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That's my Entry for the EQD Summer Fanfic Contest 2014

Jango is a Timberwolf who lives in Everfree Forest and finds a little and abandoned filly through the woods. Overcoming all the bad thoughts, Jango decides to take care of the filly and raise her as his own cub. Jango did not expect that taking care of a pony was so exhausting, but fun at the same time.

That's Minka: Minka, the Filly - Minka, the Mare
Edited by Derpy-Defence-Force, thanks guy!
Art by Inuhoshi-to-Darkpen on dA, take with her permission.

Featured on The Popular Stories List - 07/26/14 to 07/28/14! - Thank you all!

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4755512 Good to see that! Thanks for the comment, hope you see my next Fanfics and enjoy then! :twilightsmile:

This was me at the start of the story. :twilightsmile: Here I am now. :raritycry: Bravo, you magnificent (enter expletive)! Bravo! Yu can't hear, but I am giving you a standing ovation! Take a bow, you deserve it!

4755701 Thank you so much, this means a lot for me. I really tried my best on this, and I'm happy to see that you liked! Hope you see other of my stories!

This was beautifully written and overall a very nice short story! Great job!

4756155 Thank you, I tried my best! Hope you like my next!

...these aren't tears...i just...have something in my eye....thats all.......

Love the story by the way

Too long for Short Stories. I've removed it.

Time to cry tears of liquid pride! Bravo to all who worked on this! :twilightsmile:

4756525 Thanks my friend, I have to thank sooo much Derpy D. F. and my girlfriend for the help!

4756603 You're welcome, I told you that I would comment. :twilightsmile:

4756626 Just submitted my story, now I'm waiting for it to be approved.

4756636 I will read! Best lucks to you!

4756659 Best of luck to you too! :twilightsmile: You can message me now if you want.

*sniffle* that ending....:fluttercry:

:fluttershbad::fluttershbad: My god that's sad!!! JANGO!!!!!:raritycry:

It was a good story and all but Jango's death is rushed for me, have a pinkamena:pinkiecrazy:use it wisely

The sudden death is something that is frowned upon in literature. People like drawn out deaths that are extravagant and epic, but I like the sudden deaths because they're more real. They happen more often, they are often more scarring and painful. No one gets to say goodbye, make amends or have a last word.

They leave deep wounds, people blame themselves for not telling them something or not doing this. Always never getting to say goodbye or being sad over the last thing said. Never expecting the pain and shock completely, always wondering about their last moments.

Thanks for writing and good luck.

4758440 Is more like this: :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

4757113 Haha, thanks and sorry if I make some tears (or liquid pride)

4758871 Thank you. That's was the thing I through when a write this. Deaths are not Epic, things like these happen suddenly, and we can do nothing (I know the fell, my dad died in the last year...). Thanks for the comment!

4757358 I think everypony needs more Jango and Minka! Thanks for the comment!

Hm... now I'd like a sequel with Minka's 'Reintegration' into Equestrian society. Or at least see just how much hell she causes them for killing Jango.

4759457 Oh... I can do it, on a future... It will be... Great! You guy, great ideia. I will use in the future! Thanks for the comment and I hope you like my next! Have a Minka:


Please give the ponies hell in the sequel :raritydespair:

4759541 Pinkie will do it, for everypony!

4758418 Sorry, but deaths happen suddenly... Well, at least you like. Thanks for the comment!

4759802 the story is good though don't get me wrong, in fact have 2 rainbow dash licks :rainbowwild::rainbowwild: use them wisely spectrum shine.


please make a sequeljavascript:smilie(':fluttershysad:');

4761135 Thank you for the comment. I will post a blog about that, just wait a second...

Are you going to write a story on how Minka still lives her life. Still living within the Everfree? That'll be a good story... maybe this part in her life makes her fall into a deep depression. And maybe she finds a Timberpup and raises him.

But evidently by the show the timberwolves can reform
You could of had more room for drama if you made him speak to them first then they attack with fire
But good story non the less

4761989 I will do one. Not now, but in the future. I have some projects now, and I will do a Collab. But I wait to see you in the sequel! The life for Minka will be hard after this. :fluttershyouch: Thanks for comment!

4763808 I know this happen. How you say, on the show. I changed things (Timberwolf talking, etc), is not a AU, just some changes. :ajsmug: Anyway, thanks for comment. :raritywink:

Great story, not as heart wrenching as A Wooden Heart but I will admit there were a few tears of liquid pride at the end.

4764783 I don't read A Wooden Heart, but is good to see that my Sad is now better than in Immutable. Thanks for the comment, I hope you see the sequel. :raritywink:

4764178 And just thinking, maybe she can interact with the main six. But I shall wait paciently until the sequal comes out... and maybe check some of your other fic's as well. :pinkiehappy:

4765820 Good to see that, thanks!

oh i lovethis story are u going to cotuen u into another story i like to see how minka fairs after the loss. :twilightsmile:

4773015 I think so, just wait till november! :raritywink:

I'll admit, I had reservations about a timberwolf written with a higher sapience. Given all we've seen of them is animal instinct, to have them talking and reasoning felt a bit out of place. But I'd say Jango won me over as a character. If I had to say why, I think it'd be the emotions. He loves, he laughs, he has hopes and fears. It really gave a good understanding of him. Not my personal headcanon for wooden puppies, but it works very well.

No complaints about the story structure. It's got a good sense of direction and doesn't flounder around. The pacing stays steady, and I enjoyed it through to the end. I'd actually really like to see this used as a springboard for more, since Minka's fate was left open.

A well deserved thumbs-up.


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