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Snowkiss Windstorm

I'm new to writing Pony Fics... but I'm sure that will change soon.... Best pony? Fluttershy. Best pony read? Raindow Factory.


The CMC are trapped in our world, protected by one Human with a past, only to have the most famous stories of their lives start to come true. Can Katherine save the fillies she has come to love? Or will she have to let them go? If so, how can they get back to their universe?

This is my first publishing on this site and I'm not very good at short description.

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It's "used to horses" not "use to horses." There are a few other spelling errors. You could benefit from an editor.

I'll keep an eye on this and see where it goes. It has potential, but needs help.

This is good, tracking to see how it goes...Me gusta:pinkiehappy:

I shall watch this, but you should look at getting yourself an editor.

pretty good so far, i wanna give this story a chance:applejackunsure::pinkiesmile:

So they don't seem to speak English, I gathered that. Do they not speak anything, though? Just body language? This story has some hurdles to overcome if it's only got one vocal protagonist, and the only show-relevant characters have no higher-level method of communicating with her or each other. I certainly hope something happens in the next chapter to assuage my fears that this is just a story about Katherine that happens to have ponies in it.

more now

Why do good stories have to diiiie:fluttercry::fluttershbad:

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