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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!


Twilight's plan was perfect. Sunset just needed something to make her feel special - and it worked! What happened was wonderful. Magical, even.

... but then why did Sunset look at her like that the next morning?

Special thanks to Zaridan and JWolfSilver for helping with some editing and prereading. Thanks to Wanderer D, Cynewulf, and Skeeter The Lurker for prereading as well. Final thanks to SoloBrony for giving me the idea long ago, even if it took me a while to figure out how to use it.

A sort of spiritual sister story, but in not in any way related continuity wise, to So You've Just Slept With Your Best Friend. If you're curious for more details, check here.

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“Spike…” she muttered. “Tell Celestia to turn off the sun.”

This cracked me up :rainbowlaugh:

No! Tell Celestia! And Cadence! It'll be hilarious!

They really need to stop bumping into each other like that!

If you know what I mean. :pinkiecrazy:

LMFAO Gets me every time!

Man Twi... you’re lucky Sunset gave you a chance to explain, you REALLY put your foot in your mouth there.

But it ended well :)

By all rights Principal Celestia should storm through the portal at some point and drop kick Starswirl. Not the main point of the story but it occurred to me when they were discussing magical blame.

Good job!

“Did I really pony up when I…?”


In any case, wonderful bit of fluff with some good substance to it. I especially appreciated Twilight pointing out that Sunset doesn't have a monopoly on bringing magic to the human world, no matter what she may claim. I may still prefer shipping Sunbutt Jr. with the other Purplesmart, hut this was still a great read. Thank you for it.

All dat innuendo.

I loved it. Happy to help out, my dude!

~Skeeter The Lurker

No need to tell Cadence. She'll be waiting on the other side of the Mirror when Twilight returns.

"Dish, girl. Now. I felt that from across a dimension or two."


I wanna see a sequel to this so badly

This was wonderful. I love both versions.

In a crystal palace somewhere in the frozen North, Cadence stiffened. She lifted her muzzle from her husband ruff, her eyes fixed on the horizon as she stared at something no one else could see. A small, manic smile fixed itself on her face.
"Cady? What's goin-" Shining cut himself off as he rolled over and caught sight of her expression. "Oh no."
"My shipping senses are tingling!!!" With that, Cadence was out of bed and on her way, tracking down the newfound love like a bloodhound.
Shining picked himself up off the ground and, with a flash of magic, he remade the bed. He glanced at the still-swinging door, and with a fond smile, rolled his eyes. "Here we go again."

Not enough pain, but I guess that's just my preference.

Not bad. I have nothing much to say except that I think this could have used a better title. The one you went with makes it sound like a comedy and doesn't quite match the tone of the actual story. Minor thing, but still.


I debated with how much I wanted to present it as a comedy; there are a lot of comedic bits in it, especially at the beginning and end, because, well, I always write stories that blend harder emotions with comedy because that's just how life is and it's where I feel the most comfortable as a writer. Plus, the funny bits of this story seem to stand out to a lot of the people who read it.

That said, the title was mostly a legacy thing given this story's history as a concept. *shrug*

Glad you enjoyed it otherwise, though.

To everyone who helped to create this : thank you so much for making such a great story. 💛❤️💜

Just want to have your opinion on a sentence :

“Sunset, in a matter of six seconds you went from being unable to even pretend to physically hurt someone to get what you wanted most in the world, to trying to kill people and the only thing that changed was trying to put on that crown. Does that seem like a realistic mood switch to you?!” Twilight threw out her arm to punctuate her statement and Sunset took a step back, her mouth working silently.

I think I got it that it's referring to EqG 1, but maybe you could explain how you wanted to write this and how you see it?



Sunset sees herself as having been responsible for her behavior while wearing the crown (i.e., that on some level, she wanted to enslave and murder people)
Everyone else sees her as responsible, blames her, and for an entire movie, never lets her forget.
Before she put on the crown she: refused to even hold Spike hostage, even as a bluff
Before she put on the crown she: refused to carry through with her much less severe threat of smashing the portal

Her actions after the crown don't line up with what came after. They aren't the same kind of choices the same kind of person could make, not without some radically altered circumstance. Before she showed restraint, mercy, and a sense of honor. After - fireballs and mind rape.

Twilight is pointing that out to refute Sunset's position that she deserves to be treated poorly because the easiest inference based on all of that data is that Sunset was in an extreme altered mental state or even possessed and therefore not culpable and therefore she should stop beating herself up over it and letting other people beat her up over it.

Hope that clears that up, and thank you for the praise and I will be sure to pass it along to everyone.

Also, make sure to thank SoloBrony for that one - this was originally his observation.

That sentence you honed in on was actually something I pointed out to Nyronus during an angry rant about people's misunderstanding of EQG 1, and kinda forms the basis of the fic, so I'm amused you focused on it.

Glad you enjoyed the end product. ^.^

It really helped.
Thanks a lot for the explanation ;)

You're welcome ^^, but it is you who has to be thanked for your work and help.

Honestly, it felt like when I was reading it, you pushed everything a bit further then normal T rated stories, while still keeping it T and not M

But, "was trying to put on that crown"?
She didn't try, but just, did?
Or you meant try by "using the crown thinking she would be worthy of it/could use it's magic"?

I'm not that good with English that's why I don't understand the meaning of some sentences. ^^"

For example, I didn't understand before why them is used sometimes for one person.


I find that serious stories usually benefit from a bit of comedy, and likewise comedic ones benefit from serious moments.


In a very broad sense of putting on the crown to gain it's power like she wanted, she tried and something very obviously went wrong.

Cassandra knows that feel of accidentally seducing a friend.

“Yeah, because I turned into a raging she-demon!”

Hey, raging she-demons have needs to get laid, too! :rainbowwild:

“Plus, they wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Starswirl.” She huffed. “Honestly, after the Memory Stone thing I’ve been meaning to ask him about the habit he and his students had of dumping dangerous magical threats in other dimensions.”

Yes, that was a rather shortsighted solution. Great and wise Wizard, my rump :facehoof:

“What are we going to tell Celestia?”

Pssssh. She's been alive for literal millennia. I doubt there's much she hasn't seen yet :rainbowwild:

Remarks and corrections:
> crawling out of that crator
> “I think it’s ‘yes.’” She whispered into Sunset’s ear.
Should have a comma instead of a period at the end of the quoted part, and no capital letter on the "she whispered".
> “Yeah, I got that.” Sunset chuckled.
if this is meant as "s/he said" construction too... unless your name is Goofy, "chuckling" is not a 'speaking' verb, so you can't use it for that. Personally I'd put the "Sunset chuckled." before the spoken part.

Author Interviewer

I'm actually kind of sad the ship stuck in the end. :O But you're right, that three years of writing, character and life experience really shows through in the comparison to the previous story. :D

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