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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!


AKA Chrysalis vs The Rolled-up Newspaper of Harmony

AKA How To Unalone Yourself At Hearth’s Warming

Chrysalis has been inexplicably spared the wrath of Discord and the Princesses, although frankly, she'd really rather have preferred the stone! Now burdened with an awful, dreadful, wicked curse that... gah, fills her with love and joy any time she tries to think a vengeful thought! And worse! Now she's been roped into pretending to be Applejack of all ponies on some errand to the middle of nowhere with a filly named Diamond Tiara and some lovely wretched mare named Cherry Jubilee.

Not that she'll fail at all in this. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Plus, it beats getting lost in the woods in winter.

Written for Camaleao for Jinglemas 2023!

Co-written with SoloBrony. Thanks for helping me out, man.

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This was absurd! Obscene! She was Chrysalis the Unbroken! Last of the true changelings! CONQUERER OF THE SUN HERSELF, AND SHE WOULD FIND WHATEVER PATHETIC GOD HAD CONSTRUCTED THIS FARCE AND WRING THEIR N–

I missed a dash error! I'm so sorry!


this was pretty delightful! Something about you writing changelings is just really fun--this and the Old Lady just made me grin the whole time. Though maybe that's more that you know how to draw a funny story out in that kinda half-chuckling-at-your-own-story way that is warm and inviting. Thanks for the story, friend

I'm always down for a little villainous righteous smiting. Especially if Gladmane's involved. F:yay: that guy.

This was ridiculously amazing.10/10 Best Applejack!

Chryssie drunk on love and forced on an adventure while being constantly hit on the head with the Hammer of Love? This can only end brilliantly.

I wasn't expecting Cherry to be unsubtly flirting with Chrysalis the whole time, but damn if it wasn't funny seeing the former queen be so oblivious to it.

For all your panicking, this was exquisitely woven together. Solo had been feeding me tidbits on Discord, but seeing the full thing was quite the experience in its own right. Thank you for a fantastic journey of misunderstandings, moderated malice, and magical blunt force trauma. Merry Jinglemas.

Wait wait wait. Is Miss Jubilee cheating on Applejack with Applejack?

Well done! Everyone's voices are completely on-point, which is especially important when you've got a character in disguise who keeps flubbing her lines. The narration does a great job of reflecting Chrysalis's every thought while also giving a lot of hint-hint nudge-nudge to the reader, like the hilarious bit where Chrysalis-Applejack obviously has changeling ears and we know it but Chrysalis doesn't. Plus it's great to see all her internal rationalizations and such. And pairing Cherry and Chrysalis like that was completely unexpected, but it worked really well! =)

The idea is that Cherry and AJ had a fling once, and Cherry wanted to rekindle it, no committed relationship. If you rewatch Last Roundup, Cherry's lines and behavior towards AJ can be read in a hilariously suggestive way.

Chrysalis as hilariously bad mistress of disguise is always tops.

More than spared her! There was a fake statue in her place, and she'd been thrown clear of that whole mess! It was utterly perfect! All of her enemies thought she was dead, and she was free to... free to, um, live. Live in peace. And not harm a soul.

Wait, if she has a fake statue in her place and was dumped in the middle of who knows where, then is there a chance that something similar happened to the other two?

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