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This story is a sequel to Awaiting her Title

Ever since Twilight Sparkle gained her cutie mark, a particularly magical event that she still barely remembers, a small scribble has been barely visible on her fetlock. A First Words Soulmate Mark. As time marched on, those very words ever so slowly became clearer. It is on the eve of her big brother's wedding that she hears those words spoken... by his fiance.

But that should be impossible, right? His fiance was her childhood foalsitter, wasn't she? Twilight has clear memories of their time together. Plus, wasn't Cadance already her brother's soulmate? She'd never heard of one pony having multiple soulmates before. On top of all that, the first words she had heard from Cadance absolutely weren't a coldly delivered "Hope I'm not interrupting anything important." This needs to be investigated...

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Comments ( 6 )

This also got featured!

Missed seeing that myself (think the new chapter of How Death Lived knocked this story out of the feature box), but maybe next week's chapter will get me back up there.

Interesting premise! But may I ask why the chapters are posted as their own stories instead of chapters in just one?

An absolutely fair question, and a case that will not be continued further. The next chapter, and all future chapters up to at least the aftermath of the wedding proper, will all be here in Seeking her Crown. Awaiting her Title was really designed as a stand-alone, experimental piece. While, yes, there is more story to tell (hence this sequel), it was my intention that it be able to be viewed as it's own piece. Furthermore, it also was designed with an attempt at a recursive writing style. The chapter title is referenced by implication in the first line of the story while then being referenced explicitly by the last line of the story. To continue the story directly, I felt, would ruin these aspects of Awaiting her Title.

I wonder what will happen differently in this.

Honestly, if I wasn’t so locked-in on TwiLuna, I’d probably ship her with Chrysalis.

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