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Inky Shades


Sunset attends the annual Sparkle holiday party and ends up under the mistletoe with a very special someone.

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This is adorable, I love it!!

This was really well done I loved every bit of it. :twilightsmile:


Thank you! :twilightsmile: Glad that you enjoyed it.


Glad to hear it!


Sci-Twi or pony Twilight?

Is THAT hard to say it in the description?

That was cute. And after your last story, its good to see one ware there together in the end.


There's no need to say it in the description though. It's made very obvious in the story which Twilight it is. Not to mention, it's evident in the cover art.

Edit: Plus the story is tagged Equestria Girls and the description mentions the Sparkle holiday party. Everything points to Sci-Twi.


I know, right? This was a nice change of pace from my previous story. I was so happy to write an actual happy Sunlight fic! Glad you enjoyed it!

7833658 https://www.fimfiction.net/story/352212/times-we-cherish

That story has the tag Eq G and the Twilight we see is the pony one...

Many stories used cover arts of opposite twilights...


I'm still not seeing the confusion. If this story had Sunset returning to Equestria, I'd have mentioned that in the description. As it stands, the description implies that Sunset is going to a party held by the Equestria Girl's version of Twilight's familiy.

Very nice! Twilight's nervous ramblings are always fun to read. Part of me wishes the story had taken a bit more time to build up to the moment, and perhaps followed after a bit more, but short and sweet is not a bad decision either.


Thank you! Twilight's nervous ramblings are great. Yeah, I can see what you mean. Originally, the story was a little longer, but I felt that the added words subtracted from the overall story. I think I'm going to need to create a few more Sunlight fics in the future. Thanks for reading!

7834398 I demand a sequel!



Glad to have your approval!


We shall see. I don't do sequels much. Though I do like to leave the door open for them just in case I feel particularly inspired and think I could do the story justice. I will say that I can pretty much guarantee that there will be more fics involving Sunlight in the future including some more holiday themed ones. However, I do appreciate the fact that you'd like a sequel!

7836676 like a sequel? Like!? No, I'd LOVE a sequel! I love Sunlight! And the fact that you just said you're gonna write more of it, well that just earned you a follow!


Admittedly, writing a cute winter date for Sunset and Twilight does feel like a good idea. I'd just have to think about a few things. We'll see what happens. I also love Sunlight! Honestly, my favorite ship. Happy to have the follow! :twilightsmile:

If you don't mind the suggestion, I do have another fic that I think you might like: It's Not Fine

7836736 oh I already did and hate you for making me cry


I am so sorry. At least, I have one happy Sunlight fic. Not sure if it completely counteracts the sad of my previous story, but it's a start!

What does Phoradendron Leucarpum mean?


It's the binomial name of a species of mistletoe that is native to the United States. That particular species of mistletoe is commonly called American mistletoe, eastern mistletoe, oak mistletoe, or hairy mistletoe.

This story...that...it's... :raritystarry:

(totally what Rarity was thinking at the end there xD)


Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

A really, really sweet SunLight story.


I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

That was ssoo cute. I am starting to like this ship; Sci-Twi and Sunset. I hope to see more of your stories in The Shipshelf; if I see more I'll certainly give 'em a read. Oh right! I give this a 4/5 anything less doesn't feel right. The characterization, the plot, the stories flow; all of these going "hand in hand" to make such a fun read. I can certainly say that I moved closer to the screen when I was in the last run of the story. Cheery-oh!


I'm glad that you enjoyed the story! Sci-Twi and Sunset is probably my favorite ship to write about. I just love how they work together. Your comment makes me happy to read. There will definitely be more ship stories from me in the future. So I'll definitely make sure that they end up in The Shipshelf. I look forward to hearing your future thoughts!

Thanks for writing it. Anyway. I have a New Londo to tackle on Dark Souls 1 on my SL1 run through, and I have no way of hurting the ghost. But back to you; write as much as you want... I'm more than likely the one to find it and read it first out of the Admins. ^^

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