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This is fiction. But it is based...


This story is a sequel to The Flower Mare: Seele

Schneeblume Herbstlicht—Ponyville's newer Flower Mare—was a withdrawn, grizzled earth pony veteran of the The Great War. It took the determination and attentiveness of the three Crusaders over several years to help Schnee slowly find peace in her tumultuous mind, and life. But it turns out, in a manner of speaking, there is one more battle that must be concluded.

And to lay to rest some more of her demons that have haunted her healing mind, Schnee realizes she must once-more return to where her journey through Tartarus began: back home.

Two-chapter, third and final installment of 'The Flower Mare' series.
Unlike my previous stories that had sequels, this is one that I highly recommend reading the previous two prequels for better world filling.

Cover art by the wonderfully talented pridark, sourced to her DA.

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Wow. Just...that was brilliant.

the thing with her dad really hit me cause i haven't seen my dad in like 5 years coming next month im going all the way down to Florida to see him

It's a beautiful story even with it's subject matter. I greatly love reading about Schneeblume


That cover art is a 10/10.

Cuck story from a cuck writer...

Oowh.... now why'd ye have to go and stab me heart, Flammenwerfer? This be mite bit heavy on the feels, ya know? :raritydespair:

A Gif? No words? Simpletons like you should not be allowed to internet.

Keep. This. Going. It's a lovely piece of fiction, and your usually well-expressed themes. Do not stop.

Again, Schnee stories never fail to fill me with feels man. I'm excited for the next chapter.

Do you have sources for the lovely internal art?

I do! Same artist that did the cover for the previous story, and the main picture in the first of the series. Both of those are sourced to his profile and DA. These two commissions he did for me were not published on DA (yet), but it looks like I forgot to link them. Whoops!

Ah, the beginning of another well written touching story :fluttercry: Well done :twilightsmile:

I hope there will be a ship between Tea and Schnee. But maybe it's to soon for them. They deserves happines and love after everything that have happe to them. Great story.

I dearly hope you're planning a sidestory to this, either on Tea Leaf's perspective of the war or aftermath, or, the most important thing, Regenfall's life during or after the war, is she atoning for the atrocities she commited? Is she travelling around the world, or is she waiting for death to claim her?

Ask and you shall receive!

Soon :raritywink:

I've considered something once this arc was complete. Perhaps a 'memoirs' story. Not sure.

“Well… you’ve grown, matured, and healed a lot since then. Maybe it’s time?” she put forth.

Don't push it Sweetie Belle...:ajbemused:. It's up to Schneeblume whether or not she wants to reconcile with her dad. If he takes her back, than they're good, but if not...then I guess that's that:ajsleepy:.

I love this series so much, I wouldn’t mind if it went on forever. :twilightblush:

Through no easy feats with the help of the Crusaders—who had flocked to her side once the kiss had been final—she had managed to claw her way back from the depths of hell, and return not just as a wounded pony… not even just as a better and stronger pony…

...she rose up and stood proud. She stood tall and mighty as an Alemaneian veteran that was a new pony altogether.

Equidae claimed many lives, and claimed much more than many were willing to admit to anypony, but Schneeblume knew now that it did not have to claim her, or anypony who lived.

Her past defined her in many respects, but Schneeblume was no longer content in letting it control her.

In one sense, her life did end. Not during the War… but during her time in Ponyville in the company of amazing friends she felt blessed every day to have met.

And that was okay.

Because for the Flower Mare, a new life had already bloomed. A life of reflection of the realities of the past and how it affected her. A life of love from the friends she made, as well as her new husband.

And ultimately, a life of peace.

Well done Schnee...you've come a long painful way, but you did it...you've faced your inner demons and came out an even stronger mare:twilightsmile:. Props to the CMC for helping her get through it:scootangel::heart:!GO CMC::yay:!!!

One of the best series on this site. I'll probably read it again. Thank you for writing it.

But with the help of these three, beautiful, amazing young mares... they've shown me that, perhaps there is something to hope for.

GO CMC:yay:!!!

Beautiful ending...simply beautiful:heart:!

Thanks man! I really appreciate in, and thanks for sticking with the ride!

Thank you! Time to let her live her life in solace now

Eeyup, after all the Tartarus she went through, she deserves it:eeyup:.


That was beautiful. I loved these stories.

This series has been without a doubt my favorite non-comedy on the site. It was beautifully written, and Schneeblume was fun to watch as she slowly got past the war. Between this series and Anzel’s ‘Trials of a Royal Guard’, this site is blessed with two amazing War stories that are better than most real books I’ve read. Thank you for providing me with an enjoyable ending to a wonderful series, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

This was a one of the best fics I have read. The story was so good. And yes! They got together bothe her father and now husband. Abit sad that it is the end but the ending here and the next chapter is a good ending. Now I hope someone will make fan art of the wedding. I wish I could say more.:twilightblush:

Hands down, as a former soldier; this is brilliant.
It's everything I know thousands wish they could have said, or have the ability to say now.

You've done an honor, in my opinion, to veterans of all wars that will never know it.

I would like permission to use the epilogue in the future, in real life, for a public speech...
It's too well written to be hidden in the corner of the internet.

I have no words for this.
Maybe I'll just borrow some from our friends here, Das ist gut.


it’s s-so b-beautiful :fluttercry:


You are a bloody damn prodigy when it comes to writing:moustache:

I’m incredibly humbled that you say that. Thank you very much for those words—I’m just happy those who read were able to enjoy in some way.

You absolutely have my permission!

That was an amazing chapter and a fitting end to a grand series!

I would just like to point out that you wouldn't say "Gott im Himmel… helfen Sie mir…" in german. When conversing with god, same as in french, you'd use the informal form, which in this case amounts to "Gott im Himmel… hilf mir..." or "Gott im Himmel… steh mir bei"(stand with me)".

Weird. I love how I’ve said that around family and friends who are native and NO ONE corrected me lol.

Thank you! Imma fix that

Beautyfull and emotional :raritycry:
i love your work :twilightsmile:

For the past 2 years and a half , If you would have asked me my favorite story I would have answered ,without a doubt, FoE....
But now, that might be the case anymore.
Thanks for writing such a good story.

This little trilogy is one of the most heartstring-tugging things I’ve ever read. I seriously cried. More than once. You’ve got some serious writing skill.

Those words are getting me all red in the face! Haha. Thank you, though. I'm just happy I was able to make a character that everyone could hopefully enjoy.

Another amazing story. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity. Now if only you'd put less dust in there; it keeps getting in my eyes. :rainbowwild:

It physically hurts when a story as amazing as this ends. Like, ends ends. No more. Kaput. Nada. Zero. You get the idea.

Love this story from beginning to end.

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