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Inspiration is a fickle thing, Rarity knows this. She’s known it her whole life, it’s part of being an artiste after all. Some days you create for hours on end, bringing to reality countless gorgeous designs and art pieces that until a few hours ago, existed only as abstract thoughts in the mind. 

Other days, you simply sit and stare, unable to conjure the slightest idea.

Rarity has been in a slump lately, she recognizes that, but how long is a ‘slump’ before it becomes a new reality?

What if she simply can’t create anymore?

Written for a Quills and Sofa’s Panic with the prompt ‘Inspiration’, presented here with some editing and expansion (technically got 3rd place in a panic with only 3 entrants lol.) Many thanks to Red and Silent for kicking my butt in the panic and for Ashley and Aurora being second round proofreaders.

Cover art by me! If you are an author and want cover art, send me a PM!

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I thought this was setting out to be a depression story. The moment of realisation really hit hard.

At least I can find solace in some SilverBelle.

Great read!

Break my heart, why don't you?

Seriously, this was beautiful and perfectly executed. You wrote Rarity so wonderfully!

Weeeeelll I did base the beginning experiences on my own depressive and ‘lack of inspiration’ moments so not a bad assumption

((And yes, SilverBelle is a good ship))

Aww thanks hun! Sorry to break your heart but also not sorry cause it’s supposed to be heart breaking muahaha :derpytongue2:

Aww this is so sad -_-

This was sad and you should feel bad.

(I kid. This was good and you should feel good)

Y'know, I remember when I participated in this panic as an audience and not an entrant. I remember provoking either you or Silent (I think it was both of you) by saying something along the lines of "Coffee is better than tea." Red then told me to stop talking and get to reading, to which I replied with something like, "Red, I'm coming for you(r entry)."

Nostalgic memories aside, this story is still as good as the first time I read it while participating in the panic. The feeling of lethargy, the seemingly unending pit of depression, and loss of direction in what you love doing is something I can relate to far too much. So thanks for writing this, Snow. It was a sorrowful yet pleasant experience reading this story once again after so many months.

Hope to see you in Quills soon.

- Sunlight Rays -

Oh, now I'm picturing Rarity how she looked in the final episode.

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