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A filly finally earns her mark.

Written for a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Contest. The prompt was "Broken Wings" and was written in an hour and 15 minutes. Cover art by Snow Quill, who is both a great artist and person in general <3.

And now with an audio reading, by the kind Nailah

This story now has a sequel, written by the wonderful Novelle Tale!

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Awesome! please continue!

A sequel is in the works, though that will be a separate story.

Wow, such a great story!

This was so sad, so brilliantly written and executed for a speedwrite. Wow!
Glad I got the honor of reading this. <3

Wow, Holt! I always thought that there was so much potential for horror and darkness when it came to cutie marks - and this is proof! Such a brilliantly written story, just the right balance of exposition to dialogue to narration. Great concept, excellent execution, and nothing short of an amazing one-shot!

Zontan #6 · May 2nd · · ·

Your story has been reviewed here

This was very interesting and quite grim. Definitely a lot that begs to be expanded upon which makes it a great candidate for the EU contest. Well done.

This has been on my to read list for a good while and I finally got to it. I can only say it was worth the wait. It's both dark and kind of hopeful, I like it. Now to read the sequel.

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