:

2919312 I suppose it would have been a hard line to get in somewhere without making him come off as well...completely bonkers. :twilightsheepish:

They both looked to see Bolero storming over to them, red in the fce and fuming.

Bolero! You're doing it wrong!

*looks at young mare, stares* I have come to a conclusion. 11/10 would tap dat shit. Dat's some nice a** shit.

how they would feel when she told them about... it

i immediately stopped reading and went to the end

.............................I FUCKING SAW THAT COMING:pinkiegasp:


Comment posted by Messiah Complex deleted Jul 23rd, 2013

Sir....I saw what you did there

Well played.:eeyup:

Could you blame me? :moustache:

A Rule 63 version of the what could have happened at the canterlot wedding. interesting. changeling and alicorn fighting over a mare. :moustache::trollestia:
could have been if not for the bizarre ending. maybe a spinoff would be possible.

The best irony a story can have! Rating::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Reads through and nears the end... "Okay, okay... Progressing. Wait... Shield isn't? No... WHAT THE FU*BOOOOOOOM*"

That was bloody brilliant.

And that END! Haha! Perfect!

Nicely done, man.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Before reading: Kick his ass Metamorphosis you got this!
After reading: I'VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED!!!



Wow...just wow...the ending...


I don't know what to say.....

A fun little story, but it could use a little work.
In spots.
Still funny, though.

So, back when Gleaming said about it I predicted she was a lesbian. I was right. :pinkiehappy: Didn't expect rule 63 Big Mac, but I did predict her being a lesbian, I love that. Big Mac, getting all the mares, even when also being a mare. :eeyup:

Since that day, he had tried his best to leave her subtle hints about how he felt about her without trying too much to force his feeling son to her by leaving her gifts ,

feelings on?

Big Mac gets all the bitches. Even when he's a mare.

You've got to admit, being pink isn't exactly threatening. And the ending! Even I didn't expect it! But seriously, Metamorphosis was being serious, when he called Bolero pink. You just can't be serious, or taken seriously when you're pink.

Oh, and here:

maybe take a train down to Ponyville to visit her brother and his friend.s

This made my day. And that ending was freaking hilarious!!!

-R33 ponies


-not clop

I am so confused right now. Good fic though.

Why is shining shipped with Big Mac

That's just wrong

Congrats on the Featured box:moustache:

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