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It’s Fall Formal again, the last one they will have before they graduate. But even after almost three years and saving the world, Sunset’s still haunted by bad memories and pain that date brings to her... But this year, something changed. Because that certain girl’s there, and she doesn't has a pair yet. Maybe Sunset just needed someone to ease her pain. And that dork was there for her.

Special (kinda late) Fanfic for Valentine's Day! Happy Hearts and Hooves Day guys! Spread the love :heart:
Collab with my senpai and edited by Exterminate Regenerate, thanks lovelies! Love ya two!
Inspired by the art of twispicalstephen
Now on Ao3: Gimme some kudos?
Featured as of 02/16/16! Thank you all, lovelies!

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Clever on the title, and the chapter name as well. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: Also that happens to be one of my favorite songs. :raritywink:

A series which is about living rocks that go on adventures and shit…

Doth thou speakth of Fraggle Rock?

what kind of clothing is a smoking

also why was spike not speaking when he gained the power to talk in the movie

over all thoe it was a good story thoe the dialog was abit stilited

This is brilliantly written, interested me a lot by the title, and ended up being amazing. I have clearly enjoyed this. It had it's funny moments and its super cute moments.:yay:


Haven't read the story yet (it's on my RiL right now), but "smoking" is the French term for tuxedo. With all the French words English loans, that might've been what the author was going for.

Collab with my senpai

Are you expecting me to notice you, or something? :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

And holy shit! Both my story and our collab got on the non-mature featured list! :yay:

6941423 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Bassie=Senpai now, apparently. :rainbowlaugh:

6942311 Thanks so much! :pinkiehappy: Both of us worked really hard on this. Though, most of the credit really should go to Cam. It was her brain child, after all. I just added stuff. :rainbowwild: She's way too nice, giving me half credit. Lol. :twilightsheepish:

6941403 Actually, nope, it's Steven Universe! I forgot to mean they're GAY ROCKS :trollestia:

6942851 Bitch, don't say you didn't added your magic here, you did. Now it's 20% cooler :heart: DUDE, IT GOT FEATURED. GIVE ME A HUG. :raritystarry:

6942366 6942031 That's right! 'Smoking' is a fancy way for 'tuxedo', but I'll change it, sorry. I'm very used to say 'smoking' because Brazilian people say this way too. :twilightblush: I'm happy you enjoyed!

6942311 Awww, thank you! :heart: We, as Bassie said, worked hard on this, I spended a entire afternoon with him editing it and adding stuff :derpytongue2: It was all worth and I'm so happy with this fanfic :rainbowkiss:


I'm embarrassed to admit that half the reason I know this isn't because I'm a French student, but because Tuxedo Mask of Sailor Moon had an attack with "la smoking" in it in the manga. :twilightblush:

6943279 This is very accurate. It's you and then I jump on you, 'cause, u know, my avatar :rainbowlaugh:

6943283 That's why I chose it over the other one. :raritywink:
It's... strangely, almost exactly how I wrote the hug Pinkie gave Sunset... Huh... I guess I do write her really well. Holy shit. :rainbowlaugh:

She Took My Hand and Said...


I'm sorry but I just had to...


I can finally ship SunLight and TwiDash! Yes! Thank you SciTwi!

Oh... and thank you 6943503 and Senpai! This was amazing. :twilightsmile:

I kind of want to see that real date, though. :rainbowkiss:

Now this was just a piece of art as fanfics go, liked and faved. :twilightsmile:

*See potential masterpiece*

Huh. Alright then.

*Read description*


*Reads comments*

So... I'm the only one who's gonna say it? Is there no one else? No one? Alright. Well, I haven't read the story yet (I fully intend to), but you may want to clear something up.

Unless canon has completely changed between the first EqG movie and The Friendship Games, there's no way either of our heroines could attend another fall formal. They're all in their senior year during the first movie. Or maybe Hasbro pulled a fast one, and I just made a complete ass out of myself for nothing. Again.


6945695 Hasbro was probably pulling a fast one. Why? Well, it's pretty clear that Friendship Games happens like... two years and a half after the first one? Shouldn't they already go to the college? (which makes me wonder what they will do after EQG 4 coming this year, I mean... they have to get out of high school, right? :p)

6944246 :yay: I ship them both and Twixie... I guess I just like Twilight ships. :rainbowlaugh:

6945695 Hasbro gives zero shits about how time passes, it seems. :rainbowlaugh:

High school has become college? Maybe?

All I can say is.... MORE! Please for the love of Luna, MORE!

