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This story is a sequel to The Moon Has a Softer Light

Celestia has been many things in her life. Hero, General, Savior, Sovereign, and Teacher. There are many things she's done as the Light of Equestria, but a chance encounter has made Luna realize Celestia's subjects view her with an emotion she never thought they could.


(This story is a sequel to The Moon Has a Softer Light, although most of the relevant details are covered at the start of this story, so reading is not required.)

Prereading by Pwnego and SoloBrony.

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Just read the two stories in one go. A beautiful portrayal of Luna's, and subsequently Celestia's, characters.

This needs some editing, but it is a beautiful little snapshot.

Sweet story - added to Sad Luna :rainbowdetermined2:

"Feather Duster, I have a request for you. Can I ask you to do something nice for my sister? For the kindest, most gentle, and very lonely pony? Specifically, not for Princess Celestia, Sol Invictus, but for Celestia, the mare. Something small, coming from your heart, something nice."

Worship and terror, from an imperfect understand.


“I’m glad you’re back, Sister

needs ending punctuation and quote marks.

Just like the previous fic. This one is incomplete.

Yes, in a way both serve their end goals. Luna gives advice, and Luna talks to Tia. But the fall out of those events, and how they end are incomplete. It ends in such a way as to open up more of a story, with thoughts, feelings, and events that are built up. But given no closure. Rather each story is a separate chapter of one fic, and as one story. It'd still be incomplete, but it'd flow more smoothly. Since the end of one chapters cliff hanger would lead to the next "chapter".

It's mainly do to that lack of closure and feel of this all needing to be one fic, rather than posting each chapter as its own fic [something against fimfiction rules usually] that I'm not going to fav this or the last fic. But I will give this an upvote as I did the last fic. Since even with that lack of closure and each chapter being spread over it's own fic. It was all in all a touching bit of work with a nice bit of characterization.


As I mentioned in a blog there are plans for a third and final story which I hope will bring closure to the arc. I chose to present this "story" this way for a couple reasons. Regardless, I hope it satisfies you, and thank you for highlighting some typos my editing team missed.


You're welcome, and I look forward to the last fic. I'll keep an eye out for it :twilightsmile:.

I just love this concept! The dialog shared between the sisters was fantastic and the characterization seeming spot on to me. Great work and if a followup is coming, then I look forward to it!

This was quite a good sequel (although I found Luna's crying and being so emotional melodramatic, but that can be excused by having the ponies not be exactly human in mindset, and reacting differently from how a human would).

It took the story in a direction I didn't anticipate.

I like the story concept and the way Celestia is portrayed. 7/10.

Under the Sun's light, the world is revealed and given color. But nopony would dare to look at the face of the Sun.

Though the night hides the world in a shroud of darkness, the light of the Moon cuts through it to give shape to the unseen and light the way for those in need. Its pocked, cracked, fascinating visagecan be viewed and admired for hours without cease as it moves gently amongst the innumerable stars that surround it.


So I never replied to this comment, which is a goddamn shame, because it's fucking amazing.

Thank you.

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