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What would be of a slumber party without talking about your crushes? Diamond and Silver are having one. Diamond find out who’s that special pony for Silver. And then things go weird really fast.

Cute cover art by the amazing fauxsquared (the Trixie master)
A gift for the only and one, VitalSpark!
Edited by the awesome Exterminate Regenerate!

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A TiaraSpoon Romance fic? Instant fav!!! :3

Has been a while since i read one uwu

I haven't read it yet, but instant favourite!

EDIT: I have read it now, and I love it so much! A million thank yous!

Wanderer D

This was cute and a very considerate gift, but you could have used an editor (I know it was a gift for your regular one)... also it was pretty rushed.

Pacing it a little better and managing those tenses could make this little present a really nice SoL/Romance.

Other than that it's good to see a little love going to those two.

Well, there is no way that title is going to be misconstrued...

5835955 Exactly what I was thinking of.

Comment posted by Exterminate Regenerate deleted Dec 28th, 2015

faving because SilverTiara is my OTP and there is a good concept here. It just needs a proof reader.

but the last part got so weird I couldnt tell what Silver was talking about.:twilightoops:

Silver stared at her hooves for a long time. She bit her lips, “That was awkward,” she stopped to adjust her glasses, “I like it. I like her. She likes me. We love this.” Silver smiled.

Finally after that night she would throw away her perfect copy of Diamond Tiara. She wouldn’t need it for anything else. Maybe.

Forget the fact that she's talking out loud as if Diamond isnt present. "I like it. I like HER. SHE likes me." she sounds like she is talking to Diamond about somepony eles HER and SHE should have been YOU and "you like me.":facehoof:

but then out of no where "WE love this." whose WE? :unsuresweetie:

and what the F(yay) do you mean by "Her perfect copy of Diamond Tiara"?:rainbowderp:

I will always love all nerd, geeks, and especially innocents. They are the definition of adorable.

5835955 Beautiful. Especially when Nostalgia Chick started crying.

Comment posted by Exterminate Regenerate deleted Dec 28th, 2015

Short, but cute ^u^

This is so Miss Spectrum can cross something off her todo list…

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Apr 24th, 2016

5845626 Vital I just... I just printed that and put in my bedroom :rainbowlaugh: You're so amazing :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss: And awesome! (Miss Spectrum-ery is the best thing ever)

5847858 I must admit I used this certificate generator thing as the base (though I made a few edits to it).

I came here drawn by the allure of SilverTiara, and I wasn't disappointed. Short, but adorable, and you didn't need to force any extreme situations to make this work. Just two characters being their best, and I absolutely love it.

But this:

“I like it. I like her. She likes me. We love this.” Silver smiled.

Take it out. Too :yay:ing cute.:pinkiehappy:

A very cute little story, you have a way with words to be sure

5847858 I wish I could see it on your wall for some reason.

Cute!!!! I love it when writers write these two as a couple because people don't notice how there can be young lesbians. :heart:

We need more fan fics where these two are together. :heart:

u have 2 make sequal:pinkiehappy::flutterrage:

7021219 Oh, I don't plan on this... :ajsleepy: STILL, you can enjoy my other stories, try checking on Inner Demons or She Took My Hand and Said, they're my faves :yay: But I'm happy you enjoyed!

I wanted Pinkie to show up out of nowhere... Diamond didn't exactly break her promise, but maybe that smirk could have warranted a warning? Pinkie Promises are not to be taken lightly, after all...

Yes it is good

Also silver and scootaloo is good

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