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Fuck. Known one day as 'Mistress Spectrum'.


Octavia is stressed, her day was not exactly the best. She just needed to lie down and have some snuggles while somepony to hear her. Good thing Vinyl was there.

Octascratch cuteness 'cause I wanted and because it's simply cute (duh). And ya' know you love it!
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Just one question. Car?

Nice final touch :heart:

My cuddles meter is off the charts!:rainbowkiss:

And all that comforting done without any words from Vinyl until the end. Adorable... :twilightsmile:

Octy and Vinyl were my first favorite ponies when I got into this fandom!
They still are two of my favorites and always will be!
This little story is just to... cute for words!!

This was a wonderfully cuddly story.:twilightsheepish:

Also, Vinyl and Tavi have a dog named Wub Wub...
That made my day.:rainbowlaugh:

Well done. Cute, sweet, and to the point.

This story was cute. And I know the feeling of not being accepted by my girlfriend's parent. Sheesh...

UUuuggghhh!! Navi!!!

*pouts* I'm not an idiot.

Great story, as always.
That part with the couch, reminds me at my own life sometimes :rainbowlaugh:

5828770 Hehe, this was inspired by a story where Vinyl finds a changeling and pets him. Wub Wub is also on Inner Demons (my other fanfic)

5830044 Mine too. And I'm glad you like it!

5830024 God, me too. This was actually inspired by this one part of my life, my girlfriend's mom just don't like me.

5823194 I'm glad you like it!


For me, it was my girlfriend's dad. Sheesh! He told me to relax, so I relaxed, and so he called me disrespectful. I'm like, "Make up your mind, dude! >:I" Ugh...


UUuuggghhh!! Navi!!!


*Shoves you playfully with a giggle.*

Octascratch cuteness 'cause I wanted and because it's simply cute (duh). And ya' know you love it!

Well, he's got me there.


*pouts* I'm not an idiot.

Octavia calling Vinyl an idiot is a recurring theme in Miss Spectrum's stories. But although Vinyl gets called an idiot, she isn't really portrayed as one. It's more of a pet name.


I know that. Hearing that word minimum every second day from Tavi

I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of reading the story as my first attempt at a fanfic reading. I didn't monitize it or anything. Just read it aloud. https://youtu.be/FrRvp6khAf8 I hope I did it justice.

Really nice to read, it felt easy to just enjoy he interactions

5838827 Thank you, that's pretty awesome coming from you! :twilightsmile:
5839110 I'm happy you like it


I'm glad you liked it, so I did alright then? I did my best to make it sound clean.

You fixed the capitalization of the title. Yay! That's been bugging me for ages.

5970009 Haha, I would do it before, but I always forgot. Then yesterday I done it :twilightblush:

Despite the fact that it was playful, I don't really think the use of the word idiot, at the end, was necessary. I get that it was a joke, but she'd already called her lazy and almost ignored her, so the word idiot bothers me. I don't think this had the intended effect with me because I just kinda felt bad for Vinyl. It was cute, but it seemed like Vinyl was putting more into the relationship, but receiving little.

5970863 Yes, but Tavi is really dirty in bed, so Vinyl's prepared to put up with it.

5970863 It's just a nickname, don't need to feel like that. Octavia loves Vinyl as much as Vinyl loves her, that's just what we call a hate/love relationship. And she's just joking around. Besides, there's some fanfics that Octavia calls her so. But I'm happy you like it! :twilightsmile:

Reminds us just how important our life mates are, thank you.

5987926 One more time, thank you back, I'm happy you're enjoying my fics!

Woooo!!!! I love this! It's cool! It's awesome. So cute!!!!

6112464 I'm happy to see you like it that much! Cuteness is my work, then it's done here :3

Grabssfahddjtdzjffgyfrgd awesome

Cuuuuuuuttteeeee!!!!!!! :heart:

I read a REALLY sad fic before this, this help get that taste out of my mouth

6689393 Sometimes reading sad stuff is needed, but nothing can beat fluffness :twilightsmile:

7040433 Very good to see you here, I love your writing :twilightsmile: Mute!Vinyl is a cool concept, even if I love Vinyl being loud and saying shit. :rainbowlaugh: I also learned to enjoy Mute Vinyl :3 I'm glad you found this story that good :heart:


This story is super snuggly. Like, super. The gaiety, oh, the gaiety!

Forgive my puncraft.

7335090 I'm happy you like it, snuggly is the best kind :heart:

Sorry for not answering earlier.

I love VinylXOctavia, and I know what it feels like to have a bad day like that. Sometimes you just need to vent, even saying things you don't realize you may have been holding back.

I will also echo a comment made about the idiot remark but in a different light. It would have felt better if only said once and after an appropriately silly action by Vy. But, it's still a great story, and I loved it immensely.

This made us smile. Yes, very good.

I love how Vinyl was silent for the whole thing but said the last thing in the story. xD

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