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Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for following Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my Blogs. Also, be sure to check out the Man of War Group for more!

Brony on!

2387631 Ok, thanks very much, I'll try to read it then when I have a chance. Thanks for the warning about its overview nature.

The Harry Potter one can be found on its own site here, or here on fanfiction.net. I hope you enjoy it - all I can say is that it made me a better human.

The author has a point in the note he made on at least one of those front pages, though - you might not quite get into it until around chapter 5, but if you're still not feeling it after that then you're unlikely to appreciate the rest of it.

Thank you for favouriting 'My Family and Other Equestrians'. :twilightsmile:

2387615 Yes, I really liked Friendship Is Optimal. It is a story that gives an overview of the world so expect character development but don't expect it to be the maine subject of the story.

I haven't read the Harry Potter one, could I have the link? I have a feeling I'll like it.

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