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Scootaloo may be young and brave, but when she enters a scooter race, an accident occurs and destroys her hopes along with her confidence for being the strong filly she's known to be. With friends, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, can she ever regain her confidence and get her dreams and hopes back on track?

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Curious to see where this is going! Foreshadowing... :rainbowkiss:

6456436 Indeed. Free cookie for you. :moustache:

The story seems good so far, but I do recommend you making the chapters a bit longer.

6456724 Originally, I was going to, but decided not to and I usually do this kind of thing, apart from in ones where I truly don't care about the length too much. (like The Day I Became A Millionaire).

The next may be longer, but I can't guarantee it.

Oh no! Poor Scootaloo! :applecry: I'm also wishing these chapters were a bit longer though, but it's being updated pretty fast so it's all good!

6458809 Once they are all written, I plan to merge them all together so it makes a big story, so don't worry about length for the time being, all will be sorted in due time.

6457254 Fair enough. As a writer you should do what you feel like doing.


Well, it's your story. Do your thing! If anything, take my comment to mean that I'm so excited that I want to read more! :twilightsheepish:

6460877 To that, I shall tap my keyboard to create more Scootaloo magic.

Welp, done! And on second thought, because whenever I copy and paste to put the whole story together as one and it is all not how I left it, I'm going to leave the story as it is to save time and a whole bunch of annoyance.

Sorry for any kind of inconvenience.

What a nice story.

6461851 Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by josue deleted Sep 27th, 2015

6460912 good job you new here so am i this is a good read

6467866 Thanks, glad you like it! Also, I've been at this for a year or two now, so I've had my fair share of different genres to write. This one was something I pieced together with some imagination and creative thinking.

You get a like from me sir!

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