6946940 I'm happy you enjoy it! BUT, I'm sorry, I don't plan on doing more with this story. But I probably will have another Sunlight works coming off by the rest of the year! :twilightsmile:

transformed the entire student body into an army of zombie slaves with the intent to kill Celestia

Everything else aside, I still have a few issues with the idea of a hundred shambling high school students fighting an immortal demigoddess who controls the sun. :trollestia:

she only addressed her problem with some sort of cut-and-paste answer about facing your fears.

"Fluttershy. Sunset Shimmer. You must overcome your fears. :twilightsmile: "

Sunset had a specific cussion on her couch, one she felt was the most comfortable, and she claimed it as her own.

You see, in the winter it is close enough to the radiator to remain warm, and yet not so close as to cause perspiration. :trollestia:

I'm actually reading one of your stories right now...

Anyway, I also ship most TwiShips. Except with any male characters.
"Why? :rainbowhuh:" You might say.
"Pfft, I don't know! :rainbowlaugh:" I'd respond.

Except for FlashLight, I have a REASON to not ship that.

6947989 Lol. I'm aware. You're also reading a comment (this one) on a story I collaborated on. :raritywink:

...Brad is a tool, and he needs to be eradicated from existence. :twilightangry2:

6947922 Yeah, it wasn't a well thought-out plan on her part. Lol. I wrote a very long blog post almost two years ago about how ridiculous it was and the futility of the royal guard.

Yes, I know you collab'd on this, you being senpai and all. I was mostly talking about Let Sun Shine, but you must already know that. :twilightblush:

Also... shall I ready the Braderadicatorinator? I designed it myself! :rainbowdetermined2:
It may or may not rip a hole in space time...

6948255 Heh. Yeah... :twilightblush:

Critical failure. Such a device should clearly be known as the Braderadicatorinator!

...That's totally what I already put...


The thing about the Zombie Teenagers: Wouldn't they turn into full grown ponies? Seeing as Twilight is fully grown, and she turns into a teen? So it would be an actual army, technically. Full of Unicorns and stuff. Plus, since they were under Sunsets spell, they'd know how to use extra pony parts, and probably all have extra-ly charged horns/wings?

6948290 See the thing about that it... they're still just ponies... against at least 3 other alicorns, a draconequus and 3 other armies, not to mention the militias every day ponies would clearly facilitate. They may be unified under Sunset's spell, and therefore not need training of any sort, but Sunset herself has no military background or knowledge with which to properly command an army. Both Luna and Celestia are experienced tacticians, and they're no strangers to war. Sunset would have been snubbed out quickly and efficiently. The fact that she didn't factor in these key elements is a prime example of her inexperience.

Ah, yeah. Why didn't I look at that? :derpytongue2:

It would at least last a day before Sunset was defeated. Sadly, I think that would have been a lot more interesting that EQG1, 2, and 3 combined.

Brace yourselves. Sunset is coming.
No, that was not meant to sound wrong, and I shun everyone who takes it that way.

6948384 I'm a bit of a tactical savant. :raritywink: Had I been in her shoes, I would have lasted much longer, even if I didn't win. I mean, sure. You turned into a demon at school. Why waste your time turning the student body into zombies when there are entire militaries with advanced weaponry to take control of? Why focus so much on making others miserable when you could be studying The Art of War? Her plan was half-baked at best, especially for one 4 years in the making. (At least...)

6948384 My only real point here is that she's a much better hero than she ever was a villain. :twilightsheepish:

Heyo! I hate to be that person, but you should ask the artist before you use their art as cover art! I'm sure if you send them an ask on tumblr, you'll get an answer pretty quickly! Otherwise just putting credit sometimes isn't enough :')

6971863 Just so you know, I DID send them a message. I actually talk to them often :ajbemused:

Not trying to hate! Just being safe rather than sorry, is all!

6943204 wow, you make me so immersed into this story, i wish that you could make the continuation of what happen after they graduate, how is the main 6, or between sunset shimmer and twilight sparkle from the human world. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

6982966 Oh, this makes me very happy :pinkiesad2: Anyways, I'll do a sequel! Me and Bassie have a idea for their actual date! Set on December, two months after this. :twilightsmile: I hope you will like it too, we may work on it until July (I'm busy with work, SU fanfics and doing other one shots right now :twilightblush:) :scootangel:

well, i'm glad to hear that, but don't make this sequel a great burden, just take it easy, do what's important at the moment :pinkiehappy:

Wow this was a really good story.

7038261 I'm happy you like it :raritywink:

Spitfire would have called it ‘a new academy record!’


seriously? lol.

7069904 Old memes are the best, my friend.

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