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Princess Luna has finally returned, but she's finding that it took a bit longer than she first thought.

Written with AuroraDawn (love ya babe!) for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting's Duos Contest where we tied for second.

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Poor Luna :( I really wish there were more stories about the first few days/weeks after Luna's return

This story felt so very genuine. The emotions and the way the writing just flowed smoothly was something I admired about the piece when I first read it.

It was a brilliant way to convey the past, present and even future in this piece, and it is quite heartwarming, even if moments are sad, we must all bear through them to find a better future.

Good job to the both of you. *headpats*

I got one question, did Canterlot exist 1000 years ago?
I thought they used to live in the castle of the 2 sisters.
which is in everfree

We decided that Canterlot did exist back then, but that it used to be smaller, and not the capital of Equestria.

I think that that is Canon, actually.

10584558 I've got one on the burner, but it's not pretty. The cultural shock makes a wonderful sandbox to write in.

Welp. There went my heart... Thud.

Also nice to see someone else who doesn't have Luna talk that stupid way she did back in Season 2's episode right after her return. Very few do that.

The reason we didn't was because she actually doesn't talk that way with her sister.

Sad, wholesome, and so very real. There's not nearly enough good stories that address the psychological aspects of Luna's return. Have a stalker.

